STUDIO CITY (KCAL9) — Do you suffer from Glaucoma? If so, Dr. David Richardson could have the cure.

Dr. Richardson visited the KCAL9 studios Wednesday to talk about Glaucoma and a new surgery he is offering to patients.

The FDA recently approved a procedure called “Canaloplasty,” which is a sight-saving, breakthrough surgery for those who suffer from the disease.

For more information about Canaloplasty, click here.

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  1. Gill says:

    I didn’t realize this was a link to an advertisement instead of being an article with actual information.

    1. David Richardson, MD says:

      The site KCAL 9 linked to was created by me in order to answer the questions my patients were asking about this new procedure. The information on it is objective, supported by peer-reviewed published research. There just is not much out there online regarding this procedure. Another site you might be interested in visiting, however, would be the iScience website

      Sorry you felt the link was an advertisement. If you can find a more objective site with more detailed and comprehensive information, please post it for the benefit of all.

  2. pmbelair says:

    Who is Dr Richardson and where does he work out of? I hope KCAL 9 checked out this Canaloplasty to be sure it is safe.

    1. Eyeguy says:

      Canaloplasty is safe and effective. The 3 year results of an international study were just published, showing good, sustained pressure control and a safety profile better than the traditional glaucoma surgery, trabeculectomy. More than 15,000 canaloplasty surgeries have been performed world-wide with few complications.

  3. John Davidson, MD says:

    I have known Dr. Richardson since he was in high school. He is a Harvard graduate, and an excellent, well qualified eye surgeon.

    John Davidson, MD
    Assistant Clinical Professor
    Jules Stein Eye Institute

  4. George Hamilton says:

    The British Journal of Ophthalmology published a study in Nov 2010 in which they concluded that “Canaloplasty produced a sustained long-term reduction of IOP in black Africans with POAG independent of preoperative IOP. As a bleb-independent procedure, canaloplasty may be a true alternative to classic filtering surgery, in particular in patients with enhanced wound healing and scar formation.” (Grieshaber 2010)

  5. Ara says:

    I found this video post from Doctor Richardson quite informative and educational, I myself do not suffer from an eye illness such and glaucoma or cataract, but I do appreciate his educational information, the more we are aware of what our bodies are capable of the more we can be prepared for such future events, I applaud doctor Richardson for his time and knowledge, think of it this way some doctor put the time to spread there knowledge around and rather be on a golf course somewhere. Bravo Doctor Richardson.

    1. Sheila Mano says:

      Personally I find the interview itself too short to be informative. More like a teaser if you ask me. But I do find his site full of highly educational articles. His facts are well substantiated – which, in my opinion, makes it an excellent reference for those who require glaucoma treatment. I find this especially helpful Also whereas other doctors’ sites give vague testimonials, Dr. Richardson actually has videos of his patients sharing their experiences.

      I do agree with you Ara. I applaud those who take the time and effort to help educate others. I guess that’s why Dr. Richardson has received so many Super doctors/ top doctors awards!

  6. Stephen C. Wong, M. D. says:

    I refer patients to Dr. Richardson and have been very impressed with his integrity and medical practice. My patients have also been very happy with his services.

  7. Gill says:

    Would this operation be better in your opinion than an Istent, My surgeon is considering trab for me as I have asthma & having trouble with eyedrop medication.

    1. David Richardson, MD says:

      The iStent has been shown in clinical trials to lower IOP. However, the IOP reduction is nowhere near as great as with either trabeculectomy or canaloplasty. One key factor to consider when choosing your first glaucoma surgery is what cannot be done later depending on what initial surgery is chosen. For example, with an iStent or trabeculectomy, you would not be a candidate for later canaloplasty. However, most surgeries (including the iStent and trabeculectomy) can be performed after canaloplasty.

  8. Gill says:

    Ive made a comment, but I dont want to subsribe to anything, how do I get off the site, can I unsubscribe. help, this is a work email!

  9. Monterey Park Optometry says:

    This is a great video discussing Glaucoma and the new procedure.

    If you want to learn more about Glaucoma:

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