LOS ANGELES (AP) — A male fan has been taken away on a stretcher after being struck by a foul ball hit by St. Louis Cardinals slugger Matt Holliday in a game against the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The fan was sitting along the right-field line Saturday night when he was hit in the third inning. Umpire crew chief Joe West briefly stopped the game while the man was attended to before being carried off.

The Dodgers said the man was taken to a hospital, but they declined to provide any further information, citing privacy laws.

Dodgers first baseman James Loney said he heard a popping sound when the ball struck the man.

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  1. gramma Dodger fan says:

    I was there. He was hit very hard. It was frightening. It took a LONG time for them to take him away. We were too far away to see much except that he was unconscious.

  2. Enough with always blaming Mexicans. says:

    I’m curious where you learned that most of the people committing crimes at Dodger games are Mexican. FYI… Latino does not automatically mean being Mexican. Just like Asian does not automatically mean being Chinese. It’s not fair to put everyone into the same bin, right?

    1. Saber 1 says:

      FBI stats states that Mexicans were the cause of over 73% of the crimes committed at the stadium. Read a paper, OC Register will give the facts.

    2. John Q. says:

      correction…most of the crimes are committed by Latinos.

    3. Kim says:

      Danny Ginsburg is a Mexican.

  3. sam says:

    You are just as bad as the person you describe for wishing ill-will on someone else. Grow up.

    1. Everyday Guy says:

      You sir are an idiot. Likely one of the uneducated cretins I spoke of. Yes, it is perfectly right for me to wish ill on troublemakers in our midst. Now, get off the computer, pick up your mop and get back to work.

  4. Sam says:

    You’re mentally ill.

  5. Busdriver7332 says:

    The guy was directly below us. From what the ushers told us the guy wasn’t watching the game and got knocked out by the line drive. Sitting in those seats you have to be alert during game play. I hope he is alright. He looked like a guy in his 40’s.

  6. Danny Ginsburg says:

    I’m the guy who got hit with that ball; I’m recuperating and thankfully it’s not as severe as it seemed at the time. I’m not a Mexican gangster; just a specialty beverage purveyor who sells “MexiDietColaLight”. I was taking a photo of my brother & my niece & nephew when the ball hit me from my left side. It knocked my Dodger cap off and while the first baseman may have heard a “crack” it was more of a “slam” for me! Anyway, when they carried me away on the stretcher I still had part of a peanut in my mouth that I had been eating; we went to Frist Aid and then to the hospital for stitches and I was able to go home at midnight. It was unfortunate to have to miss the game and to have brought my brother there for his birthday along with my visiting cousins from CT and my wife and niece & nephew for a fun family outing and have it end that way. But I suppose it’s like getting hit by lightning; I always have wondered how nobody gets hit in the head by a baseball and now I know it does happen. Since I’m the guy who sells Fitz’s Root Beer from St Louis here in L.A. I’ll have to tell my supplier that one of the guys from his team hit me with a baseball 🙂

    1. Crystal says:

      Glad to see it wasnt that bad. I’ve had a baseball hit so close to my head it touched my hair. Scarey!

    2. Josh Butts says:

      Are you the one who is being interviewed on youtube about Rootbeer? Well I’m glad your okay. When you hear the ball hit from the bat it’s only a few seconds until it gets to you especially on a line drive. Even if you did look up after the player hit it, the ball goes so fast it’s hard to see. Talk about being in the wrong seat:))

      1. Danny Ginsburg says:

        It could be me on that interview; I sell about 75 brands of root beer and I have been on some shows so I don’t know but it’s sure possible. Yeah you’re right about the wrong seat; I thought it was such a great seat til I got hit by the ball!! Every Dodger game I went to til this one, the Dodgers won. This one they lost really bad but it was 0-0 when I got hit!!

      2. Mark Boemmels says:

        I saw that youtube video. I think it was one of the Rocket Fizz owners. Those guys have like 90 root beers. They are big Angel fans. Keep your eye on the ball, Danny!

    3. Gramma Dodger Fan says:

      Danny – It wasn’t 0 – 0 when the foul ball hit the fan…. so I’m guessing your aren’t really the guy who got hit….

      1. Danny Ginsburg says:

        I’m pretty sure it was 0-0; last time I looked at the scoreboard the 1st 2 innings were done and it was 0-0. I don’t think they scored before I was hit but anything’s possible… we have pictures (my brother took) but I don’t really want to post them on the net; they look much worse than it really was…

      2. THE REAL SODA MAN says:

        I don’t think he is either.

    4. JCAB says:


      It was frightening to see. My nine year old son saw you get hit and go down. He was eating a hot dog at the time, and told us later that night that after he saw you, he didn’t feel like eating anymore. We were in the first row off the field, directly in front of you by about 7 rows. We are glad to hear you are ok….my husband and I were very concerned about a fractured skull (or worse) so we feel relieved to hear that it did look worse than it was. I swear the ball bounced off of you by about 30 feet, and it was a sickening sound. I cannot wait to pick up my son from school and tell him the great news…he has asked about you several times, and we have been trying to find more information. You are indeed lucky and thanks for sharing your good news with us!

      Just so you know, the women behind us even spent a few minutes praying for you. You had all of us in section 34 scared.

      1. SG says:

        JCAB, we are so glad that people still care about people. The prayers really helped as he is okay, thank you very much all of you that prayed. I am his wife and I was the first to see his scalp open and bleeding and having to think about being calm and try to remember what the “first aid book” says, I didn’t have much time to pray, thanks very much for doing this for us 🙂 I am sad your son had to watch this, I am so sorry. I hope your son will be okay. Tell your son that Danny walked out from the hospital on his feet. He is working today as usual and we will be going to another game… Maybe not on the section 34 and for sure not on row 7 :). Thanks a bunch all of you.

      2. Danny Ginsburg says:

        Thank you very much; your prayers surely helped because I was scared too but now I’m relatively OK and should have the stitches out in 10 days… getting back to my routine. Tell your son thanks for his concern and to enjoy another hot dog as soon as possible; all is OK… Go Dodgers! 🙂

    5. Lucimara says:

      Hi, Danny. It’s Lucimara, your friend from Brazil. Simone’s just sent me an email telling me all about it. Wow, it must have been scary but thank God you’re fine now!!!
      God bless! Stay happy and healthy. Hugs!

      1. Danny Ginsburg says:

        Hi Lucimara! Obrigado! I am getting back to normal; thank you for your concern and all the best to Adiel & Lucas!! 🙂

    6. THE REAL SODA MAN says:

      If you the root beer guy; than no doubt you know Jonnie Ryan Root Beer – it’s by far the best root beer on the planet! Much better than Fitz’s or Boylans. If you’re looking for Root Beer go for Johnnie Ryan.

  7. Everyday Guy says:

    Sam is clearly one of them. Check his papers too.

  8. Josh Butts says:

    How perfect would it be if it were one of those 2 guys that beat Bryan Stow.

  9. Saber 1 says:

    Said very well, who could argue with that. It is the facts.

  10. Colleen Coleman says:

    Was there behind and up a few rows…saw the impact and saw you slump to the side…..so glad you are fine! The condition of your head was the topic of conversation over breakfast today 😉

    1. Danny Ginsburg says:

      Thanks Colleen! I’ve been a bit lethargic today; it feels weird with the stitches and all… but looks like I’ll be OK; thanks!

  11. Robby Logan says:

    And of course, the geniuses at CBS run a photo of Albert Pujols since it would have taken another 20 seconds to find one of Matt Holliday.
    Heads up next time, bro, although it was a million to one shot just when you turned away.
    Not for nothing, but Fitz’ RULES!

    1. Danny Ginsburg says:

      Well my head’s on a Holiday now! Thanks for the advice; my brother says that the chances of that happening twice are so rare that I should go again the next time possible and not be worried! I’ll think about that ball every time I deliver a case of Fitz’s; glad you like it… in LA you can get it at BevMo stores 🙂

      1. Kim says:

        You should get your head autographed! It will be more useful as a piece of stationary!

  12. Ed Rooney says:

    As long as it was a freakin’ Dodger fan, who cares?
    Anyone really believe that dork who claims to be the guy who was hit? yeah, nice try dude. Plus who would claim that anyway? What a total nad.

    1. JMart says:

      Ed Rooney: Yeah a Dodger’s fan at Dodger’s Stadium. GFY. Who would claim to be that guy? Um, THE GUY WHO GOT HIT! Is it so hard to believe that the person knocked out by a baseball would go online to the article that was published about the incident to comment? Maybe let folks know he’s okay? You’re the odd man out here. Again, GFY!

      1. Danny Ginsburg says:

        Yeah, that’s me… the ‘dork’!! But thankfully I live to tell about it! My brother found this link on Sunday and there was a lot of concern and also “weird commentary” so I wanted to let everyone know I was OK. I guess I’m like Shemp on the Three Stooges who says “I oughtta” and Moe says “you oughtta what” and I say “I oughtta be a little more careful”!!! Well, who’d have imagined. Anyway, ‘dork’ out! 🙂

  13. Let's just get along says:

    Hey Danny….Thanks for posting about your status and recovery. I’m sure I’m among the majority curious about your condition and glad to hear you’re doing ok. Nice to hear a positive report come out of another troubling Dodger Stadium story. Hope you’re able to get to another game soon.

    1. Danny Ginsburg says:

      Thanks for the kind comment… I’m recuperating and will surely be back for another game. When they took me up the stairs on a stretcher people were clapping & giving me good wishes… it was quite an experience; I’d have preferred to just see the game with my family like normal but all in all it worked out fine. Thanks and Go Dodgers!

      1. The Real Soda Man says:

        Now that I’m thinking about it; I really don’t believe your the guy who got him, I mean after all the guy who got hit by the ball declined to provide any further information, citing privacy laws – and now here you are telling everyone it’s you and to buy your root beer and such.

        Take if from the Real Soda Man, first off, his not the guy who got hit and second – if you’re looking for a Root Beer look for Johnnie Ryan

      2. Kim says:

        NAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You probably don’t even know the rules. Never leave on a stretcher unless you are dead. Since you left on a stretcher you should evaluate yourself and develope a spine. Try vitamin D.

  14. Damian Barton says:

    Thanks for mentioning Rocket Fizz, that place is the coolest and best ever!!!!

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