HOLLYWOOD (CBS) — A woman was sexually assaulted in the parking structure of a major entertainment complex in Hollywood early Sunday, police said.

The attack occurred around 3 a.m. in the 6300 block of Sunset Boulevard, the Los Angeles Police Department reported. The woman was hospitalized after the assault. She has since been released.

“We just know there was a bunch of males involved and there was females involved,” said Detective Chris Merlo. “This whole parking structure was filled with a lot of people at the time.”

The assault took place on the second level of the parking structure that serves Pacific’s Cinerama Dome, Arclight Hollywood, 24 Hour Fitness and area restaurants.

Police said the woman, in her 20s, got separated from her friends. Five men, they say befriended her, and two of those men assaulted her sexually.

No arrests were immediately reported but police reportedly found a vehicle believed to have been used in the assault into police custody.

Officials said they were also reviewing surveillance video from the parking structure and surrounding businesses.

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Comments (17)
  1. Nicole says:

    What the hell is going on??? SEVERAL MALES WERE INVOLVED…and we all know that pound for pound, a man is stronger than a woman….and with this there were several involved. Absolutely horrible. I go to the Arc light Cinemas to go to the movies every now and again and I know this place, but I also know that there are at least 2 clubs right across the street and things sometimes get a little rowdy. Its a shame that this happened. I hope they catch these fools and lock them away. I am sure that alcohol played a major role in this attack, but it is just inexcusable there were men there (and possibly some other women) that witnessed this attack and did nothing. Maybe out of fear, maybe it was shock, but the woman attacked certainly will not forget this and she is now scarred for life because a night out on the town turned horrendously wrong.

    1. shutup says:

      Yeah, maybe now she knows not to go out trolling for free drinks. A lot of dumba$$ guys out there and even dumber broads who don’t know not to poke the freakin’ bear because they’re always told it’s never their fault, they said,”no” (but, not to the drinks), they’re the victim.

  2. Saber 1 says:

    I hope they have this on video recorders in the structure. Catch each one, go to trial and show the video in prison so their buddies can see it. Then put them in general population.

    1. banana_phone says:

      u probably hope they have video so u can watch it u pervert!!!

  3. Sue says:

    Typical 3am behavior.
    What do the cameras show? Where is the Bar Owner? Where is the Bartender? Where is the Server of the Alcohol? Where is Law Enforcement?
    Where are these monsters parents? Has any one been arrested? How much do our children need to suffer BEFORE this insane tolerance for BAD behavior is punished? Violent felons are typical out at 3am looking for victims. Again,
    personal responsibility should come in to play. No one deserves to be raped and no one deserves to be assaulted – sober or intoxicated. period.

    1. local says:

      Where is the bar owner & bartender!? What?
      1) You don’t need to be drunk to get assaulted!
      2) The bar owner is probably at home. If she bought booze from a liquor store, is it the cashier responsible?
      3) Where are her “friends?”

      It’s clearly a very unfortunate incident, but your blame is too disjointed. Realistic solutions include pepper spray, parking security, friends with you and “asking” someone to walk you to your car (sober or not).
      The real fault lies in unfortunate decision making by these despicable guys. Taking advantage of a girl should be punishable beyond drug possession or any other non violent crimes.

  4. Sue says:

    Detective Chis Merlo, nice going.
    You know that there were females and males involved.
    That must be why you get the big bucks?

    1. Luis says:

      You apparently know something about the case that the Detective doesn’t. You must…because otherwise, you’d save your naive wisecracks to yourself. Everyone’s a critic.

  5. drivelphobe says:

    What kind of males do this sort of thing? They are clearly the worst of the worst, punks who are an embarrassment to all other males. Thee is no excuse for this other than massive inferiority, inability to function in society and weakness. They should all be eligible for the death sentence.

  6. Char says:

    This is why I tell my daughter you have no business being out after 2:00 a.m. — nothing but thugs and drunks out there at that time of the day and it’s too dangerous.

  7. Rob Wilson says:

    that doesn’t mean some hero inmate will beat them to a pulp, for the greater good….
    the urban legend that claims rapists & child molesters are beaten or raped by fellow inmates is baloney… cops who go rogue & end up in the pen as a result of their crime have much to fret on the other hand

  8. Me says:

    @ rob wilson

    Pedophiles and rapist are ‘cleaned out’ by the respective gangs. They give them a choice…just get out of here your way; fake an injury, kill yourself….. or their way. Most of these guys get segregated from the prison population.

  9. sartana says:

    I don’t know if alcohol played a part in this attack, but I’m sure that race did. The race of the perpetrators and the race of the victim. Why is this not mentioned in the article?

  10. Lou says:

    AGAIN! open carry is legal, carry your gun at all times especially in LA!

  11. BD McGee says:

    I currently have a stiffy.

    1. Tom Hawk says:

      If you have a stiffy from reading about this, that means you are probably on of the perpetrators and sitting back enjoying your work. That’s why you are turned on. In that case you need to be taken out back and have one bullet put in your head right behind the ear.

      Oh, yea, and send the bill for the bullet to your family…. AKA Old Soviet Style justice, quick, and paid for.

    2. upyours says:

      Yeah, the one up your a$$ doing all the talking.

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