SAN FERNANDO (CBS)  — A man who co-owned a Canyon Country bar was convicted Friday of the stabbing murder of his business partner just over five years ago.

The San Fernando Superior Court jury found Christopher Rosas, 50, guilty of first-degree murder for the Feb. 26, 2006, slaying of Louis Campanelli. It also found true the special circumstance allegation of lying in wait, according to Deputy District Attorney Beth Silverman.

Rosas’ younger brother, Ralph, 48, was convicted Thursday by a separate jury of the same charge and allegation, the prosecutor said. The two also were convicted of assault with a deadly weapon for striking the victim’s girlfriend in the head with a pool cue.

Campanelli and Christopher Rosas co-owned Mugsy’s Bar, where the victim was discovered after being stabbed. The victim had also been bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher.

Authorities believe the two brothers from Canyon Country wanted to get the victim out of the way so they could run the business together. Ralph Rosas had tried to buy Campanelli’s share of the business.

Mugsy’s has since closed.

The siblings face life in prison without the possibility of parole, with sentencing set for next month. Prosecutors had decided not to seek the death penalty.

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Comments (59)
  1. Captain Ugatz says:

    These two genuises couldn’t get out of their own way. Two morons who thought they were so sharp they could commit murder and get away with it. Their greed and arrogance has bought them a one-way ticket to life without parole, and deservedly so. The only remorse these two sociopaths will feel during the rest of their miserable lives in prison is for getting caught. Congratulations to the dogged detective who pursued these animals and the prosecutor that put them in cages until they finally draw their last breaths.

    1. blocknikole says:

      SUCK IT A**HOLe

      1. PJ4truth says:

        Cpt Ugatz who are you? What are you? Nothing but a Joke.. get the real story and then you will disregard this stupid false comment.

      2. Captain Ugatz says:

        Just an unbiased citizen concerned with truth and justice. The evidencein in this case was OVERWHELMING. Otherwise the girlfriend would not have taken a deal and testified against the 48 and 50 year old “Boys”. These two cowards ambushed the victim and brutally murdered him. Now let’s see how tough these two gutless creeps are in prison. You’re right Karma is a biach. Think about what these two savages put the victim’s family through and what they’ve done to their own familiy out of pure greed and a depth of stupidity that would be laughable if the situation was not so tragic. Wake up and quit apologizing for these killers.

    2. PJ4truth says:

      who are you? and where do you come off saying this stuff? what? were you there? the evidence was “Overwhelming” lol who are you? You don’t even know.. go and find the truth.. are you one ot the Lying witnesses who got up and under OATH lied because you got a deal too.. lol you are a JOKE! You have no Heart, what if the families see this what do you think it is going to do to them. I am sure they are all hurting and you are so SICK to post this…. Get Help! You need it!

    3. suckitcaptin says:

      hey captain… bulls**t that ur just a unbaised sure you knew someone that is involved is this case…shut up thse boys didnt do it. u dont know anything about the truth. you only know waht has been put out..which is the proscutions dont know the boys side…so trhink twice before talking sh8t bout someones family.. cuz they could be reading these right now.. f**k you and stop wasting your time writing about thse 2 “killers”…if ur so against them…dont worry bout them then…suck it….ull get karma for saying all this…dont worry

      1. PJ4truth says:

        The only reason why the “girlfriend” took the deal was because she had a baby in Jail from another man,she’s a tra_p, a wh__re, and a Meth Head. She was facing 25 yr in Prison. She lied under Oath, she did everything she could just to get a FREE TICKET OUT OF JAIL. It won’t be long before she is locked up again. She is nothing but METH HEAD ADDICT.

  2. Jess says:

    Wow, knew them in school, Chris was always CRAZY!!!!! Why not the death penalty…this was such a brutal murder..My heart goes out to there families…both families. I wonder how Chris’s children are??? They lost there mother when they were so young and now 20 some years later there father convicted of murder!!! My heart foes out to them….Chris and Ralph “ROT IN HELL!!!

    1. blocknikole says:

      SHUT UPP!!!! u dont know them

      1. PJ4truth says:

        “Rot in Hell” lol that is not going to Happen. You are a Joke

    2. SueMoran says:

      Jess your a friend of the boys from High School? Who are you? I was Chris’s High School Sweetheart, dated him for 2 1/2 years. Remember me Susan Moran… Chris was/is not “CRAZY”. State the crazy things Chris did in High School, name the things. You have nothing. Chris is a good guy along with Ralph. Were you at the trial? Did you hear the Defense? I am sure Chris was smarter than you in High School getting all A’s. A true friend would never go on the DA’s word,f you are a friend you wouldn’t be saying these things, and I hope you never have to face the Justice System. God Bless your ignorant soul.

      1. SueMoran says:

        Jess BTW, I have known Ralph since he was 13 and he’s the sweetest boy, he ALWAYS put everyone first and cared about everyone, he was always a sweet sweet boy,great guy along with Chris. These boys did not do this Crime. I agree it should have been a death penalty case what happened to Louis, however, the reason why no Death Penalty was brought to the boys is because the Prosceution didn’t have a Solid Case. Get the Facts straight. God Bless the entire Families. I have no problem using my “real” name is because I know these boys did not do this. I await your reply “friend”

      2. PJ4truth says:

        Sue, you seem to be a wonderful person. God Bless you. Where is Jess now? Obviously has not comment to your posts. You are correct. These people are VERY MEAN SPIRITED to say these HORRIBLE things about these boys. They obviously have NO HEART. I pray the Family does not see these MEAN comments, this page. There are Children involved and the Family/Children I am Sure are going thru enough during this Difficult time. God Bless you Sue and the Family/Children/Ralph & Chris

      3. Sue Henry says:

        BTW just to let you know how thoughtful ralph is, his attorney could talk to the jurors after the case ended. His attorney asked Ralph did he want him to talk to them. Ralph saw some were crying and felt SO SORRY for THEM and what they had to go through and said “NO” to his attorney. He didn’t want to suffer anymore. That is Ralphs character. The trial was 9 to 10 days TOTAL not three weeks as stated by some. Ralph and Chris are INNOCENT and time WILL PROVE IT! I will keep louis’s family in my prayers and pray they find who REALLY DID IT! To Jess: MATTHEW 7:1 (and GOD SAID) Do NOT Judge, or you too will be judged. MATTHEW 7:2 For in the same way you judged others, you will be judged, and iwth the measure YOU USE, IT WILL BE MEASURED to YOU.
        Remember both families with responses… God Bless Everyone Always

      4. PJ4truth says:

        Sue you are a true individual a true friend nice to hear Ralph thought more for the jury than for himself, as that is his character.

        May God watch over these boys and their families.

    3. PJ4truth says:

      wait.. Jess.. you say you know them in school but then you say Chris’s children lost their mother 20 years ago… who are you and you obviously just didn’t know them in school, you obviously know them more then what you are posting…. How do you know Chris’s children lost their mother? Please share, please share.

  3. blocknikole says:

    there are always two sides to stories…so before you( JESS who thinks you know thses boys) and captain whatever….do some RESEARCH!!! dont talk C**P bout peoples families before u know the real story. shut ur mouth about this dont know them…SUCK IT..

    these boys are 100% doubt bout it.



  4. blocknikole says:

    KARMA IS A BTICH!!! (no to the boys that is)


    1. PJ4truth says:

      Yes it is and what goes around comes around…. it will… these boys were WRONGFULLY CONVICTED. The entire San Fernando Valley, Santa Clarita Valley knows this. The TRUTH ALWAYS comes out and it will in this case.

  5. fybalrih says:



  6. PJ4truth says:

    blocknikole I agree with you 100%. There are always 2 sides of the story. There are too many Innocent People behind bars, who are WRONGFULLY CONVICTED of Crimes they did not commit. This case falls under this category. Why did the media only write about the Proscection and not the Defense? This article does not mention the witnesses the Prosc brought in are either Convicts or Drug Addicts who have been arrested for their own crimes and all got deals for testiflying against these Poor Innocent Rosas Boys. Justice did not Provail in this case. The truth always comes out and it will. God Bless you Rosas Boys and your famiies. I pray for you all.

  7. blocknicole says:



  8. memememe says:

    ..ur a funny one…u make me laugh..ha ha ha

    trying to impersonate me…hey GROW UP!!!

    dumb @$$

  9. PJ4truth says:

    lol you are a joke, trying to impersonate someone else…. Grow up.. Use your own name… you are sick for taking someone else’s name and trying to make it look like it was that person who posted this comment… you need HELP YOU ARE SICK.

  10. SueMoran says:

    I can not believe the mean things you people are saying about these boys. The families could see these posts and the children do not need to see this. People please be thoughtful with your comments. The family is going thur enough. These comments are so mean spriited. Remember there are children these boys both have and they do not need to see these horrible comments.

  11. Thetruthis says:

    The evidence was overwhelming… was a trial of their peers, there wasn’t much of a defense rebutal because the evidence did speak for itself. The defense attorneys in this case gave up the fight as every day of the trial went on because there was overwhelming evidense against them. One witness after another testified that Ralph would talk about this murder on a daily basis. He gave his brother Chris up because he couldn’t keep his mouth shut. There were taped conversations, letters and the father Rosas Senior who helped to try and intimidate witness because they knew they were guilty.

    You can’t ignore the facts but I understand the pain of realty!! The Rosas brothers will never get out of prison.

    1. PJ4truth says:

      Realy? And who are you? Where you there? And how do you come off saying what you apparently know? Please share… juror, witness, proscecutor dept, defense dept? How do you apprently know so much and have so much information. Please share with us all

    2. BrknJSmc1 says:

      Thetruthis, I would love to hear what you know and who you are, it does seem to be you know quite a bit. Are you one of the Jurors who convicted these 2 boys? Wow, where did you get all this information? Who are you and it is clear you were there during the entire trial.

      1. BrknJSmc1 says:

        or are you one of the RATS??? lol

  12. BrknJSmc1 says:

    To: Thetruthis, I would love to hear what you know and who you are, it does seem to be you know quite a bit. Are you one of the Jurors who convicted these 2 boys? Wow, where did you get all this information? Who are you and it is clear you were there during the entire trial.

  13. BrknJSmc1 says:

    “THETRUTHIS” please get back to the questions, why did you disappear? lol

  14. Hondo says:

    U guys are a joke. the county is safer now that two killers have been taken off the street. nice people killing a friend. now they can think about what a tough guy they really are. welcome to the prison system. be careful why in the shower.

    1. BrknJSmc1 says:

      Put down your Crack Pipe. Prostetution is no way to make a living nor does stealing peoples belongings.

  15. Hondo says:

    Hey Sue, u r right the rosas’ are nice people they share their women. didnt u sleep with chris in high school? Chris gets arrested and you move on to his dad. next bed will be the chris’ son

    1. SueMoran says:

      Hondo.. Supporting a family does not mean I am or was sleeping with anyone. You can be friends with people and not sleep with them. Wow!

      Sounds like you are talking more about your life than mine.

      God Bless your soul.

  16. Hondo says:

    lets not forget that Ralph and Chris wrote letters to each other while in jail talking about the murder. oh, yeah and the dna. oh, and the phone conversations these two idiots had while in jail. hey ralph I guess u can now talk about the case or maybe not due to double jeopardy ha ha. u have to be among the dumpest criminal alive. maybe raplh and chris can workout that code system in their letters from prison since it worked out so well in county jail. i dont think the cops will figure it out.

    1. SueMoran says:

      For someone who dated Ralph this is not a nice thing to say about him and Chris.

      You are in my prayers Hondo

      1. Hondo says:

        Hey Sue, let me get this straight. You slept with Ralph, Chris and now the father. way to go. next stop are the sons of Chris and Ralph. classy lady u r.

  17. Hondo says:

    I say good job to the det and da that put together a great case. we need more people like them. i can sleep better knowing two killers will never walk the streets again. maybe they will get a little surprise attack while in prison. they can feel what they did to Lou while they waited in the dark to kill Lou. they are cowards.

    1. SueMoran says:

      Hondo, You are another MEAN SPIRITED individual.

      1. Hondo says:

        Hey Sue, sometime the truth hurts. Chris and Ralph killed another person and the family acts as though they are wrongly accussed. Nice guys. now they can spend the rest of their lives behind bars. thats what happends when to beat someone to death. I am sure they will find more women to share with the family or should I say convicts.

  18. Hondo says:

    Hey Sue, why dont u tell the Rosas to stop blaming everyone one else. the parents coulldn’t raise keep chris and ralph from being big drug user and every time they got arrested who was there to bail them out? Mommy and Daddy. and of course Chris and Ralph couldn”t kill someone so it had to be someone else. and those cops and da are out to get chris and ralph. what a joke

    Pray that the father will take off his blinders and realize he raised two sons that decided to beat someone to death and then brag about it. i heard they even went to Lou’s funeral and laugh about it. great kids. Chris and ralph can rot in prison while their kids get married and start a family. they can miss out on all the joy of having a family. kinda like what happened to Lou. way to go Chris and Ralph. Lou’s dead and you two can rot away in prison.

    1. SUE MORAN says:

      hondo or thetruthis or captail or jess who ever you are… you have a lot of anger and if you were a friend of lou’s you have EVERY right to be angry. I am not dismissing you at all, i feel bad for what little i know from closing arguments happened to lou. it just seems you have information the DA would be interested in. Maybe you can talk to them or they can find you through this site for when the appeal comes up. I am sure they are watching comments from the trial.
      I am talking about the brothers I knew way back when… but you have one up on me because you know intimant details of their life currently. i think everyone is not perfect..only one is.Jesus! .I have gotten to know their kids and they are pretty wonderful kids. My heart aches for lou’s family and rosas family.
      God Bless All Who Are On This Page Hurting!
      I will pray for you all,
      BTW Why am I the only one giving my REAL NAME?

      1. Hondo says:

        Sue Moran (or is it someone else). R u saying that Chris and ralph are wonderful people. they are killers. these killers laughed and went to Lou’s funeral. Thank God they will be locked up never to hurt a free person. they can continue there cowardly acts while in prison. The two juries got it right “GUILTY.” But, then the Rosas’ family won’t accept the fact 24 independant people all thought the same way after hearing the evidence. now the Rosas have to blame someone. So the Rosas want to blame the attorneys for Chris and Ralph. Chris and Ralph could have had the best money could buy for attorneys and the outcome would still be the same “GUILTY.” the facts or the facts tell the Rosas’ to wake up and stop being in denial. refusal to accept the facts is not good. let Chris and Ralph think about what they did every day the sleep on their prison matress. they should be ashamed of themself. stop defending there actions and thinking it had to be someone else. the rosas are brain washing you and everyone else

  19. Hondo says:

    Hey Sue, Ralph didnt want his attorney to talk to the jury because ralph knew they make the right decision “GUILTY.” How stupid can you be. an innocent person dosen’t go around tell 7 to 8 people he killed someone. but, then Ralph thought it would be double jeopardy so he believed he could get away with it. what an idiot. tell ralph to keep writing those letter with the coded system he came up with. I am sure the cops are still trying to figure it out. accept the fact the evidence proved Ralph and Chris beat to death Lou. they are cowards lying in wait in the dark to surprise Lou and then kill him the way they did it. way to go brothers or should i say “Bro.” u know like how they called each other why they killed Lou. Or should I say it was two other brothers that killed Lou and framed the murder on Chris and ralph. Get real

  20. Hondo says:

    U r giving the name Sue Moran because you are an idiot. drink more of that kool aid the father is giivng you when you guys go to bed for the night. Chris and Ralph might have been nice kids kicking the ball around on the playground. However, they both grew up to be drug users and killers. they shared their drugs and women. great guys. now they can share different prison walls and write coded letters to each other

  21. TheTruthIs says:

    To brkn: yes I know the case. I know the evidence and the fact that there wasn’t a defense proving they were innocent. There was a motive, there was the witness who was locked in the bar by a key only 2 people had. There was a cover up attempt when they asked another witness to get rid of the car, there was Ralph telling people he thought he could trust about what his part was in the murder. There was a confession letter Chris gave to Cindy. There was a bond that was broken as far as the CRC forever goes. There was a father who helped try and intimidate witnesses. There was no other theory mentioned during the trial. There was no alibi. There were drugs involved by all. There were lives that were changed forever. There was a guilty verdict by two separate jury’s. There was justice.

  22. burger says:

    I can’t believe there are people that thought there wasn’t enough evidence to convict. From my understanding the family really thought these two were go to be set free. This case was so cut that it only took a few hours for two juries to come to a verdict. That was 24 people on top of three alternates that had no doubt in their minds that these two needed to be locked up for the rest of their lives. Help me understand where the hope came from.

  23. jess says:

    Wow, both “boys” are crazy, drug addict killers….Keep in mind how they killed this poor man…SO BRUTAL, stabbed him to death and the SMASHED his head in..They deserve everything there going to get. And BTW..who in there right mind would give there REAL name. There’s 2 killers and there equally NUTS supporters out there.
    You guys can not even spell. Your the ones that need help. GOD BLESS the families of both

  24. wonder says:

    wow if it walks ike a duck it must be a duck.. theese to idiots burried themselfs. they are discussting!! if yiy think ralph is such a great guy well heres a fun little fact for you he is not only a drug addict murder he is also a a child molester. and for all u who doubt that look up his criminal record. its public knowledge u idiots!!! thank god a killer child raipest is is in jail mothers your children are a little safer tonight.. i hope he gets butt raped every nite in jail!!!!!!!!

  25. wonder says:

    hey sue dont worry u can visit them put money on there books and write them letters!!! since u love them some much im sure u will take time out of ur day to do such things for them! i will pray for you LOSER!!!!!!

  26. Jess says:

    Yes, I saw that about “The Wonderful Ralph”, how old was the “CHILD” he raped??? I am very disturbed by the so called “supporters”. Ralph and Chris are locked-up and will be the the rest of there natural liives. They will meet there maker someday and go DIRECTLY TO HELL. You supporters are some pretty nutty people. You sound like you have had very little education by the way you talk. If you choose to support these two mentally disturbed “animals” that certainly your choice. There NOT the “BOY’S” back in jr. high school. They are COLD BLOODED KILLERS!!!! And a CHILD RAPIST!!!! I pray for there children. And I pray for the family of Lou… Oh BTW,, ROT IN HELL CHRIS AND RALPH<you MONSTERS!!!!

  27. Txrallz818 says:

    I was very close to the Rosas family a few years back. This doesn’t surprise me one bit. I am grateful for the team that put them away for life as they cannot walk the streets and live lawless lives.

    Facts: they are meth addicts and killers.

    Anyone who defends these low life’s must be truly delusional just as they are.

  28. Doesn't matter says:

    wow, now this was interesting. I’m one of Chris’s sons and your guys are f***ed up. Even if you think or “know” they did this, how could you say awful things about anyone. Well thanks for the read, now **ck off.

  29. Theman says:

    This was a prime example of exactly how much DA’s and Detective are able to get away with. What’s sad is that the Jury wasn’t able to see well past the prosecutions scare tactic’s they used on any and every witness used. There’s a reason it took so long to go to trial.

    1. Theman says:

      Lack of actual evidence.

  30. SeeYaNextTues says:

    RIP Louis … This was a solid & locked down case. Justice was served.

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