By C. Trent Rosecrans

Every time a sports franchise comes up for sale, its fans want Mark Cuban to buy it.

The Dallas Mavericks owner has already tried to buy the Cubs and Rangers, and now Dodger fans are hoping Cuban bails out their troubled franchise, starting a website:

The website is little more than fans begging Cuban to buy the Dodgers. When asked about the site by Los Angeles Times columnist T.J. Simers on Monday, Cuban said, “Just make up something that you want me to say,” Cuban said, “and then put my name to it.”

Simers did just that — writing exactly what Dodger fans would like to hear Cuban say, that he’d spend more money than anyone, assemble a winning team, lower the price to games and he’d boo Jonathan Broxton.

Of course, if this whole mess with the Dodgers and Mets has taught us nothing, it’s that Bud Selig plays favorites and only wants his folks in charge of baseball teams — that’s why McCourt is out and the Wilpons are still in. It’s little secret which side of Bud’s naughty and nice list Cuban falls, but what would fans be without unrealistic expectations?

Dream on Dodger fans, but Bud doesn’t like mavericks — or their owner.

Comments (5)
  1. drozone69 says:

    Cuba doesn’t have any money.Heard it was Israel purchasing the Doyers after selig set up Mcourt!!

    1. pandora says:

      LOL…Um, they didn’t mean Cuba. They meant Mark Cuban. Got a good laugh out of it…lol. Dodgers* Selling*

  2. lmao says:

    Lmao at the guy thinking Cuba!

  3. jaided says:

    that was hilarious made my day. shame on cbs “dodger fans dream of cuban ownership.” if i had no clue, i would of thought a cuban person as well.

  4. Dodger Fan57 says:

    Keep Mark Cuban out of the picture, he is not a good fit. He has money but he is not loyal to Los Angeles nor the fan base.
    Be careful what you wish for people!

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