HEMET (AP) — A Riverside County church is suing the California Highway Patrol, saying its members were wrongly arrested for reading Bible verses to people waiting in line outside a local Department of Motor Vehicles office.

Attorneys for Hemet Calvary Chapel say the church’s First Amendments rights were violated by the arrests on Feb. 2 that were captured on video and posted on YouTube.

dmv bible reading Church In Hemet Sues CHP Over DMV Bible Reading

(credit: CBS)

CHP Lt. Mike Soubirous tells the Riverside Press-Enterprise on Friday that church members had been told they were not allowed to preach on DMV property without a permit, but members denied this.
The suit seeks an injunction and unspecified damages from the CHP and Officer Darren Meyer, who arrested an assistant pastor and two church elders when they refused to leave after they were asked by a security guard.

You can read a copy of the complaint here, and check out edited video footage of the incident posted on YouTube.

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Comments (18)
  1. Saber 1 says:

    Good for the CHP. These Bible thumpers were on Goverment property, which they were warned several times they were bothering people in line.

  2. HooDatIS? says:


  3. bobby d says:

    the chp are just meter maids with guns-shouldn’t they be out writing cell phone tickets or sitting there as cal-trans blocks all the lanes of traffic!!

  4. Jim says:

    Any religion that trys to shove their ‘word’ down other people’s throats are no better than the terrorists.

    1. AJ Morgan says:

      Spot on Jim!!

  5. jkaang says:

    Can I read the Karon at their church?

  6. Frank Angelo says:

    you seem to be one of those who believe in your rights but not others. What a shame. Is this still America? First Amendment …You know, Your Communist views are frightening. Blind we are becoming as a nation.

  7. AJ Morgan says:

    Glad to see the CHiP was on the job. Who wants to be stuck in line at the DMV while being preached at?

    Really tired of religious nut jobs taking it upon themselves to force their religious views down other people’s throats. People find religion when their ready, religion shouldn’t hunt people down.

    1. Dana S. says:

      agreed. they’re no different than the terroist muslims trying to shove their beliefs on others with their ‘covert or die’ mentality.

  8. Trisha says:

    @Bobbyd – If you had read the previous article you would know that CHP was actually called by the DMV because these people wouldn’t leave after being asked several times.

  9. Jimmy says:

    Great job CHP!!! Your religion is YOUR religion. Why do these people feel the need to preach to people standing in line at the DMV? I don’t push my beliefs on others and don’t want others to push their beliefs on me. Oh yea, religion is also whats holding the world back from complete peace.

  10. Robert G. says:

    Two preachers did the same to us at the Rancho Cucamonga DMV last year.
    We couldn’t leave or get out of the long line.
    We were stuck there and they knew it.

    They kept telling us we were going to Hell, and kept handing out literature to everybody.
    Very hard to ignore them.

    I go to church, but I sure don’t act that way.
    Where are OUR rights to be left in peace and not harassed?

    The jerks in Hemet were repeatedly asked to leave and would not.
    Glad to hear the cops came.

    Religious criminals–jeez.

  11. John Harden says:

    This was a definite setup by Calvary Chapel. They knew they would be arrested and WANT a court case.
    The law firm instructed them exactly what to do and say.
    Film crew recorded entire event for the Court case, the church official was present as a witness.
    The arrested preachers claim they were humiliated and hurt when handcuffed to a table at CHP station and want money for their pain and suffering.

    Read the Court complaint–what an eye-opener.

  12. Just a Thought says:

    As if having to go to go to the DMV wasn’t a horrific enoigh experience, now you have to get a side of religous zealots to go with your order? Come on people, I love God and I’m a Catholic but I sure as heck don’t need (or want) someone shoving religion down my throat. Not ever!!

  13. Hugo Chavez says:

    All the statements above offend me and it sounds like everone here is jamming their opinions down my throat. I want the CHP to arrest everyone here. I know the CHP can track people down in Los Angeles, or where ever in CA because the star on the police car says “California”. Also, I want every arrestee to booked and processed in Hemet. Seems very fitting for this crime. Memo to CHP, Please let me know the arrests are completed. Thank you.

  14. susie says:

    They didn’t break the law. It is public property and they were wrongly arrested. America needs the Lord and they were only being humble servants of God. It’s a shame the police silenced them.

  15. Cops acted like fascist nazi’s then they probably went home and abused their wives and kids.

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