ORANGE COUNTY (CBS) — KCAL9 received a tip about a racist email circulated to some Republican Party members depicting President Obama’s parents as chimpanzees.

This week Marilyn Davenport, a Southern California Tea Party activist and member of the central committee of the Orange County Republican Party circulated what some are calling hate e-mail to an unknown number of her fellow conservatives.

Written under the words, “Now you know why — No birth certificate!”, is an Obama family portrait depicting his parents as chimpanzees.

When asked if she thought the email was appropriate, Davenport is quoted as saying, “Oh, come on! Everybody who knows me knows that I am not a racist. It was a joke. I have friends who are black. Besides, I only sent it to a few people–mostly people I didn’t think would be upset by it.”

Former Chairman of the California Republican Party Michael Schroder has demanded Davenport’s resignation saying it’s not her first brush with racist rhetoric.

In February 2009, Los Alamitos Mayor Dean Grose, another Orange County Republican, emailed the White House watermelon image and then apologized.  While others demanded he step down, Davenport defended him.  When a Newport City Councillman voted against installing grass turf near the beach because it would “attract Mexicans”, Schroder claims that she supported him as well.

“That’s three strikes,” he says.

KCAL9 reporter Stacey Butler asked Davenport if she wanted to appear on camera but she declined.  She blames the media for blowing this story out of proportion.

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  1. Mark O'Neal says:

    Google “Bush Monkey” and tell me this report is not a tad disingenuous

    1. michael says:

      thank you for saying this, thank you very much, hopefully it shuts everyone up who wants everything to be about race

      1. supremely informed says:

        I know Michael, nothing at all racist about depicting the black president as a monkey, whats so bad about that…everyone knows the tea party is a bunch of white people who just want a smaller gov…..

      2. Saber 1 says:

        I will vote for her again. She is awesome, run for President? Maybe she can get all the minorities in line.

      3. Jean-Paul Sartre says:

        Everything is about RACE!

      4. yolanda says:

        people like you talk s_h_i_t behind a wall come real give your real name

      5. maleak says:

        It iis about race. I think these people who are so hate filled and do things like this are afraid because soon they will be the minority, Where will they move to then? Can’t move out of the neighborhood, Latino’s and African Americans will rule, but simce these races of people have more compassion and caring, you’ll never see anything as disgusting as some on the right say and do,

      6. "even steven" says:


    2. DAVID says:

      One major difference, Mark! In this case, you have an entire race of people who, for years, were slurred with this negative connotation, Disingenuous is to try to conflate the two examples without knowing there is a major difference, which is what YOU did,

      1. Steve says:

        Exactly although context means nothing in the face of ideological argument.

      2. zheng ye says:

        So it’s okay if one person is slurred, but not another?
        You are the disingenuous one with a terrible double standard

    3. Pamela Cogswell Niles says:

      Hello? Bush as a monkey is FAR different than Obama and his parents as monkeys. The Bush-monkey comparison is not RACIST… it’s about his mental ability, and in many people’s minds, it was an apt comparison. Bush was targeted, repeatedly with racist remarks and photographs as President Obama is. There is no comparison to the two.

      1. Richard Davis says:

        Way to tell it Pamela!

      2. Idie says:

        Yes, and the monkies should never have been so insulted. They are far more cleaver and kind then bush could ever be. The monkies are owed an apology.


      3. Eric Smith says:

        Why is it that when white people show thier real racist face they often smoke screen thier hatred by saying “I have black friends” it is likend to saying i own slaves but i dont hate them.
        Even though the jews owned 40% of the slaves in America, white people owned a small percent of slaves never the less a monkey would be more civilized than these people, these people are a threat to Society and all that make up this world which is why the world is in the condition it is in today.

      4. Jean-Paul Sartre says:

        Right… and pigs fly!

      5. ann says:

        everthing today is about race sooooooooooo sick of it get a life

    4. Mark Kuykendall says:

      But Bush LITERALLY looks like a chimp.

      1. Saber 1 says:

        So do you but we don’t say anything.

    5. Richard Davis says:

      Not the same Mark. If George W. Bush were African American, then I’d agree. This outrage is about racism. Pure and simple.

      1. Dan says:

        What about the NAZI photos the left made of Bush? Aren’t they a little over the top? A liberal would say, NO. An intelligent person will say, YES. Guess what liberals, just the fact that you learned how to speak doesn’t make you intellignet. It makes you a babbaling idiot. A clown of sorts. Maybe we should just put Obama’s face over a clowns. Won’t take much to photoshop work.

      2. Nicholas says:

        @Dan Yes the NAZI photos went too far – see unlike you I will admit there are extreme people to be found in both parties. Something else that went over the line is your characterizaton of ALL liberals. That is the hallmark of a bigot – painting an entire group of people with the same brush.

      3. JR says:

        Dan, don’t you think if you are going to attack somone’s intelligence, you ought to at least be able to spell the word “intelligent”? Or are you just trying to prove who the real “babbaling idiot” is and who should have their face put over a clown?

      4. Cate says:

        @Dan: I’m liberal and I never saw any Nazi photos. I’m not saying they don’t exist; they just weren’t emailed.
        The Bush/monkey thing: I saw an array of pics in which he was pulling the same faces as his chimp counterpart. It had nothing to do with race, and anyone who would suggest so is clueless.

      5. Nate says:

        “Guess what liberals, just the fact that you learned how to speak doesn’t make you intellignet. It makes you a babbaling idiot.”

        ‘Nuff said. At least this liberal can spell intelligent.

    6. Jonah says:

      the difference with that it the Bush image was designed to mean Bush is stupid.

      this is designed to be racist. because it has obama’s parents as monkeys and monkeys is terms that used to be associated with african-americans during slavery.

      1. zheng ye says:

        Obyango is stupid, just like his predecessor. If he can’t handle such cartoons, he should not run for office. If other people can’t handle the cartoon, tough.

      2. Roger says:

        “zheng ye”, she had a right to do this, we have a right to demand she step down because she’s a moron. I doubt Obama’s too thin-skinned to handle morons like this, you’re probably too thick-skulled to think for five minutes about it before you treat us with such a lovely abortion of a comment

    7. Jack Joyce says:

      You racist.

    8. Roger says:

      If you think that’s all this is you’re a damn fool.

    9. Marty Rogers says:

      The Bush photo was sent by an elected official? do you not see the difference?

    10. Marty Rogers says:

      that was sent by an elected official? if so that person sould have stepped down. If it is just regular people well, it is not the same, now is it?

    11. Dwayne says:

      @ Mark – Google “black people monkey America” and you’ll have your answer.

    12. Dwayne says:

      @ Mark – Google “black people monkey America” and you’ll have your answer.

    13. JR says:

      That is the constant ploy of the right-wing kooks. As soon as they get caught being their true racist and ignorant selves, they want to scream about what happened to someone else. Just like little kids shouting they didn’t start it. With all due respect to young children who have far more character and intelligence than this nut case in California and those who would defend her racism.

    14. David says:

      Can you say “tu quoque?”

    15. datruth says:

      You’ve GOT to be kidding! You ought to reflect a little on history. Calling a black man a boy or depicting him as a monkey is not the same as doing it to a white man. Sorry if that seems unfair, but the inappropriateness results from our history.

    16. Joseph says:

      Mark Oneal Reilly, You are right, this report is a tad disingenuous. Bush did not look a monkey at all, he looked like a big hairy ass! Just like the rest of you Teabaggers!!!

    17. SoCalJohn1 says:

      I have just looked it up and it was quite funny. I did not realize how much the many faces of Bush do look like a monkey in comparison and the “artist” who did the comparisons acutally did a great job. Humor in this case however is far from the racism displayed by the “Birthers”.

      This is just another shining example of how the Tea Partiers are wearing the same white hoods they used to, only now under the disguised name of “Birthers”. If this was just the few extremists that are into conspiracy theories (like Bush was responsible for 9/11 kind of supidity) then I would laugh it off…but when 25% of the population (over half the republicans) are saying they believe this, then I no longer have doubts. This “Birther” conspiracy can be dismissed in 5 minutes of research on Google when you find that in 2007 when the birth certificate was released in Hawaii, the department head and the Governor of Hawaii were both McCain supporting republicans and you can also find the newspapers (yes, 2 of them) that had birth announcements in the following days.

      I’m a native Southern Californian but having spent some of my formative years (1973 – 1976) in Southaven MS and Memphis TN, I can say I’ve seen many blatent displays of racism and the Tea Party “Birthers” are simply using the word “Kenyan” in place of “Ni___”. As hard as you try to hide the racism…I can still see the angry racist eyes from under those hoods yelling “Take our country back from this Kenyan”…Sad and Pathetic!

      Mark…I think that for you to post you do not see the difference is “a tad disingenuous”.

      1. and says:

        you are from southern californian that speaks volume on what u write and your remarks

    18. Danita Williams-Johnson says:

      No. If someone were to google Bush, or any other white public official, in a Ku Klux Klan robe; then, you will be in position to speak on this.

    19. Sharon says:

      two wrongs don’t make a right Mark

    20. lynn says:

      george bush should have been gifted with an IED. Him Laura and those trick *itches they spawned. Google that

    21. LORI says:

      Orange County Republican Party This is very RACIST if you want a racist to think this is a joke well LAUGH YOURSELF OUT OF A JOB NOW THAT IS FUNNY. THIS IS NOT GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY.l

      1. Annie Eskridge says:

        I agree with you. This COUNTRY should be moving foward instead of backwards. This lady needs much prayer and most of all she needs to GET SAVED and turn from her wicked ways or she will end up in hell. Hell does exist. Can’t we get along and treat every one with respect?

      2. Liz says:

        you are so right Lori!

    22. Steve says:

      somewhat disingenuous, but i am willing to bet Mrs Davenport is not a racist, super conservative and probably extremely naive, but not racist.

      I really think she meant that he is a monkey born in Africa and that reinforces the birther argument. And she is soooo innocent and naive she didnt realize the correlation between a ‘monkey’ and a black man.

      I know this seems like a stretch, but i personally know Mrs Davenport and even though we dont get along, I do believe what she says is the truth.

      If you think she is mean spirited racist, you are wayyyy off, whatever you think. She is merely either:

      naive, dumb, innocent, or just that sweet (I can make a case against the latter!!)

      shes not perfect but not even close of capable of such racism, MISCOMMUNICATION! she was thrown under the bus before she even had a chance.

      She is only going to look worse as this drags on, if she knowws what is best she will keep her mouth shut otherwise national news is gonna run with this even harder and make her and Mr. Davenport’s life hell.

      1. denise jones says:

        My assumption is that there are more people routing for her supercilious behavior, than merely looking at the bigger picture. Wrong is wrong despite if she’s a racist or not. If she does in fact have black friends then she should know better. She’s not an idiot and she’s not naïve, and she just may be a really nice person. However, the negative connotation is very present and I am more than certain that she was fully aware of its contents. The issue is that if she isn’t a racist why take any time out of her day to put the picture together along with a message? No one is trying to throw her under the bus, she through herself under it. It was done out of malice and with disrespectful demeaning ulterior motives. What was funny or appropriate about what she did? Nothing. She never imagined getting in trouble for this and it’s blowing up in her face. She deserves to get whatever will happen to her.

    23. Biki says:

      “Bush Monkey” (Curious George) referred more to the intellect, or lack thereof of our previous President, rather than an attack on his parentage/ethnicity etc.
      If you’re going to respond, argue your response on the same subject instead of using a comparison that does not relate to the issue at hand.
      You all know better at the obvious race implications of this email and shame us that deny that fact. It is sad that as Americans, and knowing our history we have those that say “HA HA HA this lady is awesome. Freedom of speech, period.” Here is an elected official that shpould elevate us as a people, instead we have dwelved back into the depths of ignorance and bigtory. And of Marilyn Davenport claim to be a Christian lady living a Christ-like lifetstyle…righhht….it’s always those “innocent’ ones that “meant no harm” that cause us as a nation the most embrassment

    24. ELFB says:

      Bush is not Black!!! Can you see a difference?

  2. Bernice Vinson says:

    As a monkey, Barack Obama looks better than Marilyn Davenport. A monkey with it’s good spiritual values would be shame of Evil Mariilyn Davenport’s evil values. I’m ashame of an elected official behaving like a idiot on our dollar..

    1. rube says:

      honeychild~ ru just ashamed of maxine waters, charlie rangel or john conyers for their highly unethical behavior.

      1. Idie says:

        NO, HONEYCHILD, BUSH was enough for a century of evil deeds.

      2. john simpson says:

        None of those people started 2 phoiny wars, that have caused the lives of thousands of American soldiers!

      3. Sharon says:

        yes, as a democrat I am disgusted….a couple of bad apples for sure but it does not dignify this!

      4. ELFB says:

        or Ensign, or Mark Sandford, or Newt, or Spitzer.. Bad behavior is not relegated to one race or culture!!!

    1. rondo says:

      This Lady needs to go. People need to stop passing judgement on other people.

  3. Maurice Humphries says:

    I’m all for freedom of speech, and I love a good joke, however this smells of racism. I think this very disrespectful and utterly shameful, we should be beyond this point in America, but it goes to show that racism is still a live in this country. If a non-white had sent an email depicting former President Bush in such a manner as to put his likeness on the body of Adolf Hitler or as a primate both the media and the GOP would ask for that person’s head. Race still matters in this country if it didn’t this event would have never had happened. The man has both African and Anglo ancestry in his bloodline, so I must ask why is our nation still mired in racial prejudice?

    1. DoofusMcKee says:

      I agree
      I did not vote for him but he is our President and deserves respect
      As a conservative I am embarassed by many of these tea party types

      1. Cate says:

        Thanks for saying that. The extreme is never flattering…to either party. But the lengths that have been taken with Obama–from race baiting to birthers–reeks of racism, or in the least a bit of white fear. I love hearing from reasonable conservatives.

      2. Sharon says:

        thank you. A person with common sense. I wish there were more people like you out there.

      3. Darlene Coleman says:

        Mr. McKee! Thank you for speaking up and saying that! I think we need to hear from more “conservatives” such as yourself. Lots of people disagreed with President Bush but he was NEVER treated as disrespectfully as has our current president. The Tea Partiers are giving all conservatives a black eye, and that may not be fair to those of you who don’t stoop to such levels

        EVERYBODY knows that the photo Davenport used was to indeed send a racist message. I can’t believe that some people here are offended because it was called exactly what it is, but are not offended by the picture or Davenport’s actions. I guess in that matter most we are not at all a progressive society.

    2. Michelle says:

      Amen. Just goes to show you that racism is still alive and rearing it’s hateful and disgusting ugly head even in a progressive state like California.

  4. Racism exists in ALL colors says:

    So what if Davenport is racist? Who cares? SO IS OBAMA!!! And so are millions of other non-white people out there. Don’t believe me? If you’re white, come live where I live. You’ll see what I’m talking about. About Davenport….. What difference does it make TO YOU if she is a racist? Absolutely none! Don’t want that kind of person in office? Then vote her out! This is a boring article. Who cares?!

    1. Ronnie says:

      you care enough to reply and voice your opinion… blacks were hung to death not to long ago for less…. but of course what difference does that make if your bored with this article…

      1. Sharon says:

        I agree….

    2. corba7 says:

      Who cares? How about those who do not want TEA Partiers, conservatives and Republicans continuing to be viewed as stereotypical racists despite all the racists in the world? Who cares? How about those in the TEA Party, conservatives and/or Republican who see what Ms. Davenport did as damaging for what they truly stand for? And what was Ms. Davenport thinking? She should have known something like that would go public. Email is not that private. She needs to go.

    3. ami says:

      If its boring umm why are you commenting? You could have very well ignored it. The face that you took the time to comment shows you have some concern. People that chose to beome politicians, entertainers or whatever model that will constantly be in the publics eye will be judged. Its the American way. Opinions are just that.

    4. lynn says:

      It’s so boring your dumb ass felt the need to weigh in. STFU

    5. IT DOESNT MATTER says:

      It seems to me that you care because you took the time to post a message.

    6. Modus tollens says:

      Show me ONE racist quote, email, publication, comment, etc… that President Obama has made that proves he’s a racist and then you will will have some credibility. But attempting to justify some one’s despicable, racist, hate mail by saying someone else is a “racist too,” is pedantic.

  5. Jazzy says:

    Fire !!!!! Marilyn Davenport. This is a disgrace, I feel sorry for her children and the people who voted for her

  6. Guest32 says:

    Huh. Well, I’ve seen Bush and Palin and McCain all beheaded, with blood dripping from their severed heads and words “kill” underneath them, and that was not even on the same poster.
    And trust me, I don’t care AT ALL about these people but still: I’ve seen these posters, mostly at anti-war rallies of all places, and then a few at Democrat rallies. You can google kill bush or kill palin if you really need to see the love for yourself. Still, I don’t think anyone who’s best argument against Obama is that he “may be a monkey” deserves to be representing a political group. However, the article does not state that this created the email, just circulated it. And with people like Jason Levin and George Soros roaming the planet, I have to wonder who actually created the email she circulated to her friends.

    1. stellamojo says:

      If you saw those posters at Democrat rallies, you should provide evidence. Just because you SAY you SAW them doesn’t mean anything to anyone. MY GOD, STOP listening to Glenn Beck, he’s illiterate!

  7. kermit says:

    some people probably think he’s a monkey, good for them, who cares. when you call someone a monkey you’re calling them dumb, half-white half-black people aren’t the only ones that descended from monkeys

  8. Cindy C says:

    I think it’s more of a Newport Beach issue than the whole Orange County. NB city counsilmembers are for the most part very prejudice. Period.

  9. upyours says:

    Racist? How is this different than burning the Koran?

  10. Cindy C says:

    ” When a Newport City Councillman voted against installing grass turf near the beach because it would “attract Mexicans”, Schroder claims that she supported him as well.”

    It’s not just about President Obama…

    1. Debbie A says:

      But is all about hate…..get a clue. Or perhaps you have black friends too. And mexican friends also. A racist is a racist.

      1. Cate says:

        No, if you have black friends, you get a free pass to be a racist as long as you mention said black friends when you’re defending yourself from the critics. It’s a perk.
        Ms. Davenport, do your black friends know you use them to excuse your racism? That’s not how this works, and something tells me you may lose that free pass soon.

  11. Meadows says:

    Guest32, you may have seen pictures of Bush and Palin with their heads decapitated, but I doubt they were sent around by an elected official.

  12. Neo2627 says:

    Lady you are a racist, in denial! You claim you sent this e-mail to a few friends? How many of those friends where black? Lady you sound like some kind of ‘nut’! If you are not on meds, you need to be! Sure this might be a joke to you; but there is a very large portion of the population, that knows now that ‘you’ are the ‘joke’!

    1. ThinkClearly says:

      It also goes to show that those “few friends” are also racists and have no problem laughing at the hate that message contained. I find it hard to believe that this is not the first email she has sent to theses
      “few friends” that contained racist images or comments. I hope that someone leaks the list of people she sent that email to, then we can see just how many of her friends are also racist hate mongers.

  13. bill burns says:

    Everyone knows the coloreds share the same DNA as chimpanzees . What’s there to figure out?

    1. Debbie A says:

      We ALL share that same DNA. How hateful can you get mr racist.

    2. ami says:

      You would know Bill your grandmother was one of them or at least mating with one. Thats why your such an animal unfortunately not as smart one. Bill Burns I happen to know many Black people with that last name many of them black and white mixed. I bet your dumb behind lay out in the sun and tan…I know secretly you wish you too can be one…lmao..or at least get a piece…

    3. Cate says:

      I wish I could believe that you’re being tongue-in-cheek, but something tells me you’re one of Davenport’s biggest fans.

    4. ELFB says:

      bil burns, YOU ARE STUPID!!!

    5. MIchelle Erwin says:

      All humans originated from Africa and then migrated North. Let’s check your DNA.

  14. Jeb_BMWLover says:

    Silly me.

    I thought race was a social construct.

    Or should I ask Dubya’s brown nephew about his race?

  15. Nicl says:

    You racist pigs can go F-yourselves. How that for free speech…

  16. TrendtT says:

    Actually I see HO-bama as being a descendant of Cain’s side of the human race and how would you depict that – showing HO-bama with a Koran in his hand and kneeling in prayer to his false god.
    The evil side of the human race.

    1. Ginger says:

      You are an idiot. Muslims, Jews, and Christians believe in the same God. You’d know that if you bothered to study and not listen to Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh.

  17. Mary Jo says:

    She is not a racist – We have video of her having sex with black man. Many at the same time………Just a joke, but how would she feel about that made up pic.

  18. Merilee eaton says:

    If your not a racist I’m the Pope ! I’m sure your make believe black friends really loved your art project ! I made one of your family , but your parents were siblings.

  19. DAN says:


    1. ami says:

      then you should wear it Dan. Isnt Dan the name of that Chimp there doing the stem cell project. I think your related to him..

  20. Black and Beautiful says:

    Only iggnorant honkeys like her would go there. Thank goodness for our BLACK President. Our (African American) people stepped up and voted him into preseidency because obviusly theses craker cakes cant do the job. Thank Bush for killing all our soilders for a war that brought all us into dept. Obama is cleaning up the messes of white folks… Those greedy saltine crackers.

    1. big mamma says:

      what are u living on another plantet he is the worse man to sit in that white house i thought jimmy carter was a big dummy ombam has him beat by a long shot and put us in a thrid war he deserves to wear a monkey face

  21. greg says:

    I laughed my ass off when I saw it, it’s actually a better picture of him than they have daily in the WSJ. is she racist, maybe,is she ANTI-OBAMA yes, maybe that’s all it is.

  22. Hunkie boy says:

    Looks like the NBA!

    1. ami says:

      sounds like another jealous white boy that couldnt jump. I guess you dont have the balls, or any other talent for that matter,, but keep stealing black ideas.. thatll get you somewhere… hilarious.

      1. Hunkie boy says:

        stealing black ideas? blacks have never invented dicovered anything in 200+years, what am i stealing?

    2. Darlene Coleman says:

      Honky Boy: Just a little info for you: incandescent light, the traffic light, blood transfusions, plasma transfusions, the cell phone, the internet, the ironing board, the elevator, the steam engine, the golf tee … all invented by Black people…I could have gone on for a very long time with all the inventions Black people have created (tha have improved YOUR sorry life) but I have a feeling it wouldn’t matter to you…you boldly choose to wrap yourself in ignorance…

  23. blstheone says:

    I love it when white people get caught in something racially sensitive, then use that old time bigot line “some of my best friends are black!” I’d respect you more if you just said “yea, I did it”

    1. Cate says:

      It’s not a bigot line. It’s a free pass. Didn’t you know you’re allowed to say a certain amount of racist things dependent on the number of black friends and how often you see them minus the number of times you clutch your purse closer when passing young black males. It’s a formula they’re got worked out.

  24. Gustav says:

    I oppose Obama as much as anyone can, but on substance, not race.

    God made us all in His image, but some fools let outward differences divide us.

    The email was stupid. Republicans have always embraced Americans of all races. Who ended slavery? Republicans. Who fought the Civil rights Act? Democrats.

    1. Louis says:

      The only Democrats that fought then1964 civil rights act were SOUTHERNERS who are now Republicans.

      Republicans have been wrong on social issues since 1906. Teddy Roosevelt brought about the first enviromental laws and he was the last Republican to be right on those issues.

      Who fought Woman’s Sufferage? REPUBLICANS

      Who Ffought Social Securtiy.? REPUBLICANS

      Who fought the 1964 Civil Rights Act? SOME DEMOS that are now REPUBLICANS.

      Who fought Medical help for everyone? REPUBLICANS

      Who is fight Marriage Equality? REPUBLICANS

      1. JW says:

        And which party is going to get their as**es kicked in 2012: REPUBLICANS

    2. Idie says:


      1. Cate says:

        You’re right, Idie. The Lincoln Republican was way different, and it can’t be used as a “get out of jail free” card for every racist act Republicans do today.

        btw: I think your caps lock key is stuck.

  25. Carl says:

    The spirit of Hitler and the Ku Klux Klan is alive and thriving in Orange County. It’s not just Newport Beach. I’m glad I live in the San Fernando Valley now, where we have a mixture of ethnicities in office. Davenport should be recalled and barred from any future political office.

  26. Onclewillie says:

    CBS has distributed the photo. Does this make them racist? Did any of the CBS staff laugh, snicker, smirk while viewing the picture? Should they also be fired for racism? Denunciations of being in league with the KKK or the NAZI party are themselves racist. Quit playing the race card. It only makes you look foolish and childish. Playing the race card only shows your own insecurities.

    It was a childish and tasteless act upon the part of Ms Davenport. Calls for removal from office are a little senseless. She is a Republican Party functionary with no legislative powers. If you don’t understand that, then your comments are simply displaying your own ignorance.

    1. ami says:

      Hell yes, if it get out. I oppose Mexican jokes, chinese jokes, taliban for middle eastern jokes, but not white ones because there are hardly ever a minority group making white jokes or slurs about whites, although there could be some minority groups that could, we decline the ignorance.

  27. Confederate Beater says:

    race relations will be solved in the next civil war. the next civil war there will be no mercy on the confederate race. this war will see the destruction and annihilation of the confederate race.

  28. NWalta says:

    Evolution suggests nothing of the sort. The science is that all primates had a common ancestor, not that man is descended from apes or monkeys. Evolution might have been better accepted had Darwin referred to man “ascending” rather than “descending” from earlier species.

    1. Cate says:

      Isn’t it typical of those Creationists to boil it down to “we descended from monkeys”? No, I won’t actually know what I’m talking about or what the science says, I’ll just blame this on the liberals, too.

  29. john says:

    i think its a cute picture except who ever made it forgot to put turbans on them.

    1. Jonestown Brand Tea, Special Blend says:

      Her name is Marilyn Davenport, and she’s a Southern California Tea Party activist and a leader of the central committee of the Orange County Republican Party. And I bet if you email her, next time she will put a turban on them and then say she has Muslim friends and they wouldn’t get mad. But she a wacko birther nut-job and teabagger, so you have to cut her some slack. You know they don’t think to clearly.

  30. CandyO says:

    Typical stupid Teabagger. And before any of you Teabaggers get upset about being called one, remember that YOU PEOPLE gave yourselves that name.

  31. Valorie says:

    This hateful, disrespectful dialogue needs to stop. Our polititians should set the example. We need to get to a place that is respectful of polititians from any party. Anyone who originates or forwards an e-mail of this nature should be ashamed.It’s fine to disagree, but this is ugly and so destructive. We are all one country and we all want what’s best for our country but we have disagreements on substance. News people who inflame the dialouge for money
    and fame are horrible.

  32. Melissa says:

    So Davenport claims she’s got black “friends” after “joking” that Obama AND his parents, are monkies. What a lame, racist, crackpot dog! She knows the history of monkey depictions towards black people & is now trying to play dumb? Too late stupid b***h…when you throw the racist card on the table, don’t expect to get it back!!

  33. neon says:

    If she had black friends before, she certainly doesn’t have any now. That’s what happens when you put a Hillbilly in office.


    1. kandlestix says:

      The first black president was a hillbilly former governor of arkansas.
      Adored & loved by most blacks.

  34. rob says:

    Why are negroes so afraid of allowing an intelligent articulate spokesperson to rationally explain professor shockley’s/jensen’s theory that they re intellectually inferior to the caucasian race. Anybody who has ever taught black children can attest to the fact they don’t learn as fast as white children. You liberals should try teaching black children!!!

    1. neon says:

      Way to go Rob – You’re comment just proved the opposite.

    2. Anti racist. says:

      Actually intelligence has nothing to do with race and everything to do with nutrition you rob are a racist, for all those racist commenting every human being outside Africa who isn’t African descended from a group of of humans that left Africa 60.000 years ago, hence the reason why there is a propensity to certain diseases is because of all the inbreeding that went on to get the numbers up.
      That person who mentioned Cain, you sound pretty evil to me.
      You Rob should not be teaching anyone’s child , as a African with an IQ of 130 and a brother in Mensa with an IQ of 179, does not prove your point.
      Maybe the children can sense the fact that you feel the way you do , I really hope they continue to give you hell.

    3. Kevin W. Young says:

      1. No one uses that word anymore
      2. The concept of different races IS racist, and has been dis proven by mapping the human genome. What have been described as racial differences are about as significant as differences in eye color among whites.
      3. Modern teachers study the science of learning and motivation, like Bloom’s Taxonomy and the concept of multiple intelligence. Anyone who is teaching any children these days is required by NCLB to adhere to these concepts in lesson design and differentiation.
      4.If you are a teacher and your students are not learning, we can all see why.

    4. realsciencelust says:

      rob, to paraphrase your post: Why haven’t you read any of the analyses of Shockley/Jensen research findings performed by intelligent, articulate scientists? Dr. Shockley, while a Nobel Prize-winning physicist, was not qualified to publish on this particular subject at all. Dr. Jensen is an esteemed educational psychologist, but has no background in biogenetics research. In the 40+ years since his findings were published, an abundance of research has been performed by *qualified* scientific experts that consistently challenges the validity of Jensen’s findings, which were, among other things based on serious research design flaws.
      The Shockley/Jensen theory does not qualify as such. It is, in reality, a hypothesis, which must be proven by experimentation before it can evolve into an accepted theory. Because a scientist (even a Nobel-winning one) says something, doesn’t make it true.
      I’ll be happy to send you links to all of the material you’ll need to examine so that you can provide an intelligent, articulate, and accurate explanation to anyone. But, somehow, I don’t think that you’ll be motivated to do that. It’s so much easier to quote fake science that supports your personal views.

      1. Idie says:

        Thank you realsciencelust. I hope they are teachable!!

      2. Idie says:

        Thank you, realsciencelust. I hope they are teachable!!

  35. Michelle says:

    Just because you can show an example of other group promoting distasteful or racist material, doesn’t mean that this isn’t as bad. It’s all bad. Anyone who says, “well look at what they did” is being ridiculous. 2 wrongs don’t make a right. It all needs to stop.

  36. Hex the Italian says:

    Deport her….

  37. Mike says:

    Well, I’m glad someone had the sense to fire her stupid a$$.
    “Conservative” bigotry… It’s the all they’ve got.
    And that “Republicans freed the slaves” argument is ridiculous, these days.
    You’re not convincing anyone but yourselves.
    The GOP is clearly in its death throes.

  38. specforces says:

    As to those defending her choice to distribute the picture – it keeps you busy doesn’t it Marilyn.

    Some are getting the point and some of you are not. This is a picture of a sitting President sent by a ranking member of the opposing political party. For me, it shows an image of the President and if there were a picture of the monkey’s other end it would show Marilyn Davenport.

    Perhaps if she survives this she will be a tad more judicious of what she sends to her very short list of “friends” in the future. Or she could go to the tattoo shop on Balboa and have “Idiot” tatted on her forehead. Her choice.

  39. Lavonda Declippel says:

    You mean you USED to have friends that were black1

  40. JM says:

    I think I will just sit here with my “guns and religion” and look at Bush morph into a monkey. It is funny as all get out when it is a white guy being made fun of… but you better not make fun of the “Chosen one”….. Obama started the race baiting before he was elected and then he called the cop who busted his racist buddy a racist. he listened to that racist reverend for years …. the guy is a dyed in the wool white hater.

  41. Donnegael says:

    Instead of a couple of people seeing this…thanks to the person that leaked it to CBS and KCAL news the entire world will see it. Interesting that she gets canned by forwarding it…however KCAL forwards it under the guise of news.

  42. ThinkClearly says:

    If she hadn’t already defended two fellow politicians in her district for their racist remakes and actions it may have gone over a bad choice. But she clearly defends racist remarks and beliefs so that means she is a racist by default. But does that suprise anybody that some Tea Party members and in her case leaders, are racist? i didn’t think so.

  43. nitty1964 says:

    Tea Party = Cracker Elite

    1. ThinkClearly says:


    2. ThinkClearly says:

      Would that make them Ritz Crackers instead of just plain old saltines?

  44. R. Jackson says:

    It’s interesting to read the various comments. One can easily tell which side of the fence the writer is onby the flavor of their comment. It appears race relations have a long way to go in this country. Maybe 100 years from now, when hispanics or muslums are the majority in this country, will there be a noticable change in race relations. I’m not saying for the better or worst, just a significant change. Because judging rom some of the responses I see here, the U.S. have not come as far as we would like to think!!

  45. nitty1964 says:

    The name Ritz is too classy for those kind of crackers

    1. ThinkClearly says:


  46. والسلام عليكم says:

    I think what most people either don’t know, or have forgotten is that Judism, Christianity, and Islam are all Abrahamic. Which means they all came from Abraham. All three believe in the same God, but the Jews don’t believe that Jesus is the messia, and Islam believes that Mohamad was the last profit. the sad part is they are like three greedy brothers fighting over the last slice of bread, and not one of them will share with the others. They each want the whole slice which means no one will get any and the peices will fall to the floor for dogs to fight over.

    1. Ray says:

      A public official represents the people whether they are republican or democrat. This type of behavior is not the behavior of a public official in my opinion. An official that adds fuel to an already hot situation doesn’t make our country any stronger. It lets the whole world know that we are a disfunctional family. I didn’t like President Bush and his politics, and I spoke out about it. It doesn’t mean that I would applaud my local elected officials if they made a “Monkee” out of him. He still represented our country..

  47. Helen Hevener says:

    This comment coming from a party that already had someone running in Virginia for Senate and referring to a young man as a “macaca”- then Governor George Allen claimed later he had no idea that “macaca” was a lebonese word for monkey!!! Governor George Allen’s mother was lebaneese so I do buy that Governor George Allen didnt know what “macaca” meant I am sure he did not- he ws just hoping nobody else did!!!! I would say Ex-Governor George Allen and Ms Davenport are “two of a feather- flocking together”- both racist!!!!

  48. Lipservice says:


  49. Devin says:

    Wow, so references to Bush’s monkey heritage are “apt” and “benign”, but referencing the same about Obama is “racist”; man, you guys are a bunch of hypocrites. You can’t tolerate one and not the other, regardless of your opinions of either man. To bring race into this is ignorant at best; it’s an insult to the current sitting president; if people choose to take these types of insults as racism-based by default, maybe the USA ISN’T ready for a non-Caucasian president.

    Racially preferring someone is just as bad as racially targeting.

    1. Marty Rogers says:

      did an elected official sent the photo of Bush? do you not see the difference?

    2. myrna says:

      listen u racist pig put u and your entire family will never walk into the obamas shoes any day u r just jealousof their intelligence and its killing ur ass to see such an intelligent black man ruling ur racist ass live with it u stupid jack ass

  50. Debbie says:

    Marilyn Davenport, leader central committee of the Orange County Republican Party shows what the GOP has as leaders.

  51. Coprper says:

    its a joke, take a pill. not near as bad as the hate from the left. besides Obama himself believes in evolution

  52. Paul Polaski says:

    I know what’s behind this email. Ms. Davenport had discovered that her ancestry tree has black blood. She is trying to divert attention from those who want to dig deep into her background, and uncover this revelation that she is really trying to pass for white. Many so-called white’s have been doing this for years. Most of us never knew who our great, great, great, grandparents were.

  53. Karen says:

    why does this have to be a liberal or conservative thing? So basically it’s not racist it’s just pay back for all the mean images liberals made of George Bush?

  54. Ami says:

    I wonder why when a person disagrees with an African American the come back is always an insult associated with some Monkey figure. For me its hilarious, because its been done before I was born and surely after I am gone. I guess its the only thing that some people think will hurt an African Americans pride. Have you heard the new saying”Its not what you call me its what I answer to. So learn it.” LMAO. I suppose many of these idiots failed to study Anthropology. Funny thing is, I look at people today who have the same big lips due to surgery, the brown skin due to tanning salons, and the butt injections and then they make slurs like this. I find it even more comical because the very same people making dumb slurs, are paying to look like monkeys too at the cost of getting skin cancer. So keep up the good work, your close to being a monkey replica. Your looking even more disfigured then you potray African Americans too be, What a joke. White folks and all others find another way to insult African American people because the monkey thing is soo played out. I see nothing political about this, just idiotic “freedom of speech” LOL and shaking my head,

  55. queenv says:

    Thank you!! just step down Marilyn, you make me sick to my stomach!!

  56. Tea Parties make me puke says:

    Thanks (once again) to yet another ignorant, raciest Republican for showing their true colors. Marilyn, it’s people like you that will help get out the vote for President Obama in 2012. Now all we need is for Palin to announce and we can seal the deal. Obama 2012!

    1. ann says:

      hey i would vote for a monkey before i would vote for some one that has done nothing for our country but run it in the ground

  57. Kent Strong says:

    Resignation and disappearance would be so much better a choice than meeting me in person!!! Please, if you’re able, complete 3rd grade history before you seek future political heights… and don’t anger me again.
    Thanks, and happy retrment.
    -An educated American

  58. B.T. says:

    If you shave monkeys, gorillas oranagutans, etc down to their bare skin, their true color is “PINK” not tan or brown or any visible melanin pigmentation at all. So who more so resembles a monkey in their true form!!!

  59. The Raven says:

    For those of you who do not think of this action as being racist I have thought of the perfect solution on settling the debate. Just approach the next black man you see and call him a monkey. I think his reaction would provide you with all of the proof you need.

  60. Nick says:

    Since when is Freedom of speech an excuse for blatant racism? You people are getting dumber by the day.

  61. Bob says:

    You can’t make racist remarks, then say “I am not racist and I have black friends!”.

  62. Marty Rogers says:

    this is got to be the stupidest person left in politics. Sarah, Bachmann, Sharon, move over, Davenport has just set a new IQ low for republican women! thye must be so proud! after all nobody could accuse her of being one of those highly educated, intelligent and hard working “Elitists” ruining our country, right?
    no instead she is one of those old fat and white tea party “patriots” –oh, oh so much to be proud off!

  63. THEOC949 says:

    I am all for freedom of speech, however this is just so disrespectful and so distasteful; anyone with half a brain knows what the implications are. Dem, or Rep, tea-party, kool-aid drinker, and all the other so called parties, to me, I miss the days when our president(s) had the utmost respect and were looked up to by the world, small children, young teens, and the people of the USofA! Regardless of how one voted! Those days are long gone, yet missed by many! There are extreme people to be found in both parties, and I am embarrassed for all of them, each and everyone of them, because unfortunately it’s a reflection on the US!

  64. g says:

    What a Sc*nk B*tch.. someone needs to put one in her head; where is a crazy killer when you need one? She is so disgusting… for the record, I’m a white female

  65. Marilyn Prayfourpeace says:

    Marilyn Davenport showed really poor judgement. Who wants her making decisions for the public?

    People who send out racist emails are racist even though they may laugh and say it was just a joke.

    1. Matteo says:

      Yes, poor judgement. Racist? No. Get over it. When GW was portrayed as a monkey, was it racist? No, because he was white. Racism is when you can make fun of one persone but not another. If we all loosened up, this could be the best in the world.

  66. monkey man says:

    F**k devils Lets put horns on her head

  67. kizito says:

    Marilyn Davenport what about about putting u in the middle of the pigs.U are a disgrace to yourself a sick fool and a racists. Your lack of education shines high, envy of having not gone to Harvard is on display. U hate other people who are differenti. A black person is no different from a white person we all dream alike as to academics come and meet my wife taking a phd in applied mathematics. I pity your kids they must be racists too just like your parents who taught you.

  68. Mark says:

    Perhaps racism toward blacks wouldn’t exist if they would stop acting like buffoons. Rapping about killing people, popping champagne, being on the news every night because of a murder or rape, failing at school, taking advantage of the welfare system, having kids out of wedlock. Look in the mirror and ask yourself to change before you ask people to change their thoughts and opinions on you.

  69. Jeff says:

    Why is it whenever blacks take over a neighborhood, it turns to a crime infested, jobless dump? Not being racist, simply asking a question. I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the fact that they are lazy people. How come a family can immigrate here from the middle east or asia and within months they will have a job and/or their own market or business etc. Yet blacks have been here for hundreds of years and still bleed our gov’t dry of it’s resources under the guise of “welfare”. It’s not racism if it’s true, that’s called fact.

    1. Denise M Malosh says:


      1. Denise M Malosh says:

        You are right you are not being racist…. You are just plain ignorant. Especially given the fact that black people are not the dominant race in America today, Hispanics are. If the group of people that you refer to as black/lazy people were born in another country other than the USA they too would have a job and market their own business etc. in the same manner. You have been successful at showing just how ignorant you and others with your beliefs are. If you had a clue, you would find that there are many successful black people and those that you are referring to are thugs and there isn’t a race on the planet that doesn’t have their share. You are also in denial because your entire comment is racism based.

      2. Sara says:

        Denise, do some research into what percentage of the US population blacks make up, and what percentage of violent crime they’re responsible for. Then come back and try to argue Jeff. You’re a completely idiotic liberal who is in denial due to the fact that you’ve been brainwashed into being “politically correct”.

      3. Michelle says:

        How is the truth “ignorant”? Of course there’s good and bad of every race. But, could someone please explain to me why so many black males are in prison for violent crime? Also, why is it that every African nation is rampant with rape, murder and crime? Denise, please answer these questions. If you don’t, then obviously you’re just another moron running off your mouth.

  70. John Bryans Fontaine says:

    Yet more proof that the Tea Party is Racist :

    Tea Party Group Warns of White “Extinction” In America

    “…The White Anglo-Saxon Protestant (WASP) population in America is headed for extinction and with it our economy, well-being and survival as a uniquely America culture…”

  71. Joseph says:

    Go Palin and Trump!!! Please run on one ticket!!! Please!! Better yet, run as independents and let the Mormon run on the Republican STD ticket! Please oh please!!

  72. SoCalJohn1 says:

    @ Mark…I have just looked it up and it was quite funny. I did not realize how much the many faces of Bush do look like a monkey in comparison and the “artist” who did the comparisons acutally did a great job. Humor in this case however is far from the racism displayed by the “Birthers”.

    This is just another shining example of how the Tea Partiers are wearing the same white hoods they used to, only now under the disguised name of “Birthers”. If this was just the few extremists that are into conspiracy theories (like Bush was responsible for 9/11 kind of supidity) then I would laugh it off…but when 25% of the population (over half the republicans) are saying they believe this, then I no longer have doubts. This “Birther” conspiracy can be dismissed in 5 minutes of research on Google when you find that in 2007 when the birth certificate was released in Hawaii, the department head and the Governor of Hawaii were both McCain supporting republicans and you can also find the newspapers (yes, 2 of them) that had birth announcements in the following days.

    I’m a native Southern Californian but having spent some of my formative years (1973 – 1976) in Southaven MS and Memphis TN, I can say I’ve seen many blatent displays of racism and the Tea Party “Birthers” are simply using the word “Kenyan” in place of “Ni___”. As hard as you try to hide the racism…I can still see the angry racist eyes from under those hoods yelling “Take our country back from this Kenyan”…Sad and Pathetic!

    Mark…I think that for you to post you do not see the difference is “a tad disingenuous”.

  73. Wilson says:

    The truth hurts and the repubs, & teabaggers are the most racist people I have ever met.

  74. Wisconsin says:

    Couldn’of said it better, thanks SoCalJohn1.

  75. Kentucky expat says:

    Frankly, I believe most of the tea bags like this woman are idiots. They can’t seem to understand how their ideas of “smaller government” are not only unworkable, they are just plain stupid. They have no idea of what THEY could lose if the repubs in Congress get their way.
    They see no problem with their representatives demanding more subsidies for oil companies (is this smaller government? I don’t think so) and more tax breaks for the oil companies and other big corporations THAT ARE MAKING RECORD PROFITS while ordinary people can’t afford to travel because of these obscene gas and diesel prices.
    I’ve lived through many, many administrations and would like to go back to the tax rates during President Eisenhower’s administration. It would end the deficit immediately and make life fair for the middle class and the poor.
    I would like to see my representative (R) defeated in 2012. He has done NOTHING to create any jobs in my hard-hit area. He lies at his town meeting and invites the nuts to insult President Obama and other Democrats.

  76. Danita Williams-Johnson says:

    While I do understand that many people who behave in such a manner are, indeed, dumb… to attempt to play on the intelligence of those of us who are not dumb, is the dumbest of all dumb moves. Now, whether this individual thought her actions were racist or not; her actions are totally inappropriate of somone in public office, at this level; period! She need to resign her post…

  77. Danita Williams-Johnson says:

    And, the sad thing about it is that these idiots don’t even see, in their own mirrors, how stupid they look and sound when they perform in such a manner. To say she does not think her actions were racist; yet, in the same sentence insist that it was just humor of what the President’s character stands for is so ludicrous. Does she not hear herself saying that “if, in fact, President Obama was born in Kenya; then, the character of all people born in Kenya is representative of monkeys????”. What would make the other people in Kenya an exception to the rule-if, the message was only meant for President Obama? Come now, how idiotic can a person really be? Furthermore, apology not accepted!

  78. sr397 says:

    That’s life behind the ORANGE curtain. Disgusting that an elected official can act so unprofessional.

  79. This is sad, and very racist!!! So tired of the Teabaggers and Republicans Jokes!! There would have been more of an Uproar over this if Paris Hilton Or Mel Gibson had said these racist “jokes” thats the sad part!!!

  80. What nonsense, whining about this email..So what, as if anyone here hasn’t recieved “inappropriate” jokes at work through their own emails….No matter which side it insults….

  81. Neal Lopes says:

    GOD DAMB AMERICA where is Jarad when we need him?

  82. yolanda says:

    she needs her a– kicked and then throw out

  83. ronnie spice says:

    Barack Obama is a badass and thats all there is to it!!!

  84. marcus adams says:

    Your hate and ignorance will give the White House to Barack H. Obama again.

  85. ReallyModComeON says:

    @zheng ye This is just as racist if they had a photo with the Chinese President sitting at the dinner table with a dog in a cage wagging its tail with a caption reading, “finally a product that will allow us to combat the trade imbalance.” It would be racist not just and insult to the Chinese President but and insult to Asians everywhere.

  86. Adam says:

    Even GOP operatives think the photo was incredibly racist.

  87. EDWINA says:


  88. EDWINA says:


  89. CommonSenseLiberal says:

    Even though I am personally offended unless she used her work (.gov) email she hasn’t done anything to get her fired.

  90. Ginger says:

    “Monkey” was used as a racial slur for African Americans for years. It has nothing to do with evolution.

    1. Liz says:

      Ginger there is no point in debating with ignorance…..but it would be to their benefit to brush up on black History in America! We can never let that happen again!

    2. Tony says:

      Thank You Ginger……….

  91. Deborah says:

    If it had happen to a white president; it would’ve been a crime not a joke.

  92. Deborah says:

    This man is not an average joe African American; he is the President of the United States. Why not seen pictures of him with the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. That’s Kansas,his moms home town. Why did it have to be monkeys? That’s right, they come from Africa.

    1. Liz says:

      you are so right Deborah! Using a monkey- painting a white face black…etc…. we all know our black History in America! Those other folks are just thinkin they are pullin a fast one on us ..or making a joke of how far the black man has come in America! President Obama is a Black man. Get over it!

  93. Deborah Taylor says:

    Ameriica. I mis-spelled send so don’t get it twisted.

  94. wayne camardo says:

    This is not a picture of President Obama. This is a picture of The Tea Party. This Tea Party movement is supposedly about high taxes, hence the name Tea Party, which was a revolt about “No Taxation Without Representation.” This modern Tea Party movement sprang up at a time when Federal income tax is at the lowest rate in over 60 years. This movement came on the heels of President Obama’s implementation of the largest tax cut for the middle class in American history. One of the first slogans of the predominanatly white Tea Party was “Take Our Country Back.” At Tea Party rallies it is common to see depictions of President Obama as a Witch Doctor, replete with a bone in his nose. Now, if you add all this up, a complaint of high taxes at a time when taxes are historically low, plus wanting “their” country back, as if the first Black President took it away from them. The answer it adds up to is pure unadulerated Racism (with a capital R) At this point I would say that the color of President Barack Obama’s skin is not the issue any longer. The issue is the thickness. How hurt and angry this man, and his family, must feel when they are humiliated in this hateful racist manner. I can only hope that taking into consideration the mentality, stupidity, and the ugliness and ignorance of the this woman and her counterpart Teabaggers are, can help to deflect the pain of such a hideous attack. I can only send up my condolences, apologies and love to this man and his beautiful wife and children, with the hope that maybe if they know that many of us are repulsed by this woman and her actions and wish only love, happiness and comfort for them. Peace

    1. Liz says:

      you are so right! Ill vote for him again just to spit the Tea baggers

      1. Liz says:

        spite –lol

    2. Tony says:

      Well Put Wayne…..

    3. White woman in wyoming says:

      Hello Wayne, you said it all so very well. Thank you.

  95. Jen M says:

    If you have someone who is highly educated, has family values and is raising daughters that carry themselves with grace and dignity, with the help of his highly educated, compassionate wife and someone feels the needs to cast such a low class, undignified e-mail that serves no purpose other than to get a laugh and humiliate people, I believe that speaks volumes for the lack of character and integrity of the GOP official who sent it. It just so happens that this family is the Presidential family and the continued dispicable behavior by the GOP/Tea Party is as in most cases, because they have nothing of value/substance to contribute to move the country forward through a difficult time. When you think the right thing to do is to comprise your own values to make your point, it’s time to do some soul searching.
    Some people are not even smart enough to be embarrassed. Davenport’s arrogance is only surpassed by her ignorance…

  96. Liz says:

    it just shows the type of people we are dealing with in the congress….lets get rid of them…..all. definitely racist. We are all equal…and if gays demand Koby be suspended or fined..then why not this dumb republican? She should have had better sense…since she showed she doesnt….I would have her removed from office..fined or suspended. End of Story.

  97. LORENE says:


    1. Idie says:

      You vote for her freedom….. I vote you learn how to spell and write!!!

      1. Lorene says:

        like i care what you FN think

      2. Ginger2 says:

        oh idie you little person you are no better then anyone else.It is easy to see what a ignorant person you are

    2. Liz says:

      Lorene you can say whatever the heck you want due to freedom of speech. However there are consequences…..
      Just like the gays . You can say something against them….but they will take you down for it if you so much as mutter a word against them.

  98. LOU says:

    A picture tells all.
    Its nothing new here, beside her, look at most of the politicians “our representatives”
    Just can stand or accept a SMART BLACK MEN IN THE SO CALL WHITE HOUSE.

  99. LORENE says:

    monkeys have been used in photos as white presidents as well as obama and wont stop with him just because he is crying about it.he must not be proud of being who he is,he is half white,he must claim only to be a black man..i question him as a president…he has a fake birth certificate,doesnt hold his hand over his heart or even wear the american flag…he is a grown man and such things shouldnt even bother him..i think it was funny and not racist..if obama thinks so then he is showing he is racists

    1. Idie says:

      Poor Lorene, can’t thnk, can’t write, can’t spell, yes, a real tea bagger!

      1. KEVIN says:

        Idie, you are a very small person i

  100. Virgal Gage says:

    Ii dont see why anyone is shocked. im am not a republican or a demacrat but u gotta know these type of people are in both partys any way. now what would make this worse is if she comes out with some phonny ass apolagy about this then everyone sweeps it under the rug like they do when these people surface.

  101. Tony says:

    This person should be fired bottom line……….There is no room for ignorance”

  102. blackbillionaire says:

    Wow! Silence is the best answer for a fool like “Davenport” period. How will feel if someone tells you that you look like a “pig”.

  103. emeka says:


  104. EMEKA says:


    1. Anna says:


  105. Michael Lary says:

    Citizen must DEMAND better from their representatives, regardless of whether they’re liberal, conservative or down right stupid! Freedom of Speech is NOT the issue. Leadership is and should not be given away like a box of chocolate. Marilyn Davenport offended African Americans by relating a black man to a monkey! This is beyond whether you like President Obama (or any US President). This was purely and simply racism at its worse.

  106. Sean says:

    YES PLEASE THANK YOU!!!! MORE OF THIS, COME ON Glen Beck, Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, rush limbaugh and the list goes on and on, I’m a Hispanic Democrat… But where do I send contributions to this clowns foundation ? The KKK is back! lol

  107. THANK YOU says:

    WOULD ANY REAL TEA PARTY REPUBLICAN PLEASE PLEASE DEMAND A DNA TEST ON OBAMA? We know he is not American, Not Christian But the Antichrist and Muslim, Can we at least make sure he is not half ape?

    1. EMEKA says:

      u better find out where u belong, ur heritage.u are not american, u better go and find out where ur parents come from,u fool.the only truely americans are the indians.e

  108. Alicia says:

    This is another sad day for America
    when political leaders stoop to such
    a low level of behavior without willing to
    acknowledge the consequences. Saying
    “I’m sorry” at this point is a shallow cop-out.
    Marilyn Davenport needs to step down…

  109. Mark R says:

    Tea party pinheads old white rascist what else can you say

  110. Stephanie LLoyd says:

    You know what my problem with this is his mother (President Obama;s) was white, so who are you picking on.

  111. Jetta says:

    How sleazy can you get?

  112. Julie says:

    Don’t make excuses for Marilyn Davenport. NAIVE?: it’s what our children are, before they know better. You can not tell me she did not know what she was sending was intented for any other purpose than being disrespectful and mean spirited. Get rid of her! Who needs this kind of mind and heart?!!

  113. Gabriel says:

    Another reflection of Orange County Republican Ignorance. I’m glad she ‘declined to be on camera’. She can CRAWL back to that DARK HOLE of ignorance.

    Thank You,
    A Mexican-born and U.S. Military Veteran.

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