LOS ANGELES (CBS) — The Downtown Women’s Center confirms to CBS2/KCAL9 that Lindsay Lohan is completing her court-ordered community service at the facility, which provides housing and support services for homeless women.

“Through her community service work, Miss Lohan will provide support and service for the Ladies at DWC, in the same manner a volunteer would,” the center said in a statement. “That could include: preparing and serving a meal, donation sorting or assisting case managers who are helping women connect to housing or healthcare services.”

The center declined to elaborate on Lohan’s duties, sourcing its privacy policy.

Lohan is accused of taking a $2,500 necklace from a Venice boutique, but a judge reduced her charge from felony grand theft to a misdemeanor.

Comments (8)
  1. TT says:

    Definately will be good for her …..it is for everybody …..From a mom’s point of view… Good Luck Linsey – Hope it ll goes well…..

    1. Saber 1 says:

      TT, your an idiot. How many chances does this drug addicted boozer tramp get. If this was you or I, we would be in the slammer fighting for our backside. She needs to got to prison, not jail. About a ten year run would calm her down. Her career is shot and so is your brains.

  2. TT says:

    It will be good for her – it is for everybody … From a mom’s point of view – Good Luck Lindsey …Hope all goes well…..

  3. Diana Mora says:

    She should be monitored when working there! She is capable of passing cell phones, drugs, etc.

    1. Jake says:

      It’s a homeless center not a jail you twit.

      1. Randy Shoemaker says:

        Sounds like Diana needs to take a turn to see what that is all about.

    2. Fin says:

      Have any of the commentators done community or volunteer service
      to help anyone!!!!

  4. vee says:

    Miss Lohan is paying her debt to society and people should just respect her struggles to move on with her life and carrer. Just like everyone else, Miss Lohan has her struggles and mistakes in life. We ought not to be too judgmental towards her stumbles and failures. Society has the obligation to help a struggling person regardless of his/her status in society. Don’t judge the failures of others for the same standard that you place on the person you are judging, you yourself might not even meet.

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