LOS ANGELES (CBS/AP) — The mother of Bryan Stow, the San Francisco Giants fan severely beaten outside Dodger Stadium, says her family harbors no resentment for Dodger fans or the city of Los Angeles.

At a Sunday press conference, Ann Stow spoke about how the kindness of LA residents has helped the family during the ordeal.

“On behalf of our family, we would like to say thank you to the community that has embraced Bryan and supported him,” she said. “The people of LA have been in our hearts during this six week journey and your prayers and support have guided us through.”

Doctors at LA County-University of Southern California Medical Center say the 42-year-old paramedic has been out of a medically-induced coma for about a week and is stable enough to be moved to a hospital in the Bay area where he’ll be closer to his family.

Stow remains in critical condition, but he’ll be transferred to San Francisco General and Trauma Center as early as Monday morning.

Stow was attacked in the stadium parking lot after the March 31 season opener. There have been no arrests.

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Comments (23)
  1. Gene Rodmy says:

    I’m looking around to other towns to live in. These two guys really deflated my lifelong pride in LA. My Dodger pride has completely evaporated. Kirk, garvey, cey, lopes, all those fond memories are now tarnished by two sick phuhks. I posted a day after the beating that they’d be caught in a week or less. No review of video? Aren’t those two guys on film numerous times during the game? Shytty police work. Need to get out of this town…

    1. tyron says:

      who cares if you leave the town or not Gene R

      1. Lynn says:

        They will catch these cowards

      2. LA - What happened to you? says:

        @ tyron – I really don’t think Gene Rodmy CARES whether YOU care that he’s leaving or not. He’s just a man- an old Dodger fan, a resident of LA- who’s voicing his disgust in the community he calls his own. He’s saying he’s ashamed to be associated with the people he’s surrounded by who’d do such a thing to an innocent fellow baseball fan. And to be frankly honest, tyron, I care that he’s leaving town. I care that my city has become so incredibly messed up that people who once flocked to this area want so desperately to leave. That says a lot. Even if it’s just one man voicing his opinions. He’s saying in public what A LOT of other people aren’t.

      3. tom s. says:

        Spoken like a true SANCTUARY CITY lover ! That allows these CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS to roam free without being able to ask them for legal papers that AMERICAN CITIZENS CARRY BY LAW ! CRIMINAL PROTECTION SANCTIONED BY A CORRUPT GOVERMENT !
        L.A SUCKS

    2. artur says:

      then get the phuck out moron.

    3. Josh Butts says:

      You said it LA – What happened to you? Put Tyron in his place! I am too interested to know that Gene wants to leave because of this BS.

  2. John Pelligrini says:

    Well! so much for “special order forty” it’s great how the Latino community comes together and turns in the bad guys, OH, I got that all wrong, special order forty protects all the bad guys.

  3. Chris says:

    The reward amount for these two is SICK! Both teams Dogers/Giants make a hell of a lot of Money and yet all the amount adds up to is $100,000’s? What a joke! at least a Million….Unless no one cares if it happens again???

  4. Woody McBreairty says:

    What is with this station’s unwillingness to provide a physical description of the thugs/criminals. Is it political correctness taken too far? Or beyond that, it is this station’s willingness to control the amount of information they provide to the public. They are cowards. The criminals are two male hispanics and a female hispanic waited in a getaway car. A physical description is critical in catching perpetrators of crime, this tv station is irresponsible. They also failed to proved the names of the 3 Mexican men arrested in rooster slashing fights. The political correctness of this channel is destroying our freedom of information and the right to know the details of the news, not just the parts they want you to see/hear.

    1. woody is a moron says:

      I dont have political correctness so i am going to go ahead and call you a white trash racist moron.

      1. Ed Guthrie says:

        and what kind of trash racist are you as if that was not already obvious

      2. hutch says:

        why is he a moron, because he said the suspects are mexican. what’s racist about that.

    2. jack says:

      Just curious how you know they are “Mexican”? I guess anyone with a Spanish name must be Mexican.& illegal also

  5. LA - What happened to you? says:

    It says a lot about the kind of people the Stows are that they don’t blame the Dodger fans when it was precisely Dodger fans who did this terrible crime to their son. They should be commended for their strength, for their forgiveness, and for their faith. I would LOVE to see the Dodgers and their posse pack up and leave Los Angeles. Amongst other things that need cleaning up around here, it would make a great difference.

  6. baseball sucks says:

    so when its 1 million you will come forward?

  7. Josh Butts says:

    Well I wouldn’t be that forgiving if that happened to my son. Of course you would blame the 2 attackers but what about those who were standing around doing nothing watching him get beat. Those people should be ashamed of themselves too. Especially when they know that they were there and saw it all happen. No one cared to step in and stop it. I do put blame on the police too. That sketch artist description of those 2 look like any thug here in LA so that really didn’t help.

  8. Brock Millan says:

    ok, lets talk about how two savage-like HUMANS beat up an innocent HUMAN…. it has nothing to do with race or legal backgrounds period. The Latino community is just as disgusted with these thugs and im sure would turn them in for 5 bucks if not for free. stop making it a race thing. This was just about a couple of stupid idiots and a poor man in the middle of all this.

  9. Terry Lane says:

    Definition of Happiness: Seeing L.A. in my rear view mirror.

  10. L.A. Fan says:

    I also care that Gene R. is leaving, Tyron, and I deeply care about Bryan Stow and his family (and I’ve never met any of them). It’s a shame when GROWN men chose to act like uneducated, immoral, selfish pigs; over what??? A stupid jersey or because someone chooses to root for another team?? This would be hilarious if someone wasn’t almost killed over it. Now it’s disgusting and heartbreaking. Where is the L.A. pride and example there? And where were the good Samaritans? Bring back the class Los Angeles, start standing up for what’s right, help your fellow man, and to you thugs…stop acting like grade school children who are angry because someone won’t pick you for their team. My thoughts and prayers are with Bryan and his family. And even though it won’t make one bit of difference to them, I hope the perpetrators (and their accomplices) know how much we are disgusted. Leave L.A. already…we don’t need or want your kind here.

  11. Ed Rooney says:

    They’ve earned it.

    If you’re Mexican stay out of the stadium- anyone not understand this?

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