SANTA ANA (CBS) — Prosecutors accused a Costa Mesa man facing double murder charges of perpetrating what they call a “calculated execution” on family members.

KNX 1070’s Mike Landa
reports the defendant had just lost custody of his seven-year-old daughter a child with special needs.

Prosecutors with the Orange County District Attorney’s office told a judge that Robert Lehmann, 36, became so angry that he shot and killed his ex-wife Emily Ford and her father Russell.

Lehmann has been charged with two felony counts of special circumstances murder with sentencing enhancements for the personal use of a deadly weapon, multiple murders, and lying in wait.

The victims were allegedly shot repeatedly at Lehmann’s Costa Mesa home even as they were lying on the ground.

“It sounded like he emptied a clip [of ammunition], went back in, reloaded, cane back out and emptied another clip,” one eyewitness said.

Emily Ford was a special education aide for the Newport Mesa School District. Court documents show she said her ex-husband was unable to control his temper and she feared for her safety.

If convicted, Lehmann faces a maximum sentence of two terms of life in state prison without the possibility of parole.

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Comments (11)
  1. the dude says:

    so now his daughter will fall into County supervision, way to go thats putting your child first alright.

    1. Close Friend says:

      No, her 7 year old daughter has grandparents still and Emily’s current husband who is taking care of their three month old now.

  2. TT says:

    I hope this Child has Grandparents….

  3. Pam says:

    That’s horrible. Women who have violent ex-husbands, husbands or boyfriends, need to be really, really cautious. My ex stalked me relentlessly until I bought a gun and prepared myself for doing whatever was necessary to protect myself and my children. I took all precautions and moved to northern California for about 2 years, until I came back home to So Cal. Luckily, he died all on his own. Not a loss to anyone! And, hopefully, there’s a hell that he’s burning in right now!. Prepare yourself ladies and don’t be nice about it.

    1. MM says:

      I’m with you – – been there and done that too! Horrible to always be looking over your shoulder … at least yours is where he belongs. Best of luck to you in your future.

  4. joke says:

    No trial, let him escape, and shoot him out back!

  5. thepcxp says:

    This is just horrible. Russell Ford was a friend of mine and I just can’t believe that this happened. I just can’t believe that he’s gone, and that his life had to end this way. I hope that idiot gets the death penalty instead! Thanks a lot for the loss of my friend, you coward!

  6. Smiles1975 says:

    As someone who Robert and spent a lot of time with him a few years back, I hope justice is served and he doesn’t get the death penalty; rather life in prison without the possibility of parole. He loved his daughter more than anything. I hope he lives a very long life rotting away in prision thinking about what he did to his daughter and her mother each and every day.

  7. Ms.Teacher says:

    I worked with Russ, he was such a kind man; always had a smile on his face and always willing to help out. This story just breaks my heart, he will be GREATLY missed.