FOREST FALLS (CBS/AP)— A bear cub found rummaging through trash was shot and killed by a homeowner in the San Bernardino County community of Forest Falls.

Authorities say three cubs were found going through trash cans in a resident’s driveway about 2 a.m. Thursday morning.

The homeowner killed the 80- to 100-pound yearling with a shotgun. No one was arrested and its not known what happened to the second bear cub.

Fish & Game biologist Kevin Brennan tells the Riverside Press-Enterprise that a female bear and two yearlings were drawn by the smell of garbage, and the shooter claims he was afraid the bear was going to get a buddy who was there.

San Bernardino County sheriff’s spokeswoman Cindy Bachman says deputies got an initial call from a man who said a friend shot a bear in a driveway. The investigation was turned over to a game warden and the shooter’s name was not released.

If the shooting wasn’t justified it could result in a ticket.

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Comments (53)
  1. Will Campbell says:

    A ticket? Wow. Talk about the punishment not suiting the crime.

  2. Matt Woods says:


    1. Bear Hunter says:

      Wow .. That really does prove there IS such thing as a stupid question.

      1. grizzly man says:

        No there really are no stupid questions, just stupid humans like you.

      2. Hunt For Food ONLY says:

        No, what you prove is you CLEARLY admonish kiling when there are better alternatives.

    2. Lisa Brodeen says:

      Um, why shoot at all?

    3. NO FREE SHOOTING says:



    4. Hillbilly Foo says:

      because the 20 pound baby bear could have eaten him alive, what a certified sissy!

  3. rick says:

    let me address SHOOTING IN THE AIR the cubs may have ran off yes but the mother bear would not have its very likely the other cub and mother were also hit and limped off someplace plus it is far more risky to shot any weapon into the air because what goes up has to come down and you can not control the DOWN part of a shot gun blast so i say this home owner did the right thing shooting THE ANIMAL and not into the air

    1. Ciara says:

      Ridiculous. Are you implying that he did not risk the mother coming after him after he shot the cub? What exactly stopped him from staying indoors and calling the authorities? Did he shoot them for their skins? Where are the other bears?
      The least these residents could do is to keep the trash inside until it gets picked up. Otherwise they are looking for trouble.

      1. Hunt For Food ONLY says:

        There are other things that could have been done. That’s the point. This guy wanted to kill the cub.

        Less we forget we are ALL animals, some clearly more intelligent than others. Why so many are obsessed with killing out of blood lust is behyond me. Small people with ungly gratifications

      2. 1234 says:

        I agree. This man live in a area where bears are around and they should learn how to get along with them.

    2. Hunt For Food ONLY says:

      Rick –
      Consider what science tells us in terms of ANIMAL intelligence. Fact is, THESE ANIMALS consideration in terms of the value of their lives. This mans actions were NOT NECESSARY and killing the animal could have been avoided. Do you understand? It’s actualy a pretty simple point my child has no problem with.

      1. david says:

        one adult bear and 2 cubs the cub that is dead was about 80-100 pounds so it is safe to assume the other was also the adult one would have been at the least 200+ pounds so we are lookin at 300+ pounds of NATURALY AGRESSIVE ANIMAL against 2 men and if you read the story the man shot to protect a friend so i call that justified yess its sad the cub died but OH WELL human life out ranks a animal ALL THE TIME GOOD JOB GUN OWNER

      2. Hunt For Food ONLY says:


        Yeah — that’s what recent history tells us here — how many deaths from bear attack when not in the wild hunting them???
        You’re a clown with language skiils. Brainwashed and dried.

  4. Sylvain Cecile says:

    Your moniker says it all…. What a loser…. more people need to start with the likes of your kind!

  5. uFools says:

    He was drunk and wanted beat his wfie for fun but encountered a Cub instead. Coward.

    1. Hunt For Food ONLY says:

      Sadly, probably more truth here than fiction. lol.

  6. civicminded says:

    Are you volunteering? It would clean things up a bit in this state if they took “bright” thinkers like you out.

  7. uFools says:

    Define, “your kind”?

  8. Mikey says:

    It was 2:00 in the morning…what friend was he protecting. The other bear is probably freaking out since it’s sibling was just murdered in front of it by some stupid yahoo with a shotgun. The animal was just trying to survive by finding food. I really hate people like that. And I hate our laws that protect people like that.

    1. bcb says:

      I agree with you Mikey.

    2. Fisherman Dan says:

      Well said and absolutely true

  9. Chuck says:

    Rick, you’re an idiot. Just like this guy. Shooting a bear cub for doing what nature told it to do. Two cowards right here folks.

  10. Dottie says:

    If he locked up his garbage like they are told to then he wouldn’t have had the problem. What was he doing out at 2 a.m. armed with a shotgun. We all chose to move into their territory, live with it or call fish and game.

    1. bcb says:

      Dottie, good point.

    2. SimonSays says:

      Damn good point..

  11. Ella says:

    This “homeowner” makes me sick. What an a@sh%le! Put your stupid trash inside and stop murdering innocent bears. Murderer.

    1. donna says:

      agreed…such an inhumane person

      1. bcb says:

        I’ve got to agree too.

  12. James says:

    Well I guess this guy had to figure out a use for his shotgun…It amazes me the lack of respect people have for life. I could see if someone was actually in danger but the prudent thing in this case to do would have been to call animal control and let them deal with it. I guess though since he figures its legal he might as well shoot it so he could feel like a big guy instead of the little guy he probably is…PATHETIC

  13. drozone69 says:

    This homeowner ios twisted and shall meet a similiar fate.What an A-Hole.Is his trash more importent than the life of an innocent beautifull nearly distinct animal?Do not post his name cause some vigilante will make him feel the same way as the poor cub.A gun is for home protection,was the cub attemping to break in and rob his home or vehicle?This guy needs to be drug tested ASAP!!

  14. Animal Lover says:

    Bring this guy and his friend in my driveway and I’ll shoot them. What a bunch of hillbillies. They should be put in jail!!!!

    1. Diane Garinger says:


  15. Susan Oliver-Jervis says:

    What a blasted A-HOLE….so right, what was he doing with a loaded shotgun at 2:00 am – smoking crack and paranoid that they were coming to get him. Our poor animals are suffering at the hands of EVIL people just like him. They are being tortured and then killed. Stay in your house at night just like you are suppose to when you live in bear country and let these harmless animals live in peace.

  16. PaulY says:

    Please watch The Bear Whisperer Returns on Animal Planet tonite for an eye-opening look at this exact subject and the daily struggle bears go through in trying to co-exist with the encroachment of humans on their natural territory. This is a must-see if you care about our California wildlife.

  17. Will says:

    Why couldn’t the homeowner aim the gun in the air but put his head in front of it so the shot wouldn’t get into the air? At least we wouldn’t have people living where they don’t belong killing baby bears.

  18. K.W. says:

    California bear hunting season is OVER Adolfo and has been over for several months which means that any hunting license for this purpose is invallid making the action illegal.

    This attempt at a comment was a complete failure. . ., .

    1. adolfo says:

      I could care less about the hunting season, if I feel threatened I will shoot the animal. It is just an animal and for people that value the lives of animals over humans… you are a joke!

      1. kurgen99 says:

        Shooting a cub is like shooting a puppy.

      2. FTB says:

        You sound like a childish as a little seventh grade girl smacking your gum hoping someone will think you’re important.

        I’ve met and immediately dismissed simpletons like you. The only significant contribution an idiot like you can have in life is to pick up dog poo in the park for tips.

  19. Thomas Forcade says:

    Maybe the mother will come back and quietly wait for the murderer of her cub to show himself.Then you have natures justice.But Shooting a little bear that could have been easily scared off…Yeah,one day karma’s gonna find you buddy.I promise.

  20. mairop says:

    The homeowner should get a ticket for having his trash accessible to animals and another OR WORSE for shooting the bear. Only an idiot would shoot an animal going through trash. But then again most people that have guns are hunters and back country rednecks that are un-educated, and if you add it all up you have the NRA.

  21. FTB says:

    If this stupidly moronic cousin lovin’ rube had time to go get his rifle, he had time to call his friend into his home for protection. They must have been doing meth to think “Gosh, the most important thing I can do right now is get my gun”.

    The shooter is an insignificant waste of flesh and bears no more importance in the scheme of life than a soiled diaper. He sickens me.

  22. kurgen99 says:

    Looks like a M1A to me, not a shotgun.
    He was seriously afraid of a bear cub?

  23. Stephen Seretan says:

    What a jerk. Killing a baby bear over garbage. Idiots with their guns are totally out of control. What id it were a homeless man? I’ve scared them away by just making noise.

  24. Chris says:

    Illegals go through my trash all the time! can I shoot them???

  25. mtngirl says:

    For u people who think that people are so much more important then animals, you should take a look at the cencus, we way out nuber them, this idiot could have yelled at them and they would have run, all they wanted was something to eat, and there is a law about leaving your trash out, if you don’t like animals stick to the city and stay out of our mountains! I hope the as%h*le gets struck by lightning. And his stupid friend too!

  26. respecting nature says:

    This man was not a homeowner in Forest falls, he was a new renter with no concept of living around nature. We have never had a bear attack and injure any residents here, EVER!… and a banging of a pot or yelling, easily frightens them away. I, like so many up here, have come across bears on numerous occasions in town with no negative consequences. Treat them with respect, keep your distance and never tempt them with food and you wont have a problem. He was ignorant and stupid to have left his trash out, something all of us long time residents know, you should not do. Once again the bear pays the price with his life, for mans stupidity. Its known he was not protecting a friend and was suposidly under the influence of some substance. The latter I do not know for sure but have only heard in town, if it is the case, I hope he gets that ticket and possibly further charges. The town would be happy to see him gone….he will not be missed, the bear will.

  27. Emil Beran says:


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