LOS ANGELES (CBS) — A lawsuit filed by a former Los Angeles police sergeant accusing the LAPD of discrimination, harassment and retaliation because he is a homosexual moved into the jury selection phase this week.

Sgt. Ronald Crump sued the city Los Angeles Superior Court five months after leaving the LAPD’s Media Relations Section, where he worked from December 2008 until July 2009.

Crump alleges Lt. John Romero, his supervisor in Media Relations, once told him: “I was a religion major at Liberty University. Jerry Falwell would roll over in his grave if he knew I had hired you.”

Falwell, a conservative televangelist who died in 2007, founded Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va.

Crump alleges Romero’s harassment of him was unabated. He says that when speaking to others Romero called him “the new Ruby minus the heels” in reference to his female predecessor.

When Crump complained about the alleged mistreatment to Mary Grady, who oversees the unit, Romero allegedly told him, “Don’t forget I hired you even though you’re gay.”

The lawsuit states that he met with then-police Chief Bill Bratton in June 2009 to discuss his complaints.

Crump alleges he took a vacation a month later and was told by Grady when he returned that he was being transferred to what the suit states was an “undesirable assignment.”

Crump was later moved to a bicycle detail “in the area informally known as Skid Row in downtown Los Angeles” and has been denied promotions because he filed a complaint in April 2009 concerning his treatment in media relations, his suit states.
The city’s court papers, however, state that Grady transferred Crump because he did not work well with Romero. He did not lose rank or pay with the change in position, according to the city’s response.

Although Crump maintains the alleged discrimination began within a month of his taking the Media Relations assignment, he did not complain until months later, the city’s court papers state.

Attorneys for the city said Romero and Grady knew Crump was gay when he was first assigned to Media Relations and his sexual orientation had nothing to do with his later transfer.

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Comments (36)
  1. Thomas Abt says:

    Sergeant Crump is gonna be a very wealthy man

  2. retiredcoach says:

    I have a very simple question- from where does one get a “sexual orientation”?

    And, why do we allow those with certain sexual practices special “rights”?

    1. Robert says:

      Ok let me make it simple for you….it’s called a protected class. I’m sorry if your religious beliefs preclude you from using all of your brain so I wanted to assist.


      1. randy says:

        Robert, where was religion mentioned?

      2. retiredcoach says:

        Typical liberal left reply-“attack the messenger- and no common sense rebuttal to the message”!

        Answer the question- why do our laws “protect” persons who choose a sordid sexual lifestyle?

      3. Saber 1 says:

        No room for pole smokers or carpet munchers on the job. If your one, keep your mouth closed and stay in the closet while on duty. Just another reason to sue and push a unnatural lifestyle on us. How is that Robert, I used my brain for the comment.


    2. judo-cide says:

      yeah I don’t think it’s special rights…it’s harrasment…Romero is an idiot for even flapping his gums in the first place…it’s never appropriate to say things like that in the work place…don’t they make police officers go through in office harrasment courses?

      1. randy says:

        That’s why there’s a trial, to determine if Romero had in fact said those things. Even accused police officers have rights.

    3. DcBuck says:

      Allow me to attempt to enlighten you…

      One is born gay; it’s no more a choice than you could choose to change your sexuality.

      All we are looking for is the same “rights” as you.

      But, I suspect you are really not interested in having an intelligent discourse…

      1. AJ Morgan says:

        @ retiredcoach : You’re making the assumption that it’s aa chosen lifestyle. Who would choose a life like that? being rediculed, harrassed, threatened, etc. No one chooses that life.

    4. Jackson says:

      Special rights? I believe everyone has the right to be treated equally. Clearly you were JUST A COACH, and not a teacher??

  3. You Dirty Rat says:

    Thats great team work! Sue the city and department you serve. Looks like he wants an early retirement and he will probably win. I smell a rat!

  4. Mikey says:

    How did Romero and Grady know he was gay?

  5. KMA775 says:

    Transfered from Media Relations to the bike detail on Skid Row and LAPD says it wasn’t a demotion with a straight face? Get out the check book Charlie Beck, you’re paying BIG TIME on this one!

    1. Mufon says:

      If he loses no rank or pay, it’s not a demotion.

  6. Lenny Shelton says:

    I have Ruby slippers with heels…

    1. Saber 1 says:

      With a name like Lenny, I don’t doubt it.

  7. Darrell Griffin says:

    A really stupid lawsuit. Sexual orientation should not be a consideration or a reason for beingt a protected class. I have a friend that likes BBW women. If this is not the norm should be be a protected class? No, of course not. Keep sexual orientation in the bedroom where it belongs, don’t have parades about it. We are all equal.

  8. Liberal says:

    David Geffen is gay but he’s a Hollywood billionaire. PWNED.

  9. a.t. says:

    no one should be harassed at work. period. end of story.

  10. M C says:

    If he were man enough he could take the comments, but then he’s not. he’s gay..

    What, all the officers who were called PIGs and other nasty names had to take it, why didn’t they sue…..
    It’s because we have become a far left liberal political correct society which will be taken down by those protected few…..

    Grow up……

  11. Gay cops working for TSA says:

    I kept thinking of Eddie Murphy’s Raw stand-up comedy skit. The one about the gay cop sitting on the hood of the car screaming…. “Whoo Whooooo, Whoo, Whooo pull olva, Pull olva” (in a gay voice)

  12. MC says:

    Now I am wondering how he became a Sergeant……was he displaying his sexual orientation during his orals???????

    1. Joe says:

      Don’t say “oral”. That sounds like harassment to me. You are going to get sued by this money hungry pig.

  13. Wow says:

    2nd law suit that ron has filed!! he is a liar and a money hungry rat that just wants free money…why dont you work and try to EARN your your money….thank god he retired….loser

    1. cindy says:

      This is definately the 2nd suit that Crump has filed, if not more. While on the Dept. he was very vocal that he was going to file suits, get money and leave. He is using his sexual orientation for monetary benefit. He has no honor, integrity, or character. I for one am happy to learn that he has left the Dept. and I hope the jury can see through him that this suit is all about $$$$$$!

    2. Jackson says:

      Clearly you don’t know the facts and are running your mouth about issues without informing yourself prior. He DIDN’T RETIRE. He is STILL ON THE JOB you idiot! Just one of many misleading pieces of information in this “article!”

  14. Freedom of Speech says:

    Freedom of Speech! He was just making a true comment! THey should not give him a peeny!

  15. Mesriani Law says:

    All employees have the right to work in an environment that is free from discrimination and harassment. The fact that California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) considers a an employee’s sexual orientation “a protected characteristic” means that it was illegal for LAPD to have acted the way they did or if they failed to curb Romero’s harassment of Crump.


  16. NoSound says:

    I know Crump, i really hope that this is not money motivated. If it is, your lame as hell Crump. Sketchyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

    1. NoSound says:

      and when i say that i mean fighting for your rights and not to get a check off the city, bogging down out overtime pay and other things. Vampire, SUCKING OFF THE CITY!!

  17. Jackson says:

    Most of these comments really make me sad. An ignorant few are blaming the victim once again. This is the same mislead “logic” that has lead to many rape victims being blamed for being raped! I feel sad for Ronald. He is fighting for what is right and is now being publically humiliated by some uninformed, ill-mannered idiots. If he wanted to “cash in” as some allege, he could have in the proposed settlement and prevented a trial, but he chose not to and instead is being publically bashed for standing up for what is right and just. Shame on the many who bash him merely for fighting for equality in the work place….

  18. LAPD0172 says:

    I know Sgt. Crump and I have worked for him and would my entire career and I am a straight male. Sgt. Crump finds being member of the LAPD and Honorable profession and proud to be a cop but to accepts that the system fails sometimes like the MANY scandals that the LAPD has tried to cover up and of course employment issues are ugly and especially when it involves one of the best sergeants and the Media Spokesman  … So let’s cover him up too. Saves city money and grief and more embarrasment. Just the comments alone of the city’s Star witness Manager Commander Mary Grady that Lt John Romero’s gender identity comment is not So offensive. Thats a clue .. Double standard because I know if you applied that to a public citizen comment it would be consider Misconduct on behalf of a street cop but of course not of a boss to an employee. Employees just have to take it… As constructive funny jokes. No double standard there ?

  19. outraged lib says:

    I’m gay and super liberal, but Crump makes me sick. This is his 3rd lawsuit against LAPD. I’m tired of working for my money too. After the hiring freeze is over, I’m totally joining the department and suing for discrimination. Then when something else doesn’t go my way, I’ll sue them again. All the while, I’ll be happy to be working and collecting a paycheck until I finally retire with a fat pension. w00t!! This is pathetic and makes a mockery of real workplace discrimination problems.

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