LANCASTER (CBS) — A man accused in the hit-and-run death of a pedestrian in Lancaster was behind bars Saturday.

Sheriff’s Lt. Paula Tokar says 25-year-old Isidro Peralta of Littlerock has been booked on suspicion of gross vehicular manslaughter, felony hit-and-run and felony driving under the influence.

According to authorities, Peralta was stopped at a checkpoint near Avenue J and Genoa Avenue about 11:30 p.m. Friday.

Deputies noticed blood on the bumper and the shattered windshield of his 1996 Ford Mustang, which also had a broken headlight, Tokar said.

Tokar said deputies retraced Peralta’s route and found the body of a man on 10th Street West near Avenue J-8.

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Comments (16)
  1. bubbahotep says:

    I wonder if he had a driver’s license and insurance? ha ha

  2. Michael says:

    you racist bigot! not all Hispanics are like that.Ive seen white people do worse!

    1. italian_baker says:

      Call it bigoted, racist, or whatever you will but a Hispanic co-worker of mine told me that the un-written rule of the road for illegal immigrants who hit someone is to just keep going and don’t look back.

      1. Illegals GO HOME! says:

        I believe that, italian! You hear about it all too often.

    2. Patrick says:

      Now who is the racist bigot? You know it works both ways Michael. As far as white people doing worse possibly but for every 10000 Mexican crimes there is one white. unless you buy into the conspiracy that he police are just picking on the Mexicans and that is why they have the highest number in prison. Now for a bit of psychology – I bet the last presidential candidate you voted for was Obama!

      1. Illegals GO HOME! says:

        Just because it was your brother who murdered the man in the street doesn’t mean you gotta call people names, Latino4life. <——- I'd be ashamed, if that's true.

  3. ben says:

    I tell ya what a great culture, Brings Gangs, No respect for other peoples lifes or belongings, crime , sucking the system dry of all its resources. Is there anything they cant destroy or ruine? ….

    1. big_proof says:

      you can’t even spell. you are an idiot.

    2. Vrisa says:

      listen you ignorant! dont be so quick to judge the culture, their are very many great hispanics with talent great hearts and great personalities not everyone is a gangster or or someone who is here to destroy… u should just shut up and keep your domb comments to your self

  4. Mel Gibson says:

    Well if I was loaded and I ran over someone I would run also. Even if I wasn’t High I would probably take off.
    Maybe the pedestrian ran in front of the Poor Guy.

  5. mandingo says:

    So many people in foreign countries do the same thing,that include Americans.usually after these things happen the offender leaves that country on the next available flight.There should be a mandatory 20 years sentance for such offences.

  6. ME says:

    I white man just killed my friend in a hit and run and he has still not turned his self in. All you stupid idiots blaming Mexican/Hispanics are bunch or ignorant people. People making these type of comments are just a bunch of low class ignorant racist.

    1. Illegals GO HOME! says:

      Ummm….. I suggest you go back to school, become better educated, and then come back and try your rant again.

  7. I see bigots says:

    Why can’t all the races get every single Caucasian american and place them in a holding cap? One can only dream.

  8. California original says:

    Well IIIlegals go home, people don’t understand you live in California originally Califias Mexico, but I’m sure your educated enough and already knew that.
    Most people in Fontucky do!
    Don’t forget who really doesn’t belong here “replant from European decent”
    Get on board stupid!

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