By Jackie Johnson

Hi Everybody!

I’ve never “blogged” before….it’s my first time. I thought I’d start a blog on wellness… as it’s something that I’m very interested in. When I say wellness, I believe that incorporates anything from nutrition, to fitness, to nature to anything that makes you feel peaceful. Overall health and well-being.

I will share my findings, and also can’t wait to hear your thoughts and tips on all of the above!

I’ll start with nutrition. I think wellness begins with what we put in our bodies. It just makes sense.

I’ve been a vegan for 3 years now. Which means I don’t eat anything that comes from animals…including dairy. Yes, I cheat now and then. Especially the occasional sushi or dessert. But overall I feel it’s the healthiest for me to stick to a plant based diet. To put it simply, (straight out of ‘The China Study’ book): “Eat a whole foods, plant-based diet, while minimizing the consumption of refined foods, added salt and fats.”

One of my favorite things about living here in Southern California is all the healthy alternatives we have. Not only do we have all the fresh fruits and veggies from our local farmers, but it’s also easy to go almost anywhere in town and find a delicious vegan meal, no problem! I would love to hear some of your favorite vegan restaurants, as I am always looking for new places. A few around the station I love are Hugo’s, Vegan Plate, SunPower Natural Cafe and Madeleine Bistro. Yum. If I’m short on time, I can always pop into Whole Foods for something quick and nutritious.

I also find it’s pretty easy to make simple, healthy vegan meals at home. One of my favorite things to do is go to the Farmer’s Market and make a fresh, tasty meal for friends and family….they don’t even notice it’s vegan anymore! Here is my most popular treat:

Brushetta With a Twist

  • Brush olive oil onto french bread, rub with garlic. Broil till warm and golden brown.
  • In a bowl, mix avocado and lemon juice. Spread onto bread. Cut up fresh tomato, red onion and basil and put on top!

Simple and always a crowd pleaser.


If you are interested on reading more on this topic, here are some books that I love and have found to be very informative:

The China Study by T.Colin Campbell, PhD and Thomas M. Campbell II, MD
Skinny Bitch by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin
Thrive by Brendan Brazier

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  1. Going_Whole says:

    Jackie. Yes I agree, I’m looking at reading “The Life Plan” by Jeffry Life. Talks about incorporating whole, raw foods. 70% vegetables/fruit (plant based), 20% proteins and 10% whole grains (plant based). Reversing the government’s ‘food pyramid’ of heavy daily starches.

    More healthy (and good looking) people like you should be spreading the word!

    1. RJ says:

      Hi Jackie, when you get a moment you should check out Gratitude Cafe on Larchmont Blvd. Excellent vegan food!

    2. Jackie Johnson says:

      Thanks for the info!

      1. Judi Brown says:

        Hi Jackie, I read that China Study in: HEALTHY at 100 – How You Can – at any age – Dramatically Increase Your Life Span and Your Health Span, by John Robbins. Dean Ornish, M.D. acclaims it. I purchased that book at Whole Foods Market. .
        You are a classic forecaster!
        JCB – 95% vegan (–Was the wife of a meteorologist – NOAA)


  2. Jackie. I don’t think I could live on just a plant diet. More power to you and those who can. We hear that red meat is not good fou us but what about pork? Is it’s fat content to high for us?
    Have a great weekend. Jordon

    1. Jackie Johnson says:

      Thanks for your comment. Try switching to fish. Have a great weekend.

  3. Joseph Grahn says:

    Hello Jackie, Good thoughts for health and strenght. First is finding things you enjoy, make a commitment to a heathy diet . That can be diverse and complex. Ethnic ,religious and trendy foods are often the best.More good habits,best of health..

    1. Jackie Johnson says:

      Yes, key is finding healthy foods that you actually like! Good point. Thanks! JJ

  4. Desiree says:

    Hi Jackie,

    Where did you get the blue and white dress you are wearing today? I love it!

    1. Jackie Johnson says:

      Thanks! Nordstrom (but last year).

  5. Herbalife says:

    Hi Jackie, I used to eat alot of junk food and high sugar/carb foods. I know take Herbalife products I absolutely love them, I have more energy and I feel great! My husband lost 42 lbs and I have gained 10lbs lean muscle! Good nutrition is so important in today’s society! I get Herbalife products from and I take the core nutrition products or the quick start program!

  6. The Chairman says:

    From a philosophical perspective, I want to respectfully suggest that perhaps you may be overdoing it. You are seemingly focused exclusively on the body to the seeming detriment of mind and spirit. This is NOT to be taken as an insult. Likewise if you said to me “Homie, you need to work on the chassis,” I’d be the first to agree because I’ve been too busy learning and expanding my mind. Rather, this suggestion comes from Buddhist philosophy and is not meant to offend or proselytize, merely to make you think. The body inevitably ages and fails with time. Los Angeles [and many of your co-workers] has a notoriety for cosmetic plastic surgery which amounts to window dressing on a ramshackle house when one does not develop character, although again, this is not aimed at you; I am illustrating the folly of others. The bottom line is this: when things start heading south with the years, what will be left over?

    Sorry if I overcomplicated your initial blog post or in any way ruined it. I think it worse to oversimplify like the previous posters and focus exclusively on the superficial.

    This is a wonderful start for a first blog post. If I may make a request for future blog posts, express yourself. Let us know who the real Jackie Johnson is. I know for a fact she’s more than a veggie plate who fills a dress very very nicely. Heh heh, that’s my brand of humor… hope I don’t offend. I’m usually more blunt.

    Peace out!

  7. The Chairman says:

    Blind, stupid and hateful is no way to go through life.

  8. The Chairman says:

    Sorry, Jackie, I tracked a turd in on the bottom of my shoe.

  9. L Ho says:

    just a simple rule, anything taste good is filled w/cholesterol

  10. The Chairman says:

    Apparently you are an idiot magnet, Jackie.

  11. Tom S. says:

    Hi Jackie, I had a stroke 4 years ago at the age of 37. I contribute a lot to such a poor diet. Once out of the hospital, I put the medical drugs away and dramatically changed my diet. In one month I lowered my cholesterol by almost 100 points! I now purchase a lot from local farmers, I even harvest edible plants and herbs. It is so important what we put into our bodies, as it effects EVERYTHING! It’s sad that some worry more about the fuel they put into their cars than into their own body. Thank you for this excellent blog! I’m in Ventura, I highly recommend Mary’s Secret Garden and in Ojai HIP.

  12. Victor Wong says:

    Check out my friends restaurants…Native Foods. Tanya was my wife’s roomate in college and when they went to Japan after college and we love to visit her restaurants! I know she has one in Palm Desert and one in Westwood. I believe she was opening up a few more. You’ll love them, too.

  13. Pat says:

    Good stuff ! pun intended ! I am and always have been a meat eater, but have also thought of maybe going vegan for a bit. Its amazing how your body responds to certain foods good or bad. After reading your blog I am going to take a step forward to see if I could benefit in having a diet in this manner. I am open to at least give it a try..Jackie keep it coming and I’ll seeing you on the next weather report !!

  14. Torres says:


    Where does a vegan gets protein without red meat


  15. Mo says:

    hI Jackie!
    Please check out my Vegan/No Sodium/No Gluten/0-1g sugar morsels:
    I created these for my Dad, a diabetic & heart patient and I agree with you: a clean, whole, real food based diet is paramount to a healthy lifestyle.
    Looking forward to more of your blogs!

  16. Joseph says:

    Hello Jackie,Foods from a long traditional history,those that survive the earths famons and rich in color, increase resistance mobility and sensitivity. Spices, herbs,minerals and fluids allow us to eat volumes of food. Humans adapt to diet extremely well. Variety makes the body happy!!!

  17. Jackie Johnson says:

    Thank you for reading! II’ve enjoyed the comments and hearing your tips! I will have another blog post on Monday. Have a great weekend. JJ

  18. Smitty says:

    Hi Jackie,

    I’m Smitty, one of your biggest SoCal fans; I had a billion dollar thought! After reading this blog, it seems that you might consider sitting down with your producers and asking for a 5- 15 minute pilot slot to do your very own segment. I think it’s fair to say, that from the outside in, you look pretty comfortable in your role as a weather forecaster; however, just like Oprah when she started out in news, you too have a strong presence on camera that exceeds your current position. I’d think you’d do great in your own “Jackie knows fitness (beauty, make-up, women’s health, fashion, love, etc..)! I believe you get the point; nevertheless, you should at least consider polling or doing a sample survey on the home page to see what others think….hope you consider it!
    Love ya Jackie!


  19. Jeff Z. says:


    Also a first timer…..not too sure how this “Blogging” works. Ok, Here we go.

    I “Blend” ervery Morning with Raw Veggies, Fruits, Misc. Dry Bran & Soy Protein Powder.

    Great energy pack to start the day especially for Surfing & Mind Focus.


  20. `D says:

    JJ….. did not know you were Vegan, but then again how could I right…
    ( weather ) 🙂 we are vegans or meat eaters, we all need to remember that what we put in ourselves will effect how we feel, think, and percieve what life brings us each day. our excersize is so important. there is so much more to say…….. well, maybe another time. Thank you for the opportunity to say hello and share a thought. ~D

  21. joseph says:

    Hello, brocoli cooked,steamed boiled sauted, drain add olive oil and lemon juice,season to taste. Delicious hot or serve cold.

  22. John says:

    Good to see you stepping out of the weather world!

  23. Brandon B. says:

    thank you jackie,your info about the veggie world has been helpful…trying it out for the first time,wish me luck…the taste is what i’m afraid of…but i know it will be good for my health in the long run…to add it with the outdoor activities,exsercise, I’m looking forward to a healthier life…luv to hear more advise…Brandon 🙂

  24. Vince says:

    I notice Jackie came back from her vacation wearing an (engagement?) ring. Did she get engaged? I’m heartbroken…

  25. Jannette says:

    Hi Jackie, you always look good. I wonder where you got the yellow dress you’re wearing last week.

  26. Carmen says:

    Hi Jackie! I’m a huge fan; I think you’re beautiful and very sweet on TV. I don’t watch TV news very much but you & Pat Harvey are my favorite CBS reporters.
    Besides being vegan, what do you do to stay in shape as far as exercising? Any tips? Thanks for reading this! Keep up the good work 😉
    p.s. If you ever want to be a guest speaker for my students, I’d love to have you =)

  27. Mikey says:

    Hello pretty lil lady.

    Have you ever tried making your own hummus to use for spread instead of Mayo? Its awesome! I love making vegan burgers like Portebello Mushroom, Black Bean Patty even Edamame Patty Burgers. Sooo delicious!

  28. mike para skeptic*krusher says:

    hi jackie i wish their were restaurants and even food providers that catered to people that have ulcers,gerd,because most restaurants/food providers put to much salt.spice. in their foods.

  29. Penny Layne says:

    Hi Jackie,
    Can’t seem to find direct email for you, so am leaving message here.
    My ex husband is turning 88 soon and I am going to take him to Cafe Gratitude (guess you have been there?) for Vegan experience. I was wondering if I sent you a card for you to sign for him on his BD, as he is big fan of yours, he would be so surprised and happy.

  30. Alex L. says:

    Jackie, have you heard of the book” Eating Right for Your Blood Type”. It is interesting read on what food we must eat according to our blood type. I hope you are blood type A for this book says this type should be a vegan. Chekl it out you will be surprised. I enjoy your weather forecasts and the beautiful outfits you wear. Is it just me for it seems like the pictures behind you seems to match the out fit your wearing. Is that deliberate?

  31. Louis H says:

    Hi Jackie, thanks for the info on vegan lifestyle. Do you exercise, you stay in great shape. Have a good New Year!!

  32. steve graber says:

    for peace of mind few things beat messing around with clay! i taught adult education pottery for 8 years in lakewood, and noted how quickly everyone’s noise level dropped to focused work when they came to class. everyone’s blood pressure must have dropped to nice safe levels! it’s hard to fully understand why or how clay does this. but if you ever get the chance, dive in!

  33. Tom says:

    You are certainly one of the most exquisite ladies in television today Jackie. Kudos!
    As far as food intake, Not much of a fish person myself, but being vegan has definitely not hurt my wife any for the last well . . . several . . .years!
    P.S. Congrats on the recent marriage and good luck (going on 31 years here)

  34. alex duarte says:

    All true bout plant based foods and all but the truth many of us; especially american culture; we just cant go all out vegan because we cant watch football games with lettuce n tomatoes and we cant bar b q egg plants while our neighbor grills ribs n pulled pork lol its just not right .I think we are eating out to much and not eating good ole home made meals which are more nutritious even than eating at restaraunts.We have to consume well balanced diet with fruits vegatables and thats all we can do. I know people that have done that and lived to be 92-93 years old with outstanding health. Whats going on is this liberal goverment controlled media that tries to manage how we eat n live our lives.We dont need the gov or mitchell obama tellings us what is good for us. We know, we have survived 200 plus years without them .So in all eat ur hamburgers eat ur ribs n stuff as long as u eat smart most of the time and be happy. I rather eat the foods i like and live to be 75 than to eat limited and live to be 77,wow prolong my life by 2 years lol.Well im not knocking on no one just wanna share my conservative point of veiw and show that our customs are not so bad as they claim and china dont eat better than us. I get all this rhetoric from vegans that my way of eating is unhealthy and is why america”s obese but im only 170 lbs lol.In all the problem is not vegans or meat eaters its just people not excercising and eating out all the time and just plain dumb of how they eat.Just eat smart turn on the stove for a change eat everything in moderation and u’ll live a long healthy life like many people ive known.

  35. Congratulations for great information. Keep writing. Hoping will published more article in future.

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