SANTA ANA  (AP) — An Orange County GOP official who sent an offensive email about President Barack Obama has been censured by the local party’s Central Committee.

Scott Baugh, head of Orange County’s Republican Party, said Wednesday’s vote to censure 74-year-old Marilyn Davenport, an elected member of the governing committee, is the strongest step the county GOP could take under its bylaws.

The 12-2 committee vote comes three weeks after Davenport forwarded an email to friends with a photo depicting Obama’s face superimposed over a baby chimp’s. An accompanying text read, “Now you know why — No birth certificate!”

A friend of Davenport’s on the committee, Tim Whitacre, contends Baugh used the bylaws incorrectly to censure her. Davenport has refused to step down despite calls from Baugh and others for her to quit.

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  1. joe says:

    Where’s jesse jackson???

  2. Notnewsworthy says:

    It’s not like he did anything he promised, get rid of obama just another puppet & some1 else is pulling all the strings

  3. Ethio boy says:

    Sorry it took so long to get you a copy of my birth certtificate . I was so busy Killing Osama bin Laden

  4. Trisha says:

    @Ethio Boy – Correction, Obama didn’t kill Usama, Navy Seals did! All he did was give the go ahead for the raid and killing of him. Obama stepped into shoes that were already walking. AND Obama has had 2 years to provide his birth certificate … What was he doing between then and now? Oh thats right; playing golf, taking elaborate dates across the world with Michelle and running the economy further into the ground! He has had more than plenty of time!

  5. Paul Bunyan says:

    Is anyone else in awe of the lumber of commercial?

  6. Lenore says:

    Bush drove our economy to the ground. Bush enterd a war without a plan. Just aimed and shot blindly. Obama is trying to put the pieces back together and make them better. He was in actual search of Osama, thus why Osama was found.Why did it take so long for his birthcertificate to be released, because he was actually working. He’s allowed a break or two, not like bush who spent 80% of his presidency on vacation.Especially when disaster struck.

  7. Pat says:

    It’s too bad that Ms. Davenport cannot be fired. Her actions as a public figure are disgusting and a poor example for any young people who may be in her circle. Sorry for all of you who seem to have jaundiced eyes when looking at the actions of our President.

  8. robbie e. cookie says:

    Is anyone else in awe of Paul’s bunions?

  9. taxpayer says:

    This old bag should have retired and returned to dust years ago, just another politician milking the taxpayer for her frebies.Leisure World has lots of space.

  10. hollie kabler says:


  11. Tyrone says:

    It is totally shameful that today still there are people questioning President Obama leadership! They are they same people that voted for G.W Bush not ones but twice. The worse President in the history of America! President Obama has run this country! As Republicans voted No No No! And white Democrats sided with Republican. Scared to upset the majority (WHITE PEOPLE)! Democrats that voted for the Healthcare plan ran against it. In seeking reelection. Fox News 24/7 criticize anything and everything President Obama thought of and got done! 57% more dead threat then any President before him. Still President Obama has done more then 17 President before him tried and fail to do!

  12. Tyrone says:


    The truth former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is down having to defend the worse President in American history! She has to also defend her stupid statement of the pass!
    The truth is former President G. W. Bush administration operated under revenge and hatred of Muslim! Hatred and dividing the country was the Bush theme! President Obama administration operated under intelligent and justice for America. Especially the victims of 9/11! President Obama theme is unity and America first! Republican so don’t want to give President Obama credit for capturing and killing Bin Laden. Without sharing that credit with former President G.W. Bush! Bush supporters want the American citizen and the world to believe that because of waterboarding in 2001 ! Bush got information that would have led to the capture and killing of Bin Laden in 2011! Bush administration then did NOTHING! He also didn’t have belief in the military ability that President Obama did! Bush also didn’t have the intelligent to organize a attack or strategic. To bring about the accomplishment President Obama did! Instead Bush started a unnecessary war in Iraq. Only adding to the accomplishment of Bin Laden on 9/11! 3,000 plus dead on 9/11 by Bin Laden. Bush added to Bin Laden numbers 4,400 dead American in Iraq! Bush delayed the necessary war in Afghanistan! A war under Bush with no plan or direction! The truth at best former President G.W. Bush! Was incompetent and the worse President in American history! The truth is that waterboarding did not contribute to the 2011 capture and killing of Bin Laden! The truth is 13 trillion dollar debt under Bush. Did nothing to secure the country militarily or financially. The truth day one of President Obama’s presidency America media especially Fox News! Have did nothing but attacked and lied on President Obama administration! Self made up scandal without any merit is the rule against President Obama! The truth today other country have refuse G.W. Bush entry into their country. They see him as a war criminal! The truth is President G.W. Bush and many in his administration should be in prison! THAT IS THE TRUTH!!!!

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