LOS ANGELES (CBS)  — Eleven Golden Retrievers, abandoned in Taiwan, arrived in Los Angeles Sunday afternoon for what so many humans come to the Golden State for: a better life.

Goldens are popular in Taiwan as a puppy gift for children, but houses there are small and cultural differences make abandoning a growing, unwanted pet acceptable, said Lois Julien, a spokeswoman for Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue. Some of the dogs had their mouths rubber-banded shut to prevent them from eating garbage as they were let loose.

“The vast majority of Taiwanese love their puppies and take good care of them,” she said. “But some of them have very small homes, and as they dogs get older they are abandoned.”

Southern California Golden Retriever Rescue has worked with animal rescue groups in Taipei to nurse the dogs back to health. But finding new homes for them in the island nation was impossible, she said.

After the dogs cleared Customs today, they are to be put up for adoption by families that pass an interview process.

“Each dog comes with a certificate of health that includes its age, sex, where it was living, and X-rays for hip dysplasia, which some dogs do have,” Julien said. A $300 fee covers all inoculations, but donations have covered the bulk of the rescue, veterinary and transportation fees.

Information about adopting the dogs is available by calling the rescue group at (866) 299-1899, or visiting their Web site.

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Comments (7)
  1. Paulie Walnuts says:

    The Chinese are still savages at heart. A perfect example are their women. They should be held as a National treasure, but these little men are ashamed to have daughters and sell them to adoption groups in the black market.

    Any culture that treats animals and women poorly should be truly ashamed of themselves.

  2. Thea Brand says:

    I left a message with SCGRR to adopt a golden. Saw the ad on tv about the 11 goldens from Taiwan. Really interested. My husband trained a golden puppy a few years ago and we have fallen in love with the breed.

  3. Everyday Guy says:

    Goldens are awesome pets and great with kids. get one.

  4. KKS79 says:

    To Paulie Walnuts: Taiwanese are different from Chinese. They don’t sell daughters. Don’t know where you got that info. As matter of facts, many pets in Taiwan are abandoned by Americans or Europeans in Taiwan. They had these pets while they stayed in Taiwan teaching English and left them behind when they go back to their countries. It is true that many Taiwanese people don’t do study before they have pets, but isn’t it same here in the States? Animal cruelty you can hear everywhere in the States. Please don’t judge people if you don’t know the whole picture.

  5. UU58 says:

    To Paulie Walnuts: Taiwan is a FREE country. You may check on line to find out the difference between Taiwan and China, as well as Taiwanese and Chinese. I agree with KKS79’s comments.

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