VENTURA (AP) — Ventura County prosecutors say hundreds of drunken driving convictions could be dismissed because of faulty readings on eight handheld alcohol detection devices purchased earlier this year.

The district attorney’s office has sent memos to attorneys involved in cases that included blood-alcohol tests taken on the erratic machines between Jan. 20 and March 31.

The county bought 128 of the Intoximeter Alco-Sensor V devices at $4,800 each.

Assistant Sheriff Gary Pentis says a defective mouthpiece caused the irregular readings and manufacturer repairs will take about three months.

Chief Deputy Public Defender Monica Cummins says the machines have no evidentiary value in court, but people may have been convicted or pleaded guilty to drunken driving based on erroneous results.

She says some people will have already served time, paid fines or finished community service.

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Comments (4)
  1. alan hart says:

    The gold standard is a blood alcohol test. Breathalyzers are inherently inaccurate and should be banned from use. If the police think a suspect is under the influence,they should take the suspect to a nurse and have a blood draw. Otherwise, they are just guessing..

  2. Sanityforus says:

    Yes BUT will those fines be ‘reimbursed’ ?? Just ask Ms police and I will tell the answer NO NO NO another brilliant buy for the VCPD

  3. drozone69 says:

    Actually they arent Faulty.They were intentionally ordered and manufactured that way.This is actually a whisleblower who spilled the beans.This company has delivered these to hundreds of police agency’s nationwide.5000 each?what a rip-off of my tax money!!

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