GARDEN GROVE (CBS) — Authorities are investigating a fire that caused at least $1 million in damages to a commercial building in Garden Grove early Monday morning.

More than 70 firefighters were battling the blaze in the 1100 block of Cardinal Circle near Harbor Boulevard.

Several cars inside the 3,000-square-foot building were destroyed by 40-foot flames.

No injuries were reported.

Comments (9)
  1. Thomas Bleming says:

    Jewish lightning?

  2. TheWindrunner says:


  3. Offended says:

    Are you kidding me with the antisemitisim??

  4. Fire Marshall Bill says:

    What does Jewish or Jews have anything to do with this article you racist morons?

  5. AJ Morgan says:

    Thomas Bleming you are a moron. It is long past the time to get over your racist attitudes. Go back home and slap your mother for not raising you to be a decent human being.

  6. The Big Logic says:


  7. Dave says:

    I was there this morning, lots really bad, but im sure they will go back on their feet.

  8. Cory Johnson says:

    I hope that guy loses everything my families trailer was in there and it was confirmed today that he had no insurance now its costing us money!! I hope he never goes in business again!

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