LOS ANGELES (AP) — Thousands of teachers are expected to stage rallies throughout California this week over concerns that the state’s budget deficit will lead to deep spending cuts to public schools.

Teachers are staging sit-ins, teach-ins and protests as they face the threat of layoffs, larger classes and the elimination of myriad programs. The first one starts early Monday in San Francisco.

The California Teachers Association wants the Legislature to help close California’s remaining $15.4 billion deficit by directly approving an extension of higher sales, income and vehicle taxes. Gov. Jerry Brown prefers a special election.

Monday’s events in Sacramento coincide with a protest by peace activists who seek to call attention to an array of issues. They say they will try to camp overnight on the Capitol grounds.

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  1. vik says:

    Right, stick it to the rest of the citizens so all of you teachers can continue on with your benefits… It’s not about the children, bigger class sizes.. give me a break!!

    1. Anna says:

      The extent to which this country devalues education makes me positively sick. I think a trip to an actual classroom would do a lot of you some good. Better yet, lets see you try to teach 25 children a concept, and then have another five children added to your class. Please do not speak on something you know nothing about.

      1. Ron says:

        Anna, you are absolutely correct. Most teachers work their butts off, under very difficult conditions.

        But the unions need to be BUSTED, because they put pressure on the teachers to strike or leave class to protest budget cuts, which DECREASES the time they need to teach students in class. Unions DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE STUDENT’S EDUCATION, just the UNION AGENDA !!!

  2. whathappened says:

    Here is the issue over the years the unions were able to control the politicans. republcan or democrat. They used this power to run the show taking every penny and refusing to consolidate or cut costs. Now the state is bankrupt and they have made their own bed. naturally they scream for more but because the gov failed to address Healt care, and energy there is no more to give

  3. null says:

    It’s not just the teachers, it is the teacher’s brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles and mothers and fathers and sons and daughters who also work there.

    Get rid of their good for nothing relatives and take some pay cuts.

  4. Duh! says:

    You reap what you sow.

    The teachers union made a huge campaign (wasting millions of dollars that could have been spent on teachers) defeating Arnold’s first three propositions that would have prevented this budget crisis.

    And now they are complaining about it. Sheesh!!!
    They are teachers. You would think at some point they would have taken at least one economics class.

  5. Ron says:


    BUST THE UNIONS and you will see how things can & do improve for the TAXPAYERS.

  6. bdj says:

    All of you that are blaming the unions for causing the current budget crisis need to take a good hard look at our budget and legislative processes. I will grant you that the unions are on the side of the teachers, but look at the administrative side as well. Too many administrators through the state are at 6 figure salaries. And the legislators in both houses, both Democratic and Republican have their own special projects that cost the state millions of dollars and produce little of any revenues. We need to cut spending, but not at the expense of education. We need a budget process that mandates that the legislators lose their income if they do not pass a balanced budget in a timely manor.

    1. Ron says:

      bdj, all the parties that you mentioned are responsible for the HUGE budget deficit and government waste. Any and ALL ideas that help cut the waste should be considered.

      As I mentioned above, in a response to Anna, most teachers work their butts off, under very difficult conditions. They are not at fault for the government waste.

      Unions put pressure on the teachers to strike and/or leave class to protest budget cuts, which DECREASES the time they need to teach students in class. Unions DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE STUDENT’S EDUCATION, just the UNION AGENDA !!!
      Unions NEED TO BE BUSTED, because they are interfering with the teachers best efforts to educate our kids and the corruption the unions promote, with the politicians that they help elect and then these same politicians negotiate contracts with those same unions.

  7. Jethrie Smith says:

    I had no idea how bad the teachers of LA Unified really are until I dated one. She wrote me a letter one day so wrought with bad puntuation and spelling errors I thought she must have had a child/student write it for her. It had so many errors I was tempted to send it back to her corrected in red pen. She was a honor roll student at CSUN. Makes you wonder what’s really going on.

    1. bdj says:

      If you go across the country, I’ll bet you find many teachers that makes the one you’re writing about look like Einstein. It is unfortunate that that teacher was allowed to continue teaching, but I believe that for the most part, they are highly skilled. You cannot judge all of them by the faults of one or a few.

  8. Karl says:

    Evelyn Rothschilds is the nations’ dictator. He controls the senators as they grovel before their king. He has ordered the senate to move trillions to accounts in the Cayman Islands and of course the bill is too be covered by the American taxpayer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J2y9Gw5ChAw&feature=related

    The endless wars are the result of the military corporations greed, NOTHING to do with men in caves or men herding goats. How naive to believe that guys in sandals and carrying aK47’s and RPG’s could battle the most sophisticated military beast in history. It’s ludicrous.

    Quit allowing yourselves to be searched at the airport. Stop showing ID. I know of only one man that has honored all the men that died in battle to ingrain our Bill of Rights. (Phil Mocek vs TSA New Mexico) You can listen to the trial and the verdict.

    Now TSA is to expand into malls, train and bus stations? Come on people. I can’t beat this iron curtain coming over us. It is up to every individual to DEMAND their sacred rights be honored.

    Listen to Evelyn Rothschilds with your own ears. His arrogance is beyond appalling. This is the family that controls the nations of the world??

  9. James says:

    Dear Gov. Brown,

    Please slash the budget. Slash the administrators. Slash the teachers. Slash benefits. Slash salaries. Just slash. It’s my vote. I’m waiting and watching.

    1. Champ says:

      No qesuiotn this is the place to get this info, thanks y’all.

  10. ross appollo says:

    The nerve of teachers and their unions to take an hour off of the school day to go protest says it all. If they were so concerned with education, they would stay til the
    end of the day, then go protest. And how can the education system get any worse? It’s not like many LAUSD students are real scholars. I spend most of my day in the classroom trying to stop students from swearing, vandalizing desks, and eating and trying to FORCE them to do some schoolwork. When teachers and administrators decide to make schools educational environments rather than social networking sites and welfare-access points, then they’ll have the moral high ground to talk about money.

    1. Ron says:

      Ross, are you teaching in L.A.? If so, did some teachers stay in class, instead of leaving early. Did the union force all teachers to protest?

      You are a breath of fresh air, stating your opinion, that is opposite of the union agenda and most teachers, that write comments on this site.

      I and many other non-teacher taxpayers, believe that the dumbing down of students, due to union agendas is no longer tolerable.

      Thank you for your efforts and ideas on a solution to our education woes.

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