LOS ANGELES (AP) — A medical marijuana dispensary targeted for closure by the city of Los Angeles has shut down.

The city has been trying to put hundreds of medical pot distributors out of business and last week filed suit against seven of the marijuana dispensaries citing zoning code violations.

Cancare Collective in North Hollywood, one of the seven stores, has now decided to avoid costly litigation and close.

During a Wednesday hearing, the Los Angeles Times says a judge also issued an injunction barring the pot dispensary from operating in North Hollywood or any other location.

City lawsuits to close dispensaries on grounds they were violating California law by selling marijuana have been successful, but the process dragged on for months. The new zoning violation suits move faster through the courts.

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Comments (8)
  1. Ro Diaz says:

    W T F ~ ! ! ! Now where am I gonna get my one hit purple bud ??????

  2. Thomas Forcade says:

    Planned event from the start.When you sign up for the licence,(whether you are a buyer or a seller) your name is now on the list.What list,you ask?When you go to buy a firearm,you are given a test wich ask you many questions.They will determine you’re eligibility to purchase a weapon.The main question in question(!) is about whether or not you use marijuana.Answer yes,and you wont get the green light.No gun for you!So,now that they have handed you the rope,you have effectivly just hung yourself when you got that licence.You can no longer purchse a weapon.So,for a signature,and a promise,(that you really need it) you gave away you’re rights to own a firearm.They were smart about how they did it.What they wanted was a disarmed public.(why do you think the gun buy-back program works so well?people gotta eat) now you can count on all pot clinics being closed,as they have gotten 4 years worth of names,and they have wrecked the economy by design,to make you comply.We all need to eat,right?Not even going to get into what they have planned,lets just say it was never the plan to make life more livable.Enjoy the weed…

  3. .40cal says:

    T. Forcade — I don’t think your correct. I have a friend who has a weed card. He’s had it for at least a year now. Maybe longer. This same friend got a California Department of Justice Handgun Safety Certificate from Turner’s after successfully passing the test. How to you explain that?

  4. Thomas Forcade says:

    Chalk it up to fell through the cracks.No system is perfect.When asked about pot and whether he used it,he must have lied,and he got his weapon.But the reality of names on a list to keep you from having firearms is very real.A few might get lucky,but most will not.

  5. mark says:

    Thomas Forcade, do you have an sources for the motives that you claim? I find it a very interesting theory… which is just what it is, unless you have facts that support it.

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