LOS ANGELES (AP) — Los Angeles police say a man has been critically wounded in a weekend shooting at the crowded Venice boardwalk.

Sgt. Felipe Vasquez tells the Los Angeles Times that a man in his 20s was shot in the head Sunday. No arrests have been made.

Authorities say the crowd at the famous beachfront walk was swelled by Twitter posts urging people to gather at local basketball courts.

After the shooting, witnesses say hordes of people scattered through the neighborhood, with some hiding in shops and others running for bus stops.

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Comments (16)
  1. Kenneth Howell says:

    Will California hurry up and make it legal to carry guns, so that we can protect ourselves.

    1. Bob Dole says:

      and that will only give people more reasons to shoot, legalize cannabis and we wont have the need to carry guns

      1. moe says:

        Bob Dole, can I be your friend? I agree wholeheartedly. Legalize cannabis and there will be less violence around the world for so many different reasons. Cannabis could be our salvation. It will not only stop a lot of the violence in Mexico, it will also create income for the state, the US, give people jobs and income, and people will smile a hella-lot more. Of course, smoke responsibly, like don’t drive under the influence, and don’t forget the cookies in the oven. I have and burnt cookes taste terrible. 🙂

    2. moe says:

      great, just what we need, scared, untrained civilians walking around with guns. more people will die, especially kids, because there are few adults who are responsbile enough to own a gun. everyone will be shooting everyone because we are a scared, spoiled, society. anyone who approaches you will be a target, not because they are a threat, but because you believe them to be a threat. “oh, my mistake, i thought he was gonna kill me because he’s black or mexican, so i shot him first.” good luck on that.

      1. Gordo says:

        Moe, I suppose your extensive research led you to believe that concealed weapons permits would be handed out to untrained people. And naturally these untrained people would target kids. Let’s face it, you don’t like guns and you don’t think anyone should have them to defend themselves. You want everyone to be a victim like you. I prefer to arm myself for my own defense, but would not shoot into a crowd of people. No one trained with firearms would.

      2. Lee Roys says:

        We will be able to carry guns as soon as we have wild klife threathening animals running around in our cities- wolves, lions, blah blah. leave the guns to the officers.

  2. dorris says:

    What would you do with a gun in that situation?
    Open fire in a crowd and apprehend the suspect like jack bauer?

  3. MIchael says:

    Yea. i live in LA and if you’ve ever been yo Venice beach you know that it’s crowded..especially on the weekend. If we were allowed to carry handguns and everyone started firing back can you imagine the results….stupid thing to even think of.

    1. Logic says:

      … then the beach would ve less crowded…

    2. Jared says:

      Over 75% of the country allows concealed weapons, I have yet to read of an OK corral “shoot-out” involving a concealed weapon permit holder. I have yet to read of a permit holder that shot at cops during the commission of a crime or just shoot a cop because they didn’t like their speeding ticket. I have yet to read of a permit holder. I realize most here in calif find guns scary but like we do with most children we need to ignore their hooting & holaring.

  4. Will Tulsa says:

    Legalize marijuana? isn’t it already? Have you BEEN to Venice beach? you can’t walk 5 minutes without someone offering you a Kush card to buy marijuana. it is SO EASY to get marijuana, it is not about marijuana. its not about gun control. It is about education. to teach people to work for a living instead of the easy way out. there are bad people out there who use guns in a bad way. we need to educate children to live their dreams, instead if stealing it from others.

  5. upyours says:

    I’m waiting for that dumba$$ pu$$y Greg Rodmy to show up and whine.

  6. Greg Rodmy says:

    Hey honey, I’m home. What’s for dinner?

    1. upyours says:

      Obviously, you already had your balls for lunch, dumba$$ pu$$y.

  7. Cruiser says:

    If more people legally carried guns, people would think twice about hurting another. Of course to legally carry a gun, gun courses and training are mandatory. Many think that legally carrying a gun is going to be chaos, but actually it’s the complete opposite. Illegal carry is what is leading to chaos.

    1. upyours says:

      Right, and while you’re thinking twice about your legal gun the banger with the illegal one blows your head off, dumba$$. Or, are you saying that morons with legal guns will think twice about shooting each other? I’m all for legalising ccw, I really want to see the Keystone Cops routine when a bunch of “trained” overpaid incompetent moron cops, who kill someone holding a garden nozzle, pull up to a scene with a bunch of morons carrying guns who think they can shoot and the pu$$y bangers who just shoot. Probably, wouldn’t stop laughing for a month … until the next incident.

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