Police Look To Identify 34 Women Who Were Captured On Film

GLENDORA (CBS) — Glendora police Tuesday sought to identify 34 females whose images were caught on a camera hidden in a Starbucks restroom.

William Zafra Velasco, 25, of San Dimas, was arrested on suspicion of placing the camera — disguised as part of a coat hook — in the restroom in front of a toilet at the coffee shop at 1832 East Route 66, Glendora police Lt. Tim Staab said.

Police have identified 11 victims so far and want to identify 34 others to aid in Velasco’s prosecution, he said.

A Starbucks employee found the camera, and police arrested Velasco, a student, on May 4, after he was identified via security video and information provided by Starbucks employees, Staab said.

The camera was active just two days — on April 14 and 15 — and Velasco allegedly downloaded the recorded images to a laptop computer in his car about once per hour, Staab said.

Some children were among the 45 known victims, he said.

Velasco, who is free on $50,000 bail, is due in Citrus Superior Court in West Covina on June 21 on a misdemeanor charge he secretly recorded the victims for sexual gratification.

Glendora police Chief Rob Castro and Assemblyman Tim Donnelly, R-Hesperia, have scheduled a 10 a.m. news conference for Friday, when Donnelly is expected to announce proposed legislation that would make the alleged crime a felony.

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  1. susan W. says:

    Sorry, he jumped that imitation fence we got.

    1. A. Padilla says:

      Susan, just because he has a Spanish last name, you’re quick to ignorantly assume he is illegal. Why don’t you invest your time in getting an education and work on freeing your mind instead of making ignorant statements. By the way; ‘GOT’ is past tense for ‘GET’. It should be ‘that imitation fence we HAVE’.

  2. Josh Butts says:

    Some of those where children that were recorded? I wonder if they could slap him with child porn. That could really send him away.

    1. Josh Butts says:

      were children*

  3. Harry potter says:

    How about were where we when we got tha fence.

  4. stnh says:

    For the life of me, I can’t understand why someone would “get off” watching people go to the bathroom. Next to pedophilia, that is about as weird and twisted as it gets.

  5. rpbell says:

    Whadda jerk. Hang him from an old oak tree and let his victims take his picture.

    1. James says:

      I agree, I would say let them pee on him, but he would probably enjoy that!