LOS ANGELES (AP) — Parents are joining teachers in their week-long series of protests, demanding that state lawmakers make sure public schools are adequately funded.

Some parent groups are comparing spending on education and incarceration, which they say is the cost of underfunding public schools.

On Tuesday, parents of imprisoned youth will push lawmakers to extend recent tax hikes to avoid devastating education cuts. The parents, from Books Not Bars, say such funding is a smarter investment than locking up minors.

The California Teachers Association is organizing the demonstrations. They began Monday and will end Friday with rallies in major cities throughout the state.

The union wants lawmakers to renew a set of tax hikes that expire June 30, rather than wait for next school year to put a tax measure on the ballot.

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  1. pratt robert says:

    I can not afford YOUR KIDS any more if you think they need more, you the parents put up the money. Everyone is hurting n when it comes to YOUR KIDS are me and mine guess where its going. I cant fix any thing when Iam sick , sorry no more money. They are not mine or my future, I will give you a hint I what I would Do if I had Kids, Back to Reading Writeing,n Math,History and every thing other on hold. Just the price of to maney kids, now who’s going to give up haveing any??????

    1. Concerned 6th Grade Math/Science Teacher says:

      Robert, first of all I’m assuming your children are not enrolled in schools that are part of the public school system because that explains your lack of concern for what will surely happen if these schools are underfunded. And I’m sorry to say, that those children that you say are not your future, in fact really ARE your future (unless you’re planning on leaving this country) because these are the children that will grow up to run this country when you are old and gray. I would imagine you would like well-educated, intellectual people making the important decisions that impact everyone’s lives. Lastly, since you don’t want to extend the tax hikes that will fund the public schools, among several other important public services that you yourself probably use, I suggest that if the tax hikes do not pass that you use the money you would have otherwise paid taxes with on finding a spelling tutor: “it’s” not “its”, “can’t” not “cant”, “writing” not “writeing”. “too many” not “to maney”, “having” not “haveing”. We need to make sure we can afford teachers that can teach, and not teachers like the ones that taught you how to spell. Or, maybe it’s not the teachers you had.

      1. 1muley1 says:

        The schools are not underfunded, they are overrun by foreign nationals who do not belong here. Stop with the hysteria. NO TAX INCREASES.

      2. Concerned 6th Grade Math/Science Teacher says:

        They are not additional tax increases. It is in fact an extension of tax hikes that are ALREADY in place since a year or two ago. All they want to do is extend those taxes just long enough for the state to get in shape financially. Remember, public schools are not the only thing affected by the funds generated by from taxes.

  2. Julian B Duron says:

    This taxpayer knows where this push is coming from. The State Assembly is going to have to make hard decisons which is live within its means of income like the rest of the working class. BY NOT RAISING TAXES ON THE WORKING CLASS.
    IN ADDITION, TO WHERE THIS STATE IIS PLACE IN API SCORES CTA HAS NOTHING TO BRAG ABOUT. L.A. Unified has a few bright spots but as a whole this district can do better based on salaries being paid.

  3. Cruiser says:

    Parents and teachers, ignore peoples comments like the ones posted above. They are usually white racist people. We need to unite and fight to raise the taxes. As Gov. Brown said before “California is a rich state”. We could truely afford more taxes. Luckily we have the Unions making the right calls and guiding us the right path. Don’t let the rich white people get away without paying more taxes. Keep in mind, we are the majority.

    1. Ray says:

      Another LIBERAL view you are either a teacher or a union boss that is worried about your pension and not the kids. maybe we should take over the unions and make them pay into social security and that would be their retirement plan just like all the working stiffs.

      1. Ron says:


        Your social security idea for union members is an EXCELLENT idea. If nothing else, let’s cap ALL UNION PENSIONS, at the same max that social security provides for the average Joe and Josephine.

        Now that IS a cause worth pushing. BEWARE UNION MEMBERS, you don’t have it as rough as you think.

        Are there any non-CORRUPT, non-UNION politicians, that would like to help us FORWARD THIS cause?

    2. 1muley1 says:

      Your weird, If you want to pay more send the state a check!

    3. Ron says:

      Cruiser, I believe you “wannabe ROBBING HOOD” !!! Oh, and I didn’t spell that incorrectly.

    4. Chelsea says:

      If we’re so “rich” then where is all the money? I know I’M not rich, NOR do I have kids in school! That doesn’t make me a white racist…just too poor to see the efficacy in spending more of my hard-earned wages on someone else’s brats! I barely make ends meet on a monthly basis, and MORE taxes are not on MY agenda! I’m personally sick and tired of getting the short end of the stick, tax-wise. No kids, not married and not likely to change either status…I’m hit hardest by tax increases. Thank you very much, self-centered parents and teachers! Why don’t YOU pay more taxes instead of expecting the rest of us to foot the bill!?

  4. roy rogers says:

    The kids at scholl at not learning anything anyway. All school is, is a place for kids to be so the parents don’t have deal with them because they don’t know how to teach them because they are so dumb. Can’t speak english, can’t spell, can’t write, don’t work. No more taxes for things that don’t work like the school’s administrators. Get rid of them and the schools could have millions of more $$$. No More TAXES,

    1. Concerned 6th Grade Math/Science Teacher says:

      You are absolutely right Roy! These people can’t spell because they probably attended the same “scholl” you did. Stop being ignorant. That will get you nowhere.

    2. ANNOYED says:

      Whats a scholl??

  5. BB says:

    I do not pay more taxes so the illegals can go to school not speaking English and bringing down our education system. Let the people who have children pay for it. My grandchild is home schooled so why should pay for her to go to school when she doesn’t. The test scores won’t go up if we pay more taxes just the big wigs will get more money.

  6. Frank A. Bennett says:

    No immunization certificate, No US birth certificate, no free schooling. No welfare, no medicare, no medicaid, and no student loans. This way there will be no need for increasing peoples taxes.

    1. Ron says:

      AMEN. Where do I vote for THAT?

      Oh, but the UNIONS and their ” in pocket politicians” won’t allow that. Or some judge will overturn the voter’s decision.

      It’s a great idea, Frank. Now if we can only figure out how we can do it and keep the courts from throwing it out.

  7. Dan says:

    You are absolutely right…

  8. Mike says:

    50% drop out rate, 80% school funds go to teachers pay, when does it stop! I not paying more in taxes for this mess.

  9. Former LAUSD Parent says:

    This is about pure greed on the part of teachers and their unions. California has the highest cost of education in the U.S. It is ranked number 48 in quality of education. Teachers cannot be directed, disciplined, or even terminated for cause. They and their unions are out of control. The simple truth is more money will not improve California’s education system, it will only serve to continue creating a generation illiterate, unthinking, sheep that follow the leader. Take a look at what New Jersey is doing and then vote against the machine.

    1. Concerned 6th Grade Math/Science Teacher says:

      Former LAUSD Parent,

      Apparently you know not what you speak of because I can tell that you know nothing in relation to what it takes to be a teacher and what teachers do on a daily basis with their students.

      1. 1muley1 says:

        Concerned Teacher,Quit trying to jusify a tax increase. Take a pay cut. Unions are a breeding ground for snakes!

      2. Concerned 6th Grade Math/Science Teacher says:

        I’ve already taken a pay cut, and I’m still doing the SAME amount of work. And as I stated above, they are not tax increases. Inform yourself. And this is not just about teacher salaries, it is about the negative impact it will have on the student population.

      3. truth says:

        if the juice ain’t worth the squeeze, you know what you gotta do 6th grade math/science teacher. teachers are lame. you know whats crazy? if i do a poor job which shows poor results, i get a pay cut, or fired. your students are your result, and the results are poor. put up or shut up.

      4. Concerned 6th Grade Math/Science Teacher says:


        You’re a pretty ignorant person, and given such, I refuse to exchange in any intellectual conversation. The fact that you generalize and say that “teachers are lame” and include all teachers is proof of your ignorance. Especially when you resort to disrespecting someone you do not know. You do not know me, therefore you can NOT say anything the job I do day in and day out. And as far as the pay cut I have already taken, I did so willingly, and because of that I am not complaining. I was just stating that I have already done what I could on my behalf. I could have quit my job and gone elsewhere, but I care too much for what I do.

    2. jesse says:

      I couldn’t agree more, if there is no money in the fund then make cuts. Too bad, we are all suffering here and the gravy trainis tapped out!

  10. Ray says:

    Send all illegals back to their home countries and quit spending the millions of dollars a year on them and their off-springs that cost the taxpayers money. I know you bleeding heart liberals will say that it is only a drop in the bucket but the bucket get full and the state is broke. Do as I do if you do not have the money don’t spend it live within your means.

  11. Teacher says:

    It’s sad to see that the unions have too much power. I know of so many teachers who have taught for many years, who feel burt out, tired and are getting paid very well. Their lesson plans are outdated and their zeal completely gone. Meanwhile, there are many new and vibrant teachers who are still in search for a teaching position, who are willing to start at a base salary and are excited about stepping into the teaching realm. They have much to offer in the classrooms. These are the people who need a chance to teach. It’s difficult to let go of tenured teachers but in my opinion, it would help boost confidence in our school systems once again.

    1. Ron says:


      You are absolutely right. My son is one of those vibrant new teachers that can’t get a chance to teach. I’ve seen his lesson plans and power point presentations, with educational games, that he uses to motivate and draw the students into the discussion.

      He works many part time jobs, one as a special ed aide, biding his time until the economy improves.

      He loves teaching and would do it for base salary, any day.

  12. EricLB says:

    For every dollar spent in the public school system is porportionally making the kids dumber. So “No More Taxes”!

    1. truth says:

      porportionally? maybe we should stop spending money on people like you.

  13. 1900innoho says:

    I, too, am not responsible for educating the children of illegal aliens. The parents should pay – since they are not paying income taxes, property taxes and contributing to the revenue base from which the schools are funded. So, parents and teachers – SHUT THE HELL UP. Teachers are working a shortened calender, you can’t fire the bad teachers (no thanks to the damn union). So, public education should no longer be FREE. Pay up or don’t go. Pay for your books, supplies and an admission fee – TO START.

  14. truth says:

    ummmmm………..how about a fundraiser? instead of higher taxes….jesus, the last thing the people of this state needs is higher taxes. cut all the hispanics off of welfare, then we’ll have enough money to fund public education. those good for nothing hispanics are taking the teachers money. i do believe it is the communities job to help with education, but come on….higher taxes? i have a kid that goes to public school and even i don’t approve of the higher taxes. we shouldn’t have to suffer because state funds were misappropriated.

  15. What the F..K!!!!! says:

    Didnt they just built 500 million dollor school!! what about the lottery!!!! Hell no…. No more TAXES…………

    1. jesse says:

      Yeah!! Where does all the lottery money go?

  16. jesse says:

    California pay the highest taxes in the nation. The problem is not the funding, look at who attends those LAUSD schools, ALL Mexicans anymore, with the exception of black neighborhoods. These kids don’t belong in our schools. We made huge sacrifices to keep our kids in private school due to the horrid public schools in our neighborhood. Now after attending a CSU our kids will be going out of state to college, we will never be able to retire. We have funded through the nose the LAUSD schools and colleges and have never been able to take advantage of them. They are bad, the kids are practically illiterate, and they come out with this feeling of entitlement, they deserve FREE edcation, FREE college, FREE RIDE.
    Close the damned schools, fire the teachers, get rid of all the ILLEGALS, start over. Oh, and by hte way, why is it that all the new schools are ebing built in ares with illegals. What about the black neighborhoods? Why are there more latins and asians in our colleges than blacks? They sure as heck are not smarter. The entire system is broken, starting with the teachers unions.

    1. ANNOYED says:

      ITS RACIST PEOPLE LIKE YOU That make this country worse!! And GUARANTEED You are also a hypocrite because I’m sure that at one time and maybe even now you have employed an “illegal” to clean your home or maintain your yard or even clean up after you after you’ve had a big party at you home or maybe even to watch your children. And You probably paid them no where NEAR minimum wage…and why? because you know they had NO ONE to complain to. So unless you are a compete saint in that aspect…which i doubt you are….then i suggest you keep your racism to yourself. You SHOULD be paying for “mexican” children because although their parents may not be legal, they are. And will be paying for YOUR racist @$$ when you retire and trust me that you will be getting more than you paid the “mexicans” you hired to clean up after you and your children.

    2. Sophia says:

      Public schools are what they are because the elite doesn’t send their kids there. If they had to put their kids there, they would fix the problems and we would have the best schools. There is a political willingness to keep public schools where they are. They don’t want the daughter of their maid to get the same education than their son and get a chance to go to Harvard. Yes, break the system and redo it. Empowers communities, parents and teachers, so that any kid in America can get a real chance at Harvard, regardless of their race, financial resources or immigration status. You don’t need more money, you need to change the system.

  17. Fun John says:

    There’s money…..money for War, Corporate Bailouts, Wall Street, Right wing projects and programs, Banks, Corporate Welfare, fascists, and Fortune 500 industries. NO MORE TAXES FOR EDUCATION!!! Put all the kids in prison!!!

  18. Bobby says:

    You sound like the NAZIS when they tried to demonize people. Yup!

  19. ANNOYED says:

    This Comment should actually go out to EVERY RACIST PERSON ON HERE who can’t see that the CHILDREN are whats important here and they ALL NEED AN EDUCATION!! I Left it for “Jesse” but it applies to almost ALL OF YOU!!!
    ITS RACIST PEOPLE LIKE YOU That make this country worse!! And GUARANTEED You are also a hypocrites because I’m sure that at one time and maybe even now you have employed an “illegal” to clean your home or maintain your yard or even clean up after you after you’ve had a big party at you home or maybe even to watch your children. And You probably paid them no where NEAR minimum wage…and why? because you know they had NO ONE to complain to. So unless you are a complete saint in that aspect…which i doubt any of you are….then i suggest you keep your racism to yourself. You SHOULD be paying for “mexican” children because although their parents may not be legal, the kids are. And will be paying for YOU racist people when you retire and trust me that you will be getting more than you paid their “illegal” parents that you hired to clean up after you and your children.

  20. Linda in CA says:

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about. When I went to school (50’s-60’s), we had some good teachers, some bad. We had class sizes in Jr and High school of 30-40 kids, because of the boomer generation. The high school I attended was built in the 50’s for approx 2100 students. Over 3,000 kids attended. There were no unions that I know of. STILL – we learned to read and write etc. The kids today are not motivated, they do not have a stable home life, they are not given responsibilities in the home, no structure, often – no love or encouragement. They have sitters in the form of Ipods and gameboys or whatever. The parents are too busy in their own lives or too ignorant to help the kids out. Take my word for it – throwing more money at the problem will not resolve it or make it go away. Unless the heart and mind of all involved come to an agreement on the over-all problem, money will be useless. Unless people become more important than money, the same problems will exist. We need to disolve all the bureaucratic nonsense including school boards etc and return the running of the schools to communities, parents and teachers. We need to get rid of any programs that do not directly enhance learning. I am against any further taxing since my taxes are already being wasted. I have been paying for the kids of other people all my life, but am growing tired of it because of the irresponsibility show by all sides, including teachers and unions. One other thing, while teachers want more taxes to fulfill their agenda, so do the disabled, the poor, children, medical clinics, food banks, etc. Everyone wants their piece of the pie and no one wants to undergo the kind of surgery it will take to straighten the budget out once and for all. Selfishness all. The only way to save this state, and this country, is for ALL to get on the same sacrificial page. That means putting aside your own agenda for the good of the whole.

    1. Ron says:

      I too, commend you Linda !! Very well stated.

      I also went to some of those same schools, in the 50’s-60’s. I am very thankful to my teachers and parents, for the education, I received.

      One of my sons wishes to pursue a career in teaching, but can’t get a teaching job, yet. But he will not give up.

  21. ANNOYED says:

    AMEN LINDA!!!! =) Finally a Voice of Reason!!

  22. LUCYGOOSEY says:

    Raise taxes after we stop supporting illegals.

    As for me, I’m leaving Ca when my last child graduates in June. Me and my business are packing up.

  23. alan hart says:

    Sorry, but we’re not putting any more money into failing schools and a failing unionized school system,. Private schools exist on far less and put out quality education. If the tax measures come on the ballot, they will be strongly denounced.
    Public schools are the most expensive way to educate children. You continue paying forever through property taxes. People who never used the system have to pay. This has to end!

    1. Ron says:

      Alan, I hope you are correct about,” if the tax…on the ballot,…will be strongly denounced.”

      But unfortunately, once it is up for a vote, the UNION money comes out with the scare tactic ads that say, if you don’t vote for the tax extension, then it will cause a cut of YOUR child’s teacher’s job, close YOUR child’s school and then YOUR child will have to be bussed to a far away school.

      It happens every time there is a measure on the ballot for tax increases or extensions. The unions use the same measures for police and fire, to get the voters to approve ANY measure they want.

  24. Reason says:

    If we stop educating children here ILLEGALLY and children of parents here ILLEGALLY, there would be plenty of money to properly educate our citizens. It’s time to stop this insanity! Put the needs of our CITIZENS ahead of the lawbreakers. We do not have the money to continue supporting those who do not contribute with income taxes. Let’s have a tiny bit of common sense. You cannot keep taxing the working class to support people who do not also contribute. This is getting absolutely ridiculous.

  25. City On A Shining Hill says:

    Well, the Gipper, who led this once prosperous state back in the late 1960’s for eight years, said it best:

    “Government is ALWAYS the problem, and never the solution”

    And, a conservative former primer minister of a nation that is now privatizing some of their failing public schools, said it very very best…

    “The problem with socialism, despite all its intended good to rob Peter to pay Paul, and redistribute a nation’s wealth to help the poor, ends up becoming poorer itself, due to running out of the funds to pay for this failed economic model now embraced by more and more nations and citizens””-

    Margaret Thatcher.

    Yes, some prophet’s predictions always come true!

  26. Lucas G says:

    We need to be educating our youth, not locking them up with zero opportunity to turn their lives around. It’s about our basic priorities as a state.

    If you want to learn more about the campaign for Books Not Bars–and show your support for parents with incarcerated children and their fight for their children’s lives and rights–visit the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights! http://bit.ly/kM6o8J