Fatal Shootings Jump From 3 In 2010 To 10 In 2011

LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Homicides, rape, assaults, robbery…statistics for all are down.

But there is one area where the numbers are going through the roof: OIS.

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Take a look at the statistics from year-to-year.

2007 24 OIS; 10 fatalities

2008 17 OIS; 13 fatalities

2009 13 OIS; 5 fatalities

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2010 10 OIS; 3 fatalities

2011 20 OIS; 10 fatalities

The jump from 2010 to 2011 (not even half over) is significant.

The LAPD says they are never trained to “shoot to kill,” only to stop a deadly threat in order to keep the community and them safe.

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They add, “taking a life, anyone’s life, is never our intent.”