LOS ANGELES (AP) — Nearly two dozen medical marijuana dispensaries are suing Los Angeles over a planned lottery to determine which clinics remain in business.

The Los Angeles Times says 21 dispensaries sued last week to halt the lottery, a cornerstone in the city’s efforts to stem the proliferation of dispensaries.

The lottery would randomly select 100 dispensaries to remain in business. The lawsuit calls the system arbitrary and unfair.

Dispensary owner Yamileth Bolanos says she could lose her business even though she followed all city directives.

Another suit challenging the lottery was filed in March by a dispensary that’s been barred from participating. The lottery is only open to stores that were open in 2007.

Jane Usher, a special assistant city attorney, says the city disputes the claims in the lawsuits.

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Comments (9)
  1. Joey Courteaux says:

    Steve Cooley is a crook!

    1. Saber 1 says:

      Selling pot regardless the reason is a Federal crime. Sorry, but all drugs should have execution attached to them if they grow, produce or sell. Our children deserve a better way of life.

  2. GuyWhoKnowsStuff says:

    It seems ridiculous that in a state where the economy is in trouble and unemployment is running rampant that the city would waste its time on forcefully closing legal businesses within a booming industry. “Land of the free,” my ass!

    1. Karen says:

      Exactly, and while our city representatives ignore the economy, so do our state legislators, who instead focus on including “gay history” in school curriculums. What a waste they all are.

  3. Deane frankenberger says:

    its a fruit bearing seed bearing plant. tetra hedra cannibis thc. tetrahedrahl geometry governs all life and the universe. god gave it to all, if we base our laws on the bible, then theres no contest. im not proud to be an american anymore, using my money i earn so hard to kill men women and children in other countries, when i struggle just for food shelter and water

    1. Atom&Yves says:

      Although you’re not proud to be an American, you still have the legal right to move anywhere you think is better. Don’t let the door hit you in the @$$ on your way to Utopia.

  4. drozone69 says:

    Just another way zionism is dumbing down society.Get all the kids hooked on “Legal Pot” and watch as our nation continues its slide into a mere player in the global economy controlled by Israel.Kids are so high they will never realize who has swept the rug out from under this nation.

  5. Jaydee says:

    Are you for real? Zionism and pot? Take your anti Semitic conspiracy theories elsewhere and leave sane people alone!

  6. Sean White says:

    What was the outcome of Judge Mohrs ruling on April 29th? I hate how this keeps getting delayed.

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