LOS ANGELES (CBS) — President Obama is coming to Los Angeles this week to raise funds for his 2012 reelection campaign.

The president is scheduled to hold fundraisers Thursday at a Brentwood restaurant on San Vicente, as well as Sony Pictures Studios in Culver City.

CBS News Political Analyst Dotty Lynch Talks With KNX 1070 About Presidential Trip

The Secret Service is not releasing details about the president’s motorcade, but West Los Angeles streets will likely be congested. Officials warn that traffic in West Los Angeles will likely be congested from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Immigration activists are planning to protest Obama’s deportation policies.

KNX 1070’s Claudia Peschuitta talked with Westside LA Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who said he wants to make sure that traffic and parking are affected as little as possible as the President travels around Culver City.

“It’s going to be in my District. He’s going to a restaurant there called the Tavern. But he is gonna take the chopper to the VA Property. I applaud that – that means getting there will be easier than it could have been,” Rosendahl said.

“We’ve made it very clear to the White House that their voters here are not just donors and we all care about our own lives as well as his life and so gridlock is one of our biggest problems on the Westside. They are showing sensitivity,” he added.

Real time freeway conditions are available on CBSLA.com. City of Los Angeles street conditions are available here.

Comments (27)
  1. Hollywood Mark says:


    1. Saber 1 says:

      He’s preaching to the young first time voters and uninformed Americans. See ILLEGAL ALIENS couldn’t afford the 38,000.00 per person fund raiser, he’ll just them BOTTOM FEEDERS a pass right before the election if the polls show him behind. That is why he hasn’t closed the borders yet, he needs more voters.

  2. bcb says:

    I dread this. My son’s elementary school is 3 blocks away from Sony’s Studios and I have to pick him up at the time the fundraiser takes place as Sony. UGH!! Not looking forward to the traffic nightmare.

  3. Truther says:

    Today is 4/20 and Obama is just happening to be here tomorrow. See the connection?

    1. Will Ballentine says:

      No, no I don’t….

    2. Rense.com says:

      Totally, Truther. The sheep of society will claim ignorance however.

  4. mythica says:

    Actually, no. Could you please explain? Why does our president care about our state’s 420 drama?

  5. swhitS says:

    He’s fundraising on the taxpayer dime while he should be working and fixing this country.
    Anyone else and they would be fired.

  6. Jesse R says:

    Ridiculous…the traffice will be unbearable.. Why does he even have to come to Los Angeles to raise money? Limo Liberals on the Westside will blindly give him funds for reelection. And why not on a Saturday or Sunday? It’s going to take hours to get home for something that has nothing to do with us regular taxpaying citizens.

    1. Pita says:

      Because he is star struck

  7. Robert S. says:

    His shift is halfway finished, and so is the country if trends continue as the are. Going from 11 billion down to 7 billion barrels of oil is not to smart when the country is trying to “recover from the depression we are in ain’t so smart, thats for sure. The oil companies own Washington, and its stuff like this that is killing off the economic recovery, along with other stupid stuff!

  8. Everyday Guy says:

    Portions of the country have suffered natural disaster and he hasn’t gone there. Gas approaching 5 bucks a gallon and he responds with silence. His promise of unemployment not rising above 8% a lie. I trust the morons that voted for this inexperienced, immature man-child are happy with their “hope and change.”

    1. bigsky says:

      Since the time of slavery, one of the most ugly, bigoted and persistent stereotypes of blacks is that they are childlike and lack the capacity for serious, adult thought.

      I frequently read comments like yours that refer to our President as a “man-child’ despite the fact that his intelligence, education, experience, actions and grace are anything but childlike. You can disagree with his policies and ideas but to claim that our President is a “man-child” only exposes your deep-seeded racism.

  9. Darius says:

    I am a white man who voted for Obama because he is an intelligent leader. McCain would have been a greater disaster!

  10. Norman says:

    It’s rediculous. The last time he was in town, traffic everywhere was gridlocked. I called Sony Studios to find out what time it ends, and they refuse to give out any information. Typical.

  11. Greg a.k.a. GODSWIZARD says:

    To Darius….and all other Leftists in general whether their skin color is white, black, red, blue, green, or a not too offensive, yet pleasant shade of lavender. I am a white male married to Dedra, above. You said, “….because he is an intelligent leader.” Ha–Ha–It is to laugh. Obama–Wan is about an intelligent a Presidential leader as a tree stump. (I’m sorry if I have offended any tree stumps with my comparison)

  12. Ron says:

    Greg, are you implying McCain/Palin would have led us to avoiding the disaster we did better than Obama?

    Ok, how would they have done that? Also, if Obama is as intelligent as a tree stump why are you writing about him? He sure isn’t writing about you!

    Since you are sooo brilliant why don’t you run against him? I’m sure we need a brilliant man like you running this country and managing all the issues we inherited from the Republicans!

  13. Greg a.k.a. GODSWIZARD says:

    Ron….calm down and join us here in *Reality*. You’ll like it after awhile. 🙂

  14. drozone69 says:

    Puppet,appease your masters.We put you in office,now play the part and bring us our money!!

  15. Dedra says:

    Ha! I think Ron lives in an alternate universe where common sense is evil, no one believes in personal accountability (Obama likes to blame others for his failires, and the Money fairy really exists (aka printing American currency like it’s Monopoly money.)

  16. Greg a.k.a. GODSWIZARD says:

    Look Ron….I bear you no ill will….all I know is that my wife Dedra (who is black, who works where Obama–Wan is fundraising, who is going to be BRUTALLY LATE in her arrival home tomorrow night after work because of Obama–Wan, and who made a comment post earlier in the day, but has had it removed for *CBS Local News Message Board Moderation* even though she said NOTHING remotely vulgar or offensive, but had the “guts” to speak up and voice the opinion of a black woman who DID NOT vote for Obama—Wan and has the “guts” to voice her mind as opposed to Leftist and Democrat sensibilities). I am merely upset because Obama–Wan is going to make her late….again. She was four hours late the last time he was here. Ugh….

  17. Johnny says:

    Why is there there so much hate out there?

  18. sammy says:

    I’ll bet there would only be a few comments to this article if it was only about the traffic mess that happens when the President is in town. Instead, most of them are griping that President Obama is town, period. I wonder if these same shallow minded people would gripe or post a complaint about the traffic mess if it was their hero Sarah Palintheass that was visiting instead of President Obama?

    To answer your question, Johnny, there is so much hate out there because most of the people commenting still can’t accept the fact that a black man is president. You never heard boo out of them when Bush was in town and he caused a traffic jam, did you? ‘Nuff said….

  19. Val says:

    Geez, People! It’s your own neighborhood. You should already know the back streets to avoid it. if you don’t, GET A MAP!

    As one of the people who makes their living driving those “Limo Liberals”, I can tell you that I have to go to both locations and I CAN READ A MAP!!!

  20. Greg a.k.a. GODSWIZARD says:

    Sammy said, “To answer your question, Johnny, there is so much hate out there because most of the people commenting still can’t accept the fact that a black man is president.” Wow….Sammy….did you bother reading any of my three posted comments? I am a white man married to the love of my life, a black woman. I could care less if Obama–Wan’s skin is black, white, red, yellow, green, blue, maroon, purple, or khaki. I dislike the man (and his accompanying fund raising traffic jams) because he is an incompetent, pus–brained, racist, Leftist. That’s why I detest him. He should go back to that all important Community Organizing position he had in Chicago. At least he can’t drive the nation into a Socialist;s wet dream of a bankrupt third world America. Oh wait….too late. Happy now Sammy? Tell you what Sammy….improve those reading comprehension skills and report back to the *CBS Local News Message Board* when you’ve figured out how to interpret my posted comments, and their non–racist positions. OH BTW Sammy….Dedra says, “HI.”

  21. Everyday Gal says:

    Such a DOUBLE standard. Every president, senator and congressman/woman, goes to various cities to fundraise. And they are all on the taxpayer dime. So by your standards, all of them should be fired.

    Personal accountability comes from cleaning up a mess you made. We had 8 years of unprecedented spending on two wars, one of which I still don’t know why we went into the first place, and reduced taxes. The math doesn’t compute. So the previous president left a mess for the current president to fix. Yet everyone wants to some how wave a magical wand to fix everything in 2 years. That not common sense. Or reality.

    No one disagrees that the spending over the last several decades is untenable. We have to make serious decisions on reforming three big buckets: defense, social security and medicare/medicaid.

    In terms of gas prices, that is based on the market, not the U.S. government. Speculators are driving up the price of oil. Perhaps this is a wake-up call that Americans need to learn how to conserve more, use less.

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