LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Could it be the end of spicy chicken chunks and cheeseburgers for students in the Los Angeles Unified School District?

Superintendent John Deasy and reality show chef Jamie Oliver announced big changes for LAUSD school lunch menus on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live! Tuesday night.

The district, which is the second largest in the United States, will no longer offer chocolate- and strawberry-flavored milk, which both contain more sugar than soda.

Oliver has not been allowed to bring his cameras inside LAUSD cafeterias, but he has criticized the district’s menu on his reality show, Food Revolution.

Deasy, who says the menu will be changing for the 2011-2012 school year, tells KNX 1070 he doesn’t expect much resistance on the district’s policy change.

“I think the board has done a number of steps in terms of removing soda and junk food, and reducing sodium, and completely revamping the menu,” Deasy said. “This is definitely the logical next step.”

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  1. Everyday Guy says:

    There is nothing like preparing your own lunch at home.

    1. Smokey says:

      At least LAUSD still allows you to bring your own food. Some schools in Chicago forbid it and make the student buy the cafeteria lunch. If a student tries to bring lunch from home it is confiscated!

      1. Rick says:

        Banning home-made lunch? That’s weird. What food is served at those Chicago schools’ cafeterias? If that’s healthy food, the kids might be lucky, as apparently some parents think potatoe chips and jelly beans can be considered ‘lunch’.

  2. joseph says:

    Have you tasted the food that is being served by the cafeteria. It’s sad that everything is being strip from these kids. I worked in elementary schools for 7 years, and to see kids starve themselves due to them not liking anything on the menu. I have personally tasted some of the entrees and they are almost uneatable due to the flavors produced by healthy eating. Another attribute to the dislike of the entree is that, the cafeteria staff is not properly trained on how to cook the recipe. The recipe is delivered and the cafeteria staff has to follow the recipe and a lot of times the ratio of the recipes measurements conflicts with what was taught to the worker in their training class. Sad that Deasy is getting complimented for kids starving themselves due to the lack of choice in the cafeteria, not to mention during testing kids are not eating. Chocolate and Strawberry milk was the only thing that some kids ate at lunch, and now that has been taking away from them as well.

    1. Smokey says:


      You must understand that the Powers to be know better than you . You may only eat what the Govt. says you can eat. After all, liberals are smarter than the public at large. Just ask them !

      Now Joseph, apologize to the Govt. for your foolish comment or the black van will wisk you away and force you to eat grass and sprouts.

      1. bob says:

        the good news is that you guys won’t live that long. Healthy food is called healthy for a reason.

    2. Rick says:

      Kids will eat anything if raised with healthy food. If you start feeding a 2 or 3 yo pizza, burgers, fries and flavoured milk all the time, no wonder they don’t want to eat healthy food – just because they’re not used to it. Some parents seem to have forgotten they have a responsibility, too.

  3. joe says:

    how about worrying about the kids learning something??

    LAUSD is run by a bunch of communists

    they are molding the new generation, kids who don’t know anything about having the right of privacy or the right to make their own choices

    anybody with the sense or money to do it moves out of LA so their kids can go to better schools

    1. Sabrina says:

      AMEN Joe!!!!

    2. rick says:

      I, too, am worried by the practices of the LAUSD as portrayed by Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show. Yes, I know TV-shows are edited for dramatic effect, but certainly Jamie cannot afford to lie or even bend the truth in this case. I am wondering if certain parties who benefit from the unhealthy foods on the school lunch menus are a bit close with LAUSD board members. But remember, I’m just wondering – this is not an accusation…..

  4. woof! says:

    Solylent Green is the Deasy/Oliver menu!

  5. Disappointed says:

    Shame on both these reporters, leading with “…kids won’t like this change …”

    Obesity rates among today’s youth have skyrocketed. Obesity increases the child’s risk of numerous health problems, and can create emotional and social problems.

    The media needs to be more responsible, and encourage positive changes like replacing flavored milk in our schools.

  6. TT says:

    My Mom worked in a NY Cafeteria the whole time i was in Jr High n High School . The desert was homade, the meals descent, mostly prepared by hand, Fresh Salad, we still had pizza, I ate there everyday (and no – im not unhealthy)- but the food the kids eat now – compared to the healthier food we ate then are 2 different things… (this is 26 years later) …Granted the sodium was still kinda high, but soda wasnt allowed in our schools, not in vending machines, no candy vending machines, Why they ever put even one vending machine into the schools – I will never know. I guess my point is – if a small K-12 school could afford fresh food, and take the time to prepare it by hand, so can LAUSD.

    1. TT says:

      Oh ps – That school was a Public School , not Private

  7. sfvvalgrl says:

    Joseph… what school in LAUSD are you talking about? The cafeteria workers only reheat or thaw pre-packaged meals wrapped in plastic. No cooking of ANY kind is happening in our school kitchen.

    What everyone needs to understand, when schools offer foods loaded in unhealthy fats and sugars it kills our kids through increased obesity and diabetes risk which leads to heart problems. As school lunches are subsidized by my tax dollars and sick kids will use up even more of my tax dollars, schools have the right to provide only healthy meals.

    Let’s face it, no one is stopping your kids from eating junk at home or from bringing in unhealthy lunch to eat in place of the subsidized school option. That’s freedom & that’s choice!

    Lastly, when schools provide this junk more kids will want to eat it over thier healthy lunch. That’s what happened to my kid… now he has higher than normal glucose levels. I only wish now that I had put my foot down and made him take his lunch instead.

    1. Smokey says:

      Another parent who abdicated responsibility to the government. Be a parent and stop expecting the govt do do your job.

    2. Rick says:

      As for the tax dollars…. it’s so obvious… do you want to invest in spending more dollars on food related health issues or do you want to invest in spending less dollars on food related health issues. Is it too obvious to be seen.

      As for your kids glucose levels, if he/she still lives at home, certainly it is not too late to change…

  8. ArmyStud says:

    I gave up Chicken Nuggets, when I saw his show two weeks ago, while working out at the gym two weeks ago

    It was a wake up call..

    1. Rick says:

      There’s more food you might want to give up… but it’s a start, well done!

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