NORTH HILLS (CBS) — The Los Angeles Police Department is unveiling new surveillance cameras in the North Hills area.

KNX 1070’s Jon Baird Reports

Nine wireless cameras will be online 24/7, sending images back to LAPD headquarters, where officials can watch the feeds on large TV screens.

The department says similar cameras have helped officers spot crimes such as hit-and-run crashes, assaults and car thefts.

The cameras are located in the Safer Cities Initiative Area, which is bordered by Nordoff, Roscoe, the 405 Freeway and Van Nuys Boulevard.

The cameras will be used to complement other crime-fighting strategies used by officers, as well as the department’s Gang Reduction-Youth Development staff.

While some residents have voiced concerns about privacy issues, the department says it will be posting signs to alert people that they are being recorded. The department hopes the cameras, which cost $360,000, will also act as a deterrent.

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  1. Big brother says:

    Who the f*&% approves this kind of sh%$. I will be writing letters for sure!!!!! Can you say George Orwell 1984.,….

    1. FreedomAintFree says:

      Because cameras in gang infested areas are a bad thing? These are in public areas where you are already on cameras from various sources, but because the police will use them to catch crooks, it must be bad. If you aren’t a crook, then there is nothing to worry about

      1. Duh! says:

        Well said Freedom.

        Only people planning on committing crimes will oppose this.

      2. Big brother says:

        “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” – Benjamin Franklin.

        One of our founding Fathers- I assume you you think he was a crook?

      3. D says:

        Old Ben didn’t live in modern day LA….

    2. Saber 1 says:

      Should have 50 cals. located on poles through the entire city of LA. The place is little Mexico and the armpit of the state. See someone committing a crime, push a button and 50 cal eliminates the threat. It could be your sorry a$$ it saves someday.

  2. pia says:

    yes, 1984 has finally caught up to us and BIG BROTHER is watching. i see nothing wrong with cameras being installed in these gang related areas. the valley used to be a nice place to bring up children but over the years it has been infested by gangs who are basically made up of illegals. good for the LAPD.

    1. Freedom to Facism says:

      “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” – Benjamin Franklin.

      Well said Big Bro!!

      1. Change says:

        That is the old saying, Benjamin Franklin couldn’t foresee what’s it like hundreds of years later.

      2. Confucious says:

        This is not “essential liberty”, as Ben Franklin quoted. You are interpreting this in the wrong way.

  3. icecream says:

    What privacy concerns can they have in a public place ?
    Crimefighting has to advance to keep averting and prosecuting criminal acts.

    1. judo-cide says:

      while this is a small step…what if they decided to put up survalance EVERYWHERE!….would your backyard be off limits? do you want to know who it is looking at you and your family?….what if someone who has issues happened to be that survailance camera attendant…what if that person..took a special interest in you or your family? …….what if the cameras went down during a power grid fail….and someone killed someone, but thanks to the fact that less cops patrol those streets the criminal got away because the cops couldn’t get there in time.

      1. Change says:

        I rather have the cops on me than the criminals

      2. D says:

        They already can look in your backyard with a camera… it’s mounted on the ghetto bird… Should we get rid of police helicopters now? Simply don’t do anything wrong in the open air where other people can see it.

  4. Susan Jervis says:

    Big Brother – you must be a fool or a criminal – which one it is? I certainly would like to know I can travel on my local streets and know that I am just that much safer – do you have children? I don’t, but I sure would like to know that they have a bigger chance of coming home alive instead of being one of the statistics and being hit by a stray bullet intended for some thug gang member and someone accidentally shot my child or family member – wite all the letters you want, but please with your stupidity you must forget to put postage on your envelope.

    1. judo-cide says:

      maybe you should move out of the “gang infested” town you call home…

  5. Big brother says:

    “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety” – Benjamin Franklin.
    I ashamed of how the majority of people are ignorant and give no respect to there rights. I believe Benjamin said it best.
    I really hope all the comments above are Police propaganda or else this world is going to sh#4 really fast.

    1. judo-cide says:

      sadly i think it’s the latter.

  6. Mrviking says:

    Are these new surveillance cameras being installed for Hit-and run crashes, assaults and car thefts or does the Police Department need more money for moving violations ( taking a red light, No turn on red) hmmm

    1. Not newsworthy says:

      No the lapd Is too lazy to deploy more officers to patrol and get to know the residents do they just rather spend $360,000 of taxpayer $ on cameras, GLORIOUS

      1. Change says:

        City and population are growing and we don’t have enough LAPD to cover the area and that’s why we need these camera. Actually I’m sure the LAPD mix up some dummy camera along with the real one too just to scare off the criminals.

  7. judo-cide says:

    I have to agree with Big Brother…maybe you all like not having your privacy…your identity safe…etc.

    It’s like giving out your social security number for everything just to identify yourself…yeah that information should be confidential between you and the person you gave it too….but there are plenty cases of personal information being leaked.

    maybe you guys are all into getting “chipped” too…you know so you can easily be identified…hey what do you have to worry about…if you are not a criminal and don’t plan on commiting crimes then you have nothing to worry about…right?! maybe tap your phones…who cares!….you aren’t gonna talk about criminal activities are you?

    let’s all belive that our government does nothing wrong..that nothing bad could ever happen…let’s pretend we live in a perfect place..where police officers are angels.

  8. Bebe says:

    Why aren’t there any cameras where the real crime is happening: WALL STREET! It’s three years after these fraud-rampant bankers, traders and hedge fund managers crashed the economy solely to line their own pockets. Why aren’t they in jail? We can never call ourselves serious about crime as long as we let these criminals continue to walk the streets and wreak havoc on our economy.

  9. KeithS says:

    Kind of gives a new meaning to the term “Neighborhood Watch.” Sigh, we are in a world where email and texting have replaced fact-to-face contact and communication so guess it is not surprising we have technology allowing police to do their job without a physical presence. Maybe it is time to change the meaning behind the word cop, it is no longer Constable On Patrol but Camera On Patrol.

  10. Charlie says:

    These cameras are being installed because the LAPD is some of the weakest most poorly trained set of cops in America today. They never “walk a beat” or rarely ever get out of their car. Oh and not to mention that they reach for their gun or taser like a startled cat at the first sign of anything. I have had an officer start to pull out his gun because I was walking around the block in an area that does not get much foot traffic. Rather than spend the money on cameras and equipment, why don’t we spend the money on better recruiting procedures and training for the LAPD. I love the pathetic argument above about only criminals will oppose these cameras. F* what this country has become, and what it will become.

  11. Bebe says:

    I love the idea of using the money for training instead of these cameras, but I think it’s utterly wrong to trash the LAPD. Police work is incredibly tough. You never know what’s waiting right around the corner. These are brave men and women who go into police work — they’re not doing it to get rich. One of the benefits of living in LA is having a strong and conscientious police force. Yes there have been scandals and racism over the years, but whenever you have a body made up of individuals you are going to have bad apples. I think it’s completely wrong to blame them for crime. But I fully support using this kind of money to train them and add to their numbers rather than these cameras.

  12. B. Herder says:

    Hahaha! It took THIS long? ‘Sepulveda’ has been a $hithole for the last 25+ years!

  13. Robert S. says:

    People have brought this on themselves, as society has become rotten. The police are now not an option, but absolutely a stalwart against all the crooked, warped people in society that have no education and no “backbone”!

  14. Thoughtful says:

    Every statistical report shows there is less crime now than in the past 30-40 years. The need for this is suspect and rife with other motives than our safety.

    Writers and thinkers going back to the founders of this country and beyond know the lower-minded tendency to trade in freedom out of fear; that’s why they’ve warned us of this countless times.
    Yet we’re too stupid to listen.
    When you allow those in charge to have control over your life, they will take it.
    When you complain, they will say you wanted it.
    When they come for you, they will say you deserve it.
    And you will.

    Ready to implant that chip? Come on, it’ll only make your kids safer.

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