GARDEN GROVE (AP) — Scantily-clad baristas will no longer be serving up coffee at lingerie cafes in Garden Grove.

More than three dozen of the coffeehouses are operating in the Orange County city of Garden Grove, and some waitresses have been slipping out of teddies to serve customers in the nude.

Additionally, arcade machines have been rigged to be gambling machines.

The Orange County Register reports Wednesday that the City Council has voted 4-0 to ban nudity, gambling and smoking in the sexy cafes.

Police Chief Kevin Raney told the council his officers have raided 20 coffeehouses and confiscated 200 gambling machines. The chief says nude waitresses were also encountered, and the lingerie cafes have attracted gangs.

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Comments (14)
  1. Jim Green says:

    “The chief says nude waitresses…and the lingerie cafes have attracted gangs,”
    Sounds like they would attract everybody!

  2. Danny Baker says:

    Is it “Nudity” or women wearing lingerie? They are two completely different things.

  3. someone says:

    This is LAME!
    These places have been around since the 80’s this is nothing new in OC. What a shame they’re getting ban. Next thing, they’re going to start banning bars, lounges, restaurants, boba shops, pool halls, etc.

    1. Snoopy says:

      They are just ( TESTING ) how many thing’s they can ( OUT LAW., ) Like banning Smoking in ( PUBLIC PLACE’S .) This sort of Behavior has been around Sense ABRAHAM . Beside”:s the History Book King Jame’s SAY’S the ( JEWS GOD ) Had to KICK there ASS quite a FEW TIME’S. So tell me CA how much more getting ( YOUR ASS’S KICKED CAN YOU ALL TAKE from our S.O.G., GOVERNMENT ??? )

  4. ILLEGALS says:

    So how big of a triangle or round shape bra/bikini do they require to cover up the nipples/areola?

    is Hooters up next? Then bikini car washes, etc..

  5. Clean Morals Still Exist says:

    This is awesome! It’s about time we clean up our society’s filth! And you gotta start somewhere… High five to whomever put this ban in action! 🙂

  6. catbert00 says:

    Nice. Lets kill more jobs while we are at it. These girls can always go work as escorts or massage technicians

  7. KeithS says:

    Part of Starbucks success is due to them giving fancy names to coffee drinks. Anyone know the fancy names this place gave for their drinks? “May I have a hot Fellatiaccino, please.”

  8. JLegend says:

    Should have ban Vietnamese massage too. That’s places where men come to get wang. Seriously it becomes very popular….

  9. Pist off in OC says:

    If you don’t like them, don’t go into them. Stay out of my life. What happened to great conservative values of keeping the government out of people’s lives. This is just another California power grab. No this, no that. These politicians take us all for imbecilas that we cannot make desicions for ourselves.

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