LOS ANGELES (AP) — A representative for Mary Tyler Moore says the veteran sitcom star will have surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Spokeswoman Alla Plotkin says Moore’s doctors recommended the elective procedure after monitoring the tumor for some time.

Plotkin did not say when the surgery would take place.

It would remove a meningioma, a slow-growing tumor in the membranes that cover the brain.

Meningiomas usually occur in older adults and are mostly benign.

The 74-year-old Moore gained stardom as a modern suburban housewife on the 1960s comedy “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” then went on to headline her own successful series as a single woman pursuing a career.

Moore’s plan to have the surgery was first reported on People magazine’s website.

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  1. zagwee says:

    Man I sure hope she makes a full recovery!


  2. TT says:

    My prayers are with her n her family…

  3. DLR says:

    Good wishes and a very successful recovery to this terrific lady! I too have been diagnosed with a probable benign tumor in the cerebellar region not long ago…AND I’m a diabetic…hmm, wonder if there is any relation between the two?

  4. casejoker says:

    she’s gonna make it after alllll

  5. naila says:

    Medical professionals want to approach the brain as a whole and not in segments. They know and understand that the brain has to work as a whole, so when performing surgery, they consider the functionality of the organ as one piece and not as segments only. Hospitals for Brain Tumor in Thailand

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