SACRAMENTO (AP) — More than two dozen California teachers, including the president of the state’s largest teachers union, were arrested at the state Capitol Thursday night as part of a protest over education funding in the state budget.

The California Highway Patrol began arresting the teachers shortly after the building was scheduled to close at 6 p.m. Thursday. The protesters were given several warnings to leave the building or risk arrest.

“They chose not to leave, leaving us with no option but to physically remove them,” said CHP Officer Sean Kennedy.

The California Teachers Association says 26 people were arrested in all. Kennedy said he did not yet have an accurate count Thursday night.

Among those arrested was CTA President David Sanchez, who had earlier led a group of about 75 protesters singing and chanting outside the office of Senate Minority Leader Bob Dutton, R-Rancho Cucamonga.

Sanchez said he was willing to be arrested “on behalf of the California students and our teachers who are in public education.”

“I think it’s going to let the public understand the seriousness, the state of emergency that California public schools are under right now,” he told The Associated Press as he was placed in plastic handcuffs.

The teachers lined up and quietly waited to be arrested one by one. Kennedy said no one resisted, and they will be charged with trespassing on state property, a misdemeanor.

“It seemed like a different vibe,” than when about 65 protesters were arrested after occupying the state Capitol Monday night, Kennedy said.

Dozens of teachers had filled the hallways outside Dutton’s office and that of Assembly Minority Leader Connie Conway, R-Tulare.

David Goldberg, who said he was a teacher from Los Angeles, said he was willing to be arrested to protest what he said are lawmakers balancing the state budget “on the backs of our students.”

“I have three beautiful kids who I want to see grow up in California where their lives are valued as students and as people in California, and to keep balancing the budget on the backs of them is unfair. It’s a travesty,” Goldberg said. “This is the least I can do, as a teacher and as a parent.”

Thursday’s occupation was part of a week-long protest over education funding. California has a $15.4 billion deficit, and Democrats and Republicans have so far been unable to agree on a solution for closing it.

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Comments (36)
  1. Cruiser says:

    What an embarrassment to the state capitol. Poor teachers having a peaceful assembly. These politicans need to learn that the kids need a good education, shouldn’t hesitate to raise taxes inorder to pay for this. Luckily the union is out there to fight for what’s right. Raising taxes is the right thing to do for these poor teachers.

    1. The One Son says:

      Politicians should raise taxes on families that have children that use our school system. Let’s not forgot about the massive cost that illegal immigrants put on the states k-12 system (7.7 billion a year!!!!). That’s the truth and I know I’m a racist for pointing this out, but if we a least addressed the issue this way it would pay for the “poor teachers.”

      1. TT says:

        if what you are saying is indeed fact – then that is 1/2 of what they are saying the deficit is…

  2. Tax Payer says:

    Make them write out lines 1,000 times

  3. null says:

    How many non-teachers do they need for every classroom teacher ?

  4. marnie says:


  5. Jeff says:

    Everyone who was arrested should have their pick slip on Monday. Poor Teachers, my azz, more like poor teaching.

  6. Lou says:

    Low paying low image job,,plus get paid one day a month. have a second job if if your in that profession, i know.

  7. Where is the love? says:

    You must be joking or obviously do not understand the severity of the cuts to education in california. I have watched over 200 friends and colleagues(JUST THIS YEAR ALONE) some who have been working in their school district over 20 years serving children just be sent a letter like their hard work and dedication hasn’t mattered. This isn’t just a job these people are losing their dream. These teachers, staff members went to college got degrees in order to help children realize their dream. This nation is built on fighting to make lives better. I’m sorry you cant see that.

    1. JT says:

      More need to go..We are tired of paying your bloated salaries and pensions. You work only 7 months a year and are stealing our money based on the poor education scores they are recieving. Try getting the 15 billion from all the illegal entitlements paid out each year before asking the tax payers to spend more on a failed education system. Time to privatize education and provide parents with vouchers to select the school we want to send our children and not be forced by a school district.

      1. Fred says:

        Couldn’t agree more.

      2. MHP says:

        7 months a year? Really, what planet do you live on? Teachers work 50+ hours a week, 10 months a year, and for the other two they are “laid off” with no recourse for unemployment. That, my friend, is when many find a summer job. Poor scores? Your children will always score poorly since your attitude toward their schools and teachers has a direct influence on their success. When was the last time you actually had something nice to say about your child’s teacher?
        As for privatizing education, let me point you to the door…sounds like you can afford it.

      3. Ron says:

        HEAR, HEAR !!!

    2. null says:

      It is not just the classroom teachers that cost money. It is the teacher’s brothers and sisters and sons and daughters and mothers and fathers who also work there. Better computers and cars and equipment have made many of them obsolete ages ago. But they are still there, protected by unions who donate to elections.

      There will be more money until the teachers can convince the taxpayers that they are serious about cleaning up the mess.

      “Accused LAUSD Teachers Paid To Sit Idly”

    3. Here's the truth says:

      It’s real simple. Raise taxes on people that use the school system and your buddies will get their jobs back.

  8. kb says:

    Wow arresting for a peaceful protesting? removed from property in realitu no one or entity owns/ People wake up stop living the lie!

  9. LouAnn says:

    Unless you have actually been in the trenches, and tried to teach kids who are hungry, tired, sick, and barely parented, you have no right to criticize what we are expected to do. Unless you’ve been there, you have no idea.

    1. fred says:

      Boo Hoo, call social sevices.

    2. Ron says:


      You are correct. Some of these people have no idea of the challenges that teachers face everyday. As you mentioned, there are too many variables, with each individual child, to blame all the poor results on teachers only.

      Some of these negative remarks are made by people, that most likely struggled in school. They and their parents, looked for a scape goat to blame, instead of looking into the mirror.

    3. ross apollo says:

      Here’s the bottom line. The schools have become social service/welfare access points. Most students have no business in their current grade as it corresponds to their age, not their academic achievement. Teachers have very little say in these matters as it is LAUSD policy to socially promote. It would be much more cost effective to have schools focus on education and let the social service part be taken care of elsewhere and by other agencies. The welfare state is draining us and it fosters an attitude of hostility toward the schools and teachers. I have to battle students every day to refrain from swearing and try to FORCE them to do assignments. We need to provide educational opportunity to all and if they don’t want it, quit trying to force it upon them. Also, there are few hungry students on campus. There are many obese ones and there is (taxpayer funded) food left uneaten all over campus after lunch every day, but few students are coming to school hungry and struggling to learn.

  10. thompart1 says:

    The reality is that those who can do and those who can’t teach. If things are so bad give back your benfits and retirement. That would surely cut the deficit.

  11. null says:

    How does adding to the rap sheet backlog help students ?

    “backlog of 12,600 unprocessed reports of arrest and prosecution (RAP sheets)”

  12. California will be part of Mexico by 2025 says:

    Keep funding Welfare & Medi-Cal while laying off Police, Firefighters, Teachers, etc..

  13. California will be part of Mexico by 2025 says:

    This is NOTHING compare to the Tree Sitters who were one-by-one sprayed with pepper sprays up in Northern Cal.

    This just goes to show that our Government is no different than any foreign government when enforcing their laws.

    And if these protesters throw rocks and bottles, watch out, the Police might shoot you.

  14. Kylowna Moton says:

    First of all, CTA is NOT a union. The more I read people’s “thoughts” on education, the more I see that most people don’t know what they are talking about, i.e., they are talking out of an orifice that is NOT their mouths. There’s not even a writer attached to this article, and I don’t blame them, since the basic “facts” stated here aren’t even verified. Second of all, let’s let all you disgruntled people have it YOUR way. Let all the teachers go, and close the schools. The teachers, who are highly educated and possess a wealth of experience dealing with difficult people and solving problems (and who, incidentally, probably ALL know how to spell “pink”) will take your jobs, and YOU can stay home with YOUR children. YOU teach them. YOU try tearing them away from video games, TV, cell phones, sex, drugs, etc. and getting them to care about reading, writing, math, retaining information, hard work and future pay-off. Will that make you happy? Will that solve your problems?

    Those who can, teach; those who can’t make asinine comments about it.

    1. jesse says:

      Those who can DO, those who can’t teach…..or maybe not

    2. Ron says:

      Kylowna Moton:

      Then what do you think the CTA is? It is a euphemism for UNION. They may have fooled you, by saying they are an association, but only the IGNORANT, really believe that the CTA is NOT a UNION.

      I hope you are not a teacher, because you just showed your ignorance !!

  15. Scott says:

    Someone needs to look in to CalPERS. You will be surprised on the amount spent on retirement.
    The unions dont want to give that up.

  16. jesse says:

    I agree with the comment, if you have kids in the public school system then maybe pay more. I have avoided that system, with great expense & sacrifuce to my family due to the poor education, poor facilities nad the fact that all the freakin’ nannies had their drooling non-english speaking kids in our local schools. Don’t thin you tax dollars are going to education. 48% of the Calif budget already goes to education, and a mere 10-15% of that goes to the schools and classrooms. The rest of the money goes to the “poor” teachers and administrators who are very nicely paid for working36 weeks per year. Great pensions, medical benefits and time off!! Wow, that job sucks.
    And teachers, if it’s so hard to stand up in front of kids who aren’t interested in learning and are disrespectful, then fault their parents and all the teachers before them who never tried to inspire them to learn and value education.!!

  17. Regal says:

    As for the man mentioned in hte article David Goldberg, with 3 beautiful kids whom he wants educated in great schools in Los Angeles, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA You aren’t hispanic, your kids will not get into a UC when they’re older, and unless you live in one of htose pocket areas with tiny magnet schools your kids won’t learn S…!!!! Start saving for Arizona U, that’s the only school they’ll get into.

    1. John Garcia says:

      To regal- you are COMPLETELY WHACKED IN THE HEAD!!. There is no reason to be saying anything like that about David Goldberg! He is a great man and has always strived for social justice and the betterment of all our Children! I went to school with him at UC Santa Cruz at Oakes College (1995) where he met his Hispanic wife and he is very dedicated to Education! And I know he will definately pass on the right work ethic and tradition to his kids, so that they, too, can proudly be accepted into a UC just as he has!

  18. PeteM says:

    I will NOT pay any higher taxes so that these ‘poor’ teachers can enjoy bloated pensions at MY expense! We are over taxed as it is thanks to the unions and the corrupt politicians who DO NOT listen to the hard working taxpayers and I don’t include teachers in that group.

    If Sacramento DimmocRATS stopped spending money they don’t have, we wouldn’t be in this pickle in the first place! God, are they ever dumb!

    1. Ron says:


      Unfortunately, the politicians aren’t dumb, they are GREEDY and they think we are the DUMB ones.

      We need to throw their @sses out at election time. Find out who votes for tax extensions and vote them OUT.

  19. PeteM says:

    I agree with The One Son, those who have kids should be taxed more to pay for their children’s education, NOT on the backs of us who don’;t have any!

  20. Monica says:

    There was a time when our great nation valued education and saw that it was in the best interest of the country to educate all its people. Somehow we have lost the concept of the common “good” . Now we would rather have a nation of illiterate and unskilled youth roaming our streets. “Not My Problem” will be everyones problem when we spend $100,000.00 plus per year to incarcerate one inmate rather than $11,000 per year to educate them when they are children. We have all failed if this is what we allow to happen. It is short sighted and stupid.