WOODLAND HILLS (CBS) — A sign inside The Dodger’s Clubhouse at the Westfield Topanga Mall in Woodland Hills is stirring up controversy with baseball fans.

“Unbelievable, unbelievable,” said shopper Jon Crowley. That was his reaction to a store sign that reads, “No Discounts To Giant’s Fans.”

“It’s incredibly insensitive to have something like this up inside a store, in light of the fact that this guy is laying in a hospital bed in a coma,” Crowley said.

The Giant’s fan that Crowley was talking about is Bryan Stow. The father of two was beaten in a parking lot after the March 31 season opener and remains hospitalized in Los Angeles. No arrests have been made.

Just before the attack, Stow, wearing a Giants jersey, had texted a family member to say he feared for his safety in the raucous, pro-Dodger crowd.

Crowley said the store’s sign is extremely insensitive. He asked store employees to remove the sign, but his request was ignored.

The sign has since been removed. The store manager had no comment.

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Comments (35)
  1. Decent American says:

    Why hasn’t the manager been fired? This proves that my move from a Dodgers fan to an Angel’s fan was a good one.

    1. jonn says:

      no one like the angels. they dont deserve to have los angeles in their names. theres only one la team . go dodgers

      1. Saber 1 says:

        Angels are so far from the toilet of LA. You can have the Dodgers, I still call them the Anaheim Angels. I at least I can go to game and not worry about getting the tar beat out of me or my friends and most everyone at Angel games are civil and speak Engli$h.

      2. James says:

        your right, the Angels should go back to Anaheim because no team should be brought down to the dodgers level be putting the LA in front of there name. What do you mean nobody likes the Angels!?! If some fans from my team put someone in the hospital i would not be proud at all, but thats coming from a decent person, I dont know what you would do?

    2. Bob says:

      Why should he get fired. the sign is a joke. They dont even sell giants gear at dodger stadium and nothing is ever discounted at dodger stadium. Hence the sign is funny. hahaha just trying to teach you humor. Oh wait your an angels fan thats pretty funny. Dodgers !!!

    3. mikk says:

      ANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) — A Buena Park man has died from injuries suffered during a fight on Opening Day at Angel Stadium on Monday. Opening day 2009
      Yeah sure sounds like the angeles are that much better. They beat the dodgers fans to it by two years, They sure are civil fans that speak english

      1. Justme says:

        A couple things; The angels are the only team native to L.A. hence they have just as much if not more of a right to represent the name that los doyers, that fight quoted here was an accident, the man fell down the stairs and hit his head. He was not attacked from behind, he was not fighting multiple people, and was not a fan of a clearly superior team in the case of the Giants and Dodgers. they Dodgers need to raise the ticket prices and get rid of the half off or cheaper beer promotions and the wrong crowd will stop attending the games. The whole sign story is not relevant to the hospitalization of the giants fan in question and thus is not news. This is a game and assaulting a fan because he represents a rival team is ludacris, Go Angels, dodgers GO back to NY

      2. justmewrong says:

        Dodgers predate the angels by three years in the league. Los Angeles didnt want to pay for a stadium so they moved to anahiem away from la.Sports team usually dont keep there old citys name when they move do they . Los angeles didnt want them then and still dont want them. The angels guy died in a fight when he fell and hit his head, sounds pretty much the same situation. One side always insights a fight and there is never a acceptable reason for the fight. There are jerks at both stadiums and there is no excuse for both attacks. There is a huge gang population around anahiem as well ,open you eyes justme. They are everywhere. The situation had nothing to do with the sports rivalry it was some jerk gang members trying to act tough. The dodgers team logo and giants are used by rival mafia, and dodger stadium is located in one of the major hotspots of the mafia that wears dodgers. Maybe the 100’s of police used to patrol the stadium would be better used attacking the problem around the stadium. Lapd police academy is located right in the middle of this area and they have no control of there own backyard.
        the angeles have bars located right across the street from the stadium where there fans get plastered before the games for cheap and the beer was cheaper in the angeles stadium last time i went and there were plenty of drunk people all around that place too. You just want to think the problem is only at the dodger game but it is everywhere. They banned alcohol at the rose bowl and now the spectators pregame way more, and now you see people passing out all over the place in the first quarter. It was never that bad before the alcohol ban in the Rose Bowl

      3. James says:

        justmewrong… yes there are gang members everywhere but i have been to about 20 angels games and have seen 1 fight that lasted about 3 seconds, i went to 1!!! dodger game and there were 3 fights, im not arguing that angels fans are perfect but I am saying that angels stadium it is a much safer place than dodgers stadium.

  2. Crazy Irish says:

    Why is this even a story. Big deal a sign that is talking about the Dodgers giants rivalry is nothing to make a big deal about. Everyone knows that the guys who attacked the giants fan from behind are punks. This sign at the store should not be news story, the Dodgers horrible ownership should be.

  3. over it says:

    i was at this store 4 days before opening day and the sign was already there
    it is extremely sad what happened, but there’s a point where a person is too sensitive to any little thing. when giant fans chant BEAT LA are they referring to the beating of LA natives??

    1. Kim Greene says:

      Glad you are over it you idiot – this is called BEING COMPASSIONATE – wait, I’ll give you a minute to go look it up.

      1. mdj19819 says:

        I should take you to a dodger game so you can sit back relax have a beer, try one of those new doyer dogs and enjoy life unstead of attacking others. Oh i wouldnt want you at a dodger game you might attack some one. Compassion is saying i feel sorry for that man and i donated money at dodger stadium what did you do, call a stanger an idiot and express hate towards others. still dont like the giants.

    2. James says:

      over it… speaking of being sensitive to every little thing, of course they make it sound that way, they are trying to intimidate you but if anybody is taking things to seriously its the dodger fans, beating up these guys for just plainly supporting there team, there hometown team to be more specific

  4. puro pedo says:

    viva los doyers!!!!!

      1. Tony F. says:

        Saber1, How soon you have forgotten that a fan DIED at after an Angels game in 2009. Is that your selective memory?

  5. Kim Greene says:

    Well then you are typical of what’s wrong with people.

    1. mikk says:

      no pretty sure your the problem with people kim, its called a rivalry and pretty much the whole purpose of sports. Thats why we like the game. Booooooo Giants. Goooooo Dodgers. go to hell you jerks that beat up that guy.

  6. mark says:

    The Dogers have been on a down hill for sometime now and so are their Fans Sad sad sad Wait special Order 40 City of Los Angeles great job Mr Mayo great job Chef Beck mexefornia goldel state gone

  7. drozone69 says:

    Manager of the store is hispanic,this is the mentality if the new MUD race so prevailing in th USA,Goh Doyers!!


    Let’s give L.A. a discount and get rid of the illegals.
    So now that precedent has been set can I put up a sign in my store that says……
    “no discounts to illegals”

    1. Saber 1 says:

      LMAO. Good one Buddy, I’ll drink to that.

  9. Mel Gibson says:

    If I were a Giants fan and I went to a Dodger game I would not wear Giant shirts to the game unless I was a really a Bad Ass Dude. Just Common sense on my Part

    1. James says:

      i believe that is the point we are trying to make, at angels stadium there are many people wearing many different jerseys but you wouldnt dare do that at dodgers stadium

  10. Mel Gibson says:

    yea I know too many a’s

  11. The truth says:

    Ok…that sign has been up in the store for a long time. It’s a joke!!! Take it as one! What happened to Brian is wrong and really sad. But just because you have a sign joking about a historical rivalry doesn’t mean you have to take it to this crazy level. When I was there Giants fans were joking about that sign! I really don’t understand why someone would find this offensive? The sign did NOT say beat up giants fans!! Geez!! Move on. Take this energy and pray for Brian and for the police to catch those jerks who did this to him!

  12. XOXO says:

    Wow, I’m glad I don’t like baseball!

  13. John says:

    It’s called common sense. The sign is allright in normal times but at least for a little bit it should have been taken down. No one is saying to let go of the rivalry at all. Dodger management seems to be lacking comon sense.

  14. deddog says:

    Angel Stadium is full of RATS! The real ones and those that call themselves “Fans”.

  15. MNB says:

    IT SHOULD NOT MATTER WHAT YOU WEAR TO A GAME!!!! Regardless if it’s home field or not! People need to stop acting like barbarians and just enjoy the game!!! Rivalry is normal and why many of us enjoy watching sports but when a sensless act of violence is committed by two mindless individuals (who I would not even give the acknowledgement of calling them “fans”) it is not ok or should be condoned as such!

    It could have been anyone who was attacked that night! It could have been your brother, your dad, your best friend, your husband etc. But its our friend who is laying in a coma and it is offensive and disrespectful to put any sort of blame on Bryan and his family, so please put the blame where blame is due! No, not to the REAL fans who bleed dodger blue or any one who wants to wear black in orange in LA. 

    Going back to the store…let’s have some class and maybe a little respect! 

  16. Ranee says:

    It’s sad what happen to Brain, and may God be with him and his family and friends at this time. But, the young people working in the stores trying to make a living are not responsible, take it up with the corp. big wigs! Any action against the employees is as senseless as the violence taken against

  17. topanga mall dodgers clubhouse managers big sister says:

    first of all the store manager could not remove the sign without corporate’s permission…not HER call…also she is not hispanic-lmao-and finally, ppl who call the store and threaten her life and the life of the other employees are just as narrow minded and morally disgusting as the ppl who put Brian in a coma. this is just ridiculous…and by the way-these signs hang in ALL Dodgers Clubhouse stores nationwide so why don’t u ppl take a look @ the stores where u live? Grow up!

  18. topanga mall dodgers clubhouse managers big sister says:

    @kim greene-U R AN IDIOT…GROW UP!

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