LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca has accepted more than $120,000 worth of gifts and free travel since being elected in 1998.

The Los Angeles Times reports Sunday that Baca has received free meals, rounds of golf and tickets to sporting events from a variety of donors including executives seeking his agency’s business.

In a recent three-year span, he accepted more gifts than California’s 57 other sheriffs combined.

A government watchdog group told the newspaper that Baca’s willingness to accept so many gifts creates potential conflicts of interest.

The sheriff said it would not be practical for him to require background checks on gift-givers and that refusing their offerings would be insulting. He told the Times he wishes there were a state or local law prohibiting people from giving him gifts.

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Comments (20)
  1. Lou says:

    time for this old bald headed cop to resign,he has made millions from the tax payers.

  2. Rob says:

    $1000 a year in gifts does not sound excessive for someone in that position. Chump change in private industry.

    1. upyours says:

      It’s $10,000/yr, dumba$$.

  3. Noel DesRosiers says:

    What’s so bad about that our Mayor received more thaen that in less then 4years,it took Baca 13 years

  4. debbie says:

    comments being screened….Freedom of speech???????
    LA Sheriff’s stink and they have ticket quota’s

    1. Hairry Pottur says:

      You are an idiot !!

  5. Tony Clifton says:

    Gifts like what? Dont you think this wild goose chase is getting out of hand and focussing on the wrong people. Hasnt Baca done a great job for his Department, he has been given gifts since 1998? Who Cares????? Take a good close look at some of your other leaders…. like the guy mentioned above…….

    1. debbie says:

      I care….He hasn’;t done diddly squat…His officers are not people friendly

  6. debbie says:

    Maybe he could have donated those gifts. I think he makes a comfortable living. His Officers gouge peoples eyes out with tickets instead of giving them to the speed demons you see 24/7.

  7. joe says:

    Let’s have a LOOK into this “Government watchdog group”, something smells tainted with the “Watchdog group”

  8. swhitS says:

    Then just like the tickets they are giving out with heavy penalties I suggest they also get heavier penalties on each separate gift.
    They are servants of the people not private business owners. Their high salaries, benefits and pensions is gift enough!

  9. Crazy Irish says:

    Corruption Lives!

  10. Tony Clifton says:

    You Rubes better get off your “those guys withhigh salary” horses… Not one of you would even think of doing the tasks that these men and women have to do to PROTECT YOU…. but it appears you are too narrow minded to see that, since you got a ticket for breaking the law…..And you prob think rthat Firefighters are over paid too. Lets see you run into a burning house, or reach into a mangled vehicle over a cliff and pull someone out to save their lives…. And dont even start about Baca not done anything, he has run his organization from day one better than most…. not as good as some. If he has been given these gifts since… 1998, what could they have possibly been, a toaster oven, wall clock… Worry about the important stuff. Like how to pay for your ticket……

    1. upyours says:

      So, tell me a$$wipe, if someone shoves a gun in your face after you’re done reading this what’s the name of the overpaid incompetent moron dumba$$ there to protect you? Firefighters? Where do you get the idea that they will race into an inescapable situation? Obviously, you’re too stupid to know that private citizens have rushed into burning structures to save lives … without equipment. It’s ignorant a$$wipes as you that make life miserable for those who aren’t cowardly whiners.

  11. Mike says:

    Probably from celebrities. He tend to cater to the rich and famous. Hes a dog.

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