LOS ANGELES (AP) — The union for Southern California grocery store workers will ask more than 60,000 members to authorize a strike, arguing that supermarket giants are dragging their feet in contract talks.

Members of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 770 will vote next Wednesday.

Their contract with the parent companies of the Ralphs, Vons and Albertsons chains expired six weeks ago.

Albertsons spokesman Fred Muir says Thursday that strike talk is premature because negotiations continue and progress is being made.

Vons spokesman Daymond Rice says a vote is an unnecessary distraction and a waste of time. He says slow progress is being made and talks will resume this month.

Ralphs spokeswoman Kendra Doyel says the best course of action is to continue negotiating and reach an agreement.

A four-month strike and lockout that began in 2003 cost Ralphs and other grocery chains more than $2 billion by some estimates.

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Comments (129)
  1. WH Jones says:

    How can they do this? I thought unions were recently banned by the Supreem Court?

  2. TT says:

    Best be careful about work these days – there are plenty of people out there that need work and will be glad to have it . And Jobs arent really plentiful right now ……

    1. Bebe says:

      Do you really want to live in a world where workers have no rights and should not act as a group for fair treatment? Because China is a dictatorship and the attitude you express here is the prevailing attitude over there, TT. I support the unions and won’t cross the picket line.

    2. Patti F says:

      No kidding! I’ll take one of those jobs…I pay 700.00 a month for health insurance for me and two kids…they pay 36 dollars a month for individual and 92 for family and they have a problem with that?

  3. CalFord says:

    Ingrate clowns, listen up. The last time these stores went on strike myself and many people I know NEVER went back to them. I have never stepped foot in Ralphs for years. Take what you get, dump the Unions which skim so much off your check you’d be better off without them – or face very harsh hardships. In 2011 union ingrates will not recover like they did several years ago -and- stores will just put in more self check outs.

    1. Bebe says:

      Are you serious? Ralph’s is the worst grocery corporation there is — moving in across the street from other supermarkets, driving them out of business and then jacking up prices? I don’t shop at Ralph’s for that reason. Even Whole Foods and Gelsons are cheaper. The fact that they’re nickel and diming their employees is not a surprise — their CEO needs to finance his next private island I’m sure.

  4. DBHollywood says:

    everyone hates union workers now–not the smartest thing to do…

    1. darrell street says:

      at least someone is makeing more thin 8.00 a hour.i love unions,thay MADE THE MIDDLE CLASS great ,the world lives on the edge,rich get richer and the poor get left overs,GOD BLESS THE UNIONS

      1. Ron says:

        Yes Darrell, where else can an illiterate make more than $8/hr.? Get a dictionary or use spell check, so you can at least look/sound like you know what your doing.

        This UNION member is NOT the exception to the rule. Unions don’t like intelligent people, who can think for themselves. It gets in the way of their plans. They just need/want sheep that will pay union dues and vote for ALL UNION CAUSES.

      2. Bebe says:

        Darrell, you’re exactly right. The history of workers in this country has been selectively edited out of history books by “conservative” activists, but we wouldn’t have any of the things we take for granted in this country (40-hour work week, weekends, workman’s comp when we get hurt on the job, lunch breaks, etc.) without unions.

  5. itsmella says:

    Good God! Are you underworked, overpaid Banana Scanners whining again? DON”T SHOP THERE PEOPLE!

    1. upset person says:

      Under worked? Its obvious you never worked in a grocery store. The companies are demanding more work with less help as it is. And getting upset at conditions when there is no help to make conditions better. Maybe you should try working in one before you go opening your mouth.

      1. Bebe says:

        Bingo. Well said.

  6. Paul Thomkins says:

    “Banana Scanners”–hahaha I guess you could call TSA Agents that too.

  7. Marilyn says:

    After the 2003 strike I went in a Ralphs and they rude and complaining. I have not gone in a Ralphs since then. Stater Bros. offers cheaper prices and friendlier employees.

    1. laura says:

      Not everyone lives near a Stater Bros. Whole Foods is the way to go!!! I don’t shop at Ralphs, Vons or Albertsons, No thank you.

  8. GOTTALUVIT says:

    VONS.COM The ONLY way to fly for having groceries delivered!!
    Hope the drivers don’t go out as well, I don’t ever wanna go shopping in a store again!

    1. Ron says:

      GOTTALUVIT, you know they will, because they are union drivers and unions don’t want anything efficient for the stores customers, unless we pay union DUES !!.

      1. SnookievsSookie says:

        You have many posts on here, are you an avid shopper or something?
        Why do you care so much to post this much? None of this has anything to do with the customer. They will hire just as many scabs as they have employees to replace them, plus, nobody is going to stop you from crossing a picket line.

        Do you have some personal vendetta against unions?

  9. ABFHOG says:

    Keep hating the union; we’re just a bunch of ungrateful babies anyway.
    But don’t worry, when they destroy what’s left of the unions (there’s not much left to destroy) then all the non-union workers will get their wages and benefits hacked.
    When there’s no one left to lead the way for wages and conditions, you’ll all be working for walmart wages, and you’ll just spend your whole check at the grocery store you work at.
    Keep on hating, you scabs, and silently ride our coattails.
    We’re the greatest leaders you’ll never acknowledge.

    1. Bebe says:

      Completely agree. People don’t understand that the things they take for granted wouldn’t exist without unions.

      1. Ron says:

        Bebe, that may have been the case in the very early years of the union. But NOT now. They are only concerned about collecting dues, forcing their AGENDAS and their members to vote “THE UNIONS way” or else you are out of a job.

        Union bosses are FAT CATS, too, not just Ralph’s CEO.

      2. Bebe says:

        Ron, this is a reply to you but there’s no reply button on your post.

        Ever since those same early days, from the moment worker protections were passed, big business has been doing everything they can to chip away at them. It actually makes me sad that you have so much faith in big business that you don’t think that the minute unions are out of the way working conditions won’t immediately plummet, but they will.

        Also, it’s another big business lie that union bosses are fat cats. Corporations are dictatorships with the CEOs as the dictator; unions are democracies, which have elections and free will among its members. Members vote for the rights of all of them–not just to line their own pockets the way CEOs operate. Unions are the last bastion against us turning into a third world state like China, which is the dream of people like the Ralph’s CEO. In places like Maine and down South, some GOP governors are trying to bring back child labor. You know why? They will work for less. Our economy is driven primarily by consumer spending. If everyone’s wages are driven down by greedy CEOs and the death of unions, the economy will fall because no one will have money to spend. Henry Ford paid his workers well because he wanted them to buy his cars–big corporations now see their consumer bases growing in India and other developing nations. They’re willing to let us all sink into poverty and powerlessness. And then we’ll be worse than China, more like Somalia where trans-national corporations can essentially do whatever they want regardless of who it hurts, with nothing to stop them.

      3. Ron says:

        Bebe, you seem to be very well informed, but I must ask why teachers that I have spoken to, have said that they do not agree with the unions opinions/agendas, but can’t speak up for fear of retaliations. Also there was a person on a similar article, about the possible grocery strike, that said she was a member of a grocery union and felt that she was not getting any benefit for the dues she paid. But she felt that, if she stopped paying her dues, she would lose her job. She was very upset, that the UNION could cause her to lose her job, not the store managers.

        Because of the pressures that unions place on their members, they ARE DICTATORS.

      4. Sarah says:

        I agree with BEBE, without unions regular employees would be making alot less. Although my husband has a union job, the union does not do that much for him, he is lucky he still has a job. But I am sure there are folks sitting behind a desk 24/7 trying to figure out how to do away with all union jobs. It is a sad situation…….

  10. ILLEGALS says:

    Unions ruining America. Keep on Striking fools.

  11. swhitS says:

    I want a Whole Foods and Trader Joes downtown. The only possible place I can go is Ralphs and Vons andI hate Vons.

    1. laura says:

      I love Whole Foods and Trader Joes. Have a Trader Joes down the street and a Whole foods 5 minutes away.

  12. Tired of the madness! says:

    Employment at a grocery store is a job, not a career! If you want to make a decent living with good benefits then get a career. If you, the grocery store clerk, choose to stay at that place of employment then don’t complain about the pay or the benefits. I say strike…there are a lot of so called scabs that will be more than happy to take your spot. Furthermore, I will not hesitate for one second to cross a picket line. I did it before and I will have no problem crossing again.

    1. mari says:

      I agree, my husband and I were both laid off this year and we would honestly love to work as a scab worker, a job is a job as long as it pays the bills and gets food on the table! I am sorry but the people who are going on strike because they don’t get good wages,etc you should be lucky you even have a job! I would be happy to even just get a minimum wage job

      1. upset person says:

        yeah right the minimum wage wouldn’t even put food on your table after paying whatever bill you can pay let alone pay your rent get real. The real reason your upset is the fact that you got laid off. maybe and i mean maybe if there was a union you might still have your job. Its obvious your employers didn’t give a rats ass about you and how hard you guys worked…

    2. upset person says:

      I have been there 20 years and you say its not a career why don’t you try working there not as a scab but as an employee i bet you couldn’t even last a year cuz what is demanded of you. You are talking out of your ass and don’t even get whats going on. As a scab you would think its a kick job but try working there on a day to day bases its a hole nother story. I hate people like you that think they know it all but have never worked for a grocery store.

  13. ginny says:

    Go ahead and strike, I’ll make sure I walk right past the pickets and shop at each store just to make a point. I supported the last strike, but not this time.. Food prices are out of control already and if there isn’t some level of control in a new contract we’ll all see price increases to cover that too.

    1. upset person says:

      That’s funny you blame the higher prices on paying our wages when these companies are making billions each year. You think if they pay less for wages they will lower the prices on things if anything they will keep going up they will just blame it on gas prices….

    2. Ron says:

      Ginny, when you walk past the pickets, don’t forget to use the self-checkout. That way some of the picketing union workers, won’t have a job to complain about when we no longer need union cashiers.

    3. Bebe says:

      I wish I could see the look on your face when you realize that your attitude is going to turn the U.S. into Somalia or the sweatshops of China. If you have children, you better hope that wiser people than you prevail or their future is going to be desperately grim.

    4. Bebe says:

      By the way, food prices are out of control because of speculation on Wall St. That doesn’t make it on the news, but that’s the reality. But the CEO of Ralph thanks you for doing his bullying for him so he can buy another private island or lear jet.

  14. Buck says:

    I wave as I walk by their line

  15. Gil sucks says:

    See that, reading your garbage does have an effect on me. Look at my spelling errors! Work with me iPhone!

  16. Jewels says:

    why should grocery workers get better benefits than a college educated engineer? wake up, the economy is so bad that you should be happy to have a job. i will walk past the picket lines and pick up an application for employment.

    1. upset person says:

      Your just upset that you spent thousands of dollars on a engineering degree and cant get a job. Thats why you will walk by and get an application for a job that could give you good bennies that your engineering degree should have given you. So walk on by and pick one up then we will see if you got what it takes to work for a company that doesn’t give a rats ass about you after the strike is over if we strike at all. Maybe you should try working there even if we don’t strike and see if you last.

  17. larina says:

    education is not all…. obviously you forget about humans past … u think most of the things you live off today was created by all educated people your crazzy……dont forget the fact that if there were no strikes or protest in our past that women would even be able to be educated that other races could work in harmony side by side get a clue not my fault you chose a path that you dont get any good benifits from, so you say……………

  18. Krystie Conrad says:

    You are so right about the self check-out machines. These idiots barley know how to read the price tags right let alone operate the machine! If it wasn’t for unions the US wouldn’t have a middle class to stand on. And who cares about the fact that you work at a fortune 500 company becuase I probably make the same amount of money that you do. And do you think your bosses care about you? And the financial situation we are in today is the fault of the Republicans!!!!!!

  19. Jacob Amaya says:

    I dont your views but my dad is a manger so shut up and pray for them.

  20. Ron is a butt pirate says:

    To Ron: I know several employees who have college degrees, including myself.
    By your comments, I can tell you are just as uneducated as Gil. Inbred employees? That is your argument? An empty, fake insult is the best you have? Oh wait… Your argument is that you can run self checkout better than the “3rd grade dropouts”.
    My response to that is simply… LOL! I work self checkout regularly. You people are idiots. You don’t know how to read tags, how to place the item down when the machine tells you, how to pay… PATHETIC! I work on the west side, don’t you knuckle dragging dolts have money?? How do you make six figures when you can’t follow simple instructions?!?
    I’ll tell you what, why don’t you come to any store, say what you are saying online to a persons face. If it were me, I’d beat you like a red headed step child.

    1. Ron says:

      Too afraid to use your own name or something more original than,” Ron is a butt pirate”. Now we all know what your favorite past time is. Did you get your practice of pirating in prison or the gay community?

      I too, have a college degree and it certainly doesn’t take a genius to operate the self-checkout(I can), but go ahead and brag about your talents(butt pirating & self-checkout operator, WOW !!!).

      And as far as coming into your store, so you can beat me “like a red headed step child”, I guess that means you must be a union thug or “wanna-be”. Or maybe you’re the chicken s@it, that beat up the Giant fan at Dodger Stadium, and that’s why you won’t use your own name.

      It’s obvious to everyone, that YOU union grocery workers are getting VERY WORRIED about losing your jobs(And you should be), now that grocery stores and customers, have discovered how USELESS you really are, since we can get by without you, thanks to SELF-CHECKOUTS.

      ALERT TO ALL NON-UNION grocery shoppers, if you are FED UP with the UNION STRIKES, walk past the pickets, straight to the SELF-CHECKOUTS, every time you SHOP !!! Easy solution. How long do you think they will keep their jobs?

  21. Ron's butt pirating adventures says:

    Ron, if you’d like to insult my grammar due to typing from my mobile device (OMGZ, the idiot grocery store worker has a mobile device) then feel free. I have to at least give you something to retort too, since I just owned you.

    1. Ron says:

      You shouldn’t be typing on a mobile device, while you’re driving !!

      And it figures, that you would be a Charlie Sheen fan. Only LOSERS and DRUG addicts still idolize him.

  22. Ron says:

    You are so interested in my last name, yet you can’t even use your name.

    Who gives a cr@p about reading the CBA? It is a rope around any employer’s neck, put there by corrupt politicians, that are bought and paid for by the unions.

  23. Ron is a tool says:

    I see my posts slamming your lack of intelligence have been deleted. Hmmm… Embarrassed much? I’m summing this up because I’m done talking to someone who has no knowledge of what he is attempting to retort.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about. You have no knowledge of this subject, nor the CBA. The CBA, the reason this is happening you clown.

    2. You spout off mindless opinion without backing it up, I.e. “the CBA is brought on by corrupt politicians, paid for by the union”. So, pretty much all your posts.

    3. You fail to give your last name. Probably you realized what an uneducated piece of caca you are.

    Idiot grocers- 3 Ron the retort (haha that’s creative) 0


    1. Ron says:

      It’s about time that you signed off, you were DONE a long time ago. All you can say is that I have not given you my last name and you continue to act like the LITTLE BOY on the playground, whining because someone took his soccer ball.

      Go home and kiss your union bosses AS@ !!

      And when you take a math class, you’ll realize that the score is REALLY, Ron 4 & LOSERS 0

  24. RON LOSES says:

    Your last comment just put the cherry on top of my win column.

    No retort, just insults. Wow, LOL!!! That was your response!! I said much much MUCH more than the whole last name shenanigan. That is all you can respond too, nothing of competence to the topic. Once again if you read it, knew how to comprehend, you would see that.

    Bye Ron,


    1. Ron says:

      In your dreams.

      But if that’s what it takes to keep you from whining, go right ahead and believe it. Your “Projection” with me as the object of your failures, shows the need for psychological help, i.e. “An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or “projecting,” those same faults onto another person or object.”(Freudian Projection). Oh by the way, MY MAJOR was PSYCHOLOGY.

      There hasn’t been a need to retort, because there has been nothing of substance coming from your keystrokes.


  25. Ron sucks at psychology says:

    Lol, you go to a book, copy a definition and generalize YOUR PROJECTION OF FAILURE, and label me. I’ve failed at nothing.
    You STILL avoid the questions I ask. You change the subject to something you think you have a chance at arguing, which you dont.

    Substance is not in your vocabulary, as is a college degree, because I don’t believe you went to college. The fact remains that no psychologist would speak like you do because they understand critical thinking, you dont.

    So, tell us your last name, and since you bring up psych, what papers you’ve published.
    If not, go cower away like the scared mutt that you are.

    1. Ron says:

      Keep laughing. You just confirmed my diagnosis. I have read the book, studied the material and received my degree, GROCERY CLERK.

      It is understandable, why you DO feel so INADEQUATE to PROJECT such feelings onto me. You are less than nothing !!! But that is exactly what unions look for. People with LOW SELF-ESTEEM and you fit the BILL perfectly.

      You still haven’t told me your REAL NAME. So get over yourself and omit that you are the failure, that is SO EVIDENT. And don’t pretend that you have a degree, unless it is in HOW TO KISS UNION BOSSES ASS@S.

  26. Ron's fake degree says:

    Lol! Diagnosis??? You’re not even a doctor! No published material, probably not even an m.f.a.
    I love how you think the unions actually look for people with low self esteem. If you seriously ate a psychologist, which I doubt, you would be laughed at by your peers.
    I haven’t told you my real name because I asked you for yours first. If you are a real psychologist with a degree and nothing to hide, you won’t mind giving it up.
    You still haven’t argued the real reason for this article!!! You gave no valid argument at all!! Instead you played a little game that goes “oh yea, well…. I know this better than you so ha!”

    Goodnight, I win… Again

    1. Nathan S. says:

      Good points grocery ron, I think you meant “Are” and not “Ate”, Ha!
      Ron, looks like the “grocery clerk” just took you to school in the critical thinking department. All you have done is insult hard working people with an elitist attitude, but you lack base for anything. Hard to believe you are a psych major…. REALLY HARD. That is straight from a biochemist.
      You’re not better than him because you have a psych degree, (if you do). In fact, i have two buddies in the grocery business, he probably makes more than you. That is, if you are using money as a determining factor, which you probably are.
      I will say though if nobody is going to give up their names, give it a rest. Ron you didnt give up your full name, so don’t think you are unveiling the curtains as to who you are.

  27. Jill says:

    Wow..lot’s of anger out there! Nice job Nathan, you made the most sense.

  28. Ron says:


    “I haven’t told you my real name because I asked you for yours first”. How INFANTILE, grocery ron !!

    As for you nathan, biochemist is what a drug dealer likes to call himself, to inflate his ego. I’m sure you probably work for the union too. They have a way of protecting, even drug addict’s jobs.” Hard working”, now I know you are a union hack.

    Remember my original statement, that we non-union employees can & should walk past the pickets to utilize the self-checkout machines. And we are not too stupid to figure out how to use them.

    Go ahead and strike. Maybe the grocery stores will find out that they can live without you, as we certainly HAVE.

  29. Nathan S. says:

    Wow Ron, just…. wow. The grocer makes you look like a fool, and you manage to keep reinforcing that. Not that it is any of your business, but my job is applied reasearch.
    You have confirmed it, Ron. There is no way you are an actual psychologist, although there is a slight chance you have a psychology degree. Are you sure your not typing FROM the institution, and the people AROUND you are psychologists?
    Yes Ron, thats it. Everyone who has an opinion against you is a super secret union employee. I suppose when your toilet doesn’t flush, it is because a union employee did something to the handle when you weren’t in the bathroom, right?

    1. Ron says:

      Nathan S., I suppose you meant research, not reasearch. Very interesting that you can’t even spell your “supposed” job title. Nice try. I do have my PSYCH. Degree, but you are NOT a biochemist. Scientists pay special attention to the smallest details.

      Now who is Pathetic?

      Grocer ron, you really must learn to count. WAIT A MINUTE, you don’t work as a union cashier, do you? Poor customers, getting ripped off. Can you say, “CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS?”

  30. Ron has no credentials says:

    Lol, you’re ready to condemn Nathan as s biochemist because he made any old spelling error, funny.
    You got wrong genius. I am union. You meant to say “you don’t work as a NON UNION CASHIER”, or did you mean to say it? Probably not, because you don’t know the difference. I thought psychologists read, you must NOT be a psychologist, lol, probably just have a general degree.
    Unless you are going to proof you are a psychologist, shut your mouth. People are already chiming in, telling you what a dunce you are. Besides this is about a STRIKE, you are changing the subject because YOU think you have ground in another area, that you still know nothing about.
    If you would like to meet me in person, I would be more than happy too. I want to see if you say the same things to me in person that you do online.

  31. Ron says:

    Grocery ron, I just realized something. I am a dunce, for not realizing that you and Nathan S., are one in the same. I forgot that you always hide behind other names, like Ron … WOW, how stupid of me not to catch that until now. Yes, you used his name & title, to try to pump up your deflated EGO. Nice try, but I caught you.


    Oh, by the way, I won’t be meeting you & your union thugs in a dark alley.

  32. Ron says:


    “Ron the grocer has lost his mind and his Balls. How you can be so delusional…, I won the intelligence battle, proved you to be a dunce and a delusional nut, and a sissy… Who wins? Yep, that would be me.” Let’s see who sounds delusional NOW? Damn if that doesn’t sound like a drugged out C. Sheen.

    Only person that has lost his Balls, is the union boss sleeping next to YOU !!!

  33. Ron's lost his nuts says:

    I like how you copy my wonderful words! Obviously I am getting to you. You’re not even man enough to meet me in public. LOL!

  34. Ron is a FAKE!!! says:

    LOL!!!!! YOU’RE A FAKE!! A friend of mine reading this wonderful exchange noticed something very peculiar about your “definition” of projection…. YOU COPIED IT WORD FOR WORD, STRAIGHT FROM WIKI-PEDIA!!!

    You obviously do NOT hold a psych degree, because someone who knew psychology… WOULDNT HAVE TO LOOK UP THE DEFINITION, COPY, AND PASTE IT!!

    Wow!! Lolollollol!!!! You’re nothing but a plagiaristic LIAR!! THATS TWICE I OWNED YOU!! THATS TWICE YOU DON’T HAVE CLUE WHAT YOU ARE SAYING.

    I am officially retired from this post, because I just EPICALLY WON!!

    This is the crowd of people singing to you Ron.
    Na na na na…Na na na na… Hey hey hey… GOODBYE!!! Rest in pi$$ Ron. The Grocer just made you his witch with a capital B.

    Look it up everyone, just type in psychological projection in yahoo. Goodbye, and goodnight!

    1. Ron says:

      PROJECTION !!!!

      FAILURE !!!!


      grocer ron and little friend, I didn’t know you had friends that could read. If either of you were educated, you would have noticed that I put the definition in quotes and credited it to “Freudian Projection”, Dumbas@es. But if you even graduated from high school, you would have known that !! I had to give the definition, because it was obvious that you wouldn’t understand or BELIEVE, that there was actually a word for your PATHETIC state of mind.

      Oh by the way, is this another imaginary friend of yours, like Nathan S.

      As far as copying your words, it was necessary to show how INFANTILE and repetitive your ramblings are(i.e., C. Sheen). And it worked.

      And you “can’t get to me”, because I understand FLAWED people like you. It’s called the “NAPOLEON COMPLEX”(Little man). “Napoleon complex is an informal term describing an alleged type of inferiority complex which is said to affect some people, especially men, who are short in stature…The conventional wisdom is that Napoleon compensated for his short height by seeking power, war and conquest…” Fits you to a T. Oh and I copied that from Wikipedia too, DUMBAS@S. Not because I didn’t know it, but because it takes more than a 3rd grade education(yours), to understand it. You can thank me now.

  35. joe says:

    you go gil . you all forgot your already over paid for what you do. 21.00 a hour to stand and talk to your co -workers . first it should be giving your customer service their the ones that made these companys money.not you and don’t forget about those poor baggers that are still at min wages fight for them to get a raise cause you didn’t last strike as you all forgot .so they deserve the 2.00 raise in the next 4 years. so they could catch up to you guys whos at the top. keep what you got and don’t be greedy. cause if you do you’ll all just have to watch us cross that picket line to shop . who cares about a raise. i call you all greedy in this recession. take what you get or walk

  36. Andrew Kim says:

    Ron, give it a rest. I just read the wiki. First off, as the grocer said you did not cite the source properly. You just put quotes around it, you named it “Freudian Projection”. That is not how a source is cited in any format MLA or AMA.

    Second, you’re missing the point. The clerk is pointing out that you don’t have YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE to explain Psychological Projection (which is what it is really called).
    Even then, you misunderstand what psychological projection is.
    In this case it would require the initial person (the clerk) to have a failure of understanding on the topic. Clearly, the clerk knows what he is talking about in terms of the CBA, so there is no failure to begin with. If you truly understood psychological projection, you would see that YOU are the one projecting onto him. For example (by the way I DON’T need wiki to exmplain this) You fail to understand why this strike is going on, or what the CBA is. Therefore, since you FAIL to understand (remember its based on failure), you blame the grocer as a failure at life. Thus PROJECTING your failure onto him.


    I find it funny that you say he is not getting to you, yet you log on multiple times in the day, and continue on. Sounds like you have a counter-projector in you as well, didn’t know that was possible until now. To top it off, you actually took the time to go on wiki, look up a quote, copy… and paste it. I wondered why you would not induldge us with anything you’ve written, its because you are a phony as the clerk said. It’s possible you have just read a few wiki things here and there, but to believe you are an actual psychologist is impossible.

    The fact is no psychologist talks the way you do. It is just not possible, not if they are truly devoted to the study of human beings.

  37. Andrew says:

    Ron, give it a rest. I just read the wiki. First off, as the grocer said you did not cite the source properly. You just put quotes around it, you named it “Freudian Projection”. That is not how a source is cited in any format MLA or AMA.

    Second, you’re missing the point. The clerk is pointing out that you don’t have YOUR OWN KNOWLEDGE to explain Psychological Projection (which is what it is really called).
    Even then, you misunderstand what psychological projection is.
    In this case it would require the initial person (the clerk) to have a failure of understanding on the topic. Clearly, the clerk knows what he is talking about in terms of the CBA, so there is no failure to begin with. If you truly understood psychological projection, you would see that YOU are the one projecting onto him. For example (by the way I DON’T need wiki to exmplain this) You fail to understand why this strike is going on, or what the CBA is. Therefore, since you FAIL to understand (remember its based on failure), you blame the grocer as a failure at life. Thus PROJECTING your failure onto him.


    I find it funny that you say he is not getting to you, yet you log on multiple times in the day, and continue on. Sounds like you have a counter-projector in you as well, didn’t know that was possible until now. To top it off, you actually took the time to go on wiki, look up a quote, copy… and paste it. I wondered why you would not induldge us with anything you’ve written, its because you are a phony as the clerk said. It’s possible you have just read a few wiki things here and there, but to believe you are an actual psychologist is impossible.

    The fact is no psychologist talks the way you do. It is just not possible, not if they are truly devoted to the study of human beings.

    1. Ron says:

      Andrew Kim:

      It is obvious that you were too lazy to really research “Projection”. You simply went to Wikipedia(as you accused me of doing) and chose the first definition you found and tried to act like you actually knew what you were talking about. And then you quoted “counter-projection”, which was a few sentences below, in the same paragraph. WOW, you really are an authority on Psychology, aren’t you.

      I guess you too like to PROJECT your SHORT-COMINGS onto to ME, to inflate your deflated EGO. But that doesn’t bother ME, because I am secure with MYSELF.

      AND, if you really knew what PROJECTION was, you would understand that grocer ron is projecting his socially unacceptable behavior(BUTT PIRATING) and inferiority complex(Ron’s fake credentials, online degree, sucks at psychology, Ron loses, lost his mind, balls & nuts, is a tool and a couple more BUTT PIRATE variations(as you can tell which one of these is HIS favorite past time).

      SO Don’t act like you know ANYTHING about MY profession. It’s obvious, that you too are too lazy to get a degree in anything !!

  38. Andrew says:

    Oh and I made a spelling error on EXPLAIN… Fyi, in case you wanted to make an entire response devoted to that.

  39. SANDY says:


  40. Stacey merlo says:

    Why don’t you prove that you really are a psychologist. You rag on Andrew for not knowing what he is talking about. However, you have provided no evidence that you do either.
    If you’re really a psychologist, prove it. If your just s psych major, then I’m sorry,it’s just not enough. When people make arguments they better be able to back it up. You have provided no evidence that you are an “expert” on anything.

  41. Roger says:

    Maybe I can be of some help. I do have a psych degree from Ucla, my grad degree from Stanford. Ron, if you are who you claim to be, I’m appalled. They are right, you have no idea what you are talking about. I very much would love to know who you are, and where you received a degree, if you even have a degree.

    1. Ron says:

      Very interesting, Roger. Just like Nathan S., you just happen to come out of the woodwork and question whether I have a degree in Psychology. And you, like a number of union clerks, decide that I know nothing about “Projection”. What made you so interested in the topic of Socal Grocery Unions? You just happened upon the article and decided that “Ron is a butt pirate” might have a valid point and he might need someone to come to his defense. Even an uneducated person, might think that is a little SUSPECT. But union members tend to stick together and will do ANYTHING to PUSH their cause.

      You have said nothing that proves you have a grad degree from Stanford, let alone a psych degree from UCLA(this is how it is spelled, Roger). You would know that if you went there.

  42. Roger says:

    Yes Ron, I read articles can you imagine that. Actually, my friend Stacy thought I should read this post because she tells me some wack job is claiming he has a psych degree.
    I’m well aware of how Ucla is spelled, it’s spelled U c l a.
    Well how interesting! You just said I have nothing to prove, that I hold my degrees. Sound familiar? It sounds like what these people have been saying to you ALL THIS TIME. The person in question is you. You have said nothing that proves you hold a psych degree.
    Are you really going to respond this way to everyone who disbelieved that you hold a psych degree? Is this how you pose a response, that we must be secretly in cahoots with a grocery clerk? I’m not going to search for the person who said it, but someone mentioned that they believe the clerk was making fun of you. It appears so. It’s freshman humor, but none the less, humor.
    So, you still have not proved that you hold a degree in my field. I don’t know what the hold up is? Are you scared about something?

    P.S. If you’re going to make a crack on Ucla not being capped, don’t waste your time. Simply, don’t respond. I will be waiting for your credentials. I expect the next message to contain who you are, and where you did your undergraduate/grad degree.

    1. Ron says:

      Thank you Roger, for PROVING that you did NOT go to UCLA(it is NOT spelled Ucla) and that a grad student wouldn’t speak or write like a 6th grade bully. “Are you SCARED about something?”. How about using ADULT language or at least educated language, such as, “Are you afraid of something?”.

      POSERS !!

      And for you Stacy, you must have meant “paid to back up Ron is a butt pirate”, because THAT really shows how CLASSY this guy is. It was the first name he used to reply to MY comments, always hiding behind some LAME derogatory name.

      Oh, by the way Roger, what was your area of focus at Stanford and did you get your masters there?

  43. Stacey M. says:

    No use Roger. All Ron is going to do is dodge your questions, he obviously is afraid to admit he is not who he says he is. Here Roger, I’ll respond for Ron:

    Projection! Freudian, infantile!
    You are all uber secret union employees paid to back up Ron the grocer. You could not possibly be people who disagree with me, nobody disagrees with me!!! You are all projectors!!

  44. Stacey M says:

    Ron, who are you to talk about class? You called all of the grocery employees “inbred”. You could have simply disagreed with their strike instead you decided just to attack them.

    You have NO class, nor intelligence.

    1. Ron says:

      Stacy Merlo:

      I will take that back. Not all grocery employees are inbred.

      But, I am classy and intelligent.

  45. Stacey M. says:

    Ron, Roger’s credentials are not in question, your credentials ARE. How did I just predict that you would avoid the question? He knew about this site because I told him about a guy claiming to be a psych major, and wanted his opinion on what was being said. I work at Whole Foods as a side job, until i can become a licensed psychologist, hence why I take an interest on this comment board. I can concur with Roger that, you are violating APA ethics, and the law if you are claiming to be a practicing psychologist. That is why I keep saying show your credentials. His credentials are not in question, you are. It is simply because you are claiming to be a professional. My advice, I would either stop posting about giving “professional advice”, or risk being reported to authorities.

    1. Ron says:

      Stacey Merlo, just as I expected, you are only a student, who has not EVEN received a degree in Psychology and yet you say that I have no right to express my opinion on this subject. And you are a grocery clerk. That explains your interest in this topic.

      But you are NOT the one that questions Roger’s credentials, I AM. As we now know, you are only a student and Roger can’t even properly spell UCLA and will not tell us what his “Area of Focus” was at Stanford or if he received a Master’s Degree in Psychology from Stanford. At best, Roger might be a fellow student in your COMMUNITY COLLEGE Psychology class, so don’t threaten me or try to prevent me from expressing my opinions. Did you learn THAT in UNION 101?

      I have my PSYCHOLOGY degree.

  46. Mike says:

    Ron, seriously you need to get off this board. Unless you plan on talking about the strike, which is fine. Other than that, shut up. I’m a store director, I have never went to college and I make six figures. I probably make more in one year than you make in two or maybe even three years. So much for psychology! I actually care about my employees that is why I read the board. However, I’m tired of sifting through this garbage. Don’t you have depression sessions at the free clinic you have to attend? If you are in the field you’re obviously not that busy because you are on here all the time.

    1. Ron says:

      Good for you Mike !!!

      If you actually care about your employees, will you donate some of your six figure income, to help pay for their bills and put food in their family’s mouths, if they are FORCED to strike?

      1. Mike says:

        This is precious. A guy who likes to argue for the sake of arguing. You don’t care about the employees. I believe you were the one who said let’s march past the picket lines and use the self check out. You also commented on the intelligence of grocery employees referring to them as having “3rd grade” minds.

        It’s people like you, who are putting them out if work. I’d love to be face to face so I could slap the taste right out of your mouth.

      2. Ron says:


        I bet you would. That’s what union THUGS do !!!

  47. Ron says:

    Stacy Merlo, nice work avoiding the issue again. No response from Roger, to MY questions, only your efforts to ignore my questions. At least you know how to spell UCLA, too bad Roger doesn’t.

    And I do know how to read. I am aware of the union’s efforts to plant employees into non-union stores, such as, Whole Foods, in order to attempt union organizing.

    1. Stacey M. says:

      Roger has patients, you know, what anyone who actually works in the field would be doing on a weekday. I believe he is still waiting on your response. In one of the posts I believe he even said the next thing he wants to hear are your credentials.
      You have no idea what you are talking about when it comes to the grocery industry. Remember, grocer Ron proved that.

    2. Ron says:

      Stacy Merlo:

      Oh, yes “Ron is a butt pirate”, Ron. He really knew his stuff !!

      And it is SO nice, to have an expert in the field of the grocery industry AND psychology, all in one person(you), to help me better understand it.

      Are you sure Roger isn’t still trying to figure out why UCLA, is spelled U C L A, instead of his version, Ucla? I pity his patients. Do you think they might question his credentials, if they knew he can’t even spell UCLA and possibly refuse to pay for his SERVICES? WOW, all the years at UCLA and he can’t even figure out why it is spelled U C L A. It makes me wonder, what other things he failed to COMPREHEND? Oh, but the patients need not worry, because YOU will VOUCH for him !! How nice.

  48. Stacy M says:

    Ron, HE IS MESSING WITH YOU!!! Obviously he knows how to spell UCLA. When I asked him about it, he laughed and said he wanted to see if you would make a post about it, and you did of course. You must be an idiot if you take stuff like that at face value. Yea, a real idiot you must be. So last time we will say this:

    You have not provided any proof that you are a professional psychologist.
    You have not provided proof since you early banter that you are an expert in any field of psychology.
    Your demands for others credentials hold no merit until you provide credentials of your own.

    If their is an intelligent brain cell left in your feeble mind ask yourself this question: I call other people posers because they do not provide proof of their credentials, but I do not provide proof of my credentials, doesn’t that make ME a poser?

    1. Ron says:

      Stacy Merlo, Roger, Nathan S., Andrew Kim, “Ron is a butt pirate”(& all variations of YOUR butt fetishes), Mike and any other REAL or make believe friends of Stacy:

      Talk about “an Intelligent brain cell”; how many of your heads(brains), did it take to come up with that LAME defense of Roger’s ignorance, in only 3 DAYS? WOW, I guess it shows, that none of you have a degree or even an intelligent brain cell in YOUR FEEBLE minds.

      And STACY MERLO, your little schoolgirl behavior of, “You show me your’s and I will show you mine”, is so cute. And “There*”.

      BUT none of the others have proven anything about their education yet, while demanding mine.


  49. Stacey M says:

    Touché… That’s how it’s SPELLED. I believe everyone on this board asked you first and foremost what your credentials were and you never gave them up. IF ANYONE ORIGINALLY HAS ANYTHING TO PROVE, IT’S YOU. How absurd can you be? You started the conversation on psychology, and somehow believe that you are entitled to not give any credentials.
    YOU WERE THR FIRST ONE TO SAY IT. NATURALLY YOU SHOULD HAVE BACKED THAT UP YOU IDIOT. Why should anyone believe you have a degree?? We should believe it because you said it?? That’s funny.
    What is even funnier, is the BEST argument you have come up with, is you are all variations of one person. No, no… It’s not remotely possible someone could DISAGREE WITH ME.

    I’m convinced you have not stepped foot on a college campus. You are probably some middle aged hobo, or an 18 year old boy. Better get going Ron, mommy is calling for dinner!!

    1. Ron says:

      WOW, Stacy Merlo, I can see that I really GOT to YOU !!! It really hit home, didn’t it?

      “I’m convinced you have not stepped foot on a college campus. You are probably some middle aged hobo, or an 18 year old boy. Better get going Ron, mommy is calling for dinner!!” = PROJECTION !!!

      I knew how to spell TOUCHE’, but I wanted to see if you and your FRIENDS could catch it.

      Sure they all asked for my credentials, because THEY and YOU, have NEVER seen what a SHEEPSKIN looks like !!! And yes, I do mean that, in at least 2 definitions of the word. Look it up, if you don’t know what I mean.

  50. Bebe says:

    I support striking workers and will not cross picket lines. If the supermarket chains want to continue to drag their feet and not negotiate in good faith with unions, they can do without my business.

  51. Ron says:

    WOW Roger, it’s nice that you confirmed Stacy’s story about you being too busy.

    And thanks for you guidance, on what it would take for “Ron is a butt pirate’s” comment to be considered projection of his own feelings onto me. But the Butt Pirate and I, didn’t have an opportunity to sit down together for any evaluation, since he threatened to “beat me like a red headed step child”.

    And as for my insults, you may have missed his opening salvos at anyone that wasn’t a union grocery, self-checkout clerk, when he said, “I work self checkout regularly. You people are idiots. You don’t know how to read tags, how to place the item down when the machine tells you, how to pay… PATHETIC! I work on the west side, don’t you knuckle dragging dolts have money?? How do you make six figures when you can’t follow simple instructions?!?
    I’ll tell you what, why don’t you come to any store, say what you are saying online to a persons face. If it were me, I’d beat you like a red headed step child.”

    Roger, your problem is that you are blinded by your relationship with a grocery clerk and in order to defend your manhood(in front of her), you overlook critical information, that a real clinical psychologist would note. That information would show, that she and YOU, are wrong.

    Oh, you might want to advise Stacy that in clinical situations, she will have people that try to upset her. So she needs to understand, that she can’t just yell back at them or call you to come to her defense.

    I can carry on a rational AND intelligent conversation, but you WOULD know that, if you really were a clinical psychologist !!!

    I AM having FUN.

    1. Albert says:

      Of course you are having fun. REAL psychologists are far to busy to post comments on a story for a whole month straight. “I AM having FUN”, no psychologist speaks that way. Seriously? A whole MONTH?
      What is your big interest in a grocery strike? Makes no sense why someone with a psych degree would continue on.
      You’re obviously on this story for a reason. You’re obviously bi polar as well, your posts make no sense. I bet you even have the option marked at the bottom of the screen to update you on new posts. Get a life clown.

      1. Ron says:

        Did you crawl out from UNDER a ROCK, Albert? 20 days after my last post, you come out of the woodwork and tell me that no psychologist says he is having fun, nor would someone with a psych degree have such a big interest in a grocery strike, that I am bi polar and that I am a clown.

        Well, at least we KNOW, that you are NOT a psychologist. I guess all psychologists can’t shop at grocery stores, have an opinion about the CORRUPT relationship between UNIONS and Democratic politicians and are NOT allowed to have fun. WOW, who died and made YOU king?

  52. Albert says:

    See… Told you he has the notify button set. It’s not a matter of having an opinion, it’s funny that I am reading this and sure enough you respond as this epic comment section has dictated. Point being you have no life. I can’t believe you have updates set, you respond like an angry kid. What a joke, lol.

  53. Albert says:

    Judging but your epic responses and ridiculous responses, we can rest assured you are not one as well. Told you he had updates set.

    1. Ron says:

      NOT a Union Member, YES !!

      What’s that psych term, for someone ACCUSES you, of doing the EXACT same thing, that THEY are DOING? Yes, Albert THAT is YOU. YOUR notify button IS set.

      Well, you need NOT waste anyone else’s time, with your updates.

      Now you can pull that ROCK back over your head.

  54. Brad M. says:

    Ron, not sure if you noticed this, but nobody on this message board has spoke up and agreed with ANY statement you have made.

    I’m checking out the comment board because from what I understand a strike is imminent. I want to see if anyone has any new info, if so let’s hear it. Except you Ron. Your posts are uneducated, and you’re a worse conversation killer than Buzz Killington.

    1. Ron says:

      Brad, you must have picked up an OLD NEWSPAPER, because there is nothing CURRENTLY being said about an imminent strike, unless you have some inside knowledge, as a union member.

      And if you have the FALSE belief, that no one agrees with me, then go ahead and strike. You will find out very quickly, that only union members and the uneducated, will support YOUR cause !!!

  55. Brad says:

    Of course I have inside knowledge, I work for Ralph’s. Second, nobody has responded in favor to YOUR jack ass opinion. I have more knowledge of what is going on than you will ever be able to comprehend.
    You must be in the grocery business because you are AWFULLY interested in what is going on. You still have no intelligence to make a valid argument, something tells me you rude the short bus.
    Unions are backed by corrupt democrats??
    PROVE IT. Oh wait you can’t prove it, just like you supposed “psych background”.

    1. Ron says:

      Brad, after you take your LIPS off the mirror or YOUR union BOSS’S @SS, I WILL tell you that I AM a HELL of a lot MORE INTELLIGENT than YOU, because I would never get on my KNEES for the UNION. You act like you are so proud of the fact that you work for RALPH’s, but Brad when you have NO EDUCATION, that is the BEST YOU can do.

      You can’t admit to the CORRUPTION of UNIONS, because YOU would have to admit that YOU ARE part of it. And your UNION thugs, would pay a visit to your house.

  56. Brad says:

    Ooooo! What’s this? The “psychologist” seems a little angry. No proof once again, just blind conspiracy theory. You call that intelligent? I call that crazy. I’m Brad, I work at Ralph’s. Ron, you are nobody but an uneducated, blind screen name. You’re a village idiot, who’s off his medication. If you went to a college, try to get a refund from the critical thinking class, it didn’t work.

    1. Ron says:

      Conspiracy theory, Brad? Did you find out when that IMMINENT STRIKE is going to be? Maybe you got it confused with your fellow union members over at Kaiser Permanente. Another UNION, stirring up trouble again. But you are BRAD, who works at Ralphs. Keep saying it, Brad and calling other people uneducated and MAYBE someday, you’ll feel BETTER about YOURSELF !!! Don’t hold your breath.

  57. Brad says:

    Once again Ron, you make yet another uneducated response with no PROOF to back up your claims. I’m calling YOU uneducated because so far you have made false claims. It is an opinion until PROVEN to be a fact. Take your medication, and go back to bed old man.
    You keep talking about education? How can anyone who spouts off at the mouth, without proof of claims, be considered a smart educated man. You don’t speak intelligently, you insult and make FALSE claims. PROVE your claims, or shut your mouth.
    It’s as if you’ve never picked up a book. Just take your medication and sleep. I’m sure there is a comment board on something more to your level of understanding. Perhaps, a comment board on UFO’s or something to the nature if pure SPECULATION.

    1. Ron says:

      Ooooo, who’s mad now? I guess you just got the news that the judge, just shot down the UNION’S request to stop the CITY of COSTA MESA from letting union member employees go, so the city can outsourse those jobs and save taxpayers money.

      Your UNEDUCATED mouth always seems to get in your way, of acting like you are an intelligent person. A person can be a SMART EDUCATED man in one or more areas and yet not that educated or smart in others. As far as your assertion, that I don’t speak intelligently, that is because you are TOO IGNORANT to know what an intelligent person sounds like. After all, all you do is hang around with uneducated UNION bosses.

  58. Brad says:

    I’m not mad at a single thing. I’m merely pointing out that you are an idiot. I’ve heard intelligent people speak, trust me, you are not one of them.
    If you are intelligent, you can at least hold a conversation. If you were somewhat smart, you’d realize that store employees do not have “union bosses” our bosses are non union, they work on salary. Hopefully you know what salary means.

    Mad, no. I love the fact that this makes you so angry. I’m working at a brainless job, making more money than you, and that upsets you. It also makes you mad that I call you unintelligent, because you realize it’s true. You understand that you cannot hold a conversation or speak in an informed way. I do not hold anger against you, but I do pity you.
    There are other union members fighting for their rights now, I believe it’s the NFL. I suppose Tom Brady kisses his union bosses ass too? Nope Tom Brady is an intelligent, multi-million dollar athlete sleeping with a super model, oh… And he’s a union member. You know who else is a union member… Steven Spielberg, ever heard of the DGA?
    Village dunce, please take the blue pills and leave intelligent talk to the un-medicated.

    1. Ron says:

      Again, your STUPIDITY precedes you. Your REAL bosses are THE UNION, not your store bosses. They(THE UNION) say jump and you say how high. Like I said, I would never work on my KNEES for the union, like you do.

      And you have NO IDEA what kind of money I make or have made. And it is definitely more than you. I am glad that you must have gone to one of my SEMINARS, so you could HEAR an intelligent person speak. And hundreds of other people would prove you wrong.

      Ooooo, so now you feel that you are in the same league as Brady and Spielberg. WOW, you do have a problem with reality.

  59. Brad says:

    Lol, seminars? What? Do you rent out the hall just for yourself. If talking to the other nuts in the crazy house counts as a seminar, than yea ok. You are far from intelligent, as your multiple posts have proven.
    No Ron, the union is nobody’s boss, if you had any idea of how unions work and how employees fit in you would know that.
    The Brady example is that he, and Spielberg are in a UNION, it’s on a larger scale, but none the less a union.
    So please tell me more about these seminars, what do you talk about? Most likely Bert and Earnie. Take the blue pills, in the morning you can talk to an empty hall at the holiday inn. That’s if they will let you out of the straight jacket and give you a helmet.
    Oh and Yea… I make way more money than you. Definitely. My easy job, and still make more than you. Haha!

    1. Ron says:

      How to buy R.E. in foreclosure and flip the property for a profit. And guess WHAT? There are many, many people willing to pay money for that information. Plus, there are plenty of foreclosures available.

      Matter of FACT, your house may be next. Keep laughing !!

  60. ash says:

    Internet fights FTW.
    Crazy thing is… some people just like to instigate, while others are actually making valid points.

  61. Brad says:

    Yeah, I’m going to say that Ron makes no points whatsoever. He would like to condemn thousands of workers to no jobs and being on the streets, people with families.
    He then spouts of about unions being corrupt and being in cahoots with the democrats. Once again no PROOF. That is not speaking intelligently, that’s speaking out of your rear end.

  62. Brad says:

    Haha, idiots pay for the simple info. A nutless monkey could buy and flip property, a monkey. First you said you were a psychologist, now,you do real estate seminars. Your posts contradict themselves. I’m calling shenanigans. What are you tomorrow, a vet, maybe an investment banker?
    My house is bought and paid for, PLUS I own property, which is also paid off. Sitting pretty right now 🙂

    1. Ron says:

      Unlike you Brad, I am motivated to work and further my education. I have my psych degree and R.E. Brokers license. And I own plenty of properties, that generate plenty of income.

      And yes there are plenty of people that pay for that info. Your nutless monkey could buy property and lose his @SS too !!! Some educated people don’t want to take that chance. And they are obviously satisfied, because many of my students use me as their broker and they send me referrals.

  63. Brad says:

    If you’re an IDIOT, you might lose your a$$ off. People like you go and seek out those idiots who will pay money for GENERAL TIPS. Let’s not be fooled here, you scam people.
    What’s your web site? Let me guess… Testimonials from people like James Smith in South Dakota, or Jane Doe in a small Midwestern town. You’re a joke.
    ” Call now and receive my super secret real estate advice valued at 2900.00 for get this 29.95!! Just 29.95!! If you call in the next two minutes you will receive a free pamphlet on how to attract potential buyers using my ten step “mind attraction” technique…. Call now!”

  64. Brad says:

    I see Ron has had my comment deleted bashing his scam business. What’s wrong sweetheart? Can’t take criticism or that I speak the truth that you are a con artist? YOU’RE A JOKE.

  65. girdy187 says:

    I’m going to wave at all the union strikers as I walk past them to apply for their job. I’ve been unemployed for 2 years now. I need an income and I don’t have a problem contributing to company provided medical insurance (which is what their strike is over). This may just be the opportunity I’ve been waiting for.

  66. Patricia Green says:

    If some sort of resolution doesn’t happen quickly alot of families will suffer serious consiquences, not to mention the Grocery Chains themselves. Some sort of reasonable comprimises must be made, each party must give some of their demands up. In this day and time, employees have to recognize that they must contribute a little more of their earnings to keep the company viable long term. With health care costs spiriling out of controll, and the Wal Marts of the world attracting millions of their customers away across the country something has to give. I can only pray that the employees are reasonable in their demands and are wise enough to be willing to pay a small percentage of there earning to help cover the costs of rising health care premiums.

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  69. Tom P Noonan says:

    during the United Food and Commercial Worker Union Vons and Ralphs and Albertsons Store Strike please don’t Shop at Vons and Ralphs and Albertson Store and please don’t Apply for Vons and Ralphs and Albertson Store Job and please don’t work at Vons and Ralphs and Albertsons Store after Vons and Ralphs and Albertson Store sign the New United Food and Commercial Worker Contract and it is time for Vons and Ralphs and Albertsons give United Food and Commercial Worker a Living Wage With Affordable Care with a New United Food and Commercial Worker Union Contract from Tom P Noonan

    1. Ron says:

      @Tom P. Noonan: You have NO SUPPORT on this strike and we will cross picket lines or shop only at NON-UNION stores.

      And when you lose your job, you can join the 2.2 MILLION Californian’s that are UNEMPLOYED and eventually you will be 1 of the 502,000 UNEMPLOYED that have EXHAUSTED your 99 weeks of unemployment benefits.

      Sleep well tonight and think about those numbers, since the union DOESN’T bother to tell you about that. But your union BOSSES will still have THEIR JOBS and BENEFITS !!!

  70. flexeMearvetherfep says:

    flex belt arms is your primarily choice when people wish to receive massive muscle.

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