LONG BEACH (AP) — The head of the California State University system is warning that big tuition hikes may be unavoidable if the state doesn’t extend temporary tax increases as proposed by Gov. Jerry Brown.

Officials at a meeting of the CSU finance committee Tuesday in Long Beach said failing to extend the tax increases would result in another $500 million in cuts on top of the $500 million already proposed.

Chancellor Charles Reed told the committee that covering the possible $1 billion in cuts may force the university to raise tuition by up to 32 percent.

Reed said that with some of that increase funneled back into financial aid, the system’s 23 campuses would still have to absorb another $100 million in cuts.

The tax increases are set to expire by July 1.

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  1. lou says:

    Cal State tuition is already too high. And since there are few jobs for grads in the depressed economy, the degrees are worthless. Sensible young people will see the scam the cal state university system has become and vote with their feet. If ever an institution should be called a failure, the cal state system is truely a colossal failure in its current state. And the idea of increasing taxes to support the failure is a really darn good joke.

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