LOS ANGELES (CBS) — City officials at the center of the Bell corruption scandal hope to have the charges against them thrown out by this summer, attorneys said on Tuesday.

KNX 1070’s John Brooks reports a judge has delayed trial proceedings for the so-called “Bell 8” until later this summer.

The state Supreme Court is hearing arguments on a case that could resolve whether a crime is committed if a public official either does not intend or does not know an action violates the law.

Celebrity attorney Harlan Braun, who is now representing former assistant city manager Angela Spaccia, says he expects the defendants will not see a trial.

“The evidence against Ms. Spaccia is almost non-existent,” said Braun. “I’m very hopeful her case will be kicked out.”

Deputy District Attorneys Sean Hassett and Juliet Schmidt still believe the case will go to trial, and they intend to prove there was intent to accept illegal loans and to hide excessive salaries and benefits from the public .

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  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    Ignorance of the law is no excuse. This is what I have been told since I was a teenager, so how can they all of a sudden change this?
    If they let these corrupt officials get off, then everyone else, who have had convictions can have their cases overturned.

    1. aleienfood says:

      cause, there are too many damn laws, duh!!!

  2. John Pelligrini says:

    This is a joke,these people raided the city and stole the peoples money. Time to convict the culprits along with their lawyer.

    1. KC says:

      Along with their lawyer?

  3. TheWindrunner says:

    Jews…….they aren’t Jews!!

  4. bounce says:

    The notion that these crooks didn’t know that what they were doing is illegal is specious at best. They went to great lengths to hide their activities, which demonstrates planning and conspiracy.

    1. norton says:

      blah, blah, blah!

  5. Sage Advice says:

    So apparently I can drive 85 miles-per-hour on any street in CA where I don’t immediately see a speed limit sign and not have to worry about getting a speeding ticket – I can just claim “Hey, I didn’t intend nor did I know the action violated the law.” ? This is great news!! Or I can shoot a 7.62X39 rifle round through the body of a red-light camera, and since there is no law that explicitly says verbatim that it would be illegal for me to shoot a 7.62X39 rifle round through the body of a red-light camera, I must then not know this is illegal, and therefore this must be OK – right?

  6. Lynwood Sibley says:

    how can anyone look at Bell and not see fraud is beyond me getting paid for five
    full time jobs in a 24 hour period from the same city –give us a break —
    but the so called Calif supreme court is not a good bunch to judge anything
    as past verdicts indicate

  7. forceone says:

    stupid commnets, very stupid

  8. $$$ says:

    In this society money talks! Those judge properly got paid off.

  9. Thomas Forcade says:

    Go ahead and throw the charges out…then watch the rioting begin.When evil people keep on getting away with all their evil deed’s,people will get fed up.And to be honest,if they do walk,they wont be safe out in public.Go ahead and drop the charges.Watch what happens.

  10. Brian says:

    This is starting to get ridiculous. No wonder people are pessimistic about their future, when the rich and famous can skirt around the Law without penalties, while the rest can get locked in jail for complaining.

  11. Thomas Bleming says:

    I don’t believe that anyone would have the ba..s to do nothing to these crooks.
    This isn’t some Third World country (yet), where this sort of activity would be a regular part of the social scene.
    Now, killing your family, next door neighbor’s kids, that’s more like it in California as well as throughout the rest of this sh.t hole country.
    The so-called “Bell 8” will be able to write a best seller, or sell their story to Hollywood for a handsome sum.
    This is how it is in America.

  12. Thomas Forcade says:

    @Thomas Bleming:I don’t know about that.Did you see how ticked off all the residents of Bell were when this all came to light?Never have i seen that many people saying”no more!We wont take this!”Personally,i would be surprised if they did walk.But hey,even O.J. walked so you never know.But in the end,Karma caught up with him,and over something as stupid as some football memorabillia.I guess if they do walk,and nothing does happen,in the end Karma will set things straight.Im just gonna hope they get a few years in the slammer.

  13. drozone69 says:

    This is a law specifically made to protect public officials.Jews comprise about 3 percent of the world population.They also comprice about 37 % percent of public offices world wide.Read between the lines people and follow the money trail.Obama is a puppet to these masters.Supreme court has 4 of 12 members who are admitted zionist’s.

  14. upyours says:

    Where does anyone get the idea that law enforcement and the legal system is composed of honorable individuals? Given enough time, a monkey can get a law degree, and obviously many have.

  15. Thomas Bleming says:

    YZer’s owe their allegence first to Israel.
    Just look at those YZer’s in top positions in the federal government.
    Take Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emmanuel.
    His father was a terrorist, one of the Stern gang,who was responsible for blowing up the King David Hotel.
    Look at the chairman of the Federal Reserve Board Ben Bernarke, a YZer (dual psssport holder). Bet you can’t guess to which country.
    Before he assumed his job they had a YZer in that position and that’s how it’s been since the FED got started.
    What about all the big scammerson Wall Street. Yeah, more of the same (YZer’s), Boesky, Millican and who can forget old Bernie Madoff.
    What we have is a ZOG plain and simple.
    The Goy (non-YZer’s) are considered “as the same issue as animals”.
    Yeah, if you tell it as it is you’re an “anti-semite”.
    They can’t deny the truth, so they kill the messenger.
    We have a controlled media, a totally corrupt government which is fed by lies and bribes to anyone and everyone who goes along with their program.
    The courts are as corrupt as the criminals that they claim to be “bringing to justice”.
    It’s one big self serving toilet bowl, with Izzie cracking the whip over the Goy.

    1. The Big Logic says:

      Jews……..it appears so!

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