STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Looking for a steal at the dollar store but can’t determine what is a deal or a dud? KCAL’s consumer savings expert has you covered!

Andrea Woroch visited the KCAL 9 studios Monday to share secrets of shopping at dollar stores.

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Andrea’s Dollar Store Tips:

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Dollar Store Deals:
-Kitchen & Dining Accessories – (nearly 20% less than Walmart & Target, oven mitts/storage containers, spatulas and other kitchen staples are a good buy at any dollar store)
-Toiletry staples (from cleaning swabs to shampoo and conditioner, toiletry staples are a great buy)
-Party Supplies/Gift Wrap (Party supplies and gift wrap are the biggest rip-offs at grocery stores and big box retailers. You can score gift cards for $0.50, gift wrap for $1 and other great deals)
-Seasonal Decorations (Easter is around the corner and if you are looking to decorate with plastic eggs and other festive items, hi the dollar store for the best prices-since you will be tossing it after the holiday, quality is the least of your worries)
-Cleaning Supplies (Good House Keeping Institute tested a variety of cleaning supplies from the dollar store and found that although a bit more diluted than name-brand, they still worked great and almost 50% cheaper!)

Dollar Store Duds:
-Batteries (buying batteries in bulk from warehouse stores like Costco and Sam’s Club offer a better value-40 to 50% less than grocery stores and big box chains like Walmart)
-Electronics (Don’t trust the electronic products sold for a $1 since they may be counterfeit)
-School Supplies (School supplies are roughly the same price as found at big box chains like Walmart. For the best deal, shop back to school sales during August and September for the lowest prices of the year)

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For more tips, visit Andrea online.