LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Meet Sharlotte. Like a lot of grandmothers, she likes to keep busy. But while some grannies sit and knit scarves and afghans, this 91-year-old has a decidedly different hobby.

(credit: CBS)

She makes suicide masks.

Sharlotte started making and selling these suicide kits out of her cozy Southern California home after watching her husband die a slow and painful death from colon cancer. She blames doctors for keeping him alive.

“It was terrible to treat people that way… To make them suffer to the bitter end,” Sharlotte said.

Sharlotte, who sells her controversial kits for $60, demonstrated how they work in front of our cameras.

“To die with this helium just takes you a couple of minutes and [you] die peacefully,” said Sharlotte, who only wants to be identified by her first name.  She also didn’t want her face to appear on camera.

A loophole in California law makes selling the kits legal, but the ethical controversy remains heated. (For the record, what Sharlotte does is not illegal because she is not present when the person takes their own life.)

Sharlotte insists she is no Kervorkian-in-the-making. She told CBS2’s Sharon Tay that she just wants the terminally ill to be able to end it … on their terms. When they are ready.

She wants to make sure no one has to suffer like her late husband or the people he left behind.

Sharlotte sells the kits to people all over the world. She insists she is also not doing it for the money. “I do it because I care for people.”

Three states have enacted a “Death with Dignity” law.  In California assisted suicide is still illegal, but proponents of the suicide mask are trying to change all that.

Opponents to changing the law point to one of Sharlotte’s clients, a 29-year-old Oregon native. He wasn’t suffering from a terminal illness. He opted out because he was tired of dealing with his chronic depression. His suicide touched off a major controversy.

And now, a group called Californians Against Assisted Suicide wants to stop Sharlotte and her masks.

She is not deterred. “Whatever a person wants to do with their life,” she says, “is their right. They need the right to make that decision.”

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  1. Angel from above says:

    @JeanneB….very sorry to hear that you have been fighting cancer for so many years….theres a reason your still amoung us….live free…live hard…and enjoy what here today…why…because tomorrow may never come………God bless

  2. steve says:

    kalina kitty, please don’t believe it’s hopeless. I promise you, if you reach out to God you will find him there. Get yourself a Bible, read the Gospel of John and you will see Jesus Christ for who he is, the one who created you and lo9ves you dearly. Please be well.

    1. Dolores Marotta says:

      Steve–apparently you’ve never be in pain that is so severe that death comes as a friend. How can you pray when you’re screaming out in pain–besides, no imaginary being is listening to prayers.

      1. Sharon says:

        Dolores, Yes, I have prayed when I have screamed out in pain…I am a 51 year old with severe chronic back pain. and I KNOW that GOD (not an imaginary being) is listening to my prayers.

    2. Curtis says:

      The same people that want to force others to continue to live who have NO HOPE of ever living a normal, pain-free life, oppose things like marijuana which has been proven to be extremely helpful in many instances without the toxic side-effects of similar pain medications. That is slowly changing, but not fast enough for those who suffer daily.

      Just because the bible says suicide is a sin doesn’t necessarily make it so, and it certainly doesn’t give you the right to support legislation based on that belief. It’s my body and I have the fundamental human right to choose what happens to it, not you, or God. You and I can’t fathom what it’s like until we’re in that situation. We treat our pets better than we treat our families when it comes to end of life decisions. And the motivation is entirely illogical.

      1. RJ OGuillory says:


        Plant me, tend me
        Wet me, feed me
        Light me, weed me
        Grow me, groom me
        Splice me, mate me
        Hide me, help me
        Want me, take me
        Hang me, dry me
        Piece me, price me
        Sell me, roll me
        Smoke me, feel me
        Plant me, love me

        RJ O”Guillory

      2. Don Glen says:

        Curtis: My wife is in a nursing home with Alzheimer’s. I visit everyday and ask why is God making all these people suffer. There is no logical answer.
        Since the “Terri Schiavo” fiiasco, and Sarah Palin’s Death Panels, Dying with Dignity has been given a bad name. Is the medical profession’s objection to assist for profit or religion. Either way they are wrong.

    3. anthony says:

      I’m 41, have suffered serious mental illness for 15 years, and have been suicidal. I believe in God. With the passage of time I have come to understand that all I have been through has been a great gift. God loves us and wants us to live. We cannot always discern His purposes but just the act of faith in Him helps ease suffering. I always tell people, it’s worth the struggle. Tough it out and you will have great happiness in the end. Please, don’t give up!

      1. bob says:

        Delusions often accompany serious mental illness. God is a delusion, so there you are.

    4. dootise says:

      do you also believe in the tooth fairy? mother nature? father time? fire and brimstone.? bog daddy in the clouds with a big deep voice? all superstitions and nonsense

      1. Markustee says:

        No, not superstition, and not nonsense. Superstition and nonsense is believing that man evolved from ooze that spontaneously became alive. Check out the odds – God has the bet in Las Vegas by several trillion trillion to one.

      2. Sparrow says:

        “Superstition and nonsense is believing that man evolved from ooze that spontaneously became alive. ”

        Clearly you don’t know anything about evolution. Please get informed before you open your mouth and spout nonsense.

    5. JM in San Diego CA says:

      I stopped believing in God when I realized that Creation is rife with mistakes. Take the earth’s crust: Do you think God intentionally created tectonic plates so Mankind would have earthquakes? No, neither do I. God didn’t create anything. Man created God. Every civilization has a god or gods — and they’re all different.

    6. Greg H says:

      Yes, because Jesus created this situation, and he’ll be around shortly to make it all better. I’m sure a lot of older people are comforted by these simple lies. Not.

    7. Bob says:

      God only “loves” us in the sense He saved us from eternal damnation – here in life we are on our own with the pain and suffering – Dearth opens the door to be with God !!

    8. Susan See says:

      Humm, I don’t think this advice is really applicable to someone who is not a Christian and could be offensive to, for example, a Muslim or someone of the Hindu faith.

    9. Jim says:

      God only has left an empty unloved feeling in my life.

  3. Babd says:

    @Reality66 – People determined to take away one’s right to die with dignity will try to do so, no matter what. However, they should first volunteer with hospice and see how even that estimable organization cannot always keep the terminally ill comfortable and how much pain those with terminal cancer can sometimes suffer.

    1. andrew says:

      im not so sure about putting “hospice” and “estimable organization” in the same sentence.

      1. Moe says:

        Andrew, Volunteer at Hospice. Then you can be sure, OK?

      2. chris says:

        So what exactly do you know about hospice care? Did you or a family member have a bad experience? I think that maybe you are not informed or aware of what hospice does.

      3. JM in San Diego CA says:

        Andrew: My sister-in-law is a hospice nurse. She is a lovely caring lady who accepts that her patients are probably not going to get well. (Only a rare few leave Hospice alive.) She makes their last days or weeks as comfortable for them as her skills allow.

        Hospice has not touched me through any friends or relatives — yet. However, of the many things I have heard about them over the years, your statement is the only one I’ve ever heard to cloud their image. I really want a retraction or your horror story. Any chance of that?

  4. Testicus says:

    why not have a public suicide booth. like a phone booth, or whatever. and people going in are painlessly dispatched.

    1. flo says:

      now you’re talkin’

    2. JM in San Diego CA says:

      “Soylent Green” was a major motion picture starring Charleton Heston. “Soylent Green” describes something similar. It’s not a booth, per se, but a place for people who wish to end their lives.

      1. Steve Hollar says:

        I always thought that was the best part of the movie. When Edward G. Robinson had enough, he went to a beautiful place with caring people helping him and just peacefully died. Made sense to me. Oh and just so you know, I’m not a liberal, I’m as conservative as you can get.

    3. Hairy Herry says:

      ONLY, and I repeat, ONLY after we can view lethal injections from Death Row can I agree to that.

  5. warrior2429 says:

    let’s see….. she’s sad because her husband died a slow death, so now she is helping in the self-murder of other elderly folks? She sounds pretty sick to me.

    1. headjazz says:

      Let’s wait and see how YOU will feel when you are 91 years old, alone and fragile.
      Your heart must be made of cold granite!

      1. dimview says:

        Hey “head”, the person who is cold as ice is the little old granny who wants to “ice” others. People don’t need to be offed, they need people in their lives who care, who will be there for them, and will not push them off a train. A great mind once said”it is in giving that we receive”. Ok, this 91yr old woman says: you’re not worth the additional care and attention, and you shouldn’t put yourself or anyone else through extra pain, so, don’t be a pain, just drop dead. Wow. Thats compassion, isn’t it? ALL HUMAN LIFE IS PRECIOUS!! It serves a purpose, even if it is meant to help someone else grow to be a more loving person as they care for them if they are that dying, depressed, or sick person. And, the same goes for a baby. YOU may not want that little new person in your life, but there are thousands of heartbroken folk out there who have empty arms who would gladly give all they could to have a baby, even if it isn’t related to them!

      2. Randon Taylor says:

        You murder cause you care? All those that suffer come to kind headjazz he’ll kill you cause he’s such a nice guy. You’ve such a black soul.

      3. Jim says:

        Thats why end your life with dignity. Don’t live past 70.

    2. j r says:

      Yeah, keeping dying people alive in horrible pain just to make a profit off them or because of someone elses’ belief in fairy tales isn’t sick.

      1. Sandra says:

        Well said.

      2. April says:

        worked in geriatric nursing for over 25 years. Very well said.

    3. JM in San Diego CA says:

      I disagree. Suffering is bad. Suffering with no end in sight is very bad. Intentionally prolonging the suffering is very, very, bad.

      What, exactly, is to be gained from prolongation of suffering when one has abandoned all hope for a favorable alternative outcome?

      The answer is … NOTHING!

      1. dimview says:

        You are WRONG JM. Suffering is not bad. It has redemptive purposes, for self, and for others. For those who care for and love the suffering people, there are rewards that cannot be measured. Should Mother Teresa have just grabbed a machine gun and mowed down the suffering and sick and dying people to “put them out of their misery”? What a throw-away, culture of death society we live in. Humans aren’t important, just get rid of them if they are unwanted. Eugenics at it’s finest.
        You can look at life as just one long chain of sufferings, so why bother with it at all? The kids at St. Judes hospital, they suffer, some might not have much time left to live, but, if you asked their parents, they wouldn’t let go of one precious moment with their child. There are drugs that take care of pain and suffering, and can ease those last days, without robbing the patient or the family of those last precious days, hours, moments they have left to share.
        Thhs old lady wants to be a one person “humane society” for people via the mail. This is goulish. It is worse than inhuman, it is diabolical.

      2. UCDsurvivor says:

        Dimvview suffering is valuable. Hogwash!! As a person with a chronic genetic disease, you are full of tripe. I lost my job, my money and will loose my home. Would you care to step in and provide full monetary support and find a way to remove all the daily pain?

        You comments are those of a brainwashed individual from a so called religious POV. Lets dangle you on a rope without a knot over a freeway and then tell me suffering is valuable to your experience while we say go with it baby!!

      3. Bruce says:

        Suffering has redemptive value? What rot! Only if one is a sadist. You think a god gives a damn if you suffer when you die? If so you are deluded. There is no evidence for any such magic god, talking snakes, holy ghosts, pixies, or big foot. Why do we in the civilized world put animals down mercifully? Because intentionally allowing or causing an animal (any animal) to unnecessarily suffer is ethically wrong and twisted. Do you enjoy a good dog fight? Something tells me you might be that kind of sick person.

      4. RN in CA says:

        Dimview, have you ever watched someone suffer on their death bed? How about ones suffering while family refuses to let go… who are kept alive by the decision of their family? It is horrible to watch. Until you look someone square in the eye who knows they are about to die you should hold off saying suffering is not bad. That look is something you would never forget.

        We have prolonged life so long with modern medicine. What’s so wrong with someone saying I am ok with how I have lived my life, and am tired of the suffering I have and will continue to endure?

      5. You Must Be Joking says:

        you are so wrong Jim! There’s TONS of money to be made from keeping people like that alive. Sheesh. Where’s your head at, dude?

    4. Henry Bowman says:

      Perhaps she was simply being respectful of his wishes. We don’t know. She has no right to take another’s life, and she seems completely aware of that. Her last statement

      “Whatever a person wants to do with their life is their right. They need the right to make that decision.”

      seems to encapsulate her feelings.

      1. Hairy Herry says:

        You simply don’t “get it” do ya?
        Are you that type of person who thinks nobody should have guns except the law enforcement and TSA goons? Whose life is it anyway?? Oh, I forgot.. There was a movie made decades ago with that exact subject and title..

    5. JM in San Diego CA says:

      It’s not “self-murder,” you dunce! There’s no such thing.

  6. Testicus says:

    let people make their own kit. what she should do instead is print out the information with a material list and such. if she is the caring person she claims, perhaps she would consider posting that information online for free?

    1. Babd says:

      In fact, all of that information is available online for free already. Likely that’s where she got it. Some people, however, may not have the necessary manual dexterity or natural ability to craft such a thing and would prefer to simply order it already made.

    2. biff biffington says:

      She is providing a valuable service for people who want such a service provided, as evidenced by the fact that she has customers. How about you butt out, and let let people buy the things they want to buy?

  7. Corinne says:

    Animals should not be “euthanized.” They are killed, and it’s horrible. If we don’t do it to people we should not do it to animals. Live and let live. Thou shalt not kill.

    1. Frank says:

      Shut up Corrine. Religion has no place in law and animals don’t have rights no matter what you animal rights crazies try pushing off on the dim witted public with your tired old ‘abuse’ video, most of which is taped during illegal raids of the mentally ill.

      Where’s the compassion in that?

    2. CASHMETY says:

      Sorry Corinne, but that scripture does no apply to animals. The Bible uses the word “murder”, which can only apply to “human” beings. Euthanizing animals is much more caring than you give it credit for. Furthermore, please don’t place animals and humans on equal plains. Humans are the higher species. Since you want to use what the Bible says, then use ALL of what the Bible says. Man is given DOMINION over all living creatures!

      1. artemis133 says:

        Frank and CASHMETY, you are both idiots. Animals, as well as humans, and other beings, are all sentient and deserve compassion. What Corinne posted is commendable. And I’m a Buddhist! People like you are the ones who stand to learn something about the world!

      2. dimview says:

        True, true, true Cash. I just can’t get over how little human life is cared about in this line of comments! Unreal! I DO feel like I’m living in the time of Soilent Green!! Certainly is macabe to say the least!

      3. Loolz says:

        Suicide isn’t murder either, genius.

    3. JM in San Diego CA says:

      Corinne, you vote, too, don’t you? Br-r-r-r! … a chilling thought.

    4. ronhcole says:

      Corrinne, should we kill insects? How about killing living Germs?

  8. N/A says:

    Obviously you have not dealt with depression. I would never have received help if it were not for the fact that people who cared about me forced me to. To live every moment of every day in complete and utter misery, fighting the ever growing desire to end it all, is far more powerful than you could imagine. It is people like you that give those with depression that final push over the edge, and I’m sure you are proud of it.

    1. Enola says:

      Very well said, N/A. Thank you.

    2. Go Granny! says:

      Thank you! You truly hit the nail on the head! I suffer from severe, disabling depression too. It’s uneducated, judgemental people, who’ve never *experienced* severe depression, who don’t understand. They don’t understand depression is like a mental illness, that can hurt just as bad as a physical illness. It causes others around them, to suffer as well. Until someone has walked a mile in anothers shoes, they have no right to spout off. It IS because of people like that, that DID push me over the edge. My son saved my life.

  9. Jen says:

    It is a slippery slope and I don’t think assisted suicide is a good idea. Pain is a part of life. If you are ready to go stop treatment and your body will take care of the rest. As for those with mental illness ( I worked in a mental facility) we need to help and support them not “put them down” this is what the Nazis did.

    1. J says:

      Death is also a part of life. A person’s body is his or her possession, and as such being able to choose when, where, and how the physical body dies is a fundamental human right.

      1. ronhcole says:

        J, I too feel that I am the only one who should make the decision on how I should die. Unfortunatley, there are people that beliive only God can make that choice. The reality is that few people get to make that decision for themselves because of accidents, murders or other reasons. Still, if I am faced with a life threatning situation, I want the choice on what to do..

      2. Esther Whitfield says:

        I totally agree and wished people saw it more like this. People keep talking about human rights on this article, but don’t realize that by denying this act is to deny our human rights. It’s really disgusting to see what other people’s views are on this subject. Everyone that disagrees with this practice needs to understand that the individual is the one making the choice for THEMSELVES.

    2. Sanjose Mike says:

      While I acknowledge your “slippery slope” argument, I think your post is extremely naive. You are discussing mental illnes. The real issue here is the suffering from terminal cancer and ALS. You don’t understand the pain from terminal cancer. The Media describes “death with dignity.” There is no dignity in the pain from terminal cancer. It is beyond descrition. You obviously have been shielded from viewing this. Therefore I think you are very naive. When you see this directly, you will change your mind.

    3. JM in San Diego CA says:

      The Nazi Argument usually ends all discussions, but not with a win for you, I’m afraid. It’s a pathetically lame approach to a problem that requires critical thinking. Associating her with last-century war crimes gets us nothing.

      Granny’s suicide kit leaves the choice to the individual. She doesn’t pick and choose whom to put down, like some racetrack veterinarian — or a Death Camp Commandant.

    4. YML says:

      I disagree with you partially. I DO agree that it is a slippery slope and pain is a part of life. But not everyone is equipped to be able to stop treatment. Since you worked in a mental facility, I’m sure that you can understand how some people don’t have the ability to express exactly what they want. On top of that, BECAUSE of the fact that they are in an assisted living program, they would just be thought to be having psychological episodes, of which they would be restrained and drugged so they wouldn’t be able to inflict harm to themselves or to others. My grandfather has alzheimers and complete kidney failure. He is also AMS all of the time, and pulling out his feeding-tubes and IVs. He is currently living in a nursing home. My grandmother is wasting away worrying about him. She’s losing her house, is unable to eat and can’t sleep. My father is going broke paying the nursing home bills every day, and when my grandfather (who is 92 years old) finally has some peace, it will drag my grandmother and quite possibly my father along for the ride. Now, let me ask you. If it was YOUR father in this position, would you want to see your mother going through this carnival of medical mayhem? Or would you rather that he go peacefully without pain and suffering? I think that what YOU want makes no difference. What makes a difference is what your FATHER would want. Unfortunately, we are living in a day and age where everyone believes that they know best and that suffering proves a man’s worth. I say that by the time I’m 90, if I start to lose it… PULL THE GODDAM PLUG

    5. YML says:

      Oh, and one more thing: ALL of my grandparents went through Auschwitz and let me tell you something… They did NOT “put them down” they SLAUGHTERED THEM like PIGS. There was NOTHING humane about what they did and there was NOTHING proper about it. They did it for the purpose of genocide, not assisted suicide, you twit.

  10. headjazz says:

    You are not alone, please keep fighting the good fight! Each day alive is a victory for the human spirit.

  11. Rufus Severus says:

    “A coward dies a thousand times before their death and a brave man dies but once” Killing yourself to escape pain is the ultimate in cowardice and surrendering to pain is beneath. What an odious wicked old crone. Hell awaits thee tarry no over long.

    1. Sanjose Mike says:

      Do you like excruciating pain? Why on earth would you suggest that humans go through this. You are extremely naive. You have no idea what the pain from terminal cancer is. It is beyond description. Probably you’ve only seen this in the movies. Trust me, the movies are not accurate. Cancer death is not dignified. The level of pain involved is hell on earth. You are a very cruel person.

    2. dimview says:

      It is indeed cowardice but more than that it is a rejection of the graces given to a person in their last hours/moments. It is a saying of an ultimate “NO” to the Creator when one ventures to take one’s own life, or someone elses. It is saying “I don’t believe in a Higher Power, and this is their way to put an exclamation point on that “NO”. People, you didn’t create yourselves, you didn’t create the universe or the stars or anything else, and it didn’t all just majically happen from nothing, and you won’t be going to a nothing when you leave this world. I have indeed been present with a family member dying of cancer. I have lost 3 children. None of you know me or anything about my life, and for you to project that I am this, or I am that is narrow minded and judgemental, and lastly but not least, is hateful.

  12. Brian says:

    Spare me the Jesus freaks and the lines about a patient deemed terminally-ill by a panel of doctors ending their life as being an “act of cowardice” — tell that to an elderly person who’s been bedridden for years, who has no choice but to deal with the indignity and “care” of nursing homes that bankrupt their families, where they may or may not be treated with the respect they deserve. Live in the “lives” of any number of those people who have been suffering through terminal illness for a day, and then come back to me with the Bible-thumping nonsense about staying alive because “God loves you”.

    1. jax says:

      Very well said I hope others read your post…

    2. dimview says:

      Spare us your hate-filled language towards those who are Christian, Brian! “Jesus freaks” and “bible thumping nonsense”. Nice, Brian. You’re just feeling lucky to be living in a day when it’s ok to bash Christians and Jews, makes you feel “better than others”, now doesn’t it. People who believe in God no more want anyone to suffer than the next man. We just refuse to see that there is nothing good in suffering, as you and other pagans are touting in this line of comments. We saw the redemptive suffering of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and we know that to follow Him means to pick up the cross too, and follow Him until He takes that burden from us.

  13. philip says:

    If the doctors were keeping him alive, why not just stop treatments?

    1. mgreen says:

      that’s what I can’t figure out. I’ve yet to hear of a patient who was forced to receive chemotherapy or radiation treatments. I have relatives who went the treatment route, and I have another who was diagnosed, refused treatment, and died within a month. I don’t know the particular situation in this article, but it sounds like a widow who is trying to assuage the guilt that she feels from watching her husband suffer. Assisted suicide is completely unnecessary, but round after round of treatments are sometimes counterproductive as well. Both are popular in our consumerist-driven society, and both would have been foreign concepts 150 years ago.

  14. ssk says:

    Just a thought for those thinking about suicide….Do you know what’s going to happen after you kill yourself? Don’t assume that this life is all there is. What if there is consciousness after death. And what if suicide is the doorway to a much worse pain that never ends. Would you commit suicide then? Why jump off a cliff and not know where you’re going? She’s an idiot for doing this. I would find out the truth before doing such foolishness as committing suicide.

    1. Mortimer says:

      RE:what if suicide is the “doorway to a much worse pain that never ends.”
      You “would find out the truth before doing such foolishness as committing suicide.” Uh, please tell us how one might do that?

      1. dimview says:

        Well, Mort, ssk is pointing to the fact that you need to “find out the truth before doing such foolishness as committing suicide.” If I can help you out a little here by translating to you what this intails, the key word here is the word:”truth”. Find out the truth Mort. Find it out now, before you travel down a road of no return. Seek truth. As Pontius Pilot said : “Quo Veritas?” What is the truth? He didn’t know when it staired him in the face. I wonder, would you?

    2. ronhcole says:

      Trust me, life after death is just as it was before you were born!

    3. Esther Whitfield says:


  15. William says:

    This is not a values issue for we own ourselves and have the right to do with ourselves what we will. I am not your business! You are not my business! We do not need to explain, defend, or have validated ourselves, our spiritual beliefs or our philosophies.

    There’s a misconception that we all have the ultimate goal of extending life by any artificial means necessary at any cost, financial or otherwise, and that it is a good thing to do. That is why the world is overpopulated.

    Some of us want to live and die naturally, others prefer more definite control. Point is – MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

    1. dimview says:

      Or, William, as someone else said (only backward to how you’ve put it), “Am I my brother’s keeper?” The moral to that true story is;”duh, yeah!” No man is an island, Willy.

  16. Steve says:

    Oh and I am not depressed anymore either… other than an occasional siezure and losing my drivers license… it has all been good.

  17. Jacquelyne says:

    It isn’t anyone’s business but my own should I want to live or die.

    1. dimview says:

      At 60 bucks a hit, Jacque, you too can become a business owner! Just re-package, re-name it, leave off her butterfly, but add a pretty flower sticker, and there you go! The new and improved “not anyone’s business but my own, choice included, no questions asked if not completely satisfied” “choose to die home kit. Ta-da!

  18. CMS says:

    Thanks Sharlotte, you are a true patriot!

    Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services

  19. Joseph McLinden says:

    Put a 50% State sales tax on the device and you will get a sellers permit tomorrow.

  20. Joseph McLinden says:

    Soon you will receive one of these kits free with your income tax forms, if you are a Tea Party member. “File and Die” in that order. They will however, be illegal for sale to or use by voting minorities.

  21. Robert Westcot says:

    I really don’t see the need for a “kit” to commit suicide.

    1. JM in San Diego CA says:

      The kit is neater than, say, a bullet. My cousin, a retired big-city cop who had responded to numerous suicides in 26 years, had to see his own son after his son killed himself — gunshot to the head. Nobody should have to see that — especially a relative.

      Choose the sleeping gas, please.

  22. k_k_k_kat says:

    Didn’t Jesus commit “suicide by Roman”?

    1. Esther Whitfield says:

      excellent point!

    2. dimview says:

      Christian hater.

  23. Susan says:

    Gee, I guess that approach will work. Obviously you know absolutely nothing about real depression, severe intractable pain or just getting old and ending up not having a life anymore. Religion has a lot to do with some of the opposing opinions here and those rules should not enter into any legislation that is supposed to cover people who are not of their faith.

    1. andrew says:

      if religion shouldn’t be used as a basis for laws covering those not of the same faith, then I dont want secular laws to apply to me. oh what? we cant pick and choose? many laws based on religious principles are good laws. so because somebody doesnt agree with a law, it shouldn’t apply to them?

  24. Michelle says:

    My concern is that someone can use this on someone else and murder them in their sleep or something…I guess they could do that anyway but it gives others the idea.

    1. geologic says:

      That’s the answer–
      make ideas illegal…

      1. Michelle says:

        I don’t mean that, of course. But she is supplying the ways and means, which she will have to take personal responsibility for. (Unfortunately, most people don’t believe they have to be responsible for someone else.)

  25. Rose says:

    Is there a Mother’s Day Special coming up on these devices. Could use at least a dozen units.

  26. Julius says:

    With suicide, I would have to follow Saint Augustine’s saying that suicide is murder of oneself, and therefore, a straight way to Hell.There is no excuse.A murderer is not forgiven by God if he murders someone, why should someone who has murdered oneself be forgiven?Not to mention suicide is a long-term solution for a short term problem in your life, and that it is never justified.

    Perhaps the escaping of the pain via a suicide kit is the last temptation, since you would exchange your soul for short term relief, and you will burn in Hell for this exchange.I speak only of suicide, I believe that once a person becomes brain dead, they should not be helped.On the battlefield, soldiers would finish off those who were wounded to such an extent.So really, I think God considers mercy killings not as murder but as mere killing.

    I’ve suffered through critical depression, but the thought of what my death would mean for my family and my soul has committed me to living as long as I can and enjoy the little things as long as possible.

    1. Mr. Ford says:

      So, Julius, to use your logic all soldiers that murder on the battlefield will not be forgiven by god?
      By the way, I do not support any of the military actions our country is currently engaged, but I do support individual human rights.

      1. Julius says:

        You kill when you have to, murder is something else.On the battlefield you kill to protect your life, family, and your home.It’s thous shalt not murder, not thou shalt not kill.

        I don’t support any current military actions either, you don’t place goody 2 shoes when you’re at war.

    2. Esther Whitfield says:

      A death by suicide because you are mentally depressed would cause family more grief by far, because they wont understand where you are coming from in your decision. But death because you are suffering extreme physical pain and illness and there is no hope for you to lead a ‘normal’ life is a totally different thing. Most family I have been around that loose someone to illness are absolutely sad, but always know it’s what was best for them. They are no longer suffering.

    3. dimview says:

      NO,no, no!!! JULIOUS! YOu’ve got the 1st part right when you quote St. Augustine, but, “finishing off” those in battle who are mortally wounded?? NO, a resounding NO!! You think you are doing them a favor to do so??? NO WAY! You are robbing them of maybe making their final peace with God, you take away possibly the temporal punishment which could mean the difference between going to hell or purgatory, it is not right, and least of all is not merciful! It is wrong! There is no such thing as “mercy killing” being ok with God. That is what this whole article is about! This old wacked out woman thinks she is providiing “mercy” to people at 60 bucks a pop. She’s saying in her sweet little old lady voice: “it’s ok honey, just go ahead and do yourself in if you feel like it.” Who made her God?! Or anyone else for that matter. YOU DON’T TAKE A PERSON’S LIFE FROM THEM, YOU DON’T HURRY A PERSON’S DEATH ON, YOU DON’T KILL A BABY BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER IT’S BIRTH, FINAL-ET AL-FINE-THE END-THAT’S ALL FOLKS!!!! Good grief, It’s like talking to a bunch of rocks.

  27. daryl d says:

    You are a stupid and really sick person

  28. daryl d says:

    If the Doctor won’t help, I have certain Cal. that will. Oh yes I am 70.

  29. TeeOff says:

    “dear happydots” – your understanding is “underwhelming”. you offer nothing but a “smell the roses” cure or to “slap some sense into someone” then go on to tell someone you don’t even know to stop being miserable. it is quite obvious you have never dealt with the reality of terminal illness, chronic pain (physical & phsycological) or devasting injury. I hate to tell you but some situations create misery beyond belief – which includes the loved ones – and It is up to individuals and families – just as when to cease artificial life support in a medical setting – when a person has “had enough”. As for “slap sense into people” – it’s a joke you moron.

  30. Enola says:

    “Merely” depressed??? Don’t minimize pain and suffering, regardless of the cause. You can’t possibly know what it’s like living inside another person’s head.

  31. j r says:

    If you’re not free to check out any time you want then you are just a slave owned by the state.

    I have my own suicide kit handy if I ever need it. Manufactured by Colt.

    1. Condor30303 says:

      The bottom line is, why should anyone, least of all the Government, have a say in what I do with my body?

    2. dimview says:

      ok, j r, and what’s going to push you to that handy little kit? Today it might be being gilted by a girlfriend, tomorrow it could be your brother died, next week you might have a really bad case of giardiosis that lands you in the hospital for 10 days-you get home and you don’t feel any better, and you think, I’ll never get better, you get fired, etc., etc.
      Loneliness is more feared than pain and suffering. More people die from loneliness than from any disease.

  32. TruthMeister says:

    People who are in situations that have no hope for recovery ahould be able to end their lives with dignity. Period. ALS? Cancer? And look at the cost savings for health care. Most of the costs are at birth, and at the end of our lives. To keep someone alive for a year in pain at the expense of hundreds of thousands of dollars is immoral and financially obsurd in this day and age.

  33. Solar says:

    To Enola “Merely” depressed.
    I see you have issues with reading comprehension.
    Are you one of the merely depressed I was talking about, or the severely depressed that have issues with understanding the English language?

    Seek professional help, something the merely depressed usually don’t need.

  34. Katie says:

    I think its horrible. I’m sorry that this lady had to suffer alongside her husband, but that doesn’t give her the right to have a hand in other peoples’ death. Those of you that keep bleating that suicide is something that shouldn’t be judged.. have you ever had a friend commit suicide? Because I have. I’ve also had a family member attempt suicide. Its the most SELFISH act someone can ever commit. And don’t try to tell me I’m being harsh, because I’m not.

    My aunt had severe depression where she would go for months without speaking… and yet she chose to continue living and to get help. She’s still with us today and there would be such a hole in my life if she had just succombed to her depression. People who commit suicide don’t think of the hole they are leaving in their loved ones’ lives. They don’t stop to think how it will affect others. They only consider the pain that THEY are going through, not the pain they are inflicting upon dozens of people.

    All of us go through hard times. Its part of being human… now go watch It’s a Wonderful Life and realize that there are people out there who love you and would be torn apart if you decided to leave this earth!

    1. Sparrow says:

      “Its the most SELFISH act someone can ever commit. ”

      And you claim you’re not being harsh? My, it must be lovely to know everything about life and the world and everyone in it. Let’s see how you feel the day you’re lying in a hospital bed wracked with pain that you know will never end…minute after minute after hour after hour after day after day after week after week. Let’s see how “selfish” you think it is then.

    2. Esther Whitfield says:

      This ‘suicide by dignity’ is totally different than what society deems as ‘suicide’. SELFISH would be to ask these people to live daily with a physical pain beyond what you probably have ever felt just to make you happy.

    3. Melissa says:

      It’s pretty selfish of YOU to expect someone to go on living year after year in the agony of an incurable disease just so you won;t feel sad at their death. If you think clinical depression is just a “hard time” that you “go through,” I sincerely hope you never have to find out personally how wrong you are.

  35. J says:

    The government or any other group has no business telling me what I can or cannot do with my body. If I want to use narcotics, get tattoos, or die, it is nobody’s business but mine.
    If people choose to die they should be able to do so with dignity rather than blowing their brains all over a wall or slitting their wrists in a bathtub.
    By the way, nowhere in the Christian Bible does it say that suicide is a sin. The only time suicide is mentioned in the Bible is when Judas hanged himself.

  36. annie says:

    I suffer from severe chronic depression. I have tried many anti-depressants and they help some. What has helped me more is realizing that I have one life, and while I am here I am going to do what I can to help someone I love and others who are less fortunate. I can’t change my siuation (I have had this condition for 30 years). But with the small help of anti-depressants cutting off the “tip” of the pain (the part that makes me completely immobile) and adding that other part, I have pulled myself along in some acceptable state.

    I see those on this board who are saying, just get a bible. I am a christian, but that is one of the last things I would say…you need a clear head before you can accept God into your life in a way that you can reflect on what God means to you. Struggle on, there are those who need you more than you can even imagine.

    1. gmh says:

      I’m a hospital chaplain, and I fully agree. The spiritual is vitally important and an integral part of healing, but one has to get to the root cause, be it biological, mental, social, or even spiritual.

      1. gmh says:

        the above comment was supposed to be in response to a previous comment that simply reading the Bible was the answer.

      2. Toe says:

        Set aside the pain and religious parts (the pain is acceptable as a reason, the religious ones are particularly to any group; agree to disagree).

        Look at it from this perspective instead:

        Human beings consume abnormally large amounts of resources over the course of their lives. If the average human lives 65 years, and every new generation merely replenishes the dying, then the population doesn’t increase…Now, push that average lifespan up to 85 years, or 90 years, or 95 years.

        See where I’m going with this?

        When you live a term that births 4-5 generations, you are an extra; a fixture. You are consuming what is needed for the newest members of the human race or, if you look at it this way, you are forcing the newest members to take more land and resources from the animals we’re already choking to death with our cities, roads, and pollution.

        From a Naturalist perspective, longer lives are not a good thing; they are detrimental to the survival of the whole, so if people who are tired, in pain, ashamed of draining loved ones’ resources, ready, etc want to end it, then this lady is doing them a service that justifies her own long life.

        Personally I do not wish to live past 65.

        (Just my 2 cents)

      3. Toe says:

        And this argument, by the way, is ONLY irrelevant if people were responsible in procreation.

        Which they aren’t.

      4. Me says:

        A selfish comment from an immature individual. Lots of them here. They just “know” they don’t want to live past 65, because of all their worldly knowledge.

    2. Boetica says:

      Try fish oil and exercise. Don’t just quit meds, but please look into these additional treatments for depression. They are cheap and effective.

      God Bless you. I admire your courage.

  37. TruthMeister says:

    If the guy in the video who is anti-suicide is the best that side can do in terms of arguments against terminal suicides, then they will lose this debate. What a weak case he made.

  38. Dennis D says:

    We should pass these out at Obama Town Halls during the campaign

    1. dimview says:

      Well, Dennis, they’ve already drank the “Kool-aid”.

  39. jax says:

    yes the day you lose your leg to cancer, that’s the day you will also learn about depression, fair to say.

  40. damie says:

    The kit is pretty fancy, but someone I knew used things readily found at home or in the grocery store. She committed suicide with a turkey roasting bag, duct tape, and a bottle of wine. Her son found her lying peacefully in her recliner with a note on her lap describing her process and saying her good-byes. According to the note, she enjoyed her bottle of wine while sitting in her yard gazing at the stars and listening to the night sounds. Then she went inside, put the bag over her head, taped it securely around her neck, and put the recliner back “to take the big nap.” According to the evidence, her plan worked beautifully.

  41. David says:

    You are simply an idiot. You do realize that these aren’t bummed out teenagers killing themselves right? These are people that are in unbelievable pain. Usually they are experiencing so much pain that they wouldn’t even be able to get on a plane and travel to another country. They are the ones with the worst issues, they are not to be compared to some third world person that has trouble getting a full meal.

    1. jax says:

      matter of fact America is “running” the potential risk of turning into a “third world country” sad but true

    2. David's Mom says:

      David, there is no reason to be calling someone an idiot. Name-calling is no substitute for intelligent conversation. You could have made your point without the acrimony.

    3. David says:

      David, you seem to be so knowledgeable. What do you base your facts on? No bummed out teenagers have used this?

  42. jax says:

    Sharlotte states “her husband lived an extremely “painful” life and suffered colon cancer, that it was sad to see him die “like that”,
    it is what it is, “depressing” at 91, she doesn’t have to nor does anyone else have to travel to a third world country to have their eyes opened” especially when they live through the “eperience” she states she provides “kit for elderly”,

    answer this same question about the “kit” when you are 91, fair to say your whole view, may differ when you go through this ” experience” when your bowels are running all over the floor 30 times a day, because that is part of colon cancer and as it also flows the other way through your esophagus … that happens everday in this world right here…
    education about “any cancer” is informative and depressing. Maybe you have never experienced a slow & painful death, where you actually find your self “asking” to depart from this world… at 91 when your bowels are leaking.

    1. not jax says:

      jax has exceeded th daily allotment of quotation marks

  43. colleen says:

    Why is it we will put an animal down that is suffering, however we won’t do the same for a human being that is suffering? IMO religion plays a huge part in how individuals feel about this issue. I don’t believe God condems a soul to hell because a person no longer wants to live in pain. God gives us free will for a reason. I watched my mother scream in pain from bone cancer for 18 months, praying for me to take her life after the pain medication stopped working. It is just so unecessary to make a person suffer, if they do not have to. God bless.

    1. Cathy says:

      Did you consider doing what she was begging you to do?

  44. RJ says:

    Bless this lady……… you fools putting her down haven’t lived with someone in constant pain who can’t live through a day in peace.

    1. dimview says:

      Bless this lady? Are you kidding?? you are warped. She’s peddling death. You don’t know know that others making comments here have or have not lived with constant pain or chronic disease. You are judging by calling others fools. That is hate language.

  45. nicole says:

    her last name is Hydorn. Here is an article from 2009 when the 29 year old took his life… http://www.jalaybi.com/2011/04/30/it-costs-60-to-buy-suicide-kit/

    too bad she wont use the kit herself…

  46. James says:

    I’d never choose to end it all unless I was mortally ill or wounded and in incredible pain, and was absolutely going to die anyway. And I don’t think anyone who’s not terminal ever should. But it’s either a free country or it isn’t. It is not for me, or anyone else, to tell someone they can or can’t take their own life. The government should not interfere; it exists to protect us from each other, not from ourselves.

  47. Chance says:

    Freedom of choice! If someone wants to exit stage left early…it is there life, let them. Government doesn’t want that to occur because they loose a revenue generator (tax payer).

  48. Fanny Forbes Franklen says:

    The only question.

    Who owns your body? If you don’t someone else does. It’s just that simple.

    —- http://911essentials.com

  49. Rufus Severus says:

    Isn’t it funny how CBS won’t publish the quotation of Greek Philosophers on Suicide when an insipid dolt called my previous post? Intellectual integrity is severely lacking in the bastions of the death advocating Left.

    Suicide is cowardice as everyone in the West has known for four thousand years. Pagan and Christian.

    1. Sparrow says:

      “Suicide is cowardice as everyone in the West has known for four thousand years. Pagan and Christian.”

      Excuse me, I’m a Pagan and I don’t know any such thing. Neither do many of the Christians I’ve met in my life. Please do not make sweeping judgments about others’ beliefs and thoughts when you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

    2. ronhcole says:

      Hey Rufus, you and your Philosophers are living in the past! It takes a great deal of courage to take your own life. Most cannot do it.

      The right to control one’s own life is extremly important. Tell that to your Philosophers!

  50. changed777 says:

    One thing needs to be at least considered….this life may be utterly horrible, but you don’t know that taking your life won’t take you to a MORE horrible place. No matter what you say…you don’t KNOW it…

    1. Sparrow says:

      “OMG I’m so scared what might happen!” is no reason to keep from doing anything.

  51. Harry Hemlock says:

    Sixty bucks and she’s not doing it for the money? She’s got $5 tops tied up in what she’s doing.

  52. CaliforniaPsychopomp says:

    The bible doesn’t say that suicide is a sin! And there is no such thing as self-murder any more than there is such a thing as self-theft! Murder is the unlawful and immoral taking of someone else’s life.

    I urge you to read Robert G. Ingersoll’s “Is Suicide a Sin” which you can easily find by using a search engine.

    And suicide is cowardice but the exact opposite.

    1. dimview says:

      Briefly, because I am tired from all of the idiocy perpetuated on this particular article–let us take Judas, as an example. What did he do to himself after he betrayed Jesus?? And yes, Calif-Psych, there IS such a thing as doing damage of various types, to oneself. Suicide, self-mutilation, lying to oneself, stealing from oneself, etc. all crimes committed against oneself, all sins aimed at God as well. Remember He said: Whatsoever you do to the least of my brothers, that you do unto Me.” And you might very well be one of the least of His brothers. He won’t take you killing yourself lightly, even if you do.

  53. RJ OGuillory says:


    A winter wind upon us,
    Crystal, chilled silk bones.
    Lust, no lonely orphan,
    In manufacture of our groans.

    Joys of youth, sands of time,
    Pass slowly through the crack.
    Aged genie, trapped in a bottle,
    Life’s set, fades gently to black.

    Material gain, material loss,
    Get George Foreman’s grills.
    Magnetized cards, late night orders,
    storage lockers, filled to the gills.

    Broken families, raised by a village,
    perhaps, battered by a spouse.
    Credit floats the whole generation,
    everything riding on the house.

    From the bottom of the barrel,
    Looking up, from where one lay.
    Rot dreams of glorious youth,
    The price we were forced to pay.

    The barrel may be home or den,
    Hell takes any kind of shape.
    Looking up, from the bottom,
    It still feels mostly like a rape.

    Everyone may think us done,
    America remains, just a rumor.
    Who pulled down those towers,
    You’re nothing but a Boomer.


  54. RJ OGuillory says:

    Search the Darkness

    Standing silent, on the edge of life,
    alone amongst the crowd.
    As laughter lays against my soul,
    and the terror screams out loud.

    Ride the banshee of loss and despair,
    briskly into the cold, dark rain.
    Let loose the reins of the beast of Hell,
    ride firmly into the pain.

    Search the heavens quick and fast,
    uncover the depths of Hell.
    Prepare to ride, accept the costs,
    for it’s yourself you will have to tell.

    Stories lost, old tales left behind,
    from a record you’re afraid to start.
    In a library mixed with pain and fear,
    in a volume called your heart.

    Your soul screams out, an endless cry,
    from the quiet darkness it calls.
    “Come to me, end this journey,
    for in life you have seen it all.”

    But in our journey of life on earth,
    false prophets trade in soiled goods.
    The pain and horrors of the journey we take,
    need merely to be understood.


  55. Herb Kornfeld says:

    Agree. Which is why YOU will never consider ending your own life. But since you have not walked in the shoes of the terminally ill, bed-ridden, in pain 24/7 individual, consider that the long-prayed-for death probably wont be very dignified either.

  56. RJ OGuillory says:

    America The Prostrate

    In a simplistic sort of way,
    Across a desert lit by the moon.
    America lay prostrate,
    Lulled by prosperity’s tune.

    Beautiful thing in a world gone mad,
    Everyone knows the lies being spoke.
    They spill from the mouths of bankrupt souls,
    Leaderless people, morally broke.

    The globe spins on, a compact disc,
    Television soothes the planet.
    Hard drives quietly think away,
    Politicians run the gamut.

    Prostrate pricks, sucking away,
    At America’s aging tit.
    Pay up now, or go to jail,
    They care less, how you take the hit.

    They act as if it will never end,
    The Nazis felt much the same.
    Fortify your home, your town,
    These criminals have no real shame.

    The knock on the door will surely come,
    Midnight terror of the state.
    Theft, lies, fraud and deceit,
    Social incubators of pure hate.

    Hang from a rope, they surely will,
    These prophets of civic duty.
    After the riots, the death, the trials,
    Before these pirates split the booty.


  57. RJ OGuillory says:

    American Court

    Faded Flags, ragged in the sun,
    The Stars & Stripes fly tattered.
    Americans sit, waiting to be judged,
    The Bill of Rights lay sadly battered.

    A Judge in Black, the Cops in Tan,
    we Citizens, shamed and weak.
    Lady Justice, died so long ago,
    court payments begin this week.

    Everyone pays, The State needs the bucks,
    the Law keeps the cash rolling in.
    Morality and law have no real value,
    Visa validates The People’s sin.

    The Dollar is King, The Court is aware,
    the Fine Schedule just went up.
    Judge and State, hand-n-hand,
    all involved, beyond corrupt.

    RJ. O’Guillory

  58. RJ OGuillory says:



    Off the trampled path of Main Street,
    beyond a swollen mountain creek.
    A warmed and sheltered cabin,
    Greenwood is the peace I seek.

    Tangled limbs, a lust-warmed bed,
    tattered souls in a moment with a mission.
    Bodies piled between scattered sheets,
    Greenwood has no bad position.

    The softest of her pleasured snores,
    fill the gaps between locked fingers.
    The radio plays a country tune,
    Greenwood shows joy still lingers.

    Forest greens, and mountain blues,
    the palette of a gentle soul.
    Pain and loss burden her heart,
    Greenwood helps to hide the toll.

    Within this stony mountain town,
    ancient gold and modern speed.
    Families ripe with ravaged demons,
    Greenwood feeds their festering need.

    The beauty of this mountain town,
    across generations of true love.
    From deep within these people,
    Greenwood grows as heaven above.

    RJ O’Guillory

  59. Trojan#1 says:

    The bible and this “God” character were created FOR THE SOLE PURPOSE of helping humans cope with death and tragedy. Only people that have been brainwashed from generation to generation would disagree on this.

    I totally agree with what this women is doing. If someone wants to kill himself or herself that is THEIR life and they can do whatever they want with THEIR life. If I were to ever contract HIV/AIDS I would purchase this ASAP. Who in their right mind would want to put up with weekly doctor visits and taking around 30 different pills per day? Life is good but when our brains keep telling us to end it…ignoring those thoughts is the most stupid thing a person can do. And no, I have not attempted suicide nor am I stupid…I wouldn’t be a USC alumni if I was 🙂

  60. RJ O'Guillory says:

    They’ll Say

    They’ll say that I was ill,
    of course, they may be right?
    Was I never really ready,
    simply not up to the fight?

    They’ll say that I was lost,
    of course, no spirit or will?
    Finding death, in a rush of light,
    on a sunlit morning hill.

    They’ll say that I was wrong,
    of course, I know that’s true?
    But how does it really matter,
    if it’s what I really want to do?

    They’ll say that I forgot,
    of course, this could be so?
    Missed desire to hang around,
    lost in a life of painful blows?

    They’ll say that I needed help,
    of course, how can you tell?
    A dollop of Horse, just the right vein,
    bloated limbs, beginning to swell.

    They’ll say that I should’ve asked,
    of course, they lie and hide.
    What life are they trying to sell,
    it’s okay I was a suicide.

    RJ O’Guillory

  61. AW says:

    Naturally what she’s doing is totally legal, and of course the Consumer Product Safety Commissin would investigate, but they are too busy having chocalte eggs seized at the border because a child might choke on a plastic trinket inside (despite the warning label that tells parent that there’s a plastic trinket inside not suitable for children under 3….and the obvious reason for buying the egg is because it has a trinket inside.

    Selling something that will enable you to end your life? No problemo!

  62. Fish Kungfu says:

    I wonder how many members of “Californians Against Assisted Suicide” are pro abortion?

  63. Obamacare says:

    Go granny go!

  64. Tad says:

    The best thing you can do is encourage a depressed person to end it. Think of the Obamacare savings we will all enjoy.

  65. Jake says:

    This story is about people in pain and dying slow. Sort of like you

  66. Frank says:

    Oh God let me die falling of the mountain–not in the grips of the medical facilities

    1. Esther Whitfield says:

      then at least you know you died ENJOYING life and not suffering while looking at white walls surrounded by strangers

  67. JM in San Diego CA says:

    I’d like to see these kits made available to prisoners. Truth be told, I suspect quite a number of them realize they’re a waste of protoplasm.

    Manson! Now, there’s piece of work! I’ll buy his kit!

    1. Sparrow says:

      Do you always spout such ugly, hateful bile or is today just a bad day for you?

      1. JM in San Diego CA says:

        If a loaded question is your best … you’ve got nothing!

        I’ve noticed that the opponents are mostly nasty.

  68. MichaelEdits says:

    Sharlotte is absolutely correct.

  69. John says:

    How do I get one ?

    1. Sparrow says:

      Google “helium hood kits”. The links will lead you to this lady’s contact info.

  70. Bob says:

    I must have one of these!! Diabetes and dental issues have me dying a slow and painful death – no Gov aid, no one will hire me, finally can’t work – life is simply over and I want to be done with it – and my F’ing family won’t help. Of course they don’t give you her web site – F’ing media morons! Off to the mighty Google and onto meet my Creator! Thanks Grandma Sharlotte!!

    1. dimview says:

      Bob, there are many churches in your area who will help you, but you have to be brave enough to ask. Some have free medical and dental assistance, and as far as being dissabled, you should be able to receive dissability/SSI assistance, just find an attorney who will work with you pro-bono. Life is never simply over. You are not alone. You sound like you could use someone to talk to. I hope you will.

  71. Sparrow says:

    “Sharlotte insists she is no Kervorkian-in-the-making. She told CBS2′s Sharon Tay that she just wants the terminally ill to be able to end it … on their terms. When they are ready.”

    But that describes what Kervorkian did. No matter how the media would like to demonize him, the man did merciful work among people who sorely needed his help.

    Also, I find it hard to stomach the judgmentalism in some of these replies. It’s easy to point fingers and say others are weak or cowardly when YOU are not in their position. We’ll see how you fare after a few years of a horrible debilitating condition.

  72. Sparrow says:

    For those of you in the awful position of needing one of these kits, just Google “helium hood kits”. You’ll find links that will lead you to the contact info for this lady.

    Good luck, safe passage, and may the next life find you in happier times.

  73. Sparrow says:

    PEOPLE. Let’s not make this the same old ugly argument over religion. “You’re stupid!” “No, YOU’re stupid!” “No, YOU are!” It’s elliptical, mean-spirited, and senseless. Other people’s worldviews are not your business. Agree to disagree and get on with more important things.

  74. Ginny says:

    Max is right. My aunt was cured the same way. She started on March 4th and on April 6th she was cured. They say it would have been faster if she would have given up the cigarettes, but she couldn’t keep away from temptation there. I am so happy she is alive now.

  75. Czechbikr says:

    Abortion of the pre-born, euthanasia of the old, sick and worthless. We have become a nation without morals, religion and ethics. It won’t be long now before the USA commits suicide.

    1. Susan See says:

      Are you telling me that you are not aware that the medical community has been killing people with overdoses of morphine for at least 60 years? Why is this bothering you now?

    2. dimview says:

      Thanks to the fact that obama-nation is at the helm, national suicide is the path we’re already on, I’m afraid.

  76. Rick says:

    Had an uncle that had cancer. His close family didn’t want to lose him (who does?) but they kept him alive for 9 years, with every new treatment they could come up with, he was in constant pain. Every time I visited him, he’d beg me to kill him. I just couldn’t do it. So with all you posters saying ‘keep them alive”, that may be against their wishes and you have no idea about the pain. Pretty sure God would forgive him if he had.

    1. dimview says:

      “Keeping someone alive” is totally different from letting someone die a natural death. A natural death is opposite of being euthanized. There are grave distinctions (no pun intended).

  77. Susan See says:

    When we get old we are supposed to die. It’s the nature of things. People want to pretend we die because we have some disease or depression. We are living longer than we are supposed to because the medical community pumps us full of drugs or does surgery; all just to keep our body alive when if left to the natural order of things it would have died. This woman is trying to provide a solution to a horrible problem that only very ill or elderly people should be addressing. Everyone else butt out. Until you are in their shoes YOU HAVE NO IDEA, believe me. As an aside, doctors kill people all the time by overdosing them with morphine, but by that time they have suffered for far too long and have used up thousands and thousands of dollars to lie inert in a hospital bed. What a nobel way to go. MUCH better than in peace in your own home. Idiots.

  78. Jim Jones says:

    Death with Dignity this old B just wants to make some money for her casino run.

  79. Ml says:

    How do I go about ordering one
    Have a sick family member
    This would be ideal for us

  80. Susan See says:

    Someone commented they wanted the website. All I did was Google where can I buy a suicide kit? I found:

    Today a person may purchase the helium hood kit (not the tanks) for $60 USD from:

    GLADD Group
    3755 Avocado Blvd # 166
    LA MESA CA 91941 USA

    Public information.

  81. Margie says:

    Death is a very personal thing. You or I don’t live in someone else’s body or mind, it is their experience, and it is up to them to decide if they choose this route or not.

    Personally, I don’t need her kit, I can make my own, it’s not rocket science. And the knowledge that I have a choice is a tremendous relief. I think we are coming into some times when there may be things occurring that are worse than death. I like knowing I can choose when and how I go (if fate doesn’t get there first! 😉

    The method is painless and very quick.

  82. ben diamante says:

    I couldn’t get past this quote: “She blames doctors for keeping him alive.” I mean, seriously, what can you say about that kind of statement?

  83. Helloseekers says:

    There are nannies who say one can’t takes ones own life. Is there no end to someone telling us what we can or cannot do? My life is my own, to do with as I wish. If I harm no one, then what concern is it of anybody else?

    Is it God’s wish that we suffer indescribable pain or sorrow? If it is, God is an ass.

  84. HerroPrease says:

    Alternatively, stay in the US for a few more years and if the current pres gets reelected, we’ll have our own third world country here!

  85. Rocketman says:

    Bless her soul.
    It’s time that America woke up and began respecting the wishes of its terminally populace.


  86. Redrover says:

    Solar…., man up and stop mooching off the grid. Get rid of those solar panels and all the other dandy moderrn creature comforts you’ve dragged up yo you welfare shack in the woods.
    Hiding in a shack in the woods ain’t “starting over”, it’s called “runinning away”.

  87. barf says:

    hey, jesus chose his own death and way of dying, why cant we?

  88. Linda says:

    Wish I had met someone like you when I was 20. That was my dream. In regards to the article, I watched my Mom suffer for 3 weeks before she died. I told the doctor “you wouldn’t let an animal suffer like that.” He agreed.

  89. Southern boy says:

    This is really sad. What has this world come to? We arrest Amish people for selling unpasteurized milk, but we allow some degenerate grandma to sell suicide kits…

  90. Alex Billos says:

    Based on your response to the article, featuring the ‘granny cap’, I assume you have never experienced constaint pain. Constant pain every minute, every hour, every day. The people in the third world, as you put it, may have some hope. Why would anyone choose a life of constant pain? If one does not choose to use the ‘granny cap’, obama’s IPAB will be the next FORCED solution. Stay well, you are your keeper.

  91. Reality1 says:

    You don’t have to travel to poor, impoverished countries to experience the truth about pain and fear. Pain and fear are real and present among the rich and poor alike. You cannot escape them. They aren’t nobler in a poor village in Sudan, and they cannot be escaped in a Swiss chalet buzzing with private doctors and nurses. Reality66? I don’t think so. Try again.

  92. Solar says:

    Reply to Redrover

    Whatever gave you the idea I’m a mooch? I worked hard all my life to buy the land in the Sierra Neva mtns, once established, I opened Sierra Electric Solar and just recently retired as a Defense Contractor in alternative energy selling to the Marine Corps..

    But my main customers base was 98% hardcore Conservatives that wanted to do as I did, get away from idiots in the city (sound familiar).
    Living off the grid is for real men, solar panels in the city, are for fools thinking they are saving the planet.

    If you think you can actually handle discussing issues on an adult level, join us at my forum, I’d be glad to school you on virtually any subject!


  93. Wildhorse trainer says:

    You missed the point, this was/is for terminally ill patients. I watched my mother suffer for the last 5 months of her life with cancer, her spirit wasn’t going to grow at that stage in her life.
    And for suicides of those not terminal, they will do it anyway.
    I don’t condone doing it because times are tough, we have all had those, but for the original purpose of this device, I see no issue with it.

  94. Alex says:

    Solar.Succinctly put, suicide WILL change your life!

    1. Solar says:

      Alex, you’ve mastered the art of the obvious.
      I concur.

  95. Solar says:

    Linda, We would have been great friends, I have no doubt.

    Life is a journey and a gift, we came in screaming and kicking, and many will go out the same way.
    But remember, its the journey, not the destination.
    When its over, its over, and if you can no longer journey, I don’t think God or anyone else can fault you for ending it.

    Remember, its all about the journey through life, it never was about the destination.
    I will continue my journey, only for my beautiful wife, to do otherwise would be selfish….


    1. Linda says:

      It makes me happy to know you have someone to share your life with. Wising you and your wife much happiness. Thanks for replying and helping me through my mid-life….re-evaluation.

      1. Solar says:

        Linda, I would be honored if you would join my forum, you seem like a nice thoughtful person.
        Even though it is a Conservative forum, all are welcome.

        And thank you for the nice response.
        But to be honest, it took 25 long years of searching for the right woman, one that could put up with me. 😉

        Hope to see you on the forum.

  96. Solar says:

    To Wildhorse trainer
    I didn’t miss any point, you do realize that someone on their death bed is not about to travel anywhere but to the morgue.
    He was talking about young people offing themselves, those that think they have nothing to live for.

    Like I said earlier, we have it too easy in this Country, we are allowing the gov to remove all obstacles in life.
    The human condition was designed to suffer, its the things that don’t kill you, that make you stronger.
    Seat-belts, motorcycle helmets diving off bridges, no one has the right to dictate how stupid someone should be allowed to act.
    And yes, that goes for ending your own life, its all about personal freedom, something that is being eroded in this Country.

    So don’t tell me I missed something, I don’t miss much in life.


  97. Go Granny! says:

    I wish, I could reach thru this computer screen and SLAP some SENSE into YOU!

  98. steve says:

    how do i get one life suck

  99. Sharpie says:

    These third world countries you speak of—they do not exist just so you can have your little field trips and be enlightened about privilege.

  100. flo says:

    they kill themselves also…

    do some homework.

  101. Miyako says:

    There’s nothing good about life. There’s no real raison d’etre, there’s no god, no heaven, no hell, no afterlife (it’s incontrovertible). The world is full of stupid, intolerant, and mostly boring people. Society is against the pursuit of happiness. The only reason I would live is to have fun. But if society is against pleasure because their bible says it’s wrong, then life isn’t worth living because they’re going to try to cut down on your freedom because their bible says to. I just want to have all the fun I can without affecting anyone. But if they won’t let me, forget about life.

    1. Jonny&Sid says:

      Psalm 14:1
      The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abdominal iniquity: There is none that doeth good.

      This is an ethics article genius. Rattle your saber on an atheist blog LUCA.

  102. a person’s life is their own and no one has the right to tell them what to do with it. if a person wants to take their own life, it’s their choice. Regardless of if this woman sells then a kit or not, if a person wants to die, they will find a way regardless. If anything, this bag makes the death much more peaceful than say, blowing your brains out of stepping off a building or jumping from a bridge.

  103. Sharon A says:

    I think is great that people can kill themselves, but they need to kill themselves when they’re teenagers, so that they don’t add their dnas into the jean pool and make annoying children who cry all the time, too.

  104. juanito says:

    Suicide should be legal in every state. We should have a Federal Dept of Suicide. We should have a euthanasia clinic in every town and city in the U.S.

  105. Richard Carpenter says:

    I am a cancer patient and I prefer high velocity lead therapy. Not FDA approved, not safe, but VERY effective!

  106. Elodroot says:

    I intend to live as long as I can and use up as many resources as I possibly can, no matter how painful or miserable I am. I am not checking out of this hotel until I have to!

  107. For me, it’s about quality of life, not quantity. I know I don’t want to be living if I don’t recognize my loved ones anymore or not even know my own name. II am glad this is an option.

  108. Gregory Thomas Bogosian says:

    This may make sense under utilitarianism, but for my part I think that suicide is categorically wrong.

  109. Callie369 says:

    I’m going to be cremated, so don’t worry about “bloating,” etc. What I do worry about, is how to get ahold of something that I can end my life with, such as this kit. It sounds like the perfect way to go.

    I am in pain 24/7 that is so bad, the only thing that helps is Percocet . I’m allowed 4 per day only. The doctor has offered a morphone pump, but I’m trying to hold on as long as possible. My spine is shot from neck to tailbone. The pain is horrendous setting, standing, laying, And walking? Unbelievably bad.

    I want to stay with my chilkdren, grandchildren and great grandchild as long as possible. My gram lived to be 94, my mother 94, my father 88, etc. And while I am suffering from my spine, my other organs, .i.e., heart, kidneys, liver, etc., are all in normal working condition. Both good and bad cholesterol are great. And I’m only 70. So there is a possibility that I could live another 20 years or more. Sorry, but ina few more years, my spine will be completely gone and the pain will be totally unbearable. I don’t want to be so doped up that I am virtually unconscious! What would you have me do?

  110. Steve Hollar says:

    Oh you’re a fool. Is it better for someone to get to a point where they want to end their life to put a shotgun to their head and blow their brains all over the room? What a wonderful last memory to leave to your loved ones. If a person has had enough, either through a terminal illness, or, feel they are becoming a total burden on others, why shouldn’t they have the ability to quietly end it with dignity. This idea of hanging on to every last second of life not matter what has never made sense to me.

  111. cluelessinky says:

    Do you think the hospice industry has a stake in how the assisted suicide debate is decided? When I come to the end of my life I will choose if possible how I will leave. Placing a plastic bag over my head and ODing on helium may not be the route i’ll take. But whichever method I use it will be my choice.

    1. JM in San Diego CA says:

      They probably have no stake in it. The stays in Hospice are short, anyway, per my sister-in-law, who is a nurse in one. There is no massive attempt to preserve the life with heroic measures. The idea of Hospice is the abandonment of such measures when all concerned agree on their futility — and that’s near the end, anyway.

      Perhaps they’ll help keep Mom alive just long enough for Tommy to get home from Afghanistan to say goodbye.

      But then, it will be Mom’s choice (or it needs to be) whether to hang on in pain or end her life.

  112. Jason says:

    There is nothing dignified about killing yourself.

    And suffering is not what our chickensh!t effeminate culture presents it to be.

  113. Greycoat says:

    I wish a dozen of these kits were sent to the White House with instructions for the teleprompter.

    1. dimview says:

      Before he orders them for the rest of us to be used by way of the death panels!

  114. joe says:

    Dear Grandma could you send obama a free kit?

  115. Jacob says:

    The selfishness of the living in wanting more time with the dying is unfathomable. The selfishness of humanity in deciding the fate of others is deplorable. Nothing is more important than what a person decides for themselves is best. Setting the standards of law aside each individual must decide their own acts, not those who seem to think its what they decide for everybody else thats important. Take a moment to enjoy your own life and find happiness in your own passage instead of decreeing judgment on others.

  116. Gregalicious says:

    weird how all the liberals here think the only feeeeeling thing to do is let people suffer way beyond their will to do so and would deny them the ability to end their own life themselves… and call that compassion.. liberals are always so feeling with other peoples money and when it benefits them personally. If I thought liberals would use the masks I would start a fund raising drive to get them all one… xDDDD

  117. Donald Duck says:

    Helium, eh? Well, I guess as long as you don’t mind sounding like Donald Duck on your deathbed, that would work.

  118. CppThis says:

    I don’t see the problem with this sort of thing, honestly–if they want to off themselves I say let them. I have some concerns about greedy kids trying to manipulate their old people into doing this in service to the endless quest to grab Daddy’s money but then again they’re pretty good at donig this already (protip: a lot of the “bad” hospice/nursing homes are doing exactly what the people paying the bills want them to).

  119. Solar says:

    I want to go out the way my Grand Father did, quietly in his sleep.

    Not screaming like the other five passengers in the car….

  120. beagal says:

    Re Julius
    “I’ve suffered through critical depression, but the thought of what my death would mean for my family and my soul has committed me to living as long as I can and enjoy the little things as long as possible.”

    Having worked as a funeral director, and heard a sobbing realative of a suicide “client” exclaim “Why did you do it”!, over and over, provides a strong deterant to completing the action.

  121. Debster says:

    Soylent Green anyone?

  122. Bruce Oksol says:

    The 29-y/o “with no terminal illness.” He had chronic depression. Many folks with chronic depression end their lives; I would not say that he had no terminal illness. Obviously his illness (chronic depression) was terminal.

  123. jay says:


    Send ALL of ’em to Washington

  124. Carl says:

    Hell, when Obamacare kicks into high gear they’ll send you one of these free of charge.

  125. Mary says:

    I’m 56 and watched my parents both go to a nursing home to live like a zombie. They didn’t want to go and neither did the thousands of other people there. I am sure they all said “don’t ever put me in a Nursing home” to their kids. I don’t want quantity, I want quality of life. When that is no longer an option, why live? Go to a nursing home and see how wonderful life is when you are druged and sitting in your own urine in a wheelchair. That is not for me! My choice…..my life! I will buy the kit to have on hand for the future…..not now, but if and when I cease to exist like a human should……with pride and dignity!

  126. You Must Be Joking says:

    pretty smart grandma, not to allow her name and likeness to be known to the likes of this crowd.

    For all of you condemning this woman, I fervently hope your god grants you the opportunity to learn first-hand the evils she is attempting to eradicate from the world. And in case you are still not getting it, there is more than one evil she is addressing here.

  127. Stephen says:

    You can get your own suicide kit at the drug store. There are probably thousands of ways to kill yourself. I guess this woman believes that her method allows someone to kill themself “with dignity”. Asphyxiation is probably much less traumatic for the person dying and for the person who has to deal with their body. It does not involve “unrelated” people and it does not place others at risk.

    Most people are capable of slitting their wrists/throat, giving themselves alcohol poisoning, electrocuting themself, throwing themself from a building, throwing themself in front of a bus, drowning themself in the bath tub, overdosing on pills, shooting themself, hanging themself, drive off a cliff, etc…

    I am not trying to be morbid nor am I insensitive to depression and suicide. In fact, I had a cousin commit suicide (I was pretty young and he was a bit older). I also had a close friend of the family commit suicide. She was hospitalized and everything, but in the end, she suffocated herself with the garbage bag. People who are determined to die can almost certainly find a way to kill themselves. It is sad and I am not for suicide, but in the case of TERMINAL ILLNESSES, what is the point of prolonging suffering. I’m sure miracles can and do happen, but what is the point of endless suffering? The other thing is that many terminally ill people may not be able to kill themselves painlessly due to limited mobility. I’m sure they do not want their family members to find them with a self-inflicted gun shot wound and their brains splattered all over the wall.

    As sad and morbid as suicide may be, this woman is providing a painless and non-traumatic way for people to end their lives.

  128. concerned says:

    Why is it so bad to let a person make the choice of how and when they die. When you get old and your quality of life has no more quality why force this person to live. We are an odd lot. We can put horses out of their misery or any animal for that fact. We put our pets down when their quality of life changes for the worse yet we will not do the same for a person. The cost of health care is enough to make you want to take your life. I know for a fact I don’t want every penny I have used on keeping me alive if I am miserable. Show people the same compassion we show our pets!

  129. harold says:

    hey does it causes cancer in mice?

  130. Kimberly Blozie says:

    I interviewed Sharolotte the other day about who’s ultimately responsible. Here’s what she had to say: http://trialx.com/curetalk/2011/05/suicide-kits-responsible-talk-sharlotte-hydorn-founder-gladd-group-creator-helium-hood/

  131. Edward says:

    Mr. Republican Suit there in the video would rather someone splattered their brains all over the wall with a gun instead. Just like his kind would like to go back to coat-hanger back-alley abortions. I know the type. He has an “issue” to politicize. He’s the one selling something. He wants power and control over someone else. Keep your hands and the government’s hands off my life!

    1. Solar says:

      Well now, don’t you feel stupid, because it was this socialist administration, that just busted her ass in Ca.

      This is not a political issue, it is a Gov intrusion, not a particular party.

  132. Grandmaknowsbest says:

    When it comes down to it we all should have the right to decide if suicide is best for us if termally ill. Let the judgement be left to the lord. As a NDE survior who been to the other side and back really believes that a termanally ill person not only is suffering a long slow death, they are suffering watching their family suffer with them. Its painful for both sides. The ones who love the person who is terminal and for the terminal who are still worrring about their love ones seeing them suffer too. They no matter how sick they are still worry about their loves ones. I was hit by a bus at the age of 20. I saw my family suffer more then I did. I had to live with what I was dealing with from the accident. But what hurt me more is watching them cry and suffer and having a hard time seeing me not even knowing who they were. I think as a person,we all should have that right to choose. After all no one should judge you but the lord himself……

  133. rtyecript says:

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  134. Rob G says:

    Anyone know where one can purchase such item?

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  136. bluemax says:

    Killing old people has been added to abortion as a sacrement of the Democrat Party. Human lives are disposable to liberals, they only seem to care about the $$ they save by not treating our older generation.

    These deathbags will be a new govt. benefit for meeting with the Obama Death Panels.

    Just disgusting…..