LOS ANGELES (CBS) — While a ready nation has been awaiting the news that Osama Bin Laden was dead…for almost ten years…no group of people have probably been more keenly observant of how the US was tracking the outlaw than those who were in the Pentagon or Twin Towers on the morning of 9-11.

Kevin Danni, who now lives in Los Angeles, was in the South Tower that fateful morning.

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He was on the 61st floor when a plane slammed into the tower about 15 floors above.

Danni was one day into what was supposed to be a two-month internship.

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He remembers walking out of the building calmly, when Port Authority police, on loudspeakers, were telling people the tower was secure and to go back to their normal routine.

That’s when the second plane hit. Thirty seconds later, Danni’s world turned upside down. A year ago, he also spoke to the Pasadena Star News about the day he will never forget.  “It was a violent impact. It felt like an earthquake, the lights went out. We knew something terrible had happened.”

Despite all the horrors of the day, and nightmarish memories, Danni has always accentuated the positive. “I saw some unbelievable acts of heroism that day,” he says, “The firefighters who rescued us, those are guys are all heroes. It was amazing to see so many people helping each other that day.”

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Tonight, he told CBS2’s Suzie Suh and Rob Schmitt that President Obama’s announcement “gave me chills.” He congratulated the president and the military on a long overdue job, well done.