SANTA ANA (CBS) — A truancy crackdown in Orange County is ending up with parents who allow their kids to skip school now behind bars.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa reports five parents have been handcuffed and hauled off to jail for failure to keep their kids in school.

Orange County prosecutor Tracie Renauro says this is the first time parents of chronic truants have been prosecuted.

“You know the saddest part of all of this? These kids want to go to school,” Renauro said. “They’re looking to belong and to fit in, they’re looking for an education.”

Renauro pointed to a case in which one child missed 30 consecutive days of school.

After being handcuffed, one local parent said she sometimes had to go to work early and just assumed her daughter was going to class.

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  1. ZagYee says:

    Wow thats really messed up. What a country, where a kangaroo court system can make a person pay for someone elses ignorance. WHat a joke.

    1. Being A Parent=Being Responsible... PERIOD says:

      That “someone else” you refer to are PARENTS. Remember the days when parents actually had to TEACH their kid something? Remember when parents actually had an interest in the well-being of their child? So what if one mother had to leave to work early? Does she not have a phone to contact the school to find out if her child got there? And for those parents who KNOW their kids are skipping school and do nothing about it then they SHOULD be arrested! It’s called being proactive. It’s called being a stinkin’ PARENT!

      1. Tim says:

        If you are a teacher, you should know better than to use “disrespect” as a verb!

      2. another teacher says:

        To TIM:
        Disrespect is a transitive verb.

      3. truth says:

        this is ridiculous. nobody should be arrested. if the kids dont want to go to school, and the parents dont make them, its their own bed. if the kid wants to go to school, and the parent is negligent, then its a social services issue. WHY IN THE FFFFUUUUCKNUTS ARE WE ARRESTING PEOPLE?

      4. Alesa says:

        I have to agree with you. It seems that parents have abdicated responsibility to the children they are raising.

    2. joe says:

      Parents are responsible for their children until the age of 18yrs. old. Hopefully by that time they are out of high school. YOU ARE THE JOKE!!!!

  2. ottbot says:

    Wow – in Santa Ana?


    1. jerky says:

      you should be….

  3. PMCALL says:

    I think we should allow the students who don’t want to go to school, the opportunity to pick fruit, and to work in the coal mines for $5-$10 a day, Many of the students who do attend school do not want to be there. They act out, disrespect teachers, refuses to do their homework, and they are a pain. HOW DO I KNOW? I AM A TEACHER.

    1. jerky says:

      it’s true PMCALL…..I ain’t sayin all parents are angels…and I am not saying all parents try to do whats best for thier kids. But I remember being that age…and nothing or no one was gonna stop me when it came to being a brat. I ditched almost my whole 7th grade year because I became the target of a gang “initiation” I got in 4 fights that year and decided I had enough…I was scared..I just got out of the 6th grade from a school that didn’t have the gang problem..I WAS A FREAKIN KID!….

      so i started ditching…but you know what…i paid for what i did…i got busted…i was made to work the whole summer at the school cleaning…and had to do 7th grade over again….I moved to the East Coast went to a higher education school…and graduated high school in 95’….

      I just had to get motivated…had to figure out myself…my purpose…or at least that direction.

      but it wasn’t my parents fault…they were divorced…my dad was on the east coast in the military, my mom worked 2 jobs to raise 2 kids and put a roof over our head and food in our mouth….she was the best mom i could have asked for!

  4. BB says:

    Why didn’t the school contact the parents, that was the school’s fault. They should have made sure the parents knew before hauling them off to jail.

    1. Being A Parent=Being Responsible... PERIOD says:

      Perhaps the school should’ve contacted the parent. The phone line works both ways, you know.

      1. Cathy W says:

        It is called call forwarding. Some of the kids have the number to the school forwarded to their number instead of the parents number. You have to remember, back in the day, you had a parent at home and if your parent couldn’t do it, you had a neighbor to keep up with your kids. The youth of today are overexposed and cannot wait to be grown, yet when they get in trouble, they want to be a child again. I work for those very same courts, see it everyday!!

    2. Joe says:

      The parents are called in for a conference before any action is taken. Parents are notified numerous times. When all else fails, they go to jail. Now that we have their undivided attention, they get the children to school. Problem solved!!!!

    3. parent says:

      we dont have any rights as taxpayers or citizens soon well be cutting off the hands of people who steal

  5. linda says:

    They were doing this in Oregon in the late 90’s so whats the big deal. Along with the parents being put in handcuffs put the child in them too. Maybe they would learn something if they had consequences.

    1. Being A Parent=Being Responsible... PERIOD says:

      I’m appalled at how much this world thinks the parenting job is someone else’s duty. No wonder we are in the state we are in! NO ONE else is responsible for their children except the parents. WE shape who our kids turn out to be and if we let the ball drop then that’s OUR fault. Not the school’s, not the city, not our neighbors… OURS.

  6. T.C. says:

    Parents reply before going to jail…” I thought the teachers were there to raise my kids….damn “

    1. truth says:

      wow, that sucks that it was your parents who got arrested. what are you going to do now? poor little thomas cincade. he’s all gwown up now but don’t know how to get to schoo schoo school. he told mistoh powice guy he wanted to go to schoo, but did not go for past thu thu thurty days. waaaaaa

  7. catbert00 says:

    This is a great use of limited city, county and state resources.

  8. For Students says:

    There are numerous phone calls and conferences with the school and if that fails there are meeting with the Student Attendance Review Board, which are held at the district level. And when that fails it’s the Court’s turn. Courts can give all kinds of consequences to students and parents including fines and revoking licenses. IT IS THE LAW IN CALIFORNIA THAT ALL CHILDREN AGES 6-18 MUST BE IN SCHOOL.

    1. ginny says:

      You are dead on, no parent should be surprised if it gets to the point where they face arrest. The schools have had to build in so many steps to stop a child from being truant that if it does end up in the arrest then the parents deserve the harsher wake up call.

  9. judo-cide says:

    you guys are nuts!….really you think that way…I can think of tons of kids who ditched school who had smart and responsible parents…when i was growing up kids did alot of “stupid” things…it was called growing up….I don’t know many kids who actually listened to thier parents ever step of the way in thier life…I mean unless they got beat!……I LOVE how our society tells us what we can and can’t do…I LOVE how everyone else tells you how to live your life. ok…really i don’t!….

    And for the comment about calling the school to make sure your kid is there…that is insane… of the 500 kids who goto that school the secretary in the admin office is going to have to filter 500 calls a day to the right classrooms so the teachers can stop and report about if that persons kid is in class or not?

    how about we find productive ways to motivate kids to comtinue thier educations and the importance of working toward a future instead?

    rjsmitty…..just shut up.

    1. TT says:

      so judo – if what your saying is true then parents have no responcibility… Leave it all on the children ? – I think not …. realistically – kids are gonna TRY to skip school…. thats there job – to be kids …BUT it doesnt mean we as parents have to continually put up with bad behavior without doing something about it.. Thats how you teach them to productive ADULTS – so they dont skip work, and they can have a life…etc…

  10. jerky says:

    how bout you take them in your pick up DJ and stay there while your at it…learn a little something while your there.

  11. Jim Gates says:

    where i live the parents arn”t sent to jail instead they are fined $250.00 each time the kid ditches it hurts more when it comes jout of your pocket rather then go to jail

    1. truth says:

      it hurts more when it comes jout of your pocket? what is jout? and are you not aware of how much jail costs financially AND mentally? where you live, they should chuck you in jail.

  12. alan hart says:

    Wouldn’t it make a better impression if the child were taken to a juvenile facility and made to go to school in the facility? It would be a choice; Juvenile facility or regular school.

  13. MissD says:

    Excuses! Excuses! My parents were divorced. I lived with my mom who not only worked fulltime but went to school. I always made it school, she would call my HS and make sure I made it; while she was working. If the parents are that careless pull them out school, make them work. You go to school to LEARN if the child or the parent don’t care to; stop wasting everyone’s time and pull them out for good!

  14. MissD says:

    I ditched but my parents never looked away or rewarded me for it. I got disciplined! Something that I truly believe that most parents think the school should be responsible for. I worked for LAUSD as an aide I quit for a reason. I’m sick and tired of these irresponsible brats and their equally outrageous parents.

  15. me says:

    Adam and eve couldn’t control their children and god couldn’t control them. the appropriate thing is to hold the child responsible for their behavior my son learns nothing when I get the consequence. The system is just trying to make more money do you know how much these tickets are hundreds of dollars really I’m sure my son respects his education when his mom gets fined.Any good couseler will tell u u have to match the punishment to the crime with children. This is a lazy way to deal with the problem. Because kids should sit in trauncy center and be bored all day that’s a good punishment.

  16. paul says:

    im in school right now reading this, i gotta say, its my god given right to sit on my couch and waste my life if i want, no matter how old i am, as long as im not breaking other laws

  17. bill says:

    mind your own goddamm buisness leave the poor parents alone if the kids want to miss school let them so what

  18. Henry Albert Limburg says:

    The one reason some kids skip school is becauseof being bulleyed by other kids and teachers for haveing a disability and being to slowe. I know this for fact this for a fact because I have a dughter that has a disability and if your kids is missing school then you need to look more into why they are missing.Because there maybe a good reason why your kids are skiping school and remember a lot of schools and teachers dose not do any thing about bullying .Its not all the kids and parents fault most of it lays on the SYSTEM AND THE SCHOOL SYSTEM .

  19. mike cunningham says:

    I believe that since the guvment makes kids go to school, it has a responsability to protect that kid.; not just collect state money and pretend that everything is A OK. If a kid is being bullied (beat up), then he should be able to file a grievence with the shcool dist. and collect damages and be protected, or be able to sue the sh#t out of them. Why do students have so few rights?

    1. Henry Albert Limburg says:

      I agree with you 100%

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