STUDIO CITY (CBS) — Homemade food with a family atmosphere is the theme of Market City Caffe in Burbank.

The Italian restaurant has been a neighborhood staple for nearly 20 years and features many dishes that are made from scratch everyday.

Market City Caffe’s dishes are created from old family recipes from the owner’s Italian grandmothers.

Market City Caffe, 164 East Palm Ave., is open seven days a week. The restaurant has also expanded to a new location in Las Vegas’ Monte Carlo Hotel.

For more information, visit the restaurant online.

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  1. BikeRider says:

    This location has really gone downhill the last few years. The food has been sub par on at least our last 2-3 visits. The manager has always been accommodating and has comp’d the portion of the meal that wasn’t good, but 2-3 times? That’s enough… There are a 1000 good Italian restaurants in the area. We’ve taken our business elsewhere and are quite happy with the decision.

  2. Italian says:

    Unless you are so desperate to eat and can’t spare 30 seconds to go somewhere else, you can give it a try. But it is just not worth it.

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