NEW YORK (AP) — “America’s Most Wanted,” the Saturday night show that has profiled criminals on the lam since 1988, has been canceled.

Fox announced the cancellation Monday and will be replacing the show on the network’s regular schedule with reruns.

Fox said it would do four, two-hour “America’s Most Wanted” specials next season, but it will no longer be a regular fixture on the network schedule. The series, hosted by John Walsh, debuted in April 1988 and has been on Fox’s Saturday night schedule since 1994.

“We have not made money on the show for a while,” said Kevin Reilly, Fox’s entertainment president. “It was economically getting to the place where it was not viable anymore, but we wanted to keep the concept alive.”

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  1. BARB says:


    1. Danny says:

      As do I Barb! Hows that credit card comm. go? oh yeah … The cost of running the show from week to week – x amount of dollars. The cost of Foxs’ marketing group trying to get net sponsers – x amount of dollars…. The cost of watching the show, having a criminal caught. this keeps that criminal from raping, killing your spouse, children, family and friends – PRICELESS!!!!!!!

  2. Crystal says:

    I agree, very disapointing! When it comes down to brass taxes, it apparently always has been and always will be about the $$$$$

    1. louise says:

      Yeah! In that case we should all boycott saturday nite Fox tv and keep it real.

    2. m cavanaugh says:

      why call someone a moron ah

    3. Sheena says:

      This is THE show I lived to watch and waited for all week to see! Seriously, Fox you know people are still watching, Maybe I will watch HDTV or the cooking channel instead! FED UP with FOX and will be watching other channels.

  3. Abbs says:

    I think another network should pick up AMW. It shouldn’t be about the money. This show is for catching serious criminals that should not be walking our streets. Shame on fox for canceling the show.

    1. TT says:

      @ Abbs – I am on board with you – this show is about catching the bad guys that hurt people and destroy families – this IS NOT about money…..I love Fox – but shame on you 😦

    2. Margaret Wilson says:

      I totally agree! Unfortunately, EVERYTHING is all about the almighty dollar anymore!! I hope that another network does pick it up… This was one of my favorite shows.

  4. Amanda says:

    Exactly!! This show has helped catch alot of bad people around theworld..

    1. louise says:

      Exactly!! Besides, I watch it every saturday nite! Much better entertainment than watching graphic hyperviolent fictional murder stories, which there seems to be fewer and fewer tv entertainment options otherwise.

    2. Carol says:

      How sad this is to learn it’s been canceled. I watched it every Saturday night. I’m going to miss it.

  5. Krissybear says:

    lol im right there with ya james lol

  6. Ryan says:

    It will be back. Fox cancelled Americas Most Wanted a number of years ago and because of so many view complaints and people wanting it back on the air. Sure enough the show made a comeback. They may be a little hiatus but it wont last.

    1. Joe G. says:

      I’m not sure you can necessarily count on that happening again.

  7. mike says:

    this is a stupid move ,we need shows like this the criminals have free rein again .john walsh im sorry your good works were in vien

    1. Crissy says:

      …..And John Walsh did this becuase his son was missing! Now they are taking away his show…

  8. Tonya says:

    This is one of my favorite shows. We depend on this show to feature wanted criminals. I guess it will be up to each individual state to get those wanted criminal photos out on billboards for the communities. Can’t they cancel American Idol instead???

    1. Sam says:

      i hear you, the shows we like; we don’t get to watch, however the ones that get on out nerves we get stuck with

  9. Lisa says:

    When the network criminal (I mean executive) who’s idea it was to cancel the show has a run-in with a locally uncatchable criminal he’ll learn to regret the choice he has made. I hope he supports his local law enforcement!

  10. JJ says:

    A show like that should never be cancelled….goverment should fund the whole thing…with or without ratings!!!!

    1. Thursday says:

      So, the government should fund it. And where does the government get its money? From taxpayers, you moron. So, if you are a taxpayer, why don’t you get the ball rolling and pony up some money on your own? What a bozo.

      1. cc says:

        geez, what’s with the name calling?

    2. GB says:

      The government can’t even fund half the programs it has! What should they do just print more money! I like the show too but the government needs to get on a workable budget like my family now has to do. No vacations no new cars etc. Just paying the bills and sometimes not because there is no money… If I printed money to pay my bills they would feature me on the show! Maybe you all could contact Fox and make a sizable contribution and keep the show on the air. Sometimes in business you have to make tough decisions and I’m sure this is one. I’m sorry but you hit a nerve brining the government into this. I do like the show watch it when I can but they are still going to have shows just not every week.

  11. sara v says:

    so sad the hear this news about my favorite show.This is a show with a purpose not like TMZ that only stocks all celebrities!! f*&% this.

  12. Evanjelina says:

    It will be a sad day when it ends. Adam Walsh I am proud of you and what you have accomplished .Thank You for making America a little safer for my family and myself.

    1. Ryan says:

      Adam was the host John Walsh’s son…

  13. KATHY says:


    1. andy says:

      just b s foxs sucks time for a new chanlle

  14. Jeff Mooore says:

    Wow one of the few shows that has purpose and what do we do we cancel it, why don’t we replace it with something like Lamar and Kloe Kardashian another classy move

  15. Daryl says:

    Wow so far that show helped catch 1151 bad people that Police had hard time locating, some in other countries. It wasn’t about making money, it was a took for law enforcement. It had great results. 1151 great results. WOW, im shocked.

  16. Rick says:

    Big fan here, but you could tell that it didn’t have the gusto that it once did. Hope some other channel picks it up.

  17. Kerry says:

    Someone needs to pick up this idea & reformat it. Get a new host someone hard core like “The Rock”. So many people watched this show & helped catch the bad guys. Let’s not throw away a good thing!

  18. Officerannie says:

    Unbelieveable…think of all the lives that have been saved because of the show. Great to know that criminals can breath a sigh of relief today…all because of money…whatever. John Walsh is an honorable person and he will always have my utmost respect!! God Bless you John Walsh for all you have done for this country and the world!!

  19. Gary S Parrott says:

    it’s always about the benjamins, show execs probably wern’t makinf enough money, I hopr John Walsh finds another network for this show

  20. Bob says:

    Its a shame that it is being cancelled.To Kevin Reilly’s comment, “We have not made any money in a while” Sometimes it not about making money. “And you wanted to keep the concept alive”. How about keeping us alive.

  21. TERRI says:


  22. Pat Jacob says:

    Why is it always about the money. This show has contributed unmeasurable good deeds to society, catching some of the worst of the worst. Hoping another network is willing to pick this show up. Shame of Fox.

  23. bob says:

    thats all they think about is makeing money thats bull if you ask me what about the ppl that lost there love ones r they getting any money do you here them say they r not makeing any money no they r the ones who should be getting something out of it.

  24. ROBBIN SHICK says:

    VERY Sad,What is this World coming to You can leave the show on .PLEASE.

  25. Blind Justice says:

    SHAME ON FOX. I hope that another network will pick it up…or that they’ll reconsider this.

  26. Joe P. Garcia says:

    Criminals on the lam are jumping up for joy, you took a very effective tool for law enforcement and threw it down the drain because of money, I hope you can sleep at night. Maybe you can make money on some hot sexy rerun shows.

  27. rose doecks says:

    I thing this show was one of the great shows for all man kind it is always about the money i am sorry to say. i am greatly disappointed in fox news.

  28. Judy Perdomo says:

    I love that show it help so many people get some kind of peace in there life being victims of horrible crimes. Now they are cancelling it? That is crazy. I watched this since I was little girl! Its my favorite show!

  29. JA says:

    They still need a show like this……..some other network should pick it up. Disappointing that Fox will drop it after all this time.

  30. J Colon says:

    FOX should keep it as a public service and maybe canceled shows that add to the immorality in society.

    1. TT says:

      hey theres a thought ….good idea…

  31. JA says:

    If they don’t pick this up then John Walsh should create a new show and launch it on a different network

  32. Roger Wallace says:

    If the show wasn’t making any money, then that means that it had a very limited audience. For all of you who are complaining that it’s all about the money, please keep in mind that Fox is a private enterprise and the primary function of any corporation is to make profit, not provide a public service. You should be asking where did the large audience that this program used to have go? Answer: The Internet.

    1. sarah says:

      how insensitive can you be………. is the money really what it is all about or is it because they are solving too many cases and the govenment isn’t able to profit from the show? The networks keep cancelling good shows and keep trash talking reality shows on the air because they can exploit those people more? I for one am sick of the Bachelor and Survivor that have no redeeming value whatsoever to anyone but, the ones in the competition. The Bachelor has only had one couple that actually still is together, Trista and Ryan, bad track record for 20 or so couplings. Survivor is on for 20 years and is as stupid a concept as i have ever seen. Cancel those type show instead and then we would have room for good shows. I may just boycott ALL TV.

  33. Sam says:

    This move is moraly unacceptable. you guys should know better. OH! I almost forgot you rich people don’t live in a lower / middle-class like the 95% of us, who depend on shows like this that put crimminals on the spotlight, like the cowards they are. Now I Know the president of FOX is no different

  34. stefanie says:

    wow…i cant believe that its actually got cancelled!?…that it the craziest thing ive ever heard!!!!not happy : (

  35. R Kirkland says:

    Very Sad. Thank you John Walsh for your time and effort in trying to catch the worst of the worst. Guess I will quit watching anything on FOX now.

  36. Jen says:

    Cannot believe they are actually canceling this show!!! It has captured so many dangerous fugitives over the years – a very sad day indeed. My 8 yr son loves this show, he will be crushed.
    Thank you John Walsh for all the hard work you have given to this cause all these years.

  37. T says:

    ok, so for all the criminals that hold-up stores, go on killing sprees and those f***en perverts that abduct little kids I guess it’s a good day for all of you. Instead of canceling the show what not give it a more modern twist .Perhaps bring in someone younger( not to say I didn’t like John) give the whole program background a new look. Sad to see this program go.Just add this one to the old replays of unsolved mystery’s.

  38. KLHoward says:

    This is indeed a sad decision. This how has done so much good. Why is it that $$ always trumps good? Mr. Walsh I commend you for your hard work and dedication to ridding the world of evil. Too bad Fox doesn’t agree!

  39. connie says:

    This is the very show that caught my aunt’s killer on the run. I am very greatful that this show. Cancelling this show was a mistake and bring it Back!

  40. Ron says:

    I just lost a lot of respect for Fox, what a shame.

  41. WANDA says:



  42. zagwee says:

    lol, getting criminals off the street isn’t important I guess, only making money is what counts.

  43. Bob says:

    It’s sad that a show of this nature that helps so much is axed and a show like Nancy Grace is allowed on the air.

  44. mike says:

    you idiots dont realize it costs money to produce a tv show john walsh doesnt do it for free he has gotten rich off that show

    1. sarah says:

      how do you know he made it rich? He does it to keep the awful things that happen to people, like his own son, from happening to others. What if it was your child, wife, sibling, or parent killed and no one could solve it but, someone like John Walsh and/or the people that solves the crimes MW does? Not so good a thought is it?

    2. YELROZE says:

      Mike sadly – YOUR THE IDIOT & A MORON! John Walsh lost his own son and has done many charitable events over the years to support catching criminals on top of hosting this show $$$ or not…..he had reason, a cause and grief turned positive at best to help so many other’s who have been done wrong or lost someone. Praying another channel (like the Investigative Network) picks up AMW. To valuable of a show to lose, esp in todays world.

      1. Carol says:

        I was thinking the same thing about anothe network picking up AMW. I sure hope so.

  45. Greg Boll says:

    This is a bad mistake….this show has done more good than just about any other show on television. Some things aren’t–and shouldn’t be “about money”–this is one of them. Hopefully someone will pick this up right away…

  46. mike deonas says:

    i’m sorry to hear about americas most wanted .i’ve always watched it. oh well we still have billy and doggy to watch ha ha

  47. kandee richardson says:

    23 yrs is a great run but i do not believe that this show was ever about making money or for the last 23 yrs i just presumed that it was about people wanting something done about these criminals? i raised my children on this show and they are now raising theirs to watch this real life hero allowing victims to be a part of justice. its really sad to think that all tv is about is making money and not instilling values to americas next generation

  48. Rev. BJ Friley says:

    I hope that the criminals (executives) are held legally responsibile for every crime that happens after this show is taken off the air. It is exactly like the executives are giving the real criminals a “Get Out of Jail FREE” card.

    1. Rick says:

      This kind of show is one that needs to be aired until eternity, Just getting hardened criminals off the streets shouldnt be about money, its about real justice not like other crime sindicate shows. I have recorded this show and cops every saturday night since i can remember. Keep the real show on air. John Walsh you made the show what it is today, keep AMW alive

    2. Pat says:

      Since when is it the responsibility of TV programming executives to keep criminals off the streets? Do you want your local police department deciding what you should watch on TV?

    3. Ron says:

      Rev. Friley, this doesn’t sound like any words, that I have heard from a religious person, let alone a Reverend. Instead of BLAMING the Fox executives, why don’t you start a fundraiser to help fund this show.

    4. Ron says:

      Rev. Friley, this doesn’t sound like any words, that I have heard from a religious person, let alone a Reverend. Instead of BLAMING the Fox executives, why don’t you start a fundraiser to help fund this show.

  49. cdschutz says:

    This is a mistake. Fox network executives must have lost their collective minds as some of the most dangerous individuals in the world have been captured due to the excellence of good police work. The individuals profiled are a menace to society and their removal is a plus to everyone. I really have a problem with child predators who victimize children.

  50. gene says:

    this show was cancelled in 91 and brought back in 92 it may come back

  51. C Williams says:

    Can you say OPRAH? OWN Network should pick up the show!!!!!

  52. G says:

    The show started when I was just a kid. They picked John Walsh to host the show after his own son was kidnapped and murdered. Remember that? This show was behind so many captures. It is a big bummer!

  53. Rick Harris says:

    This just goes to show the stupidity of television executives! Best show on TV, and they cancel it, probably to be replaced by some mindless reality show!! Fox has lost a viewer.

  54. YELROZE says:

    This show was awesome!!! How about the “Ivestigation Network” I.D. – PICK IT UP??? Probably have better ratings with much more views.

  55. Betty Dooley says:

    Hopefully, God will change the hearts and minds of those in control, as precious life is more important than all the money in the world. Mr. Walsh is a nice man doing a good job. I met him in Charleston WV at our Civic Center. I shared my concern about family on yellow sticky notes.

  56. cheryl says:

    I can’t believe another good show bites the dust. Why don’t we just make all shows mindless reality and call it a day.

  57. judith cauldwell says:

    I agree with you that it shouldnt be about the money all the time. That show has done alot of good over the years. It’s a shame that the network couldnt get enough sponsors to keep the show going. It’s not that they have to pay actors, so I don’tunderstand why they cant keep it going!

    1. Kelly Berry says:

      rememmber in 1996 fox cancelled the show before? but world leaders and goviners and other officals urged them to keep the show and it was saved i urge u all to write letters campaign to keep the show alive and if someday john walsh is un able to host anymore urge them to find someone who will cause like john walsh says you can make a diffrence maybe another network should buy the show and save it

    2. pattiann says:

      we need this back …because with out john walsh back on you can not make a differance he keep it real and help us stay safe and keep are streets aswell safe it lets the bad people know they can run but not hide becouse you will be found take OFF THE SIMPSON’S AND TAKE OFF FAMILY GUY AND AMERICAN DAD THEY PLEASE BRING BACK AMERICA’S MOST WANTED ( I MISS MY SHOW PLEASE BRING BACK AMERICA’S MOST WANTED AND JOHN WALSH AND MAKE A DIFFERANCE

  58. Crissy says:

    That’s right! America’s Most Wanted is a very convenient show for all of us to see these criminals and point them if we ever came across seeing them. Help send those fools to prison…but no! There concerned about how much money Fox is going to make this year. Like re-runs are really going to make up for the money “that has been lost?”

  59. Annie says:

    This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. Fox has a very sucessful show that captures some of the nations worst criminals. How can you put a dollar amount on that? We watch AMW and Cops every Saturday nite and Fox News everyday but no more!

  60. Andre says:

    Now People Will Not Be Encouraged to Snitch on Pedophiles, Murderers, Rapist, Child Molesters, Kidnappers…ect How Dumb Can FOX Be… Sell it to Another Network for Free Like MSNBC… They Already Catching Predators

  61. harold says:

    Wow, this show needs to be aired just as though when then President comes on. Put it on all the networks and quit worrying bout making a profit.

  62. Frankie says:

    The Fox execs must be worried they’ll be profiled soon.

  63. Nadine says:

    It is unfortunate that a decision like this had to be made. I understand that the program was not making money but there should be something that can be done to help protect the genral pubic because the news can not report everything.

  64. Michaele says:

    You may have not been profiting from “America’s Most Wanted”, but you were bringing criminal’s to justice! Shame on you Fox Network!!!
    Some things just SHOULDN’T be measured by ratings or $$$$$! Whatever happened to just doing the right thing?!
    Maybe you are not “economically viable”, either, Mr Reilly. Something to think about.

  65. Staci says:

    John Walsh is one of America’s true heroes. He and the show will greatly be missed. Hopefully his valued work will continue with airing reruns.

    1. joann says:

      i hope they have my rerun other wise the man who rapes kids will be free to do it again,they should leave it on the air,they helped a;t of people

  66. Delicia says:

    This is a travesty. The show should not be cancelled. It did great work and I loved it.

  67. JKD says:

    John Walsh has put his heart and soul into this show to try his best to ensure that what happened to his son never happens to another family. He is a man with a huge heart and I can’t believe Fox is willing to drop such a helpful show for money. This just shows what our world is coming to…

  68. Tanoan Tracy says:

    This is so disappointing, especially since a lot of jack a$$es were caught. Cancelling this show will be a disservice to ALL!

  69. Quinn says:

    We need Local, We need State, We need Nation wide postings of the most dangerous people. I hate to see the program go. Also we need to get tougher in our prison system. If prisoners had to break rocks and had to eat nothing but bread rice and water. I would venture to say alot of repeat offenders wouldnt be back. People who rape, murder or hurt a child hang them or do like other nations chop hands arms or heads off.

    1. TT says:

      I know if you get into trouble there isnt anything that says you cant dig a 5ft hole – then you fill it back in-repeatedly, you break Rocks, lift cement bags, and be forced to go to daily counseling sessions -dont be allowed to sit around and have time to do anything but work and sleep…. the food wouldnt be a deterant as you never know what you are eating in prison anyway…Might not work for the older ones… but a good old taste of “boot camp” wouldnt hurt the younger ones just growing up…..Might not have so many prisoners if we can stop repeat offenders…..

  70. dc says:

    they should promote it and try a different night. I didn’t know it was still on .

  71. don diago says:

    let obama host it. He will need a new job come January 2013

  72. trauma mama says:

    Cancel SOUTH PARK and other POS like it. Trey Parker and company ought to be on AMW for their criminal tastes.

  73. Bushelfoote says:

    ….I remember when it started….it was better than the old Highway Patrol with Broadrick Crawford…Sad to see its over…..I could have used some of those rewards that were posted for different criminals………. but I guess first one would have to know some pretty bad criminal element…..and I guess I don’t……

  74. joe says:

    I am sadden as well by the move…but as the article states they have not made money on this show in a long while so all who are blasting the network they should be thanking them for keeping it on for such a long time. While other networks made money during the same time slot they finally had to make a change. Let see if another network cares enough to have broadcast it for another 23 years… Thanks for keeping it on as long as you did! Hope it comes back with strong support for whichever network carries it.

  75. Benjamin Doty says:

    A GREAT BIG THANK YOU to JOHN WALSH and all who made the show the 5star event that it was. Thanks to all the Law Enforcement Officers who shared their information and to all those who turned one in.GOD BLESS them all and to the many Law Enforcement Officers who lost their life catching the bad guys,and to their Families who must go on inspite of their loss. The show has taught us to be more vigilant and kids safety rules and awareness. We must continue to turn one in.To JOHN WALSH &FAMILY-Enjoy a much deserved rest!!

  76. adolfo says:

    maybe a cable channel will pick this up like TruTv or something.

    1. Ron says:

      adolfo, great thought, I hope that happens.

  77. Nash Burnette says:

    I agree with everybody on here and am disappointed too.
    But I bet not everybody is disappointed.

    I bet there’s some pretty happy criminals on the run
    who are celebrating this news.

  78. Melody Holeman says:

    Maybe another network will pick it up?

  79. nina says:

    You know, it’s pretty overwhelming to feel powerless against the tide of slime that threatens us. To live in NYC, and watch AMW, was to have some sense of civic participation in the well-being of everyone. I don’t get that feeling with the rest of the dreck on TV. It’s short-sighted of FOX to remove AMW. Our over-worked police officers need the rest of us to be informed and as helpful as possible. Whew, what a mistake. I mean, what else is there?

  80. Danielle says:

    What a shame!

  81. Judy says:

    Way to go FOX………putting the almighty $$$ ahead of justice. Who cares if it’s making money, look how much it’s saving law enforcement! Are FOX executives taxpayers? I hope it ends up on another network. It was cancelled before…..curious to see what happens.

  82. james vinson says:

    Only the best show on T.V. I guess the bad people are glad.

  83. Angelica says:

    It will be back on some channel. Just wait. It better be. Stupidist thing I’ve heard in awhile, and very sad for everyone who wants justice for all. How about NANCY GRACE???

  84. Jackie Dowell says:

    I completely agree

  85. H. Lee says:

    Fox TV, you’d be making a VERY BIG mistake in canceling AMW. John Walsh has done a lot of good, over the years, catching criminals. Big deal, you’re losing money…..catching the bad guys is/should be MORE important.

  86. Neicy says:


  87. Joe says:

    What a shame!
    This was a show that helped catch over hundreds of criminals! without this show profiling thes criminals, they may never be caught. John Walsh started this show after the murder of his son, and has kept it alive ever since! truly is a shame that in this world, you cant help someone without them cancellig your show. It shouldnt be about the money after all the good the man has done for this world!!!!!
    GOOD JOB FOX!!!!!

  88. Mary says:

    hey you people at fox should reconcider keeping the show on. there will be lots of people having their cable or satalight turned off because your taking this show off the air. i grew up with his show, but i now i have no respect for the fox network. i will speak to the people around my community, and we will alll boycott fox network until this show is returned to the air. think about it!!!

  89. David says:

    I don’t know if I will watch fox anymore. AMW is a very good program and should be kept.

  90. linda says:

    BOYCOTT FOX TV!!!!!!!!!!! PUT AMW BACK ON THE AIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Jenny J says:

    Please keep this on the air. Not all T.V. programming should be about making money. Keeping all people aware of crime and help ending crime is more important. This show has never been about making money. This has been put out there for us. That includes even those who think this should be canceled because it isn’t a money maker. May God bless John Walsh and his team at A.M.W.

  92. g says:


  93. Steve says:

    This show has been a Law Enforcement tool for many years. It has helped alot of people get justice and has put well over 1000 dangerous criminals behind bars. The people of the United States of America need to demand this show stays on the air, if not with Fox then with another network. One more thing, I have watched every show since 1988 and the show was one of the factors that helped me pursue a career in Law Enforcement. Thank you John Walsh!!!

  94. Frank Leonard says:

    I think it is terrible that they are cancelling this show. It’s not all about the money. I think this is NOT a good idea at all.

  95. Gina says:

    I agree Deb, John walsh has been an idol to alot of people including me. I urge anyone to read the story of his son’s murder and put yourself in his position. He has gone through what no father should ever have to. he has brought justice to many people and I”m sure the survivors that have been found due to this show would agree completely. for exmaple who knows if Elizabeth Smart would have ever made it home if it wasn’t for a bystander who had watched the show the night before. John you are my hero and I wish you the best. As for the Fox Station I am very dissappointed that you would rather play family guy every night than to help innocent people that are being kept in basements locked up and beaten.

    1. Patrick Perez says:

      I believe your are referring to his book “Tears of Rage”. It is terrible to know how the system kept him from getting the justice that he needed. Now he has another problem and that is the issue of money. It seems some members of our society is putting money as a priority over our safety. It is a slap in the face for John Walsh and I hope that there are enough good hearted people out there to get his show back on the air. Maybe one of the other broadcasting networks can take up the show to have it on the air again.


  96. Ray says:

    That may be true! I agree it should be kept-ed, but at who’s expense!
    Look at it from Fox point of view!
    Why should Fox spend that kind of money? Because its a good thing? Well why not Donald Trump do it then? ( I picked a random person) Because its a good thing! It cost money to make. So why should fox be out the money, for that “just because it good” reason! I understand if it cost “$0” to make. Than I see everyone’s point of view. But if it cost, which it does. Someone needs to pay for it. So who is the rightful person to “loss” money on this good thing?

    I’m sorry, but not Fox! But, get some big name sponsors, to pay for it! That’s what you all should be doing! Find out what it cost, and find the sponsors!

    Look at it this way. NASCAR does not cancel races because it cost money, right. Well because they have sponsors! Race car drivers don’t pay to race. They get sponsors, so they can race.

    1. Shannon says:

      Really???? Fox shouldnt pay for it? Doesnt Fox have a marketing person that can find those sponsors. Fox has a lot of money. At least some that can go towards the show. I agree that they should have sponsors and they should go find them! This show has been on for 23 years, and now there is no money? I get the whole sponsor thing and this show has been canceled once and then brought back. How did that happen? Money? Its wrong what they are doing. Its an awesome show and I look forward to watching John Walsh every weekend. Im sure it will be back. Fox will have America very upset and it will be back.

  97. Shannon says:

    This is unbelievable! How can you cancel a show that millions of people watch? Just because your not making money? What kind of an excuse is that? America watch’s the show to see all the dirt bags get caught. Why would you want to cancel it? I find this upsetting as I love this show!

  98. Christine LaFrance says:

    I think that Fox is making a huge mistake cancelling AMW. It’s the only show that can be credited for catching criminals from years past (ex. John List). I am sure that criminals are rejoicing that they can once again hide in the shadows. Shame on Fox for caring more about money and not whats good for society.

  99. Don Heflin says:

    It’s always about the money. Too bad. John & his people did a lotta good. I hope the law folks will come to their aid, like they did before. It was how I spent my Saturday, planning to see AMW at 9 P.M.

  100. Phyl says:

    I totally agree with you! I, too, hope they reconsider!

  101. Angela M. says:

    Wow, all the pedophiles, murderers, drug dealers, gang members and every other low life that is running from the law, are really going to love FOX for this decision, Way to go FOX, make it about the money and forget about helping America be a little safer. Thank you John Walsh for your self-less work and not thinking about the money but about the victims of crimes and their families. I bet the world has even been safer for the big dogs at FOX because of Americas Most Wanted. God bless you and your family.

  102. Sonja says:

    U have 2 think about how important it is. Just like it benefited me it could benefit U !

  103. susan says:

    My family has been watching this program for 20 years now. I was very upset that it was taken off the air. Life is not the same without it. Many criminals were caught and brought to justice as a result of this show. I hope that this show is put back on the air with FOX or another TV network.

  104. jane says:

    why that was a good show and you are not going to air it any more because of money what is wrong with you people

  105. lisa franco says:

    I am sad that the show is cancelled. I too have watched it since the 80’S .

  106. lisa franco says:

    I am very upset too abov the cancelling of amw. We must do something. I wont watch fox anymore if amw isnt put back on.

  107. Ross says:

    Oh great!…now we’ll have to see another adult cartoon on Fox. Fox is such a classy channel. NOT!

  108. `Ilikea says:

    I was wondering why it wasn’t showing Saturday nights anymore. I am very upset. The show should stay on just for the sake of the virtue of it. Not soley on money. This is absolutely ridiculous, this show was very beneficial to the millions around the world. I cannot believe that Fox cancelled because of money. We all should try and do something about it. Hopefully if there is a huge outcry and donations, it will stay on.

  109. Jasmin says:

    Do not cancel this show, many people watch this on saturday night. Now Cops should be evaluated and removed for sure. Five to six cop cars chasing and running down a drunk and drugged wasted old and young men that can hardly move. Tjhis is not entertainment, it shows a wast of tax payers money. Wash was real and the show was something for us to look forward to watch. Now Cop I don’t need to see someone stung gunned for nothing sometimes. Pllease no more animation adult shows. Fridays drive me crazy/ awful evening, of course i do nor watch. How about putting Human Target back on/Withput a Trace and get most of those stupid adult cartoons off. What is wrong wtihj you people. For sure you will loose my viewing.

  110. jasmin says:

    sorry about my spelling, but i do no have my glassed on.

  111. REDLOCA says:

    FOX you have lost your minds, your crazy to cancel AMW. This is THE TOP SHOW of all shows you people at FOX are IDIOTS.

  112. carolyn says:

    I AGREE!!! FOX you have lost your minds. It’s not about making a profit but about finding justice for victims or finding victims before they become statistics. I am outraged. We need more shows of this kind, if you do not air AMW, hopefully another network will .

  113. Trish says:

    This is sad!!! I grew up watching this show. It was a habit for me to always watch this show on Saturday nights. Now matter what I was doing I always made it a point to be in front of my T.V. by 8pm to watch “America’s Most Wanted. This was one of my favorite shows. Now I don’t even care to watch the Fox channel. I hope “America’s Most Wanted” comes back on the air again soon. Now matter what channel or cable company I’m getting it just so I can watch this show again. Love it!!

  114. Troy says:

    Kevin Reilly I hope u or your family never needs the shows help or the peoples help. We wont see anything because u took it off the air. !!!!!!!!!

  115. FELECIA says:


  116. randy says:

    i agree with every one of your comments with the exception of the executive that obviously works for the network and condones that fact that when something is good in the world the evil doers has to put a stop to it because thats their plan….to fill the world with evil and the good is very far and inbetween,the fact that this show has been running for 20 some odd years an intelligent person would think ….mmmmm where is all the millions of dollars that they have made over those past 2 decades,well i’ll tell you where it went,in the rich mans pocket for his gold digging wife and his spoiled brats, so now poor old jhon walsh like so many other shows have gotten the boot,(for example)in living color,not that you can compare that show and others to the good that amw has giving us over the years,but at the end of the day neither you or me can do anything about the powers that be,and IT IS ALL ABOUT MONEY!! the rich get richer and the poor gets the shaft and it doesnt matter what we want anymore its all about the rich man and what he wants,which is more of our money and if it doesnt benefit them then we are cancelled….america what a joke!!

  117. Mamaperson Nowlin says:

    Is Fox out if there mind .. they get rid of programs ppl like and put on garbage because the cartons are very racy and sponsors will pay for that
    Now they want to get rid off a program they say lose money …. but they can put on the show and right it off on there taxes … they will get more money doing that then get rid of Americas Most wanted and all the help they have done for the good of ppl and all the family’s they have helped and crooks that have been wanted for a long time
    SO DO NOT BE SO STUPID AND PUT THE PROGRAM BACK ON and TAKE IT OFF YOUR TAXES FOR ADVERTISEMENT FOR FOX AND ALSO IT CAN BE USED TO CATCH CROOKS … that reward money alone will pay for the cost and it will also pay for the ppl that give the correct tips to catch the crooks and get them behind bars

  118. candie says:

    I was very heart broken about the show i believe it resourceful i believe if it was not for America most want a lot of fugitives would still be on the run. i hope someone can reconsider and air it again we need this show and it has and will always serve its purpose. beside it was a family ritual

  119. Jennifer says:

    I can’t believe you fox people cancel this show. I have been watching this show on and off ever since it first started. I loved this show ever since then. Until you decide to start showing this wonderful show again. You can forget about me ever watching your station again. If you were going to cancel a show why couldn’t you cancel those stupid animated shows that you show? America’s Most Wanted had help a lot of good people over the years. By catching a lot of bad people that had hurt the good in some way. Those animated shows don’t do that. I can only really hope that some other station get this show back on the aired.

  120. River says:

    My husband and I have been waiting for AMW to come on. We can’t believe that something so important could be canceled! This just shows you what really matters in our world. How pathetic!

  121. Ann Wolfe says:

    I really thought by now FOX would see the error of their way but someone must be asleep on the job…the American people need this show as it keeps all informed better than our local news…makes one wonder who is pulling the strings.

  122. Randi says:

    I have watched AMW from the very beginning. I always looked forward to my Saturday nights. I can not believe that Fox cancelled this show. Shame on them. We” the people” need shows like this. Reality TV is taking over. This show has helped so many people in so many ways. Obviously Fox Tv is more interested in the all mighty dollar than getting real life criminals off the street. I’m done with Fox. John Walsh “GOD BLESS YOU” for the good you have done with this show. I hope another network picks this show up because it is well worth it. If it wasn’t for this show being on the air just think of all those criminals that would still be walking the streets who could and would harm our family and friends. Again SHAME ON YOU FOX !!

  123. trichocereus peruvianus says:

    You really make it appear really easy along with your presentation but I find this topic to be really one thing that I believe I’d by no means understand. It sort of feels too complex and extremely huge for me. I’m taking a look ahead on your subsequent submit, I will try to get the hang of it!

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