ALHAMBRA (AP) — Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies have arrested two people and seized hundreds of marijuana plants with an estimated street value of $2.5 million in the San Gabriel Valley.

The sheriff’s department says Joseph Hsu, a convicted felon and suspected member of an Asian street gang, was arrested Thursday on narcotics and weapons charges. Pauline McDonnell also was arrested on narcotics charges.

Authorities say deputies acting on a tip discovered two indoor marijuana growing operations at Hsu’s San Gabriel condominium and in a commercial building in Alhambra.

Deputies say more than 400 plants, about 100 pounds of dried marijuana, hydroponic cultivation equipment, two handguns and a shotgun were seized at the two locations.

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Comments (8)
  1. SNMFX says:

    I hope the police are smart enough to continue growing these plants and then sell the medicine to the medical marijuana industry in SoCal. This state needs that 2.5 million very bad.

  2. franko says:

    need to be kept for evidence unfortunately, I think.

  3. Poppmeaister says:

    The Cops will be Guaranteed another buzz after work…
    Ya’ they don’t get Hight too… Think again!

  4. snmfx says:

    they can use photos and samples of the evidence franko.

  5. Anthonyd Smith says:

    They’re bout to get tight eyed!

  6. Timothy McGarry says:

    Brought to you by: YOUR TAX DOLLARS.

  7. mike says:

    What a waste of time. These cops should go after the federal reserve gang. At this moment they are devaluing my money. Those pot heads did not wrong.

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