SIMI VALLEY (CBS) — Authorities say they’ve arrested a man who stormed his ex-girlfriend’s Simi Valley home, beat and kidnapped her.

Rashaun Bailey, 27, took 24-year-old Keisha Marshall from her home in the 2600 block of Bloom Street, according to the Simi Valley Police Department.

Police tell CBS 2’s Jeff Nguyen that Bailey is now in custody. Police said they were in contact with Marshall, and that she would be taken to the hospital for her minor injuries.

Police say a relative was home with Marshall at the tim

e and that a trail of blood was left behind.

Bailey, who drives a 2000 white Ford Crown Victoria with Texas license plate BC5B700, was believed to be heading to Dallas. Simi Valley police say he may have also driven a gold Kia SUV with Texas license plates.

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  1. ILLEGALS says:

    A trail of blood was left behind.. Probably not a good ending.

  2. WH Jones says:

    Do you think he took her back to Mexico?

    1. Gomez says:


    2. JJ says:

      Oh yeah, because the name “Rashaun Bailey” is VERY Mexican…Ignorant Jones, if that is even your real name.

    3. LuvLeeRita says:

      No you moron. He was headed to Dallas, USA. Why don’t you read the report before you come up with some stupid racists remark. It’s not at all funny.

  3. Real Native says:

    Wow. You guys truly need help.

    1. LuvLeeRita says:

      Just so sick of the racists comments. Funny because most of these people would never talk like this to your face but behind their computers and anonymity they cut loose, It’s so sad.

  4. RAY says:

    Who ruined your ability to spell?

    1. drozone69 says:

      sex wtih yuor mmaa so good it lfet me sutipd.

  5. moe says:

    thank goodness she was found with only minor injuries. the guy’s in jial. good ending.

  6. moe says:

    wish we had immunity from idiots like you, but alas, you still irritate us like a canker sores.

  7. Purple says:

    your stupid!!!!!

  8. simi re says:

    The story was scary and she is going to be ok. However, I laughed for 5 minutes at the comments people left. Now thats entertinment!

  9. bocanegra says:

    Y’all troll like a bunch of amateurs

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