LOS ANGELES (CBS) —  A Los Angeles police officer Tuesday fatally shot a man allegedly armed with a knife in downtown Los Angeles.

The shooting occurred about 12:20 p.m. at Fifth and Spring streets, said Los Angeles police officials. The man, who was not immediately identified, died at a hospital, according to police.

Authorities say at least two detectives were working on the street when they saw a man in his mid 30s who appeared to be a transient “cutting up possible narcotics.”

French said the detectives “tried to make contact” with the man, and as they approached him he turned and the knife was pointing at the officers.

“It was at this point an officer-involved shooting occurred,” officials said.

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Comments (9)
  1. Homeless Man w/ Wi-Fi says:

    First of all….why would you even live there? What were you thinking? Unless you live in cardboard box on Spring Street.

  2. Saber 1 says:

    Good, keep up the good work LAPD. I’ll buy the ammo, just keep doing your job. Clean our streets of thugs and trouble makers.

  3. mea617 says:

    Since when does holding a knife justify homicide? why are they trained to “shoot too kill” and not “disarm”? LAPD are the THUGS! Who is policing them?

  4. Cruiser says:

    Another shooting that should of been avoided. What happened to calling for back up, tazer or pepper spray? Hope the victim has family member that will find a good lawyer.

  5. Lee Gary Kushner says:

    You live in these projects out of poverty, and if you’re homeless, it’s because Jan Perry, the worst Council person ever, has conspired with unscrupulous developers to take millions from your rehabilitation, and use it to build horrible projects. Blame the rest of city council, too, and the excuse for a mayor, we have. Also, for allowing billionaires to weasel out of self-paying, mainstream commercial projects that would bring economic lifeblood back to the area.

  6. sylvia says:

    I heard the guy did not have a knife. I also heard that the Victim died of multiple gun shot wounds. How many bullets does it take? The story above is very sketchy. They need to release these so called police names. We need to see if they have killed other (homeless) people.

  7. Ben says:

    I live in this area and there is some nice upscale lofts! I am glad they did this they need to clean up some trash around here.

    1. John says:

      I live in this area as well and the area can be cleaned up without legalized murder. The police are feared and mistrusted not respected and admired. They scowl out their car windows and use intimidation instead of protective concern.

  8. Kelli Palotai says:

    I volunteer downtown in the skid row area. Addiction and mental illness are rampant. I am a 5 ‘4″ 118 pound woman (an easy target) and I have never once felt threatened. I find the people trying to force flyers on me worse than the homeless population. I really question the police actions in this situation.

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