GARDEN GROVE  (AP) — Breasts will no longer be offered with $5 cups of coffee at lingerie cafes in a Southern California suburb.

(credit: CBS)

More than three dozen of the coffeehouses are operating in the Orange County city of Garden Grove, and some waitresses have been slipping out of teddies to serve customers in the nude. Additionally, arcade machines have been rigged to be gambling machines.

The Orange County Register reports Wednesday that the City Council has voted 4-0 to ban nudity, gambling and smoking in the sexy cafes.

Police Chief Kevin Raney told the council his officers have raided 20 coffeehouses and confiscated 200 gambling machines. The chief says nude waitresses were also encountered, and the lingerie cafes have attracted gangs.

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  1. Loma VC says:

    That’s ridiculous. What’s next? Are the cops going to shut down the illegal taco trucks too?

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Note to self, research were these businesses move to so I can get a couple of breasts and a cup of java.

  2. j says:

    lol @ “illegal taco trucks”. gambling, nudity, and gangs don’t tend to be associated with taco trucks.

  3. mj says:

    The taco trucks pose more of a public threat than the “cafes”…lol..besides they really smell bad! I never got food poisoning from coffee, nude waitress or otherwise.

  4. dt says:

    What??? Why didn’t I know about these places earlier??

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