LOS ANGELES (AP) — There are 2 1/2 weeks left for Warner Bros. Television and CBS to decide the fate of “Two and a Half Men.”

CBS is set to unveil its fall schedule for advertisers in New York on May 18. That puts deadline pressure on the network, Warner and the show’s executive producer to develop a post-Charlie Sheen version of the sitcom or end it.

An executive close to the situation said the parties are weighing if the show will return, who could replace Sheen in the cast and whether a revamped “Two and a Half Men” could be ready for fall or have to wait until midseason.

The executive spoke on condition of anonymity Friday because Warner and CBS would not authorize public comment on the show’s status.

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Comments (26)
  1. HR says:

    Cancel it , will never be the same will be too much comparison .

  2. Ryan Ridenour says:

    no sheen no show

  3. Carol says:

    keep Charlie the show wont be the same without him

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Carol your an idiot for thinking Charlie has talent. He’s a loose cannon and self destructed and I wish you would.

  4. Doug D. says:

    Do it! It was always about the GREAT writing!! Sheen NEVER was an actor anyway!
    Doug D.

    1. Marissa says:

      It’s the stupidest show on TV. The writers use sex and toilet humor for jokes which isn’t saying much about the show’s creativity. The show’s writers have no writing talent at all. They depend only on on sex jokes to get laughs.

    2. sondra says:

      I agree,Ashton is great,and really funny too,lets see what happens

  5. gar says:

    They replace actors all the time. While charlie was good, there are a ton of others who can fill his shoes. Changing the format would be suicide. Less risk to just hire another “charlie:.

  6. Borsia Novak says:

    Charlie was the show. Everything and everyone else was just support of the Charlie character.
    Cancel the show and come up with something completely different.

  7. AC says:

    I’ll find something else to watch…Charlie IS the show…

  8. John Grant says:

    Keeping Charlie any longer will hamper the show’s evolving, even if his insanity had never happened. Bring back John Lovitz as a surprise half brother following Charlie’s sudden disapperance and you’ll have something that will lead into a new even better run. Sorry Charlie, you never could really act, but don’t give up on the poetry, sick as your gift is, it’s really good. Keep them torpedoes acomin. You could end up like EA Poe. Good luck Charlie.

  9. Doug D. says:

    Heck, Charlie was only the half in Two and A Half Men. Get rid of him!!! We’re all tired of the spoiled, no-talent, snobby, drugged-up, half wit, loser, boozer, offspring of real talent!

  10. kriste says:

    they should leave the show on but completely different. no more two and half men, because that was what it was, not what it is now. but if people tuned in for the writing, they will continue too. if they tuned in to see charlie, even if he came back they couldn’t see that now because he’s to much of a train wreck. so no matter what, two and half men is dead….

  11. Former Goddess says:

    Charlie, STOP writing on here how it was all about YOU! It WASN’T! You weren’t that good in bed either!

  12. Robby Logan says:

    The fate of Charlie Sheen is already decided – he is OUT of all forms of show business forever.
    In Hollywood it’s ok if you’re a drunk, junkie, murderer or child molester – nobody cares. But even the hint that you are anti-Jewish is the death penalty.
    If Mel Gibson ever works again, it will be because he has the cash to finance his own deals. Charlie will be BK by next year.

  13. mister s says:

    Reboot the show with Gary Busey as Chralies character and David Faustino as the kid. Angus never wanted to be an actor anyway. Jon Cryer and the maid can stay. There. I just solved the networks problems.

    1. Ron says:

      Mister S., you have GOT to be kidding !! Gary Busey is as big a TRAIN WRECK as Charlie IS !!!

      Open letter to : Warner Bros., CBS, Chuck Lorre and all parties involved in making the decision of the future show, please understand that the success was NEVER about Charlie. It was always about the writing. The writers were fantastic and I believe you can find someone to become a new cast member and have great success again.

      I have been a fan of the show since the first season and have watched repeats over and over again without tiring of it. You have done a great job so far, so do not cancel the show and do not bring Charlie back.

  14. Marco says:

    Keep the show going. One of my favorite lines was, “Where’s my grandson?”. To me Charlie just owned the house.
    The other characters were the show.

  15. Charlie Sheen says:

    Winning, Duh……..,
    Cut me and I will sue you all, producers, directors, actors, viewers.

    1. Ron says:

      Charlie Sheen SUCKS, is a HAS BEEN and will never have a hit movie, TV show or concert(As if we don’t already know that !!)again. Too bad you don’t still have the excellent writers that you criticized, because it NOW shows how LAME & BORING you really are?

  16. Nico fanelli says:

    Lorre is a tricking idiot

    1. Ron says:

      Charlie, you can’t trick us. We know you are using the FAKE NAME, Nico F. You are a HAS BEEN. Prepare to lose everything else, that you haven’t already hocked to get your drugs and payoff people to be your YES men & GODESSES !!! They all hate your guts & know you are STUPID, but they prostitute themselves for your money. But soon your money will evaporate and so will your SO CALLED FRIENDS !!!

  17. Rob says:

    Replace Charlie Sheen with someone who can actualy ACT. Charlie Sheen is a washed up has been that will never amount to anything except being a druggie and alcoholic.

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