UPDATES:  Two of three burglary suspects were caught this afternoon in a containment in Diamond bar that also resulted in the lockdown of Lorbeer middle school.  A contingent of special weapons team members and seven police dogs spotted blood on the rear window of a home on Gold Rush Drive and called for the occupants to surrender.  It was determined the original man and woman suspects were in the attic
and they were soon taken into custody.

Police were searching for at least three suspects wanted in a residential burglary in Diamond Bar. Officers were unclear if the suspects are armed.

lorbeer lockdown Lorbeer Middle School Locked Down During Burglary Suspect Search

(credit: CBS)

Authorities enforced a partial lockdown at Lorbeer Middle School as they continued the investigation. The lockdown was lifted around 5 p.m.

According to School Superintendent Richard Martinez, students were being released to their parents with proper identification. Students who walk home from school have been asked to stay on campus.

Martinez said student safety is his top priority.

If you have any information about the suspects, you are urged to contact the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department at 909-595-2264.

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Comments (22)
  1. Kristian Saenz says:

    i go to this school and i was locked in their for an hour, our school gets out at 2:15 and i got out at 4. luckily we got to take out our phones and contact our parents saying that we are ok. my friends told me that as of now they are still in the building .

  2. someone says:

    i go to this school and my last class was pe.. lockdown happend and i finally got out iafter 2 hours…. the suckyoart is that i cant get my stuff in the locker rooms

    1. Esther Kim says:

      i go to this school and i was in history class…we had to lock all the doors and turn off the lights..i got out at 5:20…wow i was in the school for like 9hrs…

  3. anthony says:

    i had p.e when this happened it was sorta fun just hanging out but i couldnt get my stuff so… i gues no homework

  4. Joe says:

    I live by this school. Police and TV helicopters have been hovering our neighborhood since noon. Police sirens are everywhere. Diamond Bar is very peaceful. It is unfortunate that burglaries are on the rise lately.

  5. john says:

    its wasnt a partial lockdown it was a full lockdown the kids needed their parents to get them.. so the new person was wrong about that.. kids are still there waiting for there parents

  6. John says:

    the school was on full lockdown not a partial one.. the new reporter was wrong about that. kids are still there waiting for their parents.

  7. somebody says:

    yeh during lockdown i was in the gym……… we were just messing around…. and i did the karate kid stand and this dude named anthony kicked me in the leg

    1. anthony says:

      haha still hurt

  8. Tom Bauer says:

    It was a full lockdown, the lockdown started at 1:45 and last for 3-4 hours when parents released us. I was in lang arts class when this happened, i was in there for 2 1/2 hours.

  9. grail says:

    partial lockdown, a full lockdown would not have let parents come to pick you up until eveything had benn cleared and would not have alowed bathroom breaks, &c. lockdown lasted from 1:45 until 5:35

  10. Sophia Arnold says:

    Yeah the lock down was boring staying after school 2 to 3 hours isn’t something most of us lorbeer students are used to but once we found stuff to do while waiting for are parents it was kinda enjoyable.

  11. Marina says:

    My Nephew Christopher H. goes to lorbeer he did not get to go home till after 5pm, his Dad waited a couple hours, He said some kids had to go to the bathroom and they would not let them go. he said it was cool at first Then he wanted to go home.Christopher”s Dad had to pick up one of his friend Esmarina, because both of her parents work.what a nghtmare for the kids that had no one to pick them up

  12. Nicole says:

    i am a lorbeerian.. and the lock down for me was confusing because the “supervisors” were calling my name for 1 hour! and i didnt hear it because the class i was in.. speaker was broken D; and every time it came on. it would make a loud squeak. so i left around 5:40. and i was yelled at and got in trouble by the supervisors because it was my fault the speaker was broken -___- like really? and they should have been much more organized ! 😉

  13. guadalupe says:

    I my son goes to lorbeer and i am a very happy parent,but didnt what was going on because i gotta home my son was’nt home and then i got so worry and it was already 5pm and at 5;30 was when i got the the phone call and went straight to pick him upand thats when i found what was going on. but thank god we r save!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Barbara says:

    Lorbeer Middle School students have disgraceful language arts and spelling skills.

    1. Hi says:

      It sounds like they are just talking and write as they would text. I didn’t know that these students were writing an essay for someone like you who is so perfect.

  15. nick says:

    sux for everybody who goes to that school.. hope things are all good now

  16. BRI BRI says:


  17. Darla Co says:

    I was in mr andrews awesome history class when it happened! It was scary at first but got fun when we brought out our phone and snacks! 😀 Kewl experience

  18. bob dinaro says:

    we lorbeeerians dont hav baad speeing sk8illz we are just awesome

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