ARCADIA (AP) — Police say an estimated 8,000 ecstasy pills were in the car of a Southern California teenager pulled over for running a stop sign.

Arcadia police say 18-year-old Johnny Pham of Rosemead and a juvenile passenger were arrested and booked for investigation of felony possession for sale of a controlled substance.

The Pasadena Star-News says Pham was released after posting $100,000 bond and the juvenile was released to his parents.

A police news release says Pham was pulled over at 1:30 p.m. Tuesday for failing to stop at a stop sign and the $80,000 worth of pills were found in plastic bags.

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  1. SNMFX says:

    I guess no kids will die from this batch of Ecstasy like at the Daisy Festival.

  2. zagwee says:

    Wow, you would think someone carrying that much stash would be smart enough to follow the traffic laws.

    1. Duh! says:

      You would think that.
      But then again, he may use the “It is for personal use. If one pill makes me feel great, then 8000 will make me feel awesome.” defense. Which would show how smart he is.

  3. jerky says:

    hahaha….ahh well…sorry Pham…no easy cash for you my friend!

    stick to weed brother…you woulda gotten way less time…hahaha

  4. MzVanity* says:

    Dang Johnny, Me no love you long time!

  5. j says:

    Idiot. All he had to do was rip under the console where the glove box is and no one would ever find it. Or tape it in the engine. Kids these days

  6. Thomas Forcade says:

    8,000 people will now miss their chance to talk to god.

  7. Timothy McGarry says:

    He can use Jerry Lee Lewis’ line, ” Well, a thousand of ’em were for the band, your Honor…”.

  8. i See! says:

    Did the cops search the vehicle for “failing to stop at a stop sign?”

    He probably fit the description of someone they were looking for.

    Damn illegal immigrants! Send them back to Mexico!

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