LOS ANGELES (CBS) — Authorities say a woman’s body was found Monday night in the bushes next to the State Street off-ramp of the southbound Golden State (5) Freeway in Lincoln Heights.

A transient woman reported seeing part of the body at 11:40 p.m. Monday, Sgt. Titus Tyler of the Hollenbeck Station said.

Homicide detectives found the woman nude in a plastic container that was broke open, Tyler said. Officials say the victim is a Hispanic woman in her 20s with “Love” and “Hate” tattoos on her wrists.

Her body was taken to the coroner’s office where an autopsy will be conducted Wednesday. Police are investigating the case as a homicide.

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  1. sick and tired says:

    I am not surprised that they found a dead body, but the area is Boyle Heights. I live a couple of miles from that area…this area is trash…I am just saving up money to buy a house out of this hell hole…why anyone would want to continue to stay here if they have the chance to get out…just pray that they catch the people that did this to that woman.

  2. concerned says:

    It’s sad and scary that this has happend. Yes, the area is Boyle Heights, Few feet of Lincoin Heights. It is not Ghettoville…. I have lived in the area of Lincoln Heights all my life and Yes there is a rise in police activity in the area.However it has not always been like this.There are good people in the area, good schools,stores that have been around. It’s the change of times, what people have resorted to. The economy is bad, no jobs available. This could have happend in any area…. and yes pray that they catch and find the people that did this.

  3. sick and tired says:

    I grew up in Boyle Heights in the late 80’s and early 90’s..it was worst then..drive by shootings..getting robbed on Brooklyn Ave (now Chavez)…the drugs that were around then made everyone a target towards being a victim. Now it is getting bad again..maybe someone dumped that woman’s body in Boyle Heights because its the closes thing you can get to like a trash disposal site. Yeah the city has some nice areas but the bad areas over shadow the good.

  4. I See! says:

    @ Cut Welfare & Medi-cal

    I concur! That money should be utilized wisely. Perhaps on education to help teach grammar.

    1. Jesus says:

      me ndd my family knew this women she was ind ndd loving hope they r able to catch the ppl that did this

  5. ailec says:

    It’s the people, not the city! I lived in South Central which is worse than Lincoln Heights and East LA, but I went to school in Lincoln Heights. It’s a great place, better than where I live, I’ve never had any problems it’s just the people that make good places look bad!

  6. WIlliam Shakespear says:

    People who are saying this girl is an illegal are just ignorant cant you see a young girl was just murdered what if it was your daughter you stupid ignorant person. Anyway this area is bad its just damn infested with gang members and homeless people along the freeways around lincoln heights and police seem not to care or do anything aBOUT OUR SITUATION HERE. WE NEED TO GO TO CITY HALL AND DEMAND OFFICERS AND DETECTIVES WHO ARE GONNA DEDICATE their time and actually help areas like these. I seen police arrest men or woman selling ice cream or hot dogs trying to make a living, when in reality they should be after killers like the one who murdered michelle. Maybe they dont care maybe theyre scared.

    1. ana says:

      Do you really think that more police will help the drug problem and homelessness. Its a systamatic problem, the drugs dont walk into our communities on their own they are allowed in. People dont live in the streets because they like it. They live there because this capitalistic system only cares about one thing making profit even if its at the cost of its citizens.

      Where are all the jobs, over seas or in Mexico and Central Amrica with NAFTA and CAFTA free trade agreements they can pay slave wages and get away with it.

      More police is not the solution, livable wages, good eduction, affordable housing is what we need.

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